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Chapter 23

Rick grinned widely at Imhotep as the well-tanned man fell to his knees in pain. "Not so hot-to-trot now, are ya big guy?"

Imhotep looked up and glared at him, teeth clenched menacingly.

Rick raised his eyebrows, "Oh. I'm scared. Really. I am."

Jonathan and Izzy roared with laughter, and Ardeth clicked his tongue, "Rick...remember the wise saying: Arrogance leads to quick death."

Rick looked over at Ardeth blankly, "I thought it was pride comes before a fall?"

Ardeth shrugged, "That is your version of it, I suppose."

Rick blinked, "Oh...alright."

"Finish him off, Rick!" Jonathan hollered.

"Sock it to 'em!" Izzy cried.

Rick grinned; this was more like it.


Ardeth felt faint suddenly. He wasn't very surprised; he knew that the only reason he'd been strong enough to fight Lock-Na and help Rick was from adrenaline. Now that his adrenaline had worn down, he was feeling exhausted and dizzy. He fell to his knees, closing his eyes as a wave of unsteadiness overcame him. He knew that he'd lost a lot of blood; he needed to get help and fast. When he opened his eyes again, the room swam before him, his eyes dimming quickly, and he hastily snapped them shut again. "This is not good," he thought, holding his head.


Shanala felt the cool metal of the blade resting against her throat and the tight grip Anck-su-namun had on her; she wasn't going to get away this time. "Not that it matters," she thought sadly, and immediately felt ashamed; how could she blame Evelyn for her choice? Alex was her blood...her son...her darling baby boy...of course she would choose his safety over a past sister! Still, Anck-su-namun's words drilled deeply into her mind, repeating themselves: "No one wants you...no one..." Shanala shook her head and instantly regretted that movement, as the sharp blade against her skin caught on her flesh. She stifled a startled gasp and bit her lip, forcing herself not to cry. It wasn't bad at all; it didn't even hurt. It had only scared her. Faintly, Shanala heard Anck-su-namun's voice, and she forced herself to listen, though she knew that she would most likely not like the words.

"...she has no point for life anymore, Nefertiri. I will kill her now, no matter what you do or say. However, since I am a significantly considerate person, I will give you the chance to leave, so that you won't have to watch."

Dimly, Shanala wished that Evelyn wouldn't leave her alone with Anck-su- namun; maybe then she wouldn't have to be so scared. To her great relief, Evelyn glared and shook her head, "I will not leave her, and you will not kill her. Not again, Anck-su-namun. Never again will you kill her."

Anck-su-namun snickered, "Very well, Nefertiri. You may watch her die. Just remember that I gave you the chance to turn away and forget this little...problem."

She laughed then, and it wasn't just a normal laugh, either. It was one that proved just how crazy Anck-su-namun was. It seemed to darken the room and bring a wave of ice crashing down around them. Shanala shivered violently, feeling completely trapped, beginning to sense sheer panic overcoming her. She was breathing hard, fear creeping like fog into her mind, dimming any sense of peace. "What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?" If only she had the answer.


Jonathan and Izzy saw Ardeth collapse, and everything changed. One second they had been happily watching Rick kick butt, and the next they were standing still as statues, their faces frozen in identical masks of horror. Then, at the exact same time, they both yelped and raced towards their fallen comrade. "Ardeth! Ardeth, speak to me old Boy!" Jonathan cried, lifting Ardeth up by the front of his robes and slapping him smartly across the face.

"That's not how you do it!" Izzy snapped, grabbing Ardeth from Jonathan, "Watch."

Izzy cleared his throat, licked his kips, and then screamed, "ARDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jonathan jumped about a foot in the air, and Ardeth simply lay as unconscious as ever. Izzy shrugged, "Can't say I didn't try."

"Maybe he's dead!" Jonathan whispered, eyes wide.

Izzy looked around, worried "Maybe...I mean...that trick ALWAYS works!"

The two me stared at each other for a second, and then both yelled, "NO!!!!!!!!!! ARDEEEETH!"

Both collapsed in wailing heaps at Ardeth's side.


Rick was getting very irritated with his brother-in -law and that stupid half-arsed pilot. "Will you stop yellin?!?" he snapped, swinging at Imhotep, smiling with satisfaction when his fist connected with the creature's jaw. Imhotep stumbled backwards, fists clenched in front of his face, eyes fiery.

Rick glanced at him, "Sorry. Did I hit you?"

Imhotep spat something in Egyptian and Rick shrugged, "No habla Egyptian."


"Please! Please don't kill me!"

Evelyn felt her heart shattering at Shanala's panicked sobs. She wanted, more than almost anything, to help the poor girl, but what could she do? If she tried to take Shanala away, she would be killed, and if she fought Anck- su-namun, the same thing would happen. Evy felt so trapped as she watched Shanala begging for her own life. Tears rolled freely down her cheeks as she watched her own mother fingering the blade she held in front of Shanala's face. Shanala was screaming, scrambling first forward to try to get out of Anck-su-namun's arms, and then backwards to stay away from the blade at her throat. "Pl...ease don't...ki...ll me...I'm...s-s- sorry...f...or...sp-spying...on...y...you..."

Anck-su-namun scoffed slightly, setting the blade down on a stone 'shelf' nearby. Turning Shanala to face her, she clicked her tongue mock- sympathetically and tilted Shanala's chin up with her hand, "It's a bit late for apologies, Shanala."

Shanala's eyes widened, "B...but I..."

Anck-su-namun placed her fingers against her lips to silence Shanala. Evelyn could take no more, "Why don't you kill me? I've done far worse things to you than Shanala ever has!"

Anck-su-namun glared up at her, "I'll deal with you later, Nefertiri."

"And who's to say I'll stay here until that later comes?"

Anck-su-namun scoffed, "You won't leave dear little Shanala to fend for herself, now will you?"

Evelyn opened her mouth to reply, but then closed it again; she had her there.

Anck-su-namun snickered, her point made.


Jonathan was trying hard to keep a stiff upper lip, trying hard to not burst into tears, but it was very difficult. He could hardly believe how much he'd been through in the last few days. Alex dead. Ardeth dead. Rick fighting Imhotep. Evy nowhere to be seen. IT was all too much to take in. "But then," he reasoned, "Maybe everything will turn out alright...?" Izzy, meanwhile, was not holding back at all. He wailed loudly, holding Ardeth's robes inn his hands. "Hey!" Rick shouted, "What happened? What's going on? Where's my cheering?"

"It died with Ardeth," Jonathan replied numbly.

Rick looked at him sharply, "What?"

Then he was reeling through the air, swearing, clutching a hand to his face. Imhotep snickered, glad to have finally hit his foe.

"Ardeth's...wha-? What?" Imhotep tackled him to the floor.


Rick was stunned. In all his life, he had never felt so completely devastated. So many people were dying. He was failing his own family. He was hurt. He was tired. Looking at Imhotep, he gathered together all his mixed emotions, clenched his fists, brought his hand above his head and brought it sharply down...


Shanala was biting back fresh tears as Anck-su-namun straightened her hair, singing insanely, "Three blue scarabs, see how they bite...they eat your skin all through and then they chew through your brain and dislodge your head..." Shanala swallowed hard, stepping back, turning her hand form Anck- su-namun's hand. Anck-su-namun turned her face back around, "Sit still, Shanala. You do want to look good when the gods see you, don't you?"

"Not particularly," Shanala whispered, but Anck-su-namun ignored her. Shanala looked around then, desperate for any escape, any comfort for her current situation...she saw a glimmer to Evy's right, behind Anck-su-namun. Immediately, her heart leaped and her mind screeched, "The knife, the knife, she forgot the knife!"

Catching Evy's eyes, Shanala desperately nodded towards the shelf nearby, praying that Evelyn would get her insane message... She did. Evelyn looked over, saw the knife, and a small smile lit upon her mouth. Nodding reassuringly at Shanala, she reached slowly for the blade's handle...


Jonathan grinned with delight as Rick's hand came down with a resounding crack on Imhotep's skull. "Good show!" he exclaimed clapping, "Great!"

At Jonathan's persistent shouting, Ardeth stirred, his eyes slowly flitting open.

Jonathan stared at him, and then gasped, "You're...ALIVE!"

Ardeth noddd, "I...who...what happened...my head..."

Jonathan lcicked his tongue, "Don't worry, Old Boy. We'll help you. Izzy, give me your sh8irt."

Izzy looked at him warily, "Why?"

"To stop the bleeding, you nimcapoop!"


Reluctantly, Izzy pulled his shirt up over his head and tossed it to Jonathan, who gave a hurried thanks and then pressed it against Ardeth's side, "Here, Old Chum. This'll help."

"Thank you," Ardeth groaned.

"No trouble at all."

"For you," Izzy muttered resentfully.


Evelyn's fingers clasped the cool metal of the knife's handle firmly, and she hurriedly turned towards Anck-su-namun, watching as she spoke to Shanala, "Now, Dear, I promise this won't hurt TOO badly" As she spoke, Anck-su-namun's hand crept behind her, towards the 'shelf' that she had rested the knife on. Acting quickly, not even allowing herself to think Evelyn plunged the sword deep into Anck-su-namun's hand. Anck-su-namun gasped and jerked her hand back, clutching it with her good hand and turning to glare at Evelyn. Evelyn held the blade before her, forcing her hands to stop shaking, "Let her go now."

Anck-su-namun tightened her hold on Shanala's arms, and Shanala winced in pain and bit back a cry. Swallowing back fear, brandishing her weapon, Evy ordered, "Let her go NOW!"

Anck-su-namun snickered, "You wouldn't kill me in front of Shanala."

Evelyn swallowed, "Shanala, Dear, close your eyes."

Shanala immediately complied, squeezing her eyes shut and trying to block her ears with 'happy thoughts'.

Evelyn smiled slightly, "You were saying?"

Anck-su-namun, though she looked slightly pale now, did not back down, "You know that I will still come back. One way or another, I WILL return and I will kill Shanala in the most dreadful way possible...while YOU watch!" Overcome with a mixture of rage and fear, Evelyn closed her eyes and furiously tore through the air with the blade. Anck-su-namun made no sound at all as the knife sank deeply into her side. Instead she simply exhaled sharply, clutching at her side as Evy jerked the sword out, and then falling to the ground, knees first, then backward, like Evelyn had done so many years before. Anck-su-namun lay in a heap, still alive, but barely, holding both hands over her chest, as if doing so would keep her alive. Glaring at Evelyn, she hissed, "Death...is...only...the...beginning..." Shanala choked out a sob and took a step back, pressing herself against the wall. After a minute, with no movements from Anck-su-namun Evelyn stepped forward and took Shanala's hand, "C...come on...Shanala...everything's...going to....to be fine..." Evelyn moved forward, attempting to leave this horrid place. However, Shanala didn't budge. Looking back, Evelyn saw that the girl was staring down at Anck-su-namun's body doubtfully, leaning back away from it. "She's dead," Evy whispered.

Shanala looked up at her tearfully, "Don't you remember? Death...is only the beginning."


Finally, Shanala stepped over Anck-su-namun and raced through the chambers with Evy, clutching her hand tightly as if to never let go. When they made it out of the room, a almost hysterical but very frightening scene met their eyes: Rick was being held above the ground by his throat (it seemed the battle had taken a sudden turn of events), Ardeth was lying on the floor with Izzy's shirt clutched to his side, Jonathan was asking Ardeth worried questions, and Izzy was running around shirtless. Evelyn and Shanala stood by the chamber door, mouths hanging open, eyes wide. Finally, Evelyn managed to croak out, "R...Rick!" Rick looked towards her with his face blue. A smile flitted across his pale lips and he choked, "Evy The...kn...knife...anything....hurry...up!" Evelyn looked around, slightly confused, and then realized what Rick meant. Mustering up all of her strength, she hurled the knife she still held in her hand and it landed and sank into Imhotep's shoulder. With a cry of pain and rage, Imhotep dropped Rick to the floor. Ardeth gave a strangled cheer, but immediately stopped when Imhotep turned, yanked the knife out of his side, and faced Evelyn, "Nefertiri." Shanala swallowed hard, holding Evy's hand, but standing her ground. Evelyn smirked, "Imhotep."

Rick got painfully to his feet, massaging his sore throat, looking around spotting Shanala, and then grinning, "She's ok."

Imhotep was also looking around, slightly confused when his eyes flitted across Shanala. "Are you looking for someone?" Evy asked softly, her hand tightening around Shanala's.

Imhotep glanced up at her, his eyes filled with anxiety, "...Anck-su- namun...?"

"Is dead," Evy replied, "She's dead and gone...forever."

There was a sharp intake of breath as those words sunk in, and Imhotep's eyes pooled with tears, "Anck-su-namun..."

There was a deep silence as Imhotep lowered his head and silently cried, tears trickling down his cheeks. Evy felt a slight twinge of guilt at seeing what she'd done, but then she remembered how he had killed her baby boy, and the guilt vanished...her baby boy...Evelyn blinked suddenly and jerked her head towards the corner, tense; Alex was still there, and she relaxed. However, her peace was short-lived, as several things suddenly occurred at that very moment. First, Shanala let out a sharp cry, tugged on Evelyn's arm, and pointed at the other side of the room, where Abitula was holding the Book of the Dead, and Alex's only hope for life, over the pit. Then, several of the remaining mummies dropped down from the ceiling with a great shriek, backing Evy and Shanala into a corner. Lastly, Imhotep's tears dried and his eyes became cold as he spotted Shanala, "Seher..."

Shanala looked at him, her eyes wide, "N-no! I...I didn't..."

She was cut off as one of the mummies lashed out and both she and Evelyn tumbled to the ground. Rick ran forward angrily, his fists and teeth clenched, but he was stopped by Ardeth Bay, who had scrambled to his feet when the mummies dropped down.

"Let go," Rick spat, jerking his arm free of Ardeth's grasp and starting forward again.

"My Friend, you must not-"

There was a sudden, sharp lurch, and everyone standing fell to the ground. In that instant that everyone collapsed, the entire temple began to tremble. Rocks the size of Rick's head hailed down from above, and large cracks grew and stretched across the floor and walls, separating Rick, Ardeth, Jonathan, and Izzy from Evy, Shanala, Imhotep, and Abitula. The entire structure continued shaking, so that even when Shanala finally got to her feet, she had to lean against the wall to stay standing. She looked around, her eyes keen, looking for only one person...there he was. Abitula was lying on the ground, unconscious. The Book of the Dead lay at his feet, on the very edge of the abyss. Not even allowing herself to think, Shanala lurched forward, stumbling across the room to the book, swaying dizzily. Evy watched her go, saw what she was doing, and called out, "Shanala! No! It's too dangerous! Stay there!"

At her words, everyone started, except Imhotep, "No! Stay, Shanala! Don't move!"

"You'll be killed!"

"I'll get it instead!"

"Don't be foolish!"

"You're crazy!"

Shanala ignored them all, concentrating on staying balanced and dodging the boulders raining down. She was closing in on the book, and a slight smile crossed her lips, "I'm gonna make it...I can do this...I'll finally do something right..."


"What's going on?" Rick hollered, getting to his feet.

Evelyn looked at him form across the rift, "The temple is collapsing! It's Set's way of punishing us for disturbing his slumber!"


"There's not going to be any nasty monsters with ugly teeth and sharp claws coming out of the wall, are there?" Jonathan whined.


That was when Ardeth's eyes widened and he called, "Rick! Alex! He'll be-"

Ardeth didn't have time to finish, as a gigantic chunk of the ceiling suddenly plummeted down, crashing into the floor and sending everyone to the ground again.

"I'll get him!" Rick yelled above the explosions of rocks, getting to his feet again and racing unsteadily towards his son's form.


Shanala didn't want to get to her feet again. It was too much of a hassle. So instead she began crawling the rest of the way, praying that she wouldn't be smashed, hoping that she's get to the book...The ground lurched, and Shanala squeezed her eyes shut in panic, biting her lip. She was so close...but if she tried to get it, she could get killed from the rocks...Finally, she struggled to her feet, ran forward, bent down, reached out...she got it. "I got it!" she called happily, straightening and clutching the book to her chest.


Rick heard Shanala's exclamation, and he was given newfound hope; Alex would be fine. He dropped to his knees, still exhausted, and lifted his son into his arms. Wincing in pain and fighting fatigue, Rick straightened and turned, giving Shanala a huge grin, "Way to go, Kiddo."


Shanala saw Rick's smile and returned the gesture before making her way back to Evelyn, her arms wrapped around the book, her body tensed with concentration. Evelyn was getting to her feet, walking forward to meet Shanala and help her the rest of the way across...everyone had forgotten only one thing...


Rick laboriously carried his son across the room, swaying and lurching every few feet as boulders continued crashing down and the entire temple began to quake. "Evy! We have to get outta here! Let's go!" Ardeth, Jonathan, and Izzy were all crowding around Shanala, helping her keep her balance, waking her over to where Evelyn stood. Then, Jonathan raced over and assisted Rick as he carried his son's heavy body towards the tomb's entrance. Everyone gathered together, hurrying across the room towards the doorway, their spirits renewed, and their exhaustion postponed. No one noticed Imhotep stand and drift, unnoticeable, into another room beyond, melting into the shadows as Abitula trailed along.


The sun was just beginning to set when the O'Connells finally made it out of the temple and to a safe area. Now they all allowed themselves to collapse, landing on the long grass, leaning against the rough brak of trees, fanning themselves with their hands. Rick, Evelyn and Shanala all grouped together, gasping for breath, the Book of the Dead resting in front of them and Alex lying sprawled next to it. Ardeth, Jonathan and Izzy were on the opposite side, leaning their heads back, lavishing the shade and rest. After a while, however Rick became his normal cut-to-the-chase self and got to his knees, sliding the Book of the Dead over to him. Looking up at Evy, feeling sheepish, he mumbled, "Uh...I can't read Egyptian all that well...I swear, I'll pay better attention from now on whenever you...uh...talk about...uh...Egypt and all...I'll learn...just..."

Evy nodded, taking the book, "Alright..."

Everything was suddenly still as Evelyn let the book fall open in her lap. The very oasis itself had stopped living. Complete silence pressed in on them like a blanket as Evy anxiously cleared her throat, her heart swelling with hope as she glanced once more at her baby boy. Hair disheveled, expensive shirt torn, shoes scuffed, cheeks smudge...he looked as he had always appeared. Evwlyn swallowed back tears and whispered, "Torus huje losi wrend qlaño djora tieu Yatiwe Yatiwe Yatiwe Yatiwe!"

The very air froze. Evelyn could feel it cutting her lungs like shards of glass as she breathed in. Shanlaa squeezed her hand tightly. Rick wrapped an arm around her shoulder. The book fell, forgotten, fomr her hands. All eyes were on Alex. Seconds passed. At first, nothing happened. Then, slowly, Alex's cheeks became more colored. His lipos went fomr blue, to white, to pink. His eyes began to flutter slightly, and he stirred. Finally, his eyes flew open and he sat up with a sharp gasp, looking around wide-eyed and confused. No one moved. Alex simply glanced around, looking a little scared, but slowly beginning to realize what had happened. Shanala was the first to move. With a suddenness that was both sudden and inspiring, she threw her arms around Alex's neck and hugged him, beaming joyously. Evelyn and Rick instantly followed suite, and Jonathan wasn't far behind. The entire family sat huddled together, crying and laughing, somehow managing to feel all of the emotions imaginable and some that could never and would never be explained. Eventually, after rows of suffocating hugs and kisses, everyone stood back and let Alex breathe fresh air, which to him was more wonderful than he could explain. No one said a word as they gathered their things and headed through the jungle, Evelyn and Rick O'Connell leading the way, of course holding hands and of course sneaking in occasional kisses; Alex and Shanala trailing close behind with arms slung across each other's shoulders; Jonathan a short distance behind them looking disgusted at Rick and Evy's cheek; Ardeth Bay limping slightly behind, filled with a kind of tired happiness that seemed to keep him from collapsing; Izzy bringing up rear, feeling slightly left-out, but still as cheerful as the others...for the time being, at least.


Meanwhile, back in Sewt's temple, Imhotep kneeled on the ground, Anck-su- nmaun's head in his lap, tears poiuring afresh fomr his eyes as Abitula bowed his head respectfully, "They have the book, my lord," he stated softly.

Imhotep held Anck-su-nmaun's head to his chesat, closing his eyes against the river of tears, "Tieu."

"Perhaps we should follow...?"

Imhotep thought for a moment, staring off at a distant wall, a deep sadness like he'd hoped to nbever feel again blossoming in his soul. Finally, he shook his head, "Nai."

"No? But, my lord...do you not wish to resurrect...?"

Imhotep looked up at him coldly, "Do not question me, Abitula. I am certain of my decision. When the time is right, we will find the O'Connells..." Imhotep's fists clenched together tightly and his eyes burned with hate, "...and we will kill them."


The End

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