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Chapter 10 - Defying Gravity



Another round of a full on beer, DONE!

"This feels so good!"

"No wonder you like doing this type of stuff, Tazer. You're drinking left and right!" Skip exclaims to me.

"Pathetic." Razor says. "It's just alcohol. Nothing special."

Yeah, says the girl who is drinking a cocktail.

Nova on the other hand is just going wild with his night out.

"Oh god! I'm so gonna be fired if we wind up making this a regular thing!" He says.

"Well, no need to!" I speak up. "I can help you out with your hangover!"

"By what, bro? Just the two of us vomiting left and right?"

We both laugh.

"Speaking of, you should've been here last year!"

"Why? What happened?"

"I hear that three guys, severely drunk, and I don't mean like, normal normal drunk, I mean the huge abnormal drunk dared each other to go to the ancient planet of Gen. They snuck out in the middle of the night, and when they arrived, they were exploring for a long while, graffitied some stuff, y'know, the usual shiza the tweens or whatever got into."

Skip and Razor are now getting intrigued.

"Oh, wait! I think I know this rumor!" Skip yells out. "Whoever goes into Gen never comes back out alive!"

"You got it, Commander!" I say toward him.

"So like, what happened to those guys, anyway?" Razor says. "Did they like, get into a ship accident or something like that, or…"

"WHAMO! CRUNCH!" I call out, scaring Razor a bit. "They were run over by a train that was somehow still working, with no passengers or conductor! If anyone were to be run over by that, the damages would be severely critical, that nobody would ever survive!"

Razor was silent for a moment, before…

"Woah…. That sounds AWESOME!"

"We should send the enslaved humans there someday!" Skip says.

"That's the spirit, guys!" Nova screams.

We all do another holler while drinking.

"Too bad the new boy in town ain't here to have a good time with us, huh?" Razor says.

"Oh hell yeah!" Nova says, slamming the table a bit. "Speaking of… Skippy? Is he really being serious with the whole invasion? Usually the engineers I see with you are a depressed mess."

I somehow await his answer. "He has to be some sort of special breed, right?"

"Is he joining or is he just gonna bitch about our situation?" Razor asks.

Skip sighs. "Of course he's serious!" He then proceeds to yell. "I bet he's never been this serious in his entire life!"


I've never been this serious in my entire life….

I had my mind made up the moment I saw the letter and it's words.

I glanced over the wrinkly paper that had the stench of garbage all over it.

It may smell horrible, but I had other things on my mind.

Mainly the fear…

What if this "Addison" character is real? What if she comes for my family?

What if….. She eats engineers?

She must be the hu-man responsible for the whole 'Engineer previous' scenario. No denying it.

I don't care about whether or not battles are horrible or not. I don't care about my sensitive side. I don't even care about the risk I'm making.

I want to kill Addison Hepburn.

I'm gonna find her and take her down.

Anything to protect my species.

Anything to prevent me from becoming another dead engin-

Knock, knock, knock!

My thoughts were interrupted by the banging of the door.

In a panic, I hide the letter in a drawer, and go to the door to slide it open.


It was Libra, this time, she wasn't in her school uniform. She was in something a bit more casual. A tank top with a pair of ripped jeans, wearing flip-flops on her feet, and her now wearing a necklace made out of a stone. Her hair is now flowing freely.

"Yo, Sparky! You don't mind if I come in, right?"

"Oh… Sure…! Come on in!"

She smiles, and steps foot inside.

"So, did you eat anything yet?" She asks me.

"No, not really, I haven't even got started on dinner yet."

"I'll make it for you!"

"Wh-what…? No, you don't have to, really…"

"What's the matter? Think you're falling in love with me?"

I blush, stumbling on my words.

I sincerely only see Libra as a best friend of mine. The bestest friend I've ever had.

She playfully giggles. "Kidding! I know we're just best friends. Besides, I'm a teen, and you're a young adult. Right? So as a result, I'd be creepy if we were dating. I am full-on aware of that."

"Exactly…!" I say.

"Alright, i'll go on ahead and prepare!"

It was silent for a long while, just the sound of cooking, it was going fine, until Libra stopped cooking for a while and threw headphones with her phone at the table.

"You bored?"


"Good, this is the perfect time to teach you some Earth culture! Firstly, you may experience a whole bunch of different sounds coming together, that is something we-" Her voice begins to trail off. "Wait, no! Not we, I mean humans…. Like to call music~!"


"Yup! It's something that uses these sounds to make a harmony, emotional expression, and beauty of form!" she enthusiastically said, placing the headphones onto my ears, making me flinch a bit. "This song I've always loved. Morning Glory. In fact, this is classical music, so it might tug at your heartstrings a little."

"It might be what?"

Ignoring my question, she begins to play the song, the supposed "Morning Glory", and then goes back to her preparation. I, on the other hand, have so many questions as the song went on.

I know, I literally just thought about killing a hu-man…

But seriously, how do they do that?

What kind of things do they use?

How is this even possible? Is this a scientific breakthrough? Nobody in Zirkon has even heard of the term "Music"...

It goes on for a while, and then after a few tracks. Once the tenth, maybe eleventh track came on, it made me think a little…

What am I even doing?

I mean, this type of stuff brought me the first joy i've felt in months!

If Libra, by her attitude at times, and the way she trails off if she doesn't do a good job with her words, is a hu-man… Is she really the same?

I just…. I am just so confused….

By the time the next few notes got around, I actually began to cry a bit. Soft crying, the sobs being whispers. Libra seemed to take notice as she arrived with the food, and set them down.

"Wow…. Sparks… I…." She began to speak, I looked up, she examined me more… "I've only known you for 1 day…. Yet…. I think…. You are nothing like the others. You're a whole different person." She then took notice of what song was on.

"Clair De Lune. Debussy. An emotional piece about the moon, I think. I guess I didn't throw it into the shuffle mode, huh?" She smiles a bit. "Anyway, dinner's ready! I made some ramen! Let's dig in!"

I took off the headphones, and turned off the music, while wiping my tears away. For someone who seems to take the leap instead of thinking, she is surprisingly deep.

She places the ramen in front of me… My mouth started to water a bit, even though I did make sure I got some breakfast this morning and the training session did give us a lunch break.

'I may not know what i'll do, but only time will tell.' I tell myself.

With a clap, Libra spoke up.

"Thanks for the meal!"






Explanation time, then.

We did the Close Encounters part for a whole week. It's now week 2. The Gravity test. Week 3 is supposed to be dedicated to the hypnotizing test, and the final week will be for the machine building. Or one of the days in the final week, the rest will either be dedicated to free-time or a test mission. Depends on how well we do.

And considering that I woke up late like the all-nighter I am at times, it might just be the latter.

I soon arrived at the base.

"CAN'T CHAT! CALL ME IN! I'M READY FOR WHATEVER IT'LL TAKE!" I say to some of the soldiers, by the way they're sounding, they sounded confused.

I burst open the doors, out of breath.

"About time you got up." Razor says.

I calm myself down from running harder than I ever did in high school. Noticing everyone impatiently waiting.

"Hey! Wasn't my fault the alarm went off late!"

"It kinda was, genius."



Welp, Nova caught us in one of our little arguments.

We calm ourselves and prepare.

"Alright, you four. I noticed how well you did in the close encounter part. But you all still need to know the basic rules of how to get to the machine. It's in some house in Michigan, just so you all know. A vacation home. It was landed here long ago, but we recently got a note that some idiot decided it was a good idea to build a home on top of the machine to make things difficult."

"Well tell whoever that is that he or she needs to go to alien school!" Skip yelled out.

We all agreed.

"You tell them, commander!"

"Yeah they do!"


"So it'll be painfully obvious that since the family who occupies the house will be gone for a long while during the 4th of July weekend, they'll be no obstacles…" Nova says. "Except for locked doors and all. That's where our newest invention comes in. Lady and gentlemen…. This is a gravity grenade."

He shows us the grenade, we all look at it in awe, with Skip, for some reason, getting all excited as we turn toward him. He quickly went back to his normal self, thinking that we didn't notice anything weird about him.

"Right…" Nova continues. "Anyway, this grenade is actually the first of it's kind to exist, a new and improved type, you may even say. It's state of the art technology will help you all get through the doors and you'll be able to get to Sizematron in no time. Now, I supposed you all managed to get the gravity boots?"

As we looked down toward the ground, making sure we got the gravity boots, we managed to get the confirmation via a touchable screen button.

"Of course." Skip replied.

"Yes." I speak up.

"Yep." Razor says.

"Y-yeah…!" Sparks says, but not before falling down.

I however just ignore the background and mainly pay attention to Nova. Who, as I expected, is feeling the same way I am.

"Perfect!" Nova says excitedly. "Ooooh! I can't wait to see this bomb-omb in action~! Alright people. We're gonna do a bit of a simulation! I'll just be up over there and watching the whole thing… I'll drop it from here!"

"So like, what?" I ask. "We need to drop it from a high angle in order for this to work?"

"Correct! How else are you gonna do it?"

He runs up, as I prepare to get some final moves in, I honestly couldn't care less about what the others are up to, I just really want to get this party started!

"And now…. It's time to try defying gravity." He says, throwing the bomb down, we waited… But a dud just showed up.

"Well…. This is a disappointment." Skip sighs.

"Wait for it, Skippy." Nova speaks. "3…. 2…. 1…"

All of the sudden, more duds popped up, and we all began floating.

"THIS IS AMAZING!" Skip yells out.

Meanwhile, the three of us are confused.

"Wait… Is this really happening?" Sparks says.

"Is this real life, or is this all just a fantasy?" Razor says.

"I don't know what the hell is even happening right now, but let's just get straight into this! Get on the ground, now!" I speak up, as I push the button, activating the boots' power, with the others following suit.

As we get down, we hear Nova say something to us.

"Now…. I'm about to send out numerous enemies coming down your own way. They are unwillingly not knowing that they are floating up in the air. They don't know that we have managed to become even stronger than before! We are something that every human on that pathetic planet isn't! WE ARE INVINCIBLE! Now, guards! Send out the humanoids!"

And just like that, the human bots come out, now floating up in the air. They don't seem confused at all, so it must be due to the fact that they don't even feel.

"Alright, boys, listen up! The exit to get to the place where Sizematron is is just at that door!"

We didn't know that whole "idiot building the house in this Michigan place over the machine" thing would even happen, he or she probably knew about us or something. But I still suppose that could be true.

Anyway, where was I?

The gravity part. That's where.

We were doing everything flawlessly. We really did improve throughout time. Razor was scratching her way out of things as always, when one of the bots locked the door, Skip thought it was a great idea to try and unlock it while we handled the work. I was thinking all this time the following;

'Man! This workout last night must've been worth it all!'

Because I was destroying the obstacles left and right, without anyone else stopping me at all.

Sparks must've also done some hard work, because he apparently, despite him still being an awkward mess, has a spark of genius (see what I did there?), inventing a brand new gun, to destroy the bots.

Skip eventually got the door unlocked.

"Alright, fellas! Let's get this done and over with!" he commanded us.

We were on our way, until we noticed a voice, it didn't even sound like a bot at all, but it was rather a real live human.


Our coach, if you can even call him that, laughs it off, very nervous like.

"You'll have to excuse him!" he says. "He's been with me for a while, he's not a robot, i'm afraid, but rather an actual legitimate human…"

We all gasp.

"So… What are we gonna do with him?" Razor says.

"Kill him. That's what." Sparks speaks up, gun in hand, but somehow, Skip was cheering him on, while we just looked in utter confusion.

"NO! WAIT! THINK THIS THROUGH!" Nova yelled out.

But the engineer completely ignored him, firing the gun, killing him, with blood coming out… The last thing the human said before dying was….

"Your….. Not going to get away with this…." He said bleakly, his body now floating up in the air, the red blood floating. When we turnt to see the engineer, he was shaking, almost, his eyes widened. Nova in shock, meanwhile, is staring right back us.

"Skip, destroy the bomb." Nova commanded.

Skip did so. Everything went back down. It was completely silent for a while, until Nova examined the body, instead of slapping Sparks in the face or something like that, though…

He sighed in relief.

"Finally…. Little bastard is finally dead. You did well Engineer Sparks."

He smiled back at him.

Skip laughed, while posing in victory. "Well done, newbie! THAT WAS AMAZING!"

Me and Razor just looked, and shrugged. At least we got rid of the dumb intruder, but who in their right mind would kidnap a astronaut?

I have no idea, maybe the workout was too rough on me.

"Oh! We gotta do something to celebrate!" Nova says.

"That performance was even better than the last time, I need to admit that!" Razor says.

Sparks, after a moment of silence, speaks up, smiling.

"Y-yeah…! I guess I did do pretty well, huh?" Laughing a bit, he prepares to get his things. "I really need to head out! Got some business to run!"

With that, he runs off.

"I guess we should wrap up as well?" I ask.

"Idiot! We are doing that sort of thing!" Razor says, punching me a bit.

"What's wrong? Someone's hormones acting up?"

I chuckle.

"Don't get any ideas."


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