by Kayla

Disclaimer: They ain't mine, but if Joss would like to try out any of my ideas (except this one! Noooo!), he's more than welcome.

Warning: Character death.

Xander wept.

He stared with blurred vision at the dust scattered on the floor, clutched in his hand, coating him.

Through the chaos of the fight, his eyes met Glory's, who smirked at him before dropping the wooden beam and trying once more to wrest Dawn, her precious Key, away.

Xander wept.

He clutched the remnants of his lover, holding tight to the memories of their one night together. Bittersweet agony washed over him. He had loved a vampire. Been loved, however briefly. Now...dust.

Eventually, Buffy prevailed. The fight was won. The world was safe again.

And Xander wept.