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Chapter 2: Responsibility

Kate's P.O.V

I was walking back from where my dad nearly started a war with Tony. All the girls were talking to me about Garth, I just kept smiling and nodding my head. "I'll be back in a minute girls" I shouted, they all just nodded their heads and started talking to each other again.

I quickly rushed down to the stream and sat down, I looked at my reflection and then had a drink. I thought about the night of the moon light howl where I and Humphrey are arguing about Garth, that is where I'm sitting now. The thought of Humphrey made me sad, "I don't want to marry Garth, I want to be with Humphrey" I shouted to myself, a tear slowly started to go down my cheek. I started to think about me and Humphrey's adventure back home to Jasper, The way Humphrey saved me from the mud slide and the fact that he protected me with his own life. After me thinking about are adventure back home the thought of Humphrey made me smile.

My thoughts were interrupted by rustling in the bush. I got in an attacking position but then lowered my guard when I saw it was my father. "Easy Kate" Winston said in a calm voice, "It's just me". Kate just sat back down and Winston came and sat next to her. "Why are you out here alone?" Winston asked, "I was just getting a drink" I said sadly. Winston notice that Kate was down, "Hey" Winston said in a soft voice, "What's wrong sweetheart?", "Dad it's just… I'm reall..." I stopped talking and started to sob into my dad's chest. My dad was surprised at first but then brought me into a hug.

After 5 minutes of me crying into my dad's chest I calm down, "now, what's wrong?" Winston said in a caring voice. I sniffed a few times and then spoke up, "I don't want to marry Garth dad". My dad was shocked at first but then he seem to calm down, "I knew that you didn't want to marry Garth" Winston said in a sad voice, "I knew that you didn't when I saw your face when you first found out". Winston started to look guilty, "I didn't want to force you because I wanted you to find your own mate to be happy with but I did it for the sake of the pack, you know that right?" Winston asked concerned. "I understand that dad but I always had my mind on someone else that I've loved for a long time" I said in a sad voice. Winston then spoke up again, "Who was it sweetheart?" I didn't want to say it because I knew he would get upset but I had to take the risk.

"T..the person I l..loved was h…humphrey" I choked out. My dad was socked at first but then soon spoke up, "you know that's agents the pack law" Winston said angrily. Winston signed for 5 seconds and spoke up again, "I should have seen this coming, you two were always hanging out when you were pups". "How long have you loved him?" Winston asked, "I've loved Humphrey ever since I laid my eye on him" I said in a embarrassed voice. "Well you two can stay friends but nothing else, you have to marry Garth" Winston said in a stern voice, "B..ut dad", "No buts Kate, it's your responsibility to the pack" Winston said angrily. "Now let's go back to the celebration, everyone is probably wondering where we are".

Winston got up and saw Kate sitting down, "are you coming" Winston asked, "I'm going to go back to the den dad" Kate said sadly. Winston was about to say something but stopped but then spoke up again, "alright sweetheart, I'll see you tomorrow" Winston said. When I was walking back I was thinking about Humphrey so much that I nearly bumped into a tree, when I reached my den I went inside and laid down. I stared at the moon and got a warm feeling as if Humphrey was looking at the moon too. "I love you Humphrey" I said to myself. I let out a quiet yawn and drifted off to sleep.

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