Chapter 30

'Thinking' – thoughts

"Speaking" – speech

'Thinking' – Dragon/God/Beast thinking

"Speaking" - Dragon/God/Beast speaking

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-Mt Hakobe Peak-

"Now the fun begins," Ur said, her grin in full force on her face as she felt the icy winds of the blizzard hit her face. The roar of the Fimir resonated around them.

"Gray, stay on the defensive, Lucy use some of your melee-oriented spirits," Erza commanded her teammates as she called out "Re-quip: Heaven's Wheel Armour". Once the light died down that had surrounded Erza she stood tall in the winged silver armour with multiple swords hovering just behind her in a semi-circle.

"Ultear, would you mind joining Gray in the defence, I want to cut loose a bit and I would like to see how the two of you work together," Ur asked her daughter. Ultear gave a simple nod before falling back a bit from the group to better see where she would be needed the most.

"Open Gate of the Golden Bull: Taurus" Lucy called out and summoned the humanoid bull with the sound of a bell.

"I'm ready to protect your glorious body, Miss Lucy," Taurus said with a perverted smile as he rested his battle-axe on his shoulder.

"You can do that by giving that monster some payback," Lucy shouted with a bit of irritation leaking into her voice at the antics of her spirit. An enraged look crossed over Taurus' face as he stared down the Fimir, his pride at not protecting Lucy was hurt by this thing and now he had a chance to repay the beast.

Gray shifted into his maker stance, standing behind Erza and next to Lucy ready to react to any attack the monster could throw at them. Ur stood in a relaxed posture but if one would look closely, they would see her fingers twitching in anticipation and small light blue icy rosebuds threatening to burst through the carpet of snow.

For but a moment the only movement in the area was the raging blizzard, but that quickly changed with another roar from the Fimir as it jumped into action, charging the closest foe who in this case was Erza. Erza, however, was prepared for this. She knew that she was the most like target the Fimir would go for since she took the vanguard.

Erza quickly stepped to the side to avoid the deadly claw of the beast and brought her sword to intercept the Fimir's side. The beast quickly swung its other claw at the sword. The weapon and claws connected with a cling before Erza was launched backwards due to the overpowering strength of the Fimir.

The beast was about to make its next attack on Erza when Gray called out "Ice-Make: Shield" constructing an icy shield between Erza and the monster.

"Gate of the Golden Bull: Taurus, give my weapon strength" Lucy chanted as she held her whip in one hand and her the Golden key in the other. A brown hue surrounded the whip as Lucy fell into a combat stance.

"Taurus, now it's our turn. I'll provide support where I can," Lucy ordered. With a 'Moo' Taurus charged at the Fimir and swung his mighty battle-axe at its exposed back. The survival instincts of the Fimir warned it of the impending attack and it decided to forgo dealing with its first foe who wasn't the largest threat at the moment and spun around with astounding speed to block the incoming attack from the humanoid bull.

"For Miss Lucy's glorious body," Taurus roared his battle cry as he clashed with the Fimir. Lucy capitalised on the power struggle between the two large combatants and readied her whip. While Lucy readied her whip Gray moved up to combine an attack with her, calling out "Ice-Make: Saucer". From his hands, a spinning disc of ice formed before launching it along with Lucy's whip lashed out.

Both mages were surprised when the Fimir swung its tail at the spinning disc of ice, redirecting its path straight to Lucy. Still being in the motion of lashing the whip, Lucy didn't have enough time to dodge. Luckily for her, the younger Milkovich stayed in her role as defence as quickly called out "Ice-Make: Shattering Bolt", firing off a blast of ice. Once the ice connected with the spinning disc it shattered, breaking the disc in the process. The shattered shards of ice rained down around Lucy, but they were too small to cause any substantial damage and with their slow speed the blond made it out without a scratch.

A smile formed on Ur's face as she saw what her daughter did and heard the 'Thanks' from the celestial mage. Deciding that now was the time for her to join the fray, She settled into her maker stance, her shirt mysteriously having disappeared.

The Fimir finally managed to push Taurus off of him and land a decisive blow on the humanoid bull, causing him to return to the Celestial Realm in a flash of golden light. "Ice-Make: Prickly Brambles" Ur called out. A light blue icy aura rushed from the ice mage towards the Fimir, quickly surrounding it. The Fimir stood up tall and glared at Ur with its single eye before it was covered in icy brambles as the spell took effect.

The Fimir let out a roar of pain as the thorns on the brambles pierced its leathery hide. It quickly hunched over as pain spread across its body before it shot up with a deafening roar, shattering the brambles that ensnared it.

The Fimir once again turned its attention to the new threat. Instead of rushing at Ur and launching some physical strike, the Fimir held out its large claw as an icy aura surrounded its claws. Ur felt the build-up of magical power and quickly crouched down while calling out "Ice-Make: Shield" constructing a rosy shield of ice where her hands met the snow.

Spikes of ice exploded from the ground and embedded themselves in Ur's icy shield. The Fimir let out an annoyed growl when the shield and spikes dissipated and it revealed that Ur was unscathed.

Before the Fimir could attempt another attack, Erza appeared behind it clad in her Black Wing Armour. She rushed past it, slashing twice at the Fimir in a cross pattern while calling out "Moon Flash". The Fimir roared in anger and pain as the two slashes connected to its back and it stumbled forward. It levelled its gaze once more on Erza, though this time she could see the beast calculating its next move, indicating of the rumoured higher intellect Ur mentioned.

-With Natsu and Haru-

Haru clenched and unclenched his fists in anticipation of the fight ahead, even though he had no idea as to what they are walking, well flying, into. It seemed like they were heading into a mountainy area, quite some way's away from any town that Haru knew about.

As the winds blew against his face Haru smelled something with a metallic tang to it. Haru had smelled blood in the past, but something about the smell troubled him. As they came closer to their destination the smell started to become overpowering.

"I told you the souls of the innocence were crying out in pain, and it seems like it was not a clean activity that led to it. Try and ignore it," Natsu answered the unasked question.

The two closed in on the source of the smell as the sun dipped below the horizon. Small glints of the fading sunlight reflecting off metal objects caught Haru's eyes before darkness swallowed the landscape and small fires dotted the barren land.

Haru was confused for a moment as he saw a pool reflecting the fire lights, but then I dawned on him. The smell of blood becomes overpowering and Natsu mentioning the souls of the innocent crying out in pain, the urgency in his voice. The pool was a pool of blood.

Natsu changed his horizontal trajectory and started descending at an alarming speed.

-With Gohra-

The large muscular man had his eyes closed as he soaked in the silence that followed the screams of betrayal from those who had blindly followed. There was something Gohra found addicting of this silence. One where even Mother Nature herself refuses to make a sound due to the horror of the atrocities he committed.

He rested his eyes on the pool of blood that surrounded the altar where he stood and his eyes gleamed in anticipation as the pool started to swirl. His mind was filled with a single thought at the sight, 'Soon'. A slight ripple in the pools of blood caught his attention, a ripple that originated from the edge of the pool, meaning that something caused it, something that was not supposed to be here.

"Sithria, Hardon, it seems like we might have some extra… volunteers," Gohra said with a smirk as his eyes travelled to the side of the pool where the ripple originated from. There he saw two large bat-like wings originating from a silhouetted figure, another figure closer to the ground next to the first one.

A tense atmosphere descended on the cultist camp as the silence became deafening.

"You really could have warned me or at least set me down gently," a childish whine cut through the silence and completely dissolved the silent foreboding. Gohra felt a frown form on his face. A child just interrupted the silence he found so alluring, well, what's a few more drops of blood.

"You are just in time friends, the festivities are just about to begin, but if we hurry we can get you settled in before it begins," Gohra called out followed by a malicious laugh that was quickly echoed by Sithria while Hardon merely let out a huff as a blade twirled in between his fingers.

The silhouette who whined suddenly shot to his feet and fire exploded from his form as he heard Gohra's jeer. The tree saw the flaming figure starting to advance on them with the fire that surrounded him breathing with the rage they were sure he was extruding.

"Seems like you got the little pyro upset," Sithria commented with amusement in her voice.

"Well, if his blood is as hot as his temper it will flow wonderfully," Gohra replied with a wide grin plastered to his face.

"There's something of the other one I don't like, the normal outcome of someone knowing what we are doing is some sort of retaliation attempt like with the hothead. His stoic silence is unnatural," Hardon said with a concerned frown. Facing foes whose reactions are what you expect is easy, they are predictable and you can easily goad them into making mistakes. But when you come face to face with someone who doesn't follow the norm, things get difficult quickly.

One of the things Hardon personally enjoyed was to toy with the morality of his foes. The hothead would be easy to toy with and manipulate to give him quite an amusing fight.

"I'll deal with the little hothead," Hardon said, he would rather have some fun while he waited for their lord's arrival rather than facing someone who might be a problem for him.

"Oh come on, I wanted to see what's better, fire or explosions," Sithria complained as a small explosion erupted around her fist.

"Then why don't you two go have fun with him, just remember to share. I will see what the stoic one is all about," Gohra said in a mock parental tone before his tone turned serious. Gohra focused his gaze on the stoic silhouette who had started to move.

"I guess we can share, but I call dibs on the first blast," Sithria sighed before claiming the first shot at the hothead. She started moving off of the altar, ready to see some wonderful fireworks courtesy of her magic.

"Don't completely obliterate him with your first shot, I want some entertainment as well," Hardon said as he stopped twirling his blade. He followed the explosion maniac, unsheathing another blade in his other hand.

"If he can't survive the first explosion I throw at him, he wouldn't be any fun now would he?" Sithria asked with a smirk as she looked over her shoulders.

"That is true," Hardon relented with a sigh. Trying to argue with this woman usually only led to headaches, especially if her arguments were valid. As they stepped away from the large pool of blood, all that separated them from the fire mage was an open field, one that will soon be ringing with explosions and whirling with the sound of blades in the wind.

While his companions decided to move to the side, Gohra opted to stay near the large pool of blood that swished at his feet due to the bubbling that will soon spawn the end of peace on the mortal plane.

"So nice of you to come to me, now I can freely spill your blood," Gohra taunted as the man stood on the bank of the pool of blood. Gohra saw that the man wore dark closed with a distinct scaly scarf and a hood that shrouded his face in shadows. Gohra was ready for the man to launch an attack, ready to counter it, but what he didn't expect was for the man, who during his slow advance had his gaze locked on to him, to drop his head and stare intently at the pool of blood. Gohra was about to throw another taunt to lure the man into action when a deathly silent voice stirred the quiet atmosphere.

"For those poor souls who had been ripped from their lives too early, pass on to the Realm of the Dead and find solace in the care of my Father," Natsu spoke as a thin layer of purple, grey and black magic covered the bloody pool before disappearing.

Gohra was concerned for a moment when he saw the thin layer of magic, but once it disappeared and the blood continued to bubble and swirl as it was supposed to, he disregarded that concern. Gohra felt a sliver of fear running down his spine when he looked back up at his foe.

What he saw was a stoic face but with eyes that shined with a violent purple glow, successfully conveying the rage that lay hidden under the expressionless face.

"As the cause of the death of so many before their time, as the leader of those who had been slain, and as the one who dares upset the balance of the mortal plain you have been judged by Death itself. For your crimes, you will be cast into eternal torment with no comfort that all meet in the Realm of the Dead," Natsu declared as his magic flared up in a spectacular show of purple and grey.

The blood around Gohra started to form tiny tendrils as the man's fingers twitched in anticipation. Quick as a flash, Natsu appeared in front of Gohra, having covered the distance of the pool that separated them I the blink of the eye, with his fist pulled back.

"Death Dragon Devastating Fist" Natsu roared out as he brought his magic covered fist to Gohra's face. "Bloodied Guard" Gohra shouted out as the devastating punch closed in. just in time a wall of blood shot up from below and intercepted the punch. Natsu pushed more magic and force into his punch and broke through the surprisingly durable wall of blood.

Gohra was surprised when the purple and grey fist forced itself through his defences and connected with his face. This caused the leader of the cultists to fly back and land in the pool of his followers and victims' blood. A maniacal cackle escaped him as he stood up, blood clogging up his hair and running down his face.

"Now that was unexpected. Well looks like I will have to give you some special attention," Gohra said while laughing as the blood that was covering his form started to swirl around his body before solidifying in a bloody armour. "Blood Magic: Armour of the Bloodied" Gohra called out as a helm of blood covered his face. The blood armour had spikes protruding from the shoulder pads and what looked like horns protruding from the spartan styled helmet. The gauntlet that accompanied the armour had spikes on the knuckles while the greaves looked like standard greaves you would see on an armoured knight.

"Now come at me son of Death, and I will reunite you with your Father," Gohra said, having heard the send-off Natsu gave the ones that were slaughtered for the glory of Great Blood Demon Ketsuek.

"You will soon be rethinking that statement," Natsu declared before rearing his head and shouting "Death Dragon Roar" as he released a vortex of purple and grey magic at Gohra.

"Blood Surge" Gohra called out in retaliation to the vortex of magic closing in on him as he raised his hands with his palms directed at Natsu. A surge of blood exploded from his hands and met with Natsu's roar where the two spells were locked in a power struggle.

With no winner being determined through the power struggle of the spells as they dissipated, Gohra took the offensive. "Blood Separator" Gohra called out smashing a fist into his palm. As he pulled his fist away from his palm, a broad sword of blood started forming in his hand before he dashed towards Natsu.

"Death Dragon Wing Attack" Natsu called out, forming two whips of purple and grey and bringing them down on Gohra's advancing form.

While Gohra and Natsu's clash commenced, Haru stood face to face with Sithria and Hardon, flames still covering his form.

"I will not allow you to get away with killing so many innocent people, you will be brought to justice," Haru roared out as the flames that surrounded him answered to his rage by increasing in size and intensity.

"Seems like I'm off the hook Hardon since I wasn't allowed to blow any of those idiots up," Sithria said with a wide grin as she shrugged her shoulders, amusement in her eyes as she cast a glance at Hardon before returning her gaze at Haru.

"You might just be off the hook, but I think that means I have to be rewarded. All I did was send a slicing storm of knives at our followers, they were the ones who killed the prisoners," Hardon commented with a thoughtful look.

"Not only were you the ones that caused the innocent people to die, but then you killed our own followers, they were your friends and trusted you. How could you do that to them?" Haru asked in bewilderment and anger. Though they were dark mages and cultists, there was still no excuse for them to betray the trust their followers had in them.

"How could I do it? Well, I would be able to demonstrate how, but unfortunately, this crazy woman right here demanded to get the first opportunity to show you her explosions, so I would kindly ask you to survive whatever she throws at you so that I can demonstrate exactly how I could sever their limbs from their bodies," Hardon replied, starting off with a sarcastic tone before adopting a more insane tint to his voice as he mentioned the severed body parts. Haru's expression morphed to one of horror at the tone Hardon ended with.

"Although seeing your horror-filled expressions is quite amusing, I have some other fun activities in mind," Sithria said with a vicious smirk worming its way onto her face. "Discharge Event" Sithria called out one of her weaker spells with her fingers forming a gun and pointing it towards Haru. Moments later an explosion erupted at Haru's side, sending the unsuspecting mage tumbling to his right due to the force from the explosion.

"What the hell was that? Never mind, I won't allow you to continue doing bad things," Haru roared as he recovered and ignited his fist with orange flames. "Fire Dragon Iron Fist" Haru called out as he dashed towards Sithria. He was about to deliver a heavy blow on the blond when his instincts screamed for him to dodge. He was fortunate that his reflexes were refined enough to dodge the sharp wall of blades that cut the air apart where he would have been, had he not dodged.

"I do believe that I said she only got the first opportunity. Now it seems like you are unaware of what that means so I'll explain," Hardon started as he inspected a blade in his hand before he was interrupted by Haru.

"I don't care what you mean, all I need to know is that I will take you both down," Haru declared before rearing his head. With a call of "Fire Dragon Roar", Haru unleashed a stream of searing hot flames at both the dark mages.

"Eruption Uprising" Sithria called out while slamming her hand on the ground. The stream of dragon fire quickly approached them but once Sithria's spell took effect, the ground between them erupted, shooting boulders, gravel, and earth up into the sky, effectively creating a barrier of rubble.

Sithria was marvelling at her handiwork when she felt a large source of magic power quickly approaching. She heard the call of "Fire Dragon Sword Horn" moment before Haru barrelled into her midsection headfirst with flames covering his entire form. Skidding to a halt, Haru quickly looked up to see Sithria flying and tumbling away, a surprised and pained expression on her face, before turning his attention to Hardon.

"Quite the resourceful little pyro," Hardon commented with a smirk before he disappeared in a burst of speed. "Blades Magic: Unseen Stinger" Hardon's voice sounded from behind Haru. Haru quickly spun on his heels and came face to face with… nothing. Just after he spun around and was faced with nothing he felt a piercing pain on his left shoulder.

Haru let out a scream, one that started of as pained, but mere moments later it turned to anger. "Fire Dragon Talon" Haru called out as he did a front flip, connecting his ignited foot with his assailant. Hardon quickly performed a flip of his own to avoid as much damage as he could from Haru's counter-attack. He didn't expect Haru to counter so quickly and was now scolding himself for his lax attitude to this fight.

"You little brat, now I won't be playing nice anymore," Sithria shouted in anger as she recovered from Haru's attack. "Chain Explosion" Sithria called out, thrusting both her hands out wide before bringing her hands together in front of her. Once her hand connected with one another, a series of explosions started, forming a continuous path of destruction towards Haru.

"Blades Magic: Snaring Knives" Hardon quickly called out as he heard Sithria calling out the destructive spell. Two blades shot out from his sleeves, pinning Haru to the ground by his pants legs. Hardon barely managed to get out of the explosion range when it reached Haru. A scream of pain erupted from within the explosion while Hardon fell back to where Sithria was.

"You almost got me in that attack, you crazy woman," Hardon complained.

"He, you got away so no harm no foul," Sithria dismissed his complaint. The two looked at the remnants of the explosion and realised that there was an odd silence.

"From what I saw, I doubt that attack killed him, so why is it so quiet?" Hardon thought out loud.

"Yeah, he's not dead, and it would seem like you will be feeling the brunt of that large fireball," Sithria said as she jumped backwards, having seen the flames flickering through the dust cloud.

Hardon was about to ask her what she meant when he heard Haru calling out "Fire Dragon Brilliant Flame". He let out a soft curse before pulling out a large dagger from its sheath that was hidden on his back, its curved blade shimmered with runic power as he levelled it towards the flaming ball.

-Mt Hakobe Peak-

That calculating eye that slowly panned over the group unnerved Ur. With narrowed and focused eyes Ur noticed the Fimir's muscles tense and its shoulders slowly starting to rotate. Her eyes widened as she realised what was happening as the blizzard started to slow down.

"Everyone get away now," Ur commanded as she jumped backwards. Ultear immediately followed her mother's command and retreated from the beast. Lucy, who was already some ways off, increased the distance, the close call she had still fresh in her mind. Erza and Gray weren't so fortunate since they were almost on top of the Fimir.

With a mighty roar, the Fimir brought its arm back and smashed it into the ground. Ice spikes erupted from the ground around it, impaling Erza's leg and Gray's arm.

"Ultear, you and I will deal with this thing, Lucy you are responsible for getting them to a safe spot and guardian them," Ur commanded, dashing forward. She skidded to a halt between the ice spikes that surrounded the Fimir, a fist in her open palm.

"Ice-Make: Rosen Krone" Ur called out as giant roses sprouted from her hands. The Fimir was pushed back by the astounding power in that attack. The Fimir quickly recovered and brought its claw down on the giant ice roses, shattering them instantly. Ultear rushed in to aid her mother, calling out "Ice-Make: Yesterday's Impact" as she pushed out her hand that was in a fist for her maker stance and opened her palm.

A purple palm made of ice shot out from her palm, though this palm had a strange light blue hue to it. The Fimir once again attempted to break the icy attack with a thrust from its claw, but a sickening crunch resonated around the area as the bones in its claw cracked. The Fimir clunked back with narrowed eyes, its brute force tactic seemed to have failed so a new approach was needed to remove the intruders to its territory.

A look of confusion flashed on Ur's face for a second before realisation struck her and a proud smile formed.

"That is truly amazing the strength of that ice," Ur proudly praised her daughter before regaining a serious expression. The pained howl from the Fimir had stopped and the blizzard had once again started to rage.

"We should fall back to the others," Ur said as her eyes darted from side to side. The two Milkovich mages quickly retreated to where Lucy was with the injured Fairy Tail mages, never letting their guard drop for a moment. As they reached the Fairy Tail mages, Gray was removing his hand from his frozen wound while Lucy was securing the bandage around Erza's leg.

"Are you two able to continue fighting?" Ur asked while keeping her eyes on her surroundings, still being able to feel the presence of the Fimir's magic.

"We will complete this job, even if it will be harder with the injuries," Erza said as she stood up and tested her leg, a slight flinch as she put weight on it but a focused look crossed her features as she powered through the pain. Gray stood up, his arm covered in ice and his eyes conveying that he will return the favour of his injury to the Fimir.

"Gray," Ur said, concern invading her tone as she remembered a similar look on her student. A look that she had seen on him when was still a young boy.

"I have learned from my mistakes Ur," Gray replied, the hurt he still held in his heart bleeding into his voice, contrasting the determination that his eyes held as he met his teacher and mother figure's eyes.

"We underestimated the Fimir's power and magical capabilities, but now that we know we will not be caught off guard again," Ur declared as she raised her hands above her head before slamming them down on the snowy mountain terrain.

"Ice-Make: Still Silence" Ur called out once her hands met the ground. A massive burst of light blue magic power erupted from her body. As the wave of magic passed the raging blizzard, it froze. Ice and snow that had been flying around and obscuring everyone's view of their surroundings, including the Fimir, simply froze in the air, locked in place by the power of Ur Milkovich and her mastery over Ice Magic.

The mages around Ur would have gawked at the power Ur displayed with that spell if it was not for the hulking figure of the Fimir rushing towards them, its broken claw hanging on its left side while its right claw was pulled back.

"Ice-Make: Shield" Gray and Ultear both called out simultaneously as a barrage of ice spikes blasted from the Fimir's claw as it punched the appendage forward. The spikes exploded against the icy shield but never managed to reach the mages.

"Open Gate of the Archer: Sagittarius" Lucy called out. With the sound of a doorbell, a man in a horse costume appeared a bow and arrow in hand.

"How do you do my Lady," Sagittarius said as he saluted Lucy.

"Sagittarius, we are fighting a monster that is really strong, please help out with long-range support," Lucy asked as she pointed at the Fimir. Without a verbal response, Sagittarius took aim and released an arrow. The arrow flew true and connected with the Fimir's extended arm, but instead of embedding in the beast's flesh, it deflected off of its hard leathery hide.

Thinking quickly and determining that the beast's hide was too tough for his arrows to pierce, Sagittarius released another arrow, straight to the most obvious weak spot any creature with such a tough armour had, the eye. The Fimir reacted with speeds none of them would have thought such a bulky being could possess and snapped the arrow out of the air with its maw.

"I must apologise, my Lady, I will not be able to deal much damage to this brute unless he is adequately distracted," Sagittarius said as he quickly scanned the Fimir for other potential weak spots but found none.

"Then cover me while I draw its attention. Ur, Ultear and Gray, once I have it in a deadlock, throw everything you have at the monster," Erza declared before calling out "Re-quip: Giant Armour". A golden light surrounded her and as it faded, Erza emerged clad in the large golden armour with a barbaric appearance.

With a mighty battle cry, Erza charged the Fimir. Sagittarius made sure to annoy the beast each time it tried to start a counter charge by releasing an arrow straight towards its eye, knowing that any other target would be ignored.

"Gate of the Maiden: Virgo, grant my weapon control of the steady earth. Gate of the Archer: Sagittarius, grant my weapon precision and accuracy" Lucy chanted as her whip gained a combination of orange and green. She cracked the whip against the ground and launched the stones that rose towards the Fimir, targeting its joints in an attempt to slow its movements.

"Gray, Ultear, now is the time to show me how far your magic has come," Ur declared as she started channelling a massive amount of magic into her palms while bringing them close together, but not touching, in a prayer-like motion. Gray dropped into his maker stance, his shirt no longer on him, as he focused his mind on his hands, not wanting to disappoint Ur.

Ultear closed her eyes held a hand in front of her and formed a clear ball of ice, once the ball was formed, her eyes shot open and the ball cracked, small shards starting to rotate around the ball while a mist encased it all.

The constant barrage of small projectiles allowed Erza to engage in a grapple with the beast without it being able to fully prepare, putting it on the backfoot as it tried to compete with the increased strength Erza's armour granted her.

"Whenever you are ready Erza," Ur shouted as she felt her students' magical power build-up reach a peak. Hearing that her allies were ready, Erza quickly brought her back foot that was supporting the weight of the larger form of the Fimir as they grappled and swung it forward so that she had it against the beast's abdomen. Rolling backwards with the aid of the Fimir's weight she managed to throw the Fimir over her after which she called out "Re-quip: Flight Armor" and using the enhanced speed to get out of the way of the frozen onslaught brought upon the powerful creature by the three Ice-Make wizards.

"Ice-Make: Ice Geyser" Gray called out one of the most powerful spells in his arsenal. A tower of icy spikes formed under the downed Fimir, knocking it in the air, but failing to pierce its tough skin.

"Ice-Make: Arctic's Raging Oasis" Ur call out as she allowed the gap between her hands to lessen until her palms were connected. The ice and snow around the Fimir started circling it, gaining speed until it was nearly impossible to see what was inside. The small ice particles started to combine, forming larger icy projectiles that still managed to obscure the view of what was inside. Then the pained howls came as the massive shards started bombarding the Fimir caught inside the spell. Each time a shard shattered it was quickly reformed and launched once again. Only after a full two minutes of relentless bombardment and pained howls did the spell subside.

This wasn't the ned though because one more Ice mage had a spell ready to be released. Ultear had used the time Ur's spell provided to create a vast number of icy balls around the Fimir's location, all with the same broken and misty features as the one in her hand. "Ice-Make: Tomorrow's Parallel Worlds" Ultear called out as she sent all the possible futures of her ball of ice that had been infused with her Arc of Time magic towards the beaten beast. In an instant, all the balls connected with a crunching sound signalling that the force of the spell along had broken some of its bones.

There was a moment's halt where the mages could see the beaten body of the Fimir before the icy balls reappeared and once again repeated the barrage. Once the attack ceased the mages heard the painful wheeze of the Fimir and saw it struggle to get to its feet.

"Let's go put this thing out of its misery," Gray said as a large sword of ice formed in his hand.

"We can't leave it to suffer, and the request asked us to eliminate it," Erza agreed as she also re-quipped a sword in her hand.

While Lucy didn't say anything or follow her team, she agreed with them. Fairy Tail was not a guild that would allow anything to suffer unnecessarily, and since this Fimir had caused a lot of loss and damage to the town at the base of the mountains it had to be removed. Dark mages can be put in prison, but with monsters like this one, there is only one option.

"No, don't go near it," Ur shouted in panic as she dashed towards the two mages. Time seemed to slow down as the Fimir had a last burst of strength. Its leg muscles tensed as the unsuspecting mages neared. It extended its legs in a final explosion of power with one goal in mind. Taking the two advancing mages with it to the afterlife.

As the Fimir neared Erza and Gray, the two mages realised their mistake, they assumed the beast was defeated. They had no time to dodge and their only option was to counter. But considering the beast's overwhelming raw power, that option would not ensure a happy ending. Erza leaned towards Gray, knowing she had a better chance of blocking the blow considering she had more experience with swords and her arm wasn't injured.

The Fimir's claws clashed with Erza's raised sword. The remaining power of the Fimir caused Erza's rushed guard to buckle. As the deadly claws neared, Erza was ready to receive the potentially lethal low when a call filled her with a sense of relief. A light blue block of ice that resembled a frozen wave intercepted the claw, partially freezing it with the tips of the claw remaining visible on the other side.

Erza could hear Ultear casting some spell and the Fimir releasing a dying cry, but her mind was focused on the piece of ice with claws coming out of it in front of her, the light blue colour starting to adopt a red colouration.

Erza wasn't expecting to feel a warm sticky liquid dropping on her prone form, but when she heard Ultear's panicked scream and felt Ur's weight slump against her she realised what the liquid was. With shaky hands, Erza went to move Ur and finally saw the source of the blood that was dripping on her. The broken claw of the Fimir, one that was disregarded as useless, had been the one to land the final blow before the Fimir parted from this world and Ur was the victim.

-With Natsu-

The battle between Natsu and Gohra started to take its toll on the surrounding landscape as they traded blows and spells. Natsu's spells had a hard time connecting with the cult leader as he used his broad sword to block or redirect the spells. Gohra found some success by being able to land blows on Natsu with the flat of his blade and his bloodied gauntlets, though he was frustrated because even though he attempted to land more decisive blows compared to the blunt hits he scored, Natsu always managed to either twist his body or redirect the attack to minimize the damage he took and completely prevent him from drawing blood.

"You seem to be quite nimble, but for some reason, I think you don't appreciate me. I showed you my amazing armour and my wonderful sword, yet you are holding out on me," Gohra taunted with mock hurt when there was a pause in their attacks, stretching out his hands and marvelling at his bloody sword.

"My Father taught me the importance of knowledge, and with playing a passive role in a battle against an unknown factor, you can gain all the knowledge you would need to orchestrate their downfall," Natsu said in a monotone voice.

"So it does speak, for a moment there I thought you might have just been a lifeless husk with no blood to spill. So you say you now know how to win, please enlighten me," Gohra laughed with his first statement before his demeanour once again became serious, levelling his sword in a combat stance.

"I will show you the errors in your ways so that you might have something to reflect upon when you are condemned in eternal torment," Natsu said as he was covered in a deathly aura of purple and grey.

"First is your style and skills with a sword," Natsu said as he dashed forward with insane speeds while calling out "Death Dragon Secret Art: Decaying Grasp: Death Dragon's Oblivion Blade" drawing his grey sword with a purple aura in a similar way to Gohra.

"You lack form," Natsu said as he brought the sword down in a slashing motion to which Gohra brought up his blade to parry. Natsu tilted his blade moments before making contact, causing Gohra's parry to fail and allowing Natsu to cross their blades in such a manner that resulted in his sword coming down on Gohra's shoulder while the blade of blood flailed miserably in the air as a result of the lack of resistance that was expected from Natsu's blade.

"One can easily break your guard because you solely rely on brute force when you parry," Natsu said as he buried his blade in his opponent's shoulder guard, cracking the solidified blood and tearing at his flesh.

Gohra let out a howl of pain before bringing his injured arm upwards in an uppercut to push Natsu away. Natsu dodged the sloppy counter by dragging his sword back, slicing away at more of his shoulder guard and flesh while twisting away.

"You have too much faith in your armour, failing to block consistently," Natsu said as he slashed his sword diagonally upwards, forcing Gohra to block, this time using both hands on the sword, leaving him open of Natsu next spell. As the blades met, Natsu brought his free hand up while calling out "Death Dragon Devastating Fist" and easily landed the blow, throwing Gohra back.

"You focus too much on a singular threat like my blade and fail to see the other attacks that are coming at you," Natsu continued as he called out "Death Dragon Death Blast", sending a ball of death magic in his direction.

Natsu watched the ball of magic make contact, forcing Gohra into the ground and lifting rubble into the air due to the force behind the attack. Relenting from the continuous attacks, Natsu allowed Gohra to get up.

"Some interesting points you raise there, but do you think I already showed you all my tricks?" Gohra asked as he stood up, wiping some of his blood from his face, though if it wasn't for the clear cut above his eye and his cut lip, it would have been impossible to determine whose blood it actually was.

"You will have ample time to think about them, but you won't be able to apply whatever revelations you make," Natsu stated as he charged magic into his lungs, sucking in air as his head reared backwards.

"Allow me to show you what I can do when I am pushed to my limits," Gohra roared out as his form was covered in a blood-red mist. "Death Dragon Roar" Natsu shouted, releasing the vortex of magic that he gathered in his mouth. "Ancient Blood: Rage of Ketsuek" Gohra shouted as the vortex of magic rushed towards him.

Gohra's blood armour started liquifying and seeping into his open wounds he received from Natsu. His skin took on a red colouration, his eyes turning black and the broad sword he summoned split into smaller knife-like appendages that latched onto the ends of his fingers. From his shoulders, two series of spikes erupted, running parallel to his spine, and reaching his lower back.

Gohra let out a primal roar as Natsu's roar attack reached him. Raising his guard by crossing his arms in front of him, he successfully blocked the attack, though the red skin on his arms was ripped apart. Blood started to drip from his new wounds, but just before a drop would fall, it changed into a tendril of blood that started circling his arm, making him appear larger.

"I am the pinnacle of all mortal beings, no matter how much you try to damage me, I will only absorb the pain and become stronger," Gohra roared out in an animalistic and barbaric tone. Gohra slowly started to make his way towards Natsu, every step causing a bulging vein to erupt in a spray of blood that soon found itself circling an arm or leg.

"You are delusional. The pinnacle of all mortal beings? You are just a sad imitation of a deity you worship. All beings are mortal, death will come for everyone and not even the gods and demons are exempt from the inevitable embrace of death, and your time here is over," Natsu said, his tone becoming dark at the end.

"I will prove to you that you are the delusional one, to think you believe the Great Blood Demon Ketsuek can be slain. I will offer your blood as the first for him to consume in this realm," Gohra laughed at Natsu before a vicious smirk formed on his face at his last statement, revealing a set of razor-sharp teeth.

"Blood Rampage" Gohra roared out as he thrust his arms forward, sending the tendrils of blood that had accumulated towards Natsu, breaking into a run to continue the assault that was soon to reach Natsu with more close-range attacks.

"Art of the Dragons: Elemental Control" Natsu called out, summoning the tendrils of his magic, manifested in physical form around him. The tendrils lashed out at the approaching blood magic as soon as they got in range. The clash of the physical manifestation of death magic with the tendrils of solidified blood formed the surroundings of the main clash of the holders of those two magics.

"Bloodcurdling Impact" Gohra roared out as he reached Natsu, slamming a blood-covered fist into Natsu's magic enhanced guard. The impact sent Natsu skidding back. The damage the blow dealt wasn't visible, mostly due to the blood Natsu now had on his arms due to the blood in Gohra's attack.

"Death Dragon Wing Attack" Natsu called out, swinging the two whips of magic at Gohra. Gohra grabbed hold of one of the whips with his blood-covered hands but the other whip wrapped itself around one of the spikes on his back.

Pulling back on the whip of magic as it dissipated, Natsu ripped the spike from Gohra's back. With a roar of pain, Gohra opened his hand, separating all his fingers before calling out "Spear of the Bloodless". The blood that fountained out of the hole where the spike was formed together in a spear and as Gohra lowered his hand at Natsu, the spear followed.

Natsu held his sword in his hand once more and sued it to redirect the spear into the ground where it liquified in a gory splash of blood that soon pooled around Natsu's feet. A smirk formed on Gohra's face as he twisted his hand so that his palm face upwards while pulling his right hand backwards and forming a fist.

"Bloodstained Leash" Gohra called out, closing his open hand in a fist, and forcing the blood at Natsu's feet to latch onto him, holding him in place. "Bloodcurdling Impact" Gohra once again called out the spell as his fist rushed towards Natsu. Without the option of adjusting his stance to successfully block the blow, Natsu tried to hastily counter with a call of "Death Dragon Claw", forming a set of purple and grey claws on his hand and bringing it down on Gohra's approaching fist while raising his sword to aid in the counter.

Gohra's free hand snapped towards the sword and forced it into the ground, breaking Natsu's hold of it. Gohra's fist was redirected from Natsu's face, it didn't stop him from delivering a devastating punch to Natsu's chest. Natsu was sent backwards into the continuous battle of blood and death magic that surrounded them.

Natsu skidded to a halt, lifting his eyes, and glaring at Gohra. Holding his hand out to his side, the magic that formed his Oblivion Blade turned into a gaseous form and sailed to his extended hand, solidifying back into a blade.

"Interesting trick, but it will ultimately be futile, whatever damage you manage to do will only give me more recourses to ultimately kill you," Gohra gloated as he hunched over and gathered a large amount of magic in his core.

"That overconfidence is the final error that you have shown me, and it will lead to your downfall," Natsu said as he shifted his blade into a quick-draw position.

"Demonic Blood Rush" Gohra shouted as he opened his arms and released all the magic he had gathered. Blood rushed from Gohra's core, morphing into a spearhead at the tip. As the attack neared him, Natsu disappeared only to reappear behind Gohra with the Oblivion Blade behind him, still brimming with the purple aura as he called out in a deathly silent voice, "Death Dragon Double Edge Sweep".

For a moment the two combatants stood still, Gohra staring into the distance where his attack was still flying while Natsu lowered his blade before allowing it to disappear.

Natsu turned around just as Gohra's arms separated from his body and disintegrated into nothing. The odd thing was that there was no spectacular fountain of blood erupting from his shoulders.

"W-What the hell is this?" Gohra asked in a panicked tone, for the first time in his entire memory he couldn't think of a way to fight, a way to twist the situation into his favour. For the first time he was at a loss and severe disadvantage, almost completely defeated.

"This is what happens when your soul's connection your body is severed, but don't worry you will soon be in eternal torment where you will be reunited with your arms," Natsu said in a threatening tone as he slowly turned around to look on the armless and defeated form of Gohra. A pregnant silence filled the air.

"Huh, seems like you held the upper hand this entire time," Gohra said in a defeated tone, cutting through the silence that quickly returned, providing more weight to Gohra's defeat.

Suddenly a loud roar ripped through the new silence, causing Gohra to form a victorious grin.

"Now this is a bittersweet revelation. Defeated just when the Great Blood Demon Ketsuek rises in the mortal plane. Well, I will still revel in the destruction he will wage on this world," Gohra said with a sigh before chuckling at the end.

"That will not be happening. Demons belong in hell and you will be the catalyst that allows me to cause his downfall," Natsu said as he made his way to Gohra. Gohra was about to ask Natsu what he meant but was prevented from doing so when Natsu reached him and called out "Death God Secret Art: Life Drainer", plunging a fist into Gohra's core. All the colour was drained from Gohra's body before it started to break down as the life energy left him. Natsu removed his fist just as Gohra's body started to break down to dust, turning to the altar where he saw a large demonic hand surfacing.

"An ancient enemy of the Gods, it would only be fitting to defeat you with the same magic you have faced for ages," Natsu said to himself another demonic hand broke the surface of the blood pool. As the demonic form of Ketsuek rose from the pool, Natsu removed his hood and jacked while a single line escaped his lips. "Death's Ascension".

-With Haru-

"Severation" Hardon whispered out as the runic power in the blade lit up before he sliced the air. As Haru approached in the blazing ball of flames, the runic energy that was released by the blade met his attack. The runic energy cut the ball of fire in two, each half exploding on either side of Hardon as he held his blade towards Haru.

"Impressive," Sithria commented as she returned to her previous spot next to Hardon.

"Did you really have to abandon me like that?" Hardon asked in mock hurt, only getting an eye-roll from the blond woman.

"I don't know what you just did, but I will not back down," Haru shouted. He ignited his hands in his flames. "Fire Dragon Roar" Haru called out, releasing a stream of flames towards the two dark mages.

"Doing the same thing won't yield a different result," Hardon said with a sigh as he once again whispered "Severation", sending another wave of runic energy towards the roar. Just like the previous time, the fire attack was cut in two, with each half racing past him. Though this time something was different.

"Fire Dragon Secret Art: Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade" Haru's shout came from the middle of the severed attack. From the remnants of the roar, Hardon and Sithria saw two extremely volatile flames moving in a circular fashion before releasing a highly destructive torrent of flames at them.

"Well shit," Hardon breathed out a moment before the torrent of flames connected. The resulting explosion rocked the area, sending any loose rubble and stones flying away from the impact zone.

Flames littered the battlefield and Haru's heavy breathing could be heard in conjunction with the crackling of the fires. Pained groans came from Hardon and Sithria's location before an enraged shout broke the tense atmosphere.

"That was the last time I will give you a chance to land a blow you little brat," Sithria shouted in anger. "Erupting Ignition: Demolition Blast" Sithria called out, slamming her fists together followed by slamming them into the ground.

A rumble could be felt across the battlefield and a shift in the ground could be seen. A giant explosion ripped the ground beneath Haru's feet, sending a massive column of flames into the air. The tremors of the explosion quickly reached Sithria and she relished in the vibrations as they seeped into her being.

"Well now that the stupid brat is dead we can go see if Gohra is done having his fun," Sithria said with the joy she felt from the explosion still evident in her voice.

"I have no idea why I even try to help you when you don't even spare me a 'thank you' for taking the brunt of that attack," Hardon said as he slowly pushed himself in a sitting position. Hardon had a multitude of wounds and burns due to the previous attack, his pants having large gashes in them.

"Thank you for saving me my hero," Sithria sarcastically said as she walked over to him with a visible limp due to the large gash on her leg. While being less beaten and bruised compared to Hardon, the results of Haru's last attack was still quite evident.

A slurping sound gained their attention as Sithria slowly turned around only to see the large column of flames slowly shrink, condensing into a singular point in the centre of the column. As the flames lessened and the source of the sound became clear, Hardon and Sithria gained bewildered and shocked expressions. In the centre of the shrinking column stood none other than the brat they thought had perished though with slight changes.

"Now that was surprisingly tasty," Haru said as he whipped his lips after consuming all the flames. His skin seemed to take on a scaly texture, his fangs elongating and his nails sharpening into claw-like appendages.

"There is absolutely no way you survived that," Sithria shouted out in rage and denial. Haru didn't give her a verbal response, instead, he ignited himself with flames and disappeared in a burst of speed, reappearing in front of her and delivering a powerful blow, calling out "Fire Dragon Iron Fist", his voice having a more animalistic tone to it.

Sithria doubled over as his fist connected with her stomach before she was sent flying toward Hardon. Hardon tried to move out of the way, but with the damage, he took from the previous attack he was unable to get out of the way of the blonde projectile that barrelled into him.

"Fire Dragon Wing Attack" Haru called out, following up his previous attack with two whips of fire. Haru continued his assault by launching a "Fire Dragon Roar" and following that up with a final "Fire Dragon Brilliant Flame".

"Just stay down and wait for the Rune Knights to come and arrest you," Haru said as he stopped in his assault. He stood at the edge of a newly formed crater that held the two foes he had to face.

"I won't go down to the likes of you," Sithria hissed out, though she didn't have the strength to stand up. Next to her was Hardon, he had a concentrated look on his face, but what he was concentrating on was yet to be revealed.

"You know what a glaring weakness is with all the mages I faced who do not use weapons?" Hardon finally said in a drained and reminiscing tone as he rose his tired eyes to meet Haru's. Haru's steadfast expression was invaded by one of confusion.

"They never seem to understand that what a blade is made to do, is to cut through the flesh and bones," Hardon said, his voice gaining an excited tone near the middle and evolving into an insane tone at the end as he called out "Blades magic: True Cut of Flesh and Bone".

'This is an attack that had killed so many morons, all of them just like you little pyro. The only way to block this blade is with something solid that does not consist of bones or flesh. This is the end for you little pyro,' Hardon thought with a vicious smirk.

Haru's instincts warned him about the approaching blade, normally he would have just tried to redirect or smash it with an attack, but something about Hardon's word caused him to try a different approach. Solidifying his flames in a dagger, Haru spun around ad blocked the magical blade. The blade quickly disappeared as the magic that fuelled it was cut off due to it coming into contact with a solid material that was not flesh or bones.

Hardon was at a loss for words. It seemed like whatever he or Sithria would throw at the kid, he would somehow have a perfect answer. He consumed Sithria's most powerful spell and somehow managed to gain a boost in his power from it. And for his most deadly attack against an opponent who doesn't use weapons? He formed a solid blade out of fire. How that is possible still eludes him, but one thing was clear. They had been completely and undoubtedly defeated.

"Fire Dragon Secret Art: Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon Fist" Haru called out the final spell of the battle as he sent multiple fiery fists into the crater and knocked both of the mages out. Haru let out a sigh in relief when he saw their unconscious forms, his scaly textured skin and claws fading. He was about to go look for Natsu when he felt a wave of magical pressure wash over him. He could detect two distinct signatures, one he had felt before and another that sent a chill down his spine.

-With Natsu-

As the Great Blood Demon Ketsuek lifted his upper body out of the blood pool, it revealed his imposing from. His skin was a light red colour with deep red striped looking more like cracks covering his form, two curved horns protruded from the side of his head and three claw-like horns stood proud on his head, making it look like a crown. The demon had large fangs on his upper and lower jaw with no skin, only light red skin with no eyes to be seen anywhere.

Natsu's hair took on purple highlights and purple lines, outlined by black ran down his body. His eyes turned royal purple as he started hovering above the ground. A thick aura of black and purple surrounded him as his voice boomed across the valley and mountains.

"Demon of Blood, face the one who wields the power of the Death God and repent on your trespasses on this plane," Natsu's voice boomed out.

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