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5. rockerfeller, rockerfeller, bitch kiss the ring

"Come to New York with me," Kai whispered again to her lips. Bonnie remained silent, stunned at his request.

"That's a big request," She finally managed to get out.

He shrugged, stroking her cheek with his thumb, "I don't want to wait a whole three days to see you. Come with me."

"You're not very patient, are you?" Bonnie curled her bottom lip.

"I can be very patient. But I also detest waiting when what I want could easily be in my reach," Kai tugged at her bottom lip with his teeth. She closed her eyes, feeling pleasure envelop her whole body. His tongue slipped in once more thoroughly mapping her mouth. No corner was left untouched. The sloppy sounds of their lips smacking together seemed like it could be heard for miles. Thankfully it was just them outside.

Bonnie felt his bugle pressed on her centre starting up a tantalizing friction. He gripped her waist grinding into her the more. She moaned clutching his jacket lapels until her fists went white.

Kai pulled away, gazing at her swollen lips with pride. Just a few more minutes and he would utterly wreck her. He was saving such a wreckage for a better time than the venue of his little sister's wedding reception. "So, what do you say?"

There was nothing she could say since her brain needed rebooting. That kiss fried every coherent thought produced within the last hour. Bonnie just breathed hard looking at him. "Ah."

He chuckled, "Way to raise a man's ego Bonster."

That recovered her. "I thought I vetoed that nickname."

"The receiver of the nickname has no veto power," Kai delicately tucked a loose curl behind her ear. "Now stop stalling and answer my question."

"Not stalling," Bonnie caressed the back of his neck. "I have a return ticket I don't want to waste."

"So, make it open. You can use it any time," He suggested.

"What about work?" She questioned.

"Do you have any sick days saved up? Knowing you probably a million," Kai leaned his forehead on hers.

Bonnie nodded. Anabelle probably wouldn't protest. The woman didn't seem to notice what was going on in the office half the time anymore. Work was really weird. "But that doesn't make this any less crazy."

"Why?" Kai wanted to know genuinely.

She huffed, "It's just, we barely know each other. Not really the point in time to start travelling together no?"

"And who exactly made those rules?" He questioned running both hands down her sides to rest them just above the swell of her butt.

"Cosmo magazine," Bonnie grinned, earning a small smack on her bottom which made her squeal in delight. "But on a serious note, don't you see exactly how this might be interpreted as going a little fast? I mean we've sort of done everything backwards."

Kai admired her vibrant green eyes nearly forgetting what he wanted to say. That was what pulled him in the first time they met. She was wearing a red figure-hugging dress and silver strappy heels that only made her taller by an inch. Her hair was longer then, it went past her shoulders. She stood in a corner by herself looking shyly around the room. It was the office Christmas party. Not a favourite of his but rubbing shoulders and being friendly with the people who worked for him and kept his net worth in the high figures was the least he could do. That and giving good bonuses.

At first, he wondered what department she worked since he'd never seen her around. It was a big company. He didn't know exactly everyone who worked for him but tried to keep a good idea of who could be where. Perhaps she was someone's date. That theory was proven correct when Damon Salvatore, one of his then top software engineers, appeared kissing her on the cheek.

From then on, he'd seen her at different events, always polite and charming towards everyone she encountered. It was at the office picnic that Damon finally introduced them. He accepted her dainty handshake, internally marvelling at how soft her palms were. A few minutes later he bravely sniffed his fingers. Cucumber watermelon lotion. Subtle and warm, just like her.

She spoke very little about her career as a magazine writer but he lapped up every morsel he got. Kai didn't consider himself a sleazy guy. He'd never deliberately move in on a woman in a relationship but often he found himself a teensy bit jealous of his own employee. That night when he found her at his bar, it felt like a dream come true. Their night together was everything he ever wanted since he laid eyes on her. The morning she left, he replayed it over again in his head. The way her lips felt, her hips rolled against his, the little screams she let out. He cursed himself for not getting her number. Every day after work he went down to The Rusty Nail hoping to get a glimpse of her until it became obvious there would be no such luck.

Now, he wasn't willing to waste any more time. They'd spent enough time apart already.

"Fast, slow, what does it matter in the grand scheme of things? Why are we following a calendar set up by someone who has no idea the sort of people we are? Let's make our own rules according to what works for us. If you genuinely aren't interested in coming to New York with me I understand, but don't turn it down simply because you feel you're not adhering to some societal notion of how things should go in relationships. Do you want to come to New York with me?"

Bonnie felt glued to the spot by the intensity in his eyes. She could so easily lose herself in them. Stefan's words from earlier echoed. Her rigid way of doing things hadn't gotten her the results she wanted. What was wrong with going with the flow? A pretty hot guy she was very interested in was offering her the trip of a lifetime. Why deny herself this?

"Yes. I want to go to New York with you," She answered with a shy smile.

Kai grinned wider than a puppy in a meadow, "You have no idea how happy you've just made me."

"I think I have an idea," Bonnie traced her thumb over his nose. "I do have to warn you that I packed for like two days only."

"Let me worry about that," He trailed his hands down her sides. "I'll take care of everything."

"Oh, going to pull some Pretty Woman moves?" She teased.

"Somehow I doubt that's the movie that really describes us," He said dryly. "Just think of it as me being a gentleman. I'm the one who offered for you to come on this trip so it's only fair that I shoulder the majority of the costs. You just need to bring your pretty self."

"If you say so Mr. Parker," Bonnie wasn't used to letting others take charge. While she wasn't the control freak Caroline was, she definitely had a thing or two about letting go. Something about Daddy issues or whatever her short-lived college therapist theorized. Kai seemed like the kind of man who effortlessly took control no matter where he went. It was an admittedly attractive quality.

Damon was the same way but he held the reins a little too tight for her liking. Most times it was his way or the highway which led to many of their fights.

"There is something I've got to do first."


Kai smiled mischievously, "Find Adam Rollins and rub it in his face."

Bonnie laughed so hard her face got red.

They were outside for long enough that their re-entrance was well noted. Abby noticed her daughter, their clasped hands and smiled to herself. She'd interrogate her later. Klaus was ready to say something equally dirty and scandalous but the warning look Stefan shot him tempered him so he would behave for now. That didn't stop him from shooting Bonnie a cheeky text asking if she missed her way to the bathroom and found it in Kai's mouth. Damon clenched his jaw seeing Bonnie giggle in the arms of his former boss while they swayed together on the dancefloor. His suspicions were confirmed.

Caroline immediately noted Bonnie's swollen lips and Kai's wide grin and correctly guessed what happened. But unlike herself, she didn't say anything. At least not until the newlyweds left to get ready for their honeymoon and the reception died down a bit.

It wasn't until after they were walking to the car on wobbly legs from all the dancing with their heels in their hands that she posed the question. "So, were you making out with Kai earlier?"

Bonnie didn't blush or stutter like she expected. Instead she smiled widely making her sweet cheeks puff up with excitement and her green eyes sparkle. "I was. He asked me out on a date. In New York." He let her go with a hard kiss near the bathroom promising to get everything set up and pick her up at her house by 10am the next day.

Caroline stopped in her tracks, "Ok I need you to explain everything to me slowly like I'm a 90-year-old half deaf ESL student."

Bonnie laughed and made sure to do just that. Caroline folded her arms and leaned against the car door with an impressed look on her face, "If you don't go to New York I swear I will murder you right now."

"That just seems counterproductive to your cause." Bonnie rolled her eyes. "Kai can't date me if I'm dead."

Caroline blinked, "Then I'll just go and murder some other people on your behalf."

Bonnie placed her heels on top of the car, "Save your homicidal aspirations. I already said yes. Tonight, I'm going to call the airline and cancel my flight to San Francisco. I'm going to New York with him tomorrow."

Caroline threw her shoes in the air and squealed like a madwoman on several types of questionable medication. "Yes! I can now die a happy woman!"

"What is it with you and death lately?"

The blonde shrugged, placing her own shoes on the car, "We're at a wedding and we've been drinking. You know I'm going to have some existential thoughts about life and death that will eventually project into my words, duh." Yes, duh indeed. This is why they normally didn't let her drink Malbec. That and another reason that Bonnie couldn't really remember.

Bonnie smiled despite herself, "This is probably the maddest thing I've done but goodness it feels so right. Like Kai makes me feel comfortable in a way that should be illegal." He really did. His whole persona just put her at ease. It was his carefree and somewhat uninhibited attitude.

"Mad is good my darling. We've all got to indulge our madness every once in a while, or we would go, well, madder. I don't think I'm making the point I once thought I was." She frowned a little then shook her head. "Anyways, go to New York with Kai. Call in sick. Have the time of your life and do all the nasty things we both know you've been thinking about repeating for a month now."

Bonnie covered her red face with both hands. "Is sex all you ever think about?"

"I don't know but I will tell you it's my motivation for half the things I do," Caroline winked. It really was. She once aced their intro to philosophy class because the TA was a hot guy who joked about taking her on a date if she got an A. He took her out the next semester after he was no longer teaching their class and they dated for like two months.

Bonnie dragged one heel off the car, "I just hope this goes well. I mean, I'm still worried about moving on too quickly but I don't want this to be a bust. I can't take another heartbreak."

"Relax and ease your mind," Caroline rubbed her shoulder gently. "Freaking out causes and doubts reduces the amount of joy which is not an option. Look, neither of us can see the future or have any idea how this will go so I can't make you any promises. But I will say it never hurts to enjoy the ride and the good that comes from it. As much as I hate to even say his name, Damon gave you some good memories which despite his shittiness, no one can ever take away from you. It's all a part of the good and the bad. Kai so far seems like a good guy for you. Just enjoy it as it comes and leave the future where it is, in the future."

it seemed all that Malbec did make her wise too.

She sniffled fiddling with the trap of her heels, "Why the hell do we ban you from drinking Malbec again?"

"Because I like to show my underwear." Caroline playfully pulled up the hem of her dress.

Oh yeah, that was the other reason.

Kai was enjoying a drink seated with his sister Jo in the nearly abandoned ballroom. They were the only ones there apart from a few people still drinking at the still somewhat functioning bar. His jacket was hung on the back of the chair and his tie loosened dangled from his neck with a beer in his hand.

Liv and Tyler stole away to the airport ready to enjoy their honeymoon. Liv sent a snap of the grinning couple at the airport lounge. Luke went home with a "friend" and their father retired to one of the rooms the Lockwood's so graciously offered since he drank too much to drive home.

"How come you've never bought me a first-class vacation?" Jo teased bumping her shoulder with his.

"Because you're annoying." He protested when she painlessly smacked his shoulder.

"What's the point of having a millionaire for a brother if you don't buy us things?" Jo sighed.

Kai rolled his eyes. Like she would let him. Two years ago, he surprised her with a brand-new Lexus and she screamed in his ear for a full ten minutes about how it was too much and she'd have done well with a Nissan. Eventually, she called back to thank him in a quieter tone. The truth was that Parkers weren't great with ostentatious displays of wealth. They were by no means poor since Joshua owned two gyms in Portland but the kind of dazzling wealth Kai came into was too strange for them to fathom. Deep down they were a salt and potatoes kind of crowd. Anything too fancy made everyone but Kai shrivel in discomfort.

After he made his first hundred million, he called his dad and offered to buy a new condo since he was trying to sell their old house after all the kids moved out and his mother died.

Joshua just thanked his son but didn't take him up on the offer. Kai badgered him for another four months until the old man reluctantly agreed. He loved his new place now. Same with Liv and Luke when he paid off their student loans. It was his way of showing love the best way he understood how. Taking care of them.

Kai didn't have a problem adapting to his new expensive tastes. He was an ambitious asshole sure; you didn't get far in his business by being a Tellytubby, but he was far from being an elitist and greedy asshole. He made his money legitimately, paid his taxes, paid all his employees well and made sure to donate to well accredited and trustworthy causes. Why shouldn't he enjoy his wealth?

His philosophy from the moment he dreamt of starting Gemini was that there was nothing wrong with being wealthy. It was how you made that wealth and what you did with it that mattered.

"Alright, Maldives or Martinique?" He dropped the bait.

Jo pretended to look contemplative. "I'll email you when I decide." She wouldn't but that was half the fun. At Christmas he probably would still get her a vacation package for when work burned her out. "So, Bonnie's sticking around for a while huh?"

"You could say that." Kai tried to act nonchalant but Jo could see through him like saran wrap.

"How serious is it?"

"I'm taking her to New York tomorrow." He didn't need to look at his sister to know her eyes were widened.

"I thought you literally just met her for the second time Kai." He'd come clean to Jo about the less clean version of their original meeting. She seemed especially sceptical of the fact that Bonnie was dating his former employee and happened to bump into him that same night when they broke up. Not that she distrusted the girl but as his twin, she was protective.

"Yes, but I want to see her again and I don't want to wait for another four day," Kai replied like it was the most logical thing in the world. "And technically I met her several times in the past. She just wasn't single back then."

Jo snickered, "Travelling together is like a three months down the line sort of thing. It's no easy feat. You've barely spent the night together in neutral ground, how on earth are you going to manage hotels? Normally girls don't let you see them without makeup until like the first month is up. Not to mention the bathroom thing. You're jumping like ten steps down the line. Are you certain you're ready for such a risk?"

"She's worth it," He admitted before he could really stop himself. Kai knew what the risk was. He knew what he was pushing for. But with Bonnie it didn't feel like he was risking anything. Rather, he was just following his gut.

Jo softened at his admittance, "You really like her huh?"

He shrugged, "I've liked her the moment I set eyes on her a year ago. I just don't want to waste any time or else," she'll slip between my fingers again.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders in a half squeeze, "You know, it's nice to see you smitten for once. It's very sweet but I'd also like to make fun of you for it."

"Pot, kettle. I'm pretty sure Luka's jokes weren't that funny," Kai turned the tables around on her causing them both to burst into laughter. It wasn't cool to say normally but Jo was his best friend and the one who understood him more than everyone else in the world.

"Eh, it's not his jokes I was really trying to get with." Jo wiggled her eyebrows making him gag. "You have no room to complain. You brought Bonnie back into the reception looking like she battled some bear in the park."

"I know. I'm very proud of it," He grinned ridiculously.

Jo snorted standing up. "I'm going to bed to sleep off all this wine. I'll talk to you before your flight tomorrow." The Lockwood's offered them all rooms too.

She pecked his cheek and patted his head. "Be a good boy and treat Bonnie Bennett right. We don't need Liv's marriage imploding because you broke Tyler's oldest friend's heart and made thanksgiving awkward or something."

"I'm the best boy don't you know?" Kai winked and she rolled her eyes, heels clattering noisily on the floor as she walked out.

He sat there by himself enjoying the semi solitude until it was interrupted by a very unlikely guest.

"Damon. What are you still doing up here?" Kai sipped his drink.

Damon shrugged causing the ice in his whiskey to clatter against the glass. His tie was loosened but he still managed to look good. He was one of those lucky bastards. "Just on the up and up. Not really in the mood to head Elena's parent's house just yet plus I wanted to discuss some things with Mayor Lockwood."

"Ah," Kai sipped his beer. "Hope your talk goes well. Lockwood seems like a tight dude."

Damon snorted, "Don't I know it. My dad's actually trying to get him to sell the ruins at Fell's but we'll see if he budges."

"Prime real estate. I can see the appeal." Kai drove past the area a few times when Liv was showing him around. Not bad but nothing in this small town really appealed to him anyway. "Entering the family business?"

"No but a few things here and there won't hurt." Damon was starting his own company with a man called Enzo St. John. Kai did hear through the grapevine about their start-up. Mostly focusing on high-end cyber-based security systems for banks and companies who needed lots of protection for their valuable data. A worthy endeavour. It would be interesting to watch if they could go through with it.

"So, you and Bonnie seem pretty close." Ah, there we go. Kai was waiting for him to drop that one. He'd seen his sullen expression when they sat together during the ceremony and when they danced earlier at the reception. His casual tone wasn't fooling anyone.

"It's a new thing. We're just seeing where it goes," Kai gave no more than that.

Damon was not satisfied. He rubbed his chin with his thumb painting a picture of careful nonchalance. "You know she doesn't really strike me as your type. I mean not to overstep but we've all seen the calibre of ladies you've been with."

He wanted to take it there. How quaint. The man had no leg to stand on because he had no idea the woman Kai dated. Sure, he'd come to office functions with a few models and escorts. Once with his friend Nora who was as gay as they came. But he wasn't Elon Musk for goodness sake. There were no magazines or tabloids dedicated to his exploits so his dating life managed to stay quite private thank goodness. If Damon thought he knew Kai just because of the few dates he'd seen the man with, he needed to think again.

Kai cleared his throat. "What an interesting way to put it. All the women I've dated were beautiful and interesting. Bonnie fits the bill don't you think? I'd say she's even better than them all."

Damon clenched his jaw but remained calm. "Of course. She's a great girl. That's not when I meant."

Kai hummed, "I fail to see what you did mean. Or were you going to say black? Because that would just be disappointing of you."

Damon dropped his whiskey on the table. "I'd be a hypocrite if it was."

"Good to know. I like her well enough and from all indications she likes me." He knew his words were grating Damon and that was what he wanted. The man seemed to think he could end it with Bonnie and still stake his claim on her like a child who couldn't share their favourite toy. Kai wouldn't stand for that shit. "I'd say it's no one's business if she seems like my type or not."

"You must have liked her for a really long time." Damon dropped the causal act and leaned in ever so slightly. Kai remained unmoved. "Back in the early days I caught you looking at her once or twice. Had my suspicions but you were my boss so I couldn't really say anything then. Not to mention Bonnie's too good to step out on anyone." Oh, the sweet irony. "I wonder how long it took you to make your move the second you found out she was single. Not long I imagine. You've always been a go getter."

Kai shook his head, chuckling. He finished off his beer, stood up and grabbed his jacket slinging it over his shoulder. "It's a really good thing you don't work for me anymore, Damon. You're smart and you work hard, I'll give you that. Your company might even end up breaking even in three years. But you should be smarter than to mouth off to a man with ties to the industry you're trying to break into. If I were a more vindictive person, I might take offense. But I'll just chalk it up to drinks."

He walked away leaving Damon alone with his thoughts. A wave of naughtiness fell on him and Kai stopped just at the door. "You should know that it was the night you two broke up that I went for her. I am a go getter. Less than ten hours and she was already in my bed."

He knew that he stooped low for that one. Kai didn't mean to make their encounter sound like some dirty cheap screw when it meant more than that to him but the pettiness got the best of him. Still, it was worth it a bit of Damon's angry face for anything to go by.

That was none of his concern though. Right now, all he wanted to was ensure the airline would keep Bonnie's seat next to his. It would cost more being all last minute but she was definitely worth it.

The next morning saw Bonnie on her way to the airport with Kai driving and horrible 90's music playing on the radio. Macy's Playground wasn't actually horrible but Kai liked them a lot and so she wanted to tease him for his rendition of Sex and Candy. He didn't take the bait however but tuned it to Wu Tang Clan and belted out all the lyrics with such fluency she swooned.

Earlier he picked her up at her mom's house with Abby and Caroline waiting by the porch. Caroline was grinning from ear to ear while her mom managed to look more reserved. Kai turned up all the charm with her assuring her that her daughter was in good hands.

"I've learnt how good your hands are," Abby said sipping her coffee.


"I'm just saying darling."

Kai didn't seem to mind at all. "I'm good at plenty of things Ms. Bennett."

"You play your cards right; you can call me Abby in a few months when I'm certain you won't break my daughter's heart." That privilege was going to be earned this time.

"Looking forward to it Ms. Bennett," Kai replied good-naturedly.

Caroline hugged Bonnie, "Call me as soon as you land. Immediately. No breaks. In fact, call me before you even think of breathing when you first land. No excuses."

Bonnie laughed kissing her cheek, "I promise Caroline."


She spoke with Stefan and Klaus on the phone. Stefan wished her a good time while Klaus sent her a link for different kinds of lube.

"Darling, you're going to be alone in a hotel room for four days with a man who's been eyeing you like a fine steak. I promise you that he will wreck the living shit out of you. Don't be proud, use lube. Your lovely thighs need not chafe."

She quietly took his advice into consideration.

They got to the airport around 11 am and made it to the lounge after checking in and everything. Kai ordered them coffee and she got a croissant to go with it.

"What's your size by the way?" He asked randomly. The first-class lounge was not shabby at all. The chairs were comfortable instead of the painful metal that dug into her butt.

Bonnie brushed the crumbs from her shirt. "I'm a size 4. Why?"

He typed something rapidly into his phone. "I did promise I'd take care of those little details so don't worry about it."

"If you say so Richard Gere."

He snorted in laughter. "I'm way more good-looking. And there's no way you'd enter any store and they'd refuse you. You're too beautiful."

"Kai." Her face flushed. "It wasn't that Julia Roberts was ugly. It was that those women were elitist as hell."

"Still, you're way too kickass to take anything lying down. I could see you telling them off then storming out of there."

She shrugged, "Wasn't right. I'm not that tough you know."

"You are," Kai insisted. He placed his hand on hers and she reciprocated with clasping their hands together.

"Thanks for believing that," Bonnie smiled softly.

Kai wet his bottom lip looking a bit hesitant. "I didn't know if I should tell you or not but I don't want us to start any of this on a base of lies or omissions."

"What's wrong?" Bonnie asked, feeling suddenly alert.

"Last night Damon confronted me about us and I told him off. I sort of lost my temper and told him that we were together the night you guys broke up. It was childish of me and I'm sorry for it but I'd rather you hear it from me rather than let it make its way to you through a third party." That third party being her salty ex.

Bonnie sighed, "I'm not mad. I'm not glad that you ratted out my business to him but he has no real leg to stand on anyway. Thank you for being mature enough to tell me despite not knowing how I would react." Damon really needed to stay in his fucking lane. How dare he? Whatever leash he thought he had on her needed to be cut away by force. She would speak with Stefan later and get him to relay a message to his idiot brother.

Kai released a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding. He was so glad she wasn't angry. He kissed her hand. "Thank you for being understanding."

"No thank you. Most guys would run at the slightest instance of a crazy ex," She huffed.

Kai brushed her knuckles with his thumb, "I'm not most guys. Plus, I can be crazier. I just manage to hold it all in. I was proud of something I told him."

She smiled, "What was that?"

He threw an arm over her shoulder. "I told him you were better than all the women I'd been with before."

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