Chapter 1

'Thinking' – thoughts

"Speaking" – speech

'Thinking' – Dragon/God/Beast thinking

"Speaking" - Dragon/God/Beast speaking

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Draco flew through the sky with Natsu clinging to the fin behind which he sat. The speed they were traveling at made a conversation impossible. Natsu stared in wonder and amazement at the landscape speeding past. Trees, mountains, streams, and lakes blurred past. The further they went Natsu noticed that there were fewer and fewer cities and towns in the area. Soon only the occasional farmhouse would be dotting the open landscape.

As they neared a massive mountain range Draco slowed down to a glide. The mountains in front of them were so high that their peaks were buried in the clouds. The mountains were mostly barren with only a brush here and there to differentiate from the smooth, cold grey stone. The bushes that were there also had a grey colour to then that made them look dead. All in all the mountain range gave a feeling of death with mist constantly rolling off the peaks and gathering in the lower valleys.

"What is this place it looks scary but it feels like I have been here before," Natsu said now that he could be heard.

"This mountain range is known as the Gates to Death's Door. A fitting name to be honest because this is where I can open the portal to the afterlife. You recognise this place because when you died your soul travelled through these very mountains," Draco explained to the boy.

Draco came in for a landing stirring the grey dust as he touched the earth. He leaned down so that Natsu could get off his back. Natsu slid down off him using the bone underside of his neck to stabilize him when he reached the ground.

Looking around at his the eerie surroundings Natsu could not see very far due to the thick grey mist that had a heavy presence. The little he could see painted a picture of death with brushes that looked completely lifeless with only bare grey branches and no leaves, the ground was the same cold grey stone that he saw when he first looked at the mountains. Even the rocks that were scattered everywhere could be mistaken for broken bones.

"I see why they call this the Gates to Death's Door," Natsu commented after scanning the location he found himself in.

"As I said a fitting name. Now before we enter here I must tell you that time moves at a different pace in the afterlife compared to the land of the living. When you return to this realm all you currently know will not be the same?" Draco asked Natsu making sure the boy knows what the consequences of his decision here will be.

"I don't really know anybody anyway since I can't remember anything from when I was alive. So I am ready for whatever you got in stored for me," Natsu gave his answer.

"I am happy that you accepted my proposal young Natsu," Draco said before turning to a nearby cliff wall.

"Si naktar di marfedelom vur vriwhulth di wer sepa meage wux ekess nif portam ekess wer treskri di marfedelom," Draco chanted before a swirling vortex of cold grey and violent purple appeared where the cliff face one stood.

"What did you say, Mister Draco?" Natsu asked not understanding the language the dragon used.

"That was the dragon tongue for 'I keeper of death and reaper of the soul command you to open the gate to the world of death'. In time I will teach you the dragon tongue… After you young Natsu," Draco replied before moving to the portal and motioning Natsu to move through.

Natsu walked up to the portal without hesitation but looked up to the dragon just before walking through. He then looked back as if to say goodbye to the world he knew for no more than one day. Then walked through the portal. Draco was happy that the boy had no problems going to the land of the dead.

'This might be fun passing on my teachings to another,' Draco though before following Natsu through the portal.

The world that opens up to them once they moved through the portal made Natsu stand still and take in the scene. There was no sun in the sky but the light seemed to emanate from everywhere but this wasn't the normal light from the mortal realm. The light looked like the early morning before the sun rose with the sky covered in clouds of varying shades of grey getting darker the higher up you went. The soft orange light eliminated the desolate landscape revealing withering trees and skeletons of any and all thinkable creatures. The ground looked like that of a marshland with some of the skeletons halfway submerged in murky greywater. The patches of land that were scattered around the place were occupied by the withering trees. A light mist covered the watery spots giving it an even more desolate look.

"This world might not be as beautiful and full of colour as that of the mortal realm but this is my home and the home of all those who had passed," Draco said after Natsu scanned the new world.

"What are you talking about this place looks so cool," Natsu exclaimed with a look of amazement painted on his face.

"You truly are a unique child young Natsu," Draco chuckled which Natsu gave him a big toothy smile in return.

"Now we will go to my home, get on my back and I will fly us there," Draco said as he lowered his body once more to allow Natsu to get on.

When Natsu climbed back onto Draco they took off. Natsu could now see the grey world below him. In the distance, he saw what looked like a gigantic spine sticking out of the earth on a large mass of dry land.

"What is that spine thing up ahead?" Natsu asked Draco as they were flying at a leisurely pace.

"That is the mountains I call home young one and soon you will too," Draco responded.

As they neared the mountain range Natsu started falling asleep exhausted by all the new sights he saw. By the time Draco entered his cave, Natsu was fast asleep.

'This boy sure is one of a kind. First, he died then got resurrected. Abandoned then found and finally returned back to the land of the dead without dying a second time. In what looks like a short life he has already gone through a lot. I will have to get one of my reapers to collect some food for him until he can consume the death that is in abundance here in my domain,' Draco thought to himself.

The following morning Natsu woke up to some berries and fruit next to him. His hunger compelled him to eat the food in front of him. After he ate he walked to the cave entrance where he spotted the silhouette of a dragon. The cave he was in was quite deep stretching far enough back that the light from outside only tickled the back wall. This allowed any occupant of the cave to sleep without being disturbed by the light.

As Natsu excited the cave he saw Draco staring off into the distance with a thoughtful look on his face.

"What are you thinking about Mister Draco?" Natsu asked the large dragon.

"Ah, Natsu sleep well? I was thinking about how I will go about teaching you the magic I use," Draco explained.

"Slept like a log, thanks for the food by the way I was starving. So what are we going to be doing first?" Natsu replied with a smile.

"First I will teach you about Death Magic and how you can consume it to replenish your strength with it this will also allow you to consume the death that is all around us instead of needing to eat mortal food," Draco told the small boy.

"But I like food," Natsu whined.

"There is unfortunately only death in this realm so if you wanted food you would have to go to the mortal realm in search of it. How about once every week I will send one of my servants to collect some food for you? That way you will still get to eat mortal food and we can spend our time training you so that you can help the world to be a better place," the large dragon proposed.

"I guess that will work," Natsu agreed after thinking it over for some time.

"I am pleased. Now first I must teach you about how the world of magic works and how someone learns magic. I will then teach you about Death Magic and where is can be found," Draco said before sitting down and motioning Natsu to take a seat somewhere.

He started telling Natsu about the world of Magic and what it entailed working his way to where he could teach Natsu about Death Magic and how to use it.

It was a lucky strike that the boy already died meaning that he would not have to get used to the magic. With any other magic, a new user would first be near the element they wish to use in order to get a feel for it and after that, they can attempt to focus their own magic energy to match the energy of the base element. From there a student of magic can start specialising in the form of the magic they wish to use.

There are exceptions to this rule as with any other that if the mage had a significant event summon their magic they would be able to skip the first step since their magic automatically took the form of the base magic. Draco was not sure if Natsu would also be an exception to the rule but whether he would be or not would only have been a requirement if he had not died in the past. So in a sense, he was an exception. Natsu already had the feeling of death so it would be able for him to align his magic with that of Death Magic.

Draco decided the first thing he will teach the boy would be how to harness the power of death. Here in the afterlife, it would be a lot easier and quicker to accomplish than it would have been should they have stayed in the mortal realm since here death was everywhere but in the mortal realm one must snuff out life in order for death to be present. When Natsu finishes his training he will be able to only take a portion of something time should he need a refill on his magic power.

In this world of Magic, everything and everyone has two containers. One is the magic container and users of Slayer Magic can consume their own element in order to restore their magic reserves in this container. The existence of this container is common knowledge among all who are aware of magic.

The second container that all living things contain is known as a life span container. There is no way to restore this container's content, this container is what is essential for anything to live. When the container runs empty the host of the container dies. If someone is killed the remainder of the contents of the container is spilled out and will start to corrupt the world around it. The content is essentially the essence of life but unlike some might think this so-called essence of life is a condensed and unusable form of Death Magic. The way the world work can be amusing at times for Death is what keeps the mortals alive.

This allows someone proficient in Death Slayer magic to consume some of this second container's content. The amount of condensed Death Magic that allows a living thing to live for one second is enough to fully replenish Draco's power so to draw power from this source doesn't harm the owner of the container.

This lesson took the entire day to teach but Draco was happy with the progress Natsu made. For a young child, Natsu was surprisingly able to concentrate and sit still for the entire duration of the lesson which surprised Draco a bit knowing how short the attention span of a mortal child can be but he just coughed it up to Natsu being revived. Draco could sense that there was something different to Natsu than other mortals besides the fact that he was once dead but he did not pay too much attention to the detail since it wasn't negatively affecting Natsu.

For the next week, Draco would teach Natsu the basics of magic in general and how the world of magic worked expanding on the subjects he discussed with him on the first day. Natsu was quick to learn everything Draco taught him. When Draco thought Natsu had sufficient knowledge to start his magic training he called Natsu over to discuss the next part of his training.

"Natsu now that you have learned enough about how magic works I will start teaching you how to use my magic. Now your training will be divided into four parts. First I will teach you enough Slayer Magic so that you can consume the essence of death that fills this place so that we don't have to get you food every day. While I teach you the basic magic I will also continue to teach you about the world. This is so that once you return you will have a good set of morals so that you will not let this power go to your head. It is not that I do not trust you, on the contrary, I have come to see you as my son. The reason is so that you cannot be corrupted once you are exposed to the wider world. For the last part of the first phase, I will train your body. You will need a strong physical body before we begin with the next part of your training. The second phase of your training will be in Death Dragon Slayer Magic, the third phase will be on Death God Slayer Magic, and the fourth and final phase will be Death Dragon God Slayer Magic," Draco explained to Natsu.

"I understand Dad," Natsu replied, happy with the plan Draco came up with. When Natsu called Draco 'Dad' he felt a warm feeling in his heart.

"All right then the first thing I want you to do is to focus on the energy around us and allow your magic to fuse with it," Draco instructed the young boy.

Natsu was quick to fuse his magic with the surrounding energy due to him already being familiar with it.

"Good now I want you to focus your magic in your hand and picture an orb of Death Magic appearing there," Draco instructed.

After a few ties, Natsu managed to form a grey and purple orb.

"Very well done, now I want you to try and push the orb forward without moving your hand," the dragon said.

Natsu struggled with this and after an hour of constantly trying, he could only make the orb wiggle. Natsu collapsed from exhaustion. This made Natsu feel like a failure.

"I'm sorry Dad," the crestfallen Natsu apologised.

"There is nothing to be sorry for young one. The progress you have shown today was far beyond my expectations. So do not beat yourself up," Draco consoled Natsu with a proud smile on his face.

Natsu instantly perked up hearing this and over the next week, Draco drilled Natsu with magic exercises until he would collapse from exhaustion. At the end of the week, Natsu was able to form an orb of Death Magic and freely move it around. Next up came the process of consuming death to replenish his strength.

"You have become quite proficient with that orb of yours. Now I want you to feel the death that flows around you. Give a physical form for it in your mind. Once you have a solid image breathe in the essence of death around you and allow it to fuse with your body. If you do this correctly, you will feel your magic power replenish. Do not worry if you get something wrong for I am here and I will not let anything happen to you my son," Draco instructed Natsu.

Natsu closed his eyes and after a few minutes started drawing in a breath. At first, nothing happened but after the third try, Draco could see Natsu consuming the essence of death around him. Natsu had a look of discomfort for a few seconds on his face before it was replaced by a look of content.

"That actually… did not taste too bad," Natsu commented. He wasn't able to replenish much of his power but the little he managed to replenish was progress none the less.

"Very good. I want you to continue controlling the orb-like you have been doing this past week, it will help you with control over your magic and it will expand your magic container. Then when you used up all your power I want you to consume as much essence of death as you can. Then I want you to deplete your magic once again before taking a break and allowing your magic to replenish naturally. Do this until you can recover all your magic in less than a minute," Draco gave Natsu his next task.

Natsu continued his training but it took a lot longer than the previous task to complete. Draco continued to tell Natsu that he was doing well ensuring that he never lost heart. Natsu soon began to realise that if he didn't accomplish his task immediately it didn't mean he was a failure. His confidence in himself grew until he didn't doubt himself anymore but it never grew to a point where he would be overconfident or cocky. Natsu stayed humble with all of his accomplishments.

After a month of training to consume the essence of death Natsu was able to fully replenish his massive magic container.

"Now that you can replenish your energy I will start with your physical training. For the next year, we will solely focus on your physical training. You will do cardio in the morning and strength training in the evening. This will be a gruelling time for you, son, but when you are done your physical strength will be on par with most mortals who are in their prime, and your body will be able to handle the magic I wish to teach you. At night we will continue our normal discussions of how the world works and other moral subjects," Draco said.

The year was a long one for young Natsu but it showed great results. His eight-year-old body grew and his muscles developed well. He also knew most of the inner workings of the realm of death.

"Now my son we will start training you in Death Dragon Slayer Magic," Draco told Natsu.

Natsu jumped in joy at hearing this. Natsu had been looking forward to training in his magic. During his free time, he would usually play around with his death orb greatly enjoying playing around with his magic. He also enjoyed using his magic because it made him feel even closer to his adopted father.

"Learning Dragon Slayer Magic will result in you taking on some characteristics of a dragon. I will teach you about dragon culture along with the draconic language. We will use the mornings to continue your physical training and then from the late morning until nightfall we will focus on Dragon Slayer Magic and finally, the night will be spent on dragon culture and language," Draco said before telling Natsu to take the rest of the day off to rest.

It took Natsu three years to master Death Dragon Slayer Magic. He learned all the normal spells namely Death Dragon's Devastating Fist, Death Dragon's Wing Attack, Death Dragon's Talons, Death Dragon's Roar, Death Dragon's Claw, and Death Dragon's Elbow. He also learned the advanced spell namely Death Dragon's Decaying Fang, Death Dragon's Embrace, and Death Dragon's Death Blast. The Secret Arts he had in his arsenal was Decaying Grasp: Death Dragon's Fist, Decaying Grasp: Death Dragon's Oblivion Blade, and Decaying Grasp: Death Dragon's Desolation Roar.

"We will now see how you fare in battle using your Death Dragon Slayer Magic. I have requested one of my reapers to be your opponent. The rules for this fight will be no fatal blows and after thirty minutes the fight will end if no winner is decided. This is only a test of your abilities my son so the focus is not on winning the fight," Draco explained.

"All right Dad I'm ready," Natsu said before they moved to an open area near their home. The area they used had a large patch of ground surrounded by murky water. There were no decaying trees on this island as they have all been cleared out during Natsu's numerous training sessions over the years. Natsu stood across from one of the reapers. They both bowed to one another.

"Let the battle begin," Draco shouted signalling the start of the test.

The two competitors stood still for a moment studying one another before the reaper made the first move. It speeded towards with its scythe low. "Death Dragon's Talons" Natsu yelled out as his foot was covered in a purple and grey energy and countered the low sweep. "Death Dragon's Devastating Fist" Natsu yelled out swinging his fist at the reaper witch was covered in purple and grey energy.

The reaper recoiled at the attack and decided to try a diagonal slash from high on Natsu's right shoulder going down to his left hip. Natsu prevented this attack from completing by lifting his elbow and covering it in his purple and grey energy while calling out "Death Dragon's Elbow". Natsu jumped backward creating some distance between him and his opponent while shouting "Death Dragon's Wing Attack" Which caused two purple and grey whips to form in his hands which he swung down on the reaper causing it to hold up its scythe for defence.

"Death Dragon's Roar" Natsu shouted as he landed causing a vortex of purple and grey to come out of his mouth. The reaper spun its scythe to create a makeshift shield against the roar that came rushing towards it. The reaper managed to block most of the roar but still sustained some damage. Before the attack completely dissipated Natsu came out of the remaining vortex with his fist cocked back. "Death Dragon's Secret Art: Decaying Grasp: Death Dragon's Fist" Natsu shouted as he launched the attack that causes a Gigantic Fist made out of the purple and grey energy to form and fly towards the reaper. This attack sent the reaper flying.

Natsu took advantage of the moment where the reaper was unable to move for his final attack. "Death Dragon's Secret Art: Decaying Grasp: Death Dragon's Oblivion Blade," Natsu said summoning a cold grey sword brimming with a purple aura in his hands. Natsu brought the blade down on the reaper's head but stopped just before making contact.

"The victor of the match is Natsu," Draco declared with a proud expression.

Natsu helped the reaper up and they once again bowed to one another. The reaper disappeared into the mist leaving only Natsu and Draco on the island.

"Well done my son you have made me proud and now you are ready for the third phase of your training. You will learn Death God Slayer Magic next. Since gods don't have any specific traditions or customs we will only focus on the magic itself. We will keep to the same schedule as to when you learned Dragon Slayer Magic but at night you are free to do as you please," Draco told his son.

Natsu managed to complete his Death God Slayer Magic in only two years because he only had to learn a few new spells and alter his Dragon Slayer spells to use God Slayer Magic. The new spells he added to his arsenal were Death God's Bellow, Death God's Death Arrow, and Death God's Secret Art: Downfall along with a Death God's variation of his normal Death Dragon Slayer spells.

During his free time, Natsu learned some other magic that he thought might help him out once he went back to the mortal realm. Draco had some of his reapers disguise as mortals to obtain Natsu some books on the magic he wished to learn. Natsu learned re-quip magic for storage purpose and shadow magic to be able to blend into the shadows. He didn't learn any advanced versions of this magic.

His skills with re-quip magic were limited to putting items in his dimensional storage and taking them out. His skills with shadow magic were limited to using shadows to hide his identity if he wished to do so and he could melt into the shadows to either hide or use the shadows to move around undetected.

Draco had taught Natsu the true meaning of death. It was the final resting place for the soul. Death was seen as an evil by the mortals because it was an unknown to them and the greatest fear the mortals had was the unknown. Death isn't something to fear though. It is the well-deserved rest for an old soul after a long life in the mortal realm. When a living being's soul is taken into deaths embrace they give their bodies back to Mother Nature for her to use it to fuel the next generation of living beings. This is the cycle of life and death.

Natsu was well aware that his moral code would come into conflict with some people in the mortal realm be it that the mortals would either value the life of another as worthless and be willing to take their life on a whim or be it that the mortals will deviate from taking the life of an evil being that would only continue to take more lives if it was allowed to live. The answer to this moral question was always shrouded in mystery. For someone who could use Death Magic however, there was an extra variable. When a Death Magic-user would look at a person's life span container they would be able to see if it was corrupted. When one person kills another with ill intent they get corrupted by the essence of death that escapes from the deceased's life span container before a reaper comes to collect their souls. The more one kills the more they get corrupted.

Using this information the Death Magic-user can determine whether the person has evil at their core or not. This is the main reason Natsu learned shadow magic. To be able to take a life of a person, who is too corrupted, without having to potentially take the life of a comrade of the corrupted in full-fledged conflict. Natsu learned the theory behind being an assassin for this particular reason.

With the history lessons, Draco taught Natsu about how corrupt people in power would not necessarily have their container corrupted because they would send others to do their dirty work. These people were just as corrupted if not more than the people who would kill directly because due to their actions many would leave the land of the living before their time. Draco taught Natsu that he would have to thoroughly investigate such people who he suspected of being corrupt before taking action so that he would not wrongly take a life that is not inherently evil. All people in power will misuse it in some way, shape, or form. This didn't mean that they were evil though. Sometimes the advantages they gain by using their power would positively influence the lives of the mortals. That was the main reason Draco told Natsu to always investigate any potentially corrupted person thoroughly.

"My son you have completed your Death God Slayer Magic training and gained a set of morals I can be proud of. For this test of strength, I will have you face two opponents in battle. This will show me how you can use your abilities and intelligence to cope when you are at a numerical disadvantage," Draco told Natsu as he flew them to the island Natsu used for practicing his magic.

Waiting for them on the island was two reapers. Natsu was getting ready for the test stretching a bit to loosen his muscles. Natsu gave his father a nod signalling that he is ready for the test to begin.

"This battle will have the same rules as the previous on. No fatal attacks and a time limit of thirty minutes. Now let the fight begin," Draco called out.

Unlike the previous test this time the reapers immediately moved each in opposite directions circling around Natsu in an attempt to get in his blind spots. Natsu had trouble keeping an eye on both reapers and decided to take control of the situation before he is overwhelmed by his opponents. Natsu dashed to the reaper to his left cocking back his right fist. "Death God's Devastating Fist" he yelled out as his fist got covered by a purple and black energy. Natsu's punch connected with the reaper's scythe as it used it to defend itself from the attack. While Natsu and the first reaper were locking in a power struggle the other reaper came up behind Natsu and slammed the blunt side of its scythe into Natsu's back with considerable force. Natsu roared out in pain before rolling away from his adversaries.

"Death God's Bellow" Natsu cried out as a vortex of purple and black sped towards the reapers. One of the reapers started spinning its scythe to block the incoming attack while the other reaper attempted to use the large attack as a cover to move into a flanking position. The reapers however underestimated the power behind the attack and the one that stayed behind to block the attack was sent flying. The second reaper quickly moved to where Natsu should have been but the area where the attack originated from was empty. Looking back at its partner the reaper saw the other reaper in Natsu's grasp.

Natsu was holding the reaper by the back of its cloak forming a black spear above his open hand that was surrounded by a purple aura. "Death God's Death Spear" He shouted as he smashed the spear into the reaper's back. This nearly defeated the reaper but it got back up with great effort. Natsu knew the reapers could recover their stamina in a similar way that he could by consuming the essence of death that fills the afterlife. Not wanting to let this drag out to an extended battle of attrition that he would eventually lose, Natsu determined that if he could damage the other reaper enough he would be able to end the battle with one of his stronger wide range spells.

"Death God's Death Arrow" Natsu shouted creating a black bow in his open left hand pulling back a purple energy arrow. Natsu released the arrow. The speed the arrow travelled at caught the reaper that went to flank him off guard resulting in a solid hit causing a decent amount of damage. Natsu determined that this was enough damage for his final spell to be able to end the battle. "Death God's Secret Art: Death's Final Downfall," Natsu said as he raised his hands above his head and brought them down. A massive purple and black ball of energy formed above the reapers and before they could escape, the attacks exploded on contact with the ground.

"This battle is over. The winner is Natsu," Draco proclaimed.

The reapers took a minute to absorb enough energy to be able to stand once more before bowing to Natsu and disappearing back into the mist that surrounded the island.

"My son once again you have shown me how you mastered your magic. And this time you showed me how you would face multiple opponents. You did well to single one out in order to minimize the advantage they had, but in the moment, you forgot that the other opponent won't just be standing back and wait for you to finish its partner off. Other than that it was wise not to draw the battle out for too long," Draco congratulated Natsu.

"Thanks, Dad that was a fun fight," Natsu smiled at the compliments his father gave him. As per usual the two talked about the fight and what Natsu could have done differently. Natsu never took these comments as negative because he knew his father was only trying to help him and prepare him for future battles. When they arrived back at their cave Draco brought Natsu his weekly food before telling him to enjoy the rest of the day to relax.

Early the next morning Natsu was woken up by his father calling him outside.

"Natsu today we will begin the final phase of your training. The mornings will be the same with physical training but now once you have completed your morning training we will work on combining your Dragon Slayer Magic and your God Slayer Magic so that you can use Dragon God Slayer Magic. This particular magic doesn't have a lot of spells and the spells are all fatal. So you can only ever use one of these spells on another living being if you are prepared to take their life," Draco told Natsu.

"This must be really powerful magic if all of its spells are lethal," Natsu commented after his father's explanation.

"Yes, it is. It combines the power of a God and a Dragon the two most powerful species in existence," Draco confirmed Natsu's comment.

A year of training in Death Dragon God Slayer Magic later Natsu has finally completed his training at the tender age of fourteen. Natsu now had a great understanding of battle tactics and assassination techniques, access to five kinds of magic, and an intellectual level that would be above most people who would be considered as smart. The one thing Natsu was lacking though was knowledge on the cultures and daily life of mortals. Draco could not teach him any of this since he only saw the final stages of a mortal's life if he saw any.

"Natsu, my son, I cannot tell you how proud you have made me in the years that I have taught you my magic. Before you return to the mortal realm I want you to demonstrate one of your Death Dragon God Slayer spells," Draco asked his son.

Natsu faces an open area and focuses on a withering tree taking it as his target. "Death Dragon God's Forbidden Art: Death's Eternal Embrace" he chanted before a swirl of black grey, and purple energy consumed the withering tree. Once the energy dissipated the tree was no more. The ground around the area where the tree once stood was completely pitch black drained of all colour due to the spell's effects. This spell will consume everything around the target location and erase all trace of its existence.

"The execution of the spell was perfect. Well done son. Now is the time you will have to leave the afterlife and go back to the land of the mortals. Know that I am not kicking you out of this place but rather letting you go back to the mortal realm so that you can do all you can to ensure that death is respected and not misused," Draco said to his son in a sad tone.

"Thanks, Dad I owe you my life. If you didn't take me in all those years ago I would not have survived," Natsu said in a sad tone.

The father and son duo spent the rest of the day reminiscing of the past and just spending time together. They talked until Natsu fell asleep leaning on Draco's wing. The next morning they quickly said their final goodbyes. Draco gave Natsu a grey scarf made of his own scales. Natsu accepted the gift from his father and called out "Si deevdru di wer naktar di marfedelom vur vriwhulth di wer sepa meage wux ekess nif portam ekess wer treskri di wer waphir," which was Draconic for 'I son of the keeper of death and reaper of the soul command you to open the gate to the world of the living'. This opened a purple and grey portal on the same spot Natsu entered the afterlife with his father six years ago. With one final look back at his father, he stepped through the portal.

As Natsu returned to the world of the living he heard his father's voice in his head "The year you are in, is X777, keep safe son, I will watch over you always".

With that Natsu started his journey. It took him all over the world and during this time he destroyed multiple dark guilds in various countries and took down a great number of corrupt officials. His body count stayed low since he determined that most of the corrupt people could be handled by just exposing them and only killed the high ranking members of dark guilds that had killed their fair share of innocent people. He always kept his identity hidden but that caused rumours to spread throughout the world. The rumours would tell of a man that used death itself as a weapon and toppled corrupt governments and eliminated dark guilds.

The year was X784 and a man looked to be 21 years old stood in a town waiting for a train to arrive. The man wore a black one-sleeve jacket exposing his right shoulder where a grey tattoo of a dragon skull outlined with a violent purple could be seen. The jacket was unbuttoned exposing his bare chest. The man had a grey scaly scarf around his neck. He wore baggy black pants with purple trims and black combat boots. He had a hood covering his face and no matter how you would look at him it seemed as if the shadows would always prevent anyone from catching a glimpse of his face.

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