Turning Point
by Kayla

Disclaimer: Hey, every girl has to have a dream she's trying to make come true. :)

"You sure of this, pet?"

Xander smiled sweetly at his lover as he nodded his head. "Spike...I-I love you. And, even though you don't say it much, I know you love me too. It's gonna happen eventually. Might as well be while I'm still young, right?"

Spike let out a deep breath as he relaxed. Even though Xander had asked for this, he'd still been afraid the boy would back out at the last minute. He brushed a soft kiss against warm lips. "I do love you, Xan," he whispered as he stroked a slim finger over Xander's cheek.

Xander's face lit up. "I know," he answered breathlessly. "Do it, Spike. I want you to."

Spike nodded. "Right. Um...it might hurt a bit, but I'll try to make it as nice as possible."

At that, Xander chuckled. "Good thing we fixed the chip problem then, huh?" He leaned forward to close the slight distance between them again, and gave Spike one last kiss. "Let's do this thing, lover. Then we can get the hell out of this town."

"Yeah." Spike rubbed his hands on his jeans, unaccountably nervous now that the moment was at hand.

"Spike." Xander tilted Spike's face up. "I. Want. This." He spoke with all the determination he could muster.

"I know. I'm just...I dunno...scared that it'll change you. Well, besides the obvious. Maybe it'll be...too much. I don't wanna lose you, luv. Not when I just found you."

"You won't lose me. And I won't be much different...just...more." Slowly, he pulled his shirt off over his head, then fell back onto Spike's bed, sprawling out invitingly. "Come an' get it," he purred.

Spike gaped for a split second. Then he pounced. Straddling Xander, he bent down and licked delicately at the tender skin just under his jaw. Slowly, taking one last chance to savor warm flesh, he made his way down the bared throat to the spot where Xander's lifeblood pulsed, beckoning him. He kissed the spot, then suckled at it lightly.

"Yesssss," Xander hissed, arching his back up off the bed as he clutched Spike's shoulders.

Spike grinned. "I'm gonna bite you now, Xan. An' I'm gonna suck on you here an' make you cum. An' then I'm gonna turn you. An' when you wake up, I'm gonna fuck you into the mattress." With that promise, he let his fangs drop, and bit neatly into Xander's throat.

Xander convulsed, yelling loudly as his lover's mouth nursed on him, sucking the very life from his veins. He was panting now, thrusting up into the air, as everything grew dimmer. The room was spinning around him, and Spike was his only anchor.

Spike let one of his hands drift down Xander's body to brush firmly over the mound of his erection. The single touch was enough, and Xander came with a broken wail. Spike waited until Xander's pulse was faint, almost gone, before he removed his mouth. He licked the oozing punctures, then quickly bit open his wrist and pressed it to Xander's mouth. Tension left him when Xander swallowed, and he knew that this human would accept the change.

Exhausted, Xander released Spike's wrist and smiled weakly. His eyes fluttered shut, and he breathed his last.

Scooting up behind Xander, Spike hauled the boy into his lap, rocking him gently. Now, all that was left was to wait for his lover to awaken. Then, eternity would be theirs.