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And B. If you have actually seen/heard of the short, you'll know what I mean, if not, this is gonna sound out of context… But after thinking about it for a bit, I found "Behind the Zirkonians" a bit mediocre for a prequel short, for numerous of reasons, I mean sure there were good aspects about it, some of the jokes were good, but still, it wasn't a animated short, more like a comic dub, sometimes the aliens themselves were out of character (ESPECIALLY IN THE CASE OF TAZER), and overall, seemed more like a lost pilot for one of those abandoned cartoons instead of a actual prequel to a major motion picture. (In which I wouldn't be too surprised if it was.)

So in response, I am finally stepping in and doing something about it, since 20th Century Studios/Fox will most likely never revisit this film, I might as well do it myself.

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By Yuki Satash

Chapter 0 - Prologue

The invasions all start out the same when you are an alien, trying to take over the planet, at first, you have this badass crew right behind you, strong, loaded with weapons, serious about their work, and always determined to obey you, even if that means stabbing the human to death.

But no matter what, the invasion always seems to backfire.

Whether they wind up being useless, some betrayed the others at the very last minute, or overall the species is peaceful, the main reason why aliens come down to Earth is because, according to most species, one of their own is lost, they befriended a human child along the way, and still, somehow, despite even the FBI getting involved in this, still get their own member of their species back.

Never do you ever see an alien invasion go well, just goes to show that you can probably learn a whole lot from Will Smith movies. Humans always seem to win.

And it doesn't get any more true than for the Zirkonian species.

You see, once upon a time, they are a tridactyl species, desperately searching for a new home, they landed onto every planet, every other galaxy, every single abandoned planet, but to no avail, they have always failed, no matter what. Sure, they did find some new homes, but they lasted only a few good decades before eventually, the search for a home began again, and new reconnaissance teams needed to be assembled.

The team, oftenly referred to as the Advance Team, always consisted of the Commander, the almighty, the one in control, the one who literally commands the entire team, the sniper, always processing a rifle gun, and from higher heights, process whomever has it's cerebral spine landed onto the base of the neck, the assassin, who often uses a sword or a knife as the weapon…. But that's mainly for the males, if you are a female, you need to use your nails, and the engineer, oftenly the most critical part of the mission, as they are the ones responsible for building the machine.

Because of their hobbit like size, they oftenly send out molecular expander pads to whatever planet is under consideration for invading, many Earth years later, the advance team goes out, seeks the pad, and build it all up, revealing it to be the machine entitled Sizematron, and the name isn't a lie, either, it can grow any Zirkonian into a 30 ft beast, place several beacons that points their species to the location itself, and then the fleet comes in, and unless they get defeated easily, as per usual, they will kill and/or enslave numerous of the planet's citizens, calling the planet as their own.

And every decade in Earth years, one of the pads land onto Earth, and it oftenly backfires, not just because of the human race, but because they are as aforementioned, not difficult to defeat, making them no threat to the galaxy whatsoever.

Now, this is something that the next advance team chosen for the once-in-a-decade Earth invasion will need to deal with.

Unfortunately, they choose the ones who managed to fail the most, the worse part? It was completely rigged by the team's commander, and the engineer is the newest member, with them still recovering from the loss of the last one...

...And that's where Skip, Tazer, Razor, and Sparks all come into play.


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