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The sky lit up with pink and purple light, mist flowing over the sands of Egypt. Ibis birds and crickets chirped and frogs croaked, hoping into the water. The calm waters of the river Nile reflected the morning sunlight magically and cloud rolled lazily across the morning sky.

A girl at the age of seventeen yawned and blinked, just waking up. She sat up and ran her fingers threw her long brown hair. Her light purple eyes wandered around her room.

A desk, full of papers and pens was at the right side of the small rectangular room. Light linen curtains flew around in the breeze. Two suitcases were sitting by the door, already packed and by her bedside table a white phone lay beside a pink vase of lotus flowers. Her bed was stripped down to the bare minimum. There was only a light pink sheet and a nearly flat pillow was on it. The other three pillows, quilt and duvet were thrown on the hard wood floor. It had been a very hot night.

Suddenly the phone rang. The girl yawned again and grabbed the phone. She spoke. "Hello?"

"Sen." The person on the other end of the telephone said. "Are you up yet?"

"Oh! Ishizu!" Sen exclaimed. "I didn't expect you to call so early."

"Early!?" Ishizu said. "My dear Lotus, it's 10:00!"

Sen wish she'd stop calling her Lotus. That's what her name meant. Sen meant Lotus. "Oh, sorry. There's no clock in my hotel."

Ishizu sighed. "Well, you're plane leaves at 11:15 sharp so you'd better be ready by then. Perhaps it's a good thing you go me to give you a wake up call."

"Thank-you," Sen replied. "I'll catch my plane, don't worry, I'll call you when I get to Domino City."

"Okay then." Ishizu said. "Marik will be there to pick you up at the airport. Good bye."

"Good-bye." Sen said back as she heard a click on the other end of the phone line.

Sen was a American girl, but her father was an Egyptian. Sen's mother had sent her to her father's land when she was eleven. Sen's father, before he died in a freak cave in the desert, was best friends with Ishizu and she became her guardian when he died. Sen was also best friends with Marik, that was why she was going to Domino. She couldn't wait to see him . . . and her mother.

Sen stretched, groaned and got out of bed. She pulled the swaying curtains back and looked out the window. Egypt. It was so beautiful. Sen was almost sad to leave it. Sen sighed and began to walk to her shower.


Sen wrapped a white towel around herself and walked out of the bath room.

A man in a white turban with a gold key around his neck was sitting on her un-made bed.

"AH!" Sen screamed. She grabbed her tiny had gun Ishizu had given her for protection off on her desk and pointed it at him. "Who are you?" she demanded. "Get out of my room you frickin' pervert!" She clicked the gun and pointed right at his head. "Get away!"

The man stood up. "Put the gun away Sen."

Sen dropped the gun in surprise. "How do you know my name?"

"My name is Shadi." He replied. "And I am friends with Ishizu."

"I don't believe you!" Sen screamed. She shook her head. "Get out!"

Shadi's eyes narrowed. 'She does not trust me.' he thought. 'Ishizu said she was the one destined to wear the crown. I must look into her mind and see if she is truly the one.'

"W-what are you doing?" Sen asked as Shadi walked over to her, taking the Millennium Key from around his neck. "stay away from me, I don't care if you're a friend of-- "

Sen was cut off when Shadi turned the Key on her head.

Shadi appeared in her mind. He opened the single chamber and walked through. There was a long mirror to his right, he walked over to it. It showed the battles of the Pharaoh and the monsters, the God Cards. 'She had knowledge of the ancient past.' Shadi thought.

Suddenly the mirror vanished and Shadi was in the dark.

A single candle lit it's self near Shadi. "What is that?" He asked. Shadi walked over.

In the flame he saw memories flickering. Sen's mother, father, Ishizu and Marik. Most were Marik and Sen, they had been friends until he went . . . . well, crazy. The some of the others were Sen and Ishizu, Ishizu was telling her about the past.

"It seems like this girl is well educated about the past." Shadi said to himself. "Is Ishizu's theory right? Is she the one destined for the Crown?" Shadi smiled. "So many questions."

Suddenly Shadi saw some flashes of gold light in the back of her mind. The candle went out. 'What's this?' Shadi thought. He walked slowly over to the light.

Shadi's eyes widened. "No." he gasped as the lights became clear. "They can't be."

The light's formed into hieroglyphs. They spelt out PHARAOH YAMI.

"No. . . . . The Pharaoh's name."

*Flash back -- ancient*

The Pharaoh sat on his throne, after he was crowned. Those were the words that all of the people said when he wore that crown.

*End FB-A*

"No..............." Shadi whispered. "That must mean . . . . . . . . she's the one? The crown is for her? That crown that Yami ordered to be made. With powers almost greater as the puzzle it's self. The one that can measure up to any Millenium Item. It was to be the eighth. But the Pharaoh knew it's power and that it couldn't be revealed to the world. How can this . . . . .this American girl control it's power? Though I trust Ishizu's judgement, I can't help but be nervous. Well, time to test her theory and see if this girl can really control the Crown."

Shadi came from her mind and put the Key back around his neck.

"What did you just do?" Sen asked.

"You have knowledge of the Millenium Items? Yes?" Shadi asked.

"Yes, but why?"

"I hold the Key."

"Oh, I didn't recognize it."

"I didn't expect you to." Shadi replied. "It is the only Item that does not bear the Eye."

"Well, why did you want to go in my mind?"

"Never mind that."

"Tell me!"

Shadi sighed. "No. But I will tell you this. I needing to go in there to see in you were the chosen one, for the crown."

"The crown?"

"You never mind that either."

Sen crossed her arms. "I want to know."

Shadi pulled a golden crown from his billowing robes. It bore the eye symbol. -- I don't know if anyone would recognize this but it's the head band thingie that Yugi wears in his P. L. and Marik wears it in the first few eppies with him.--

"Is that-- " Sen started.

"Yes, the Crown."

"It's magnificent."

"I have been told that you are the one to hold it. Take care of this treasure Sen. I am still uncertain about my choice." Shadi said and vanished.