Chapter 2 - Any reviews would be gratefully received. this is my first fanfiction

Pre-dawn came all too soon, and it would be a lie to say the night had bought either of the brothers rest. Dean, his 10 year old householder brain calculating how little $17.68 actually bought and how few actual plans he had to get to Bobby's, spent the night trying not to descend into fear and panic. Sammy, aware that an "adventure" without his Father could only signal something was WRONG but couldn't fathom what the problem was tossed and turned all night, nightmares invading his sleep.

Pre-dawn saw Dean cheer up slightly, even at 10 Dean was a warrior and just moving, doing something, having a forward motion, no matter how ill thought out was better than the stomach curdling fear and static wait for his Fathers return.

Getting up just before dawn, Dean stumbled into the bathroom and had a, very rudimentary, ten year olds wash. Dean knew he had very little time to get Sammy up and get out before Mr Oliment (the skeevy hotel "Manager", cleaner and receptionist) was at his desk and the brothers risked being seen. Dean wanted to spend that time planning and putting stuff together before the infinite question machine that was Sammy Winchester woke.

First on his list was what could they carry? The small family travelled light in any event, but there was a difference between travelling light meaning what would fit into the trunk of a 1967 Impala and travelling light meaning what a 10-year-old and a 6-year-old could reasonably carry. Dean looked at the duffels on the floor and immediately realised that, whilst he could lug his around, it was a large army surplus bag and that would look suspicious, and, more pertinently, there was no chance of Sammy being able to carry his. Even now Dean or his Dad brought Sammy's bag into whatever was the Winchester's home du jour. Dean regretfully accepted his Transformers, baseball glove, Action Man and toy cars would have to stay behind and he'd have to plan to take only the bare minimum, carrying everything in Sam's Muppet Show backpack or his own (in his view way cooler) khaki backpack he'd snagged for a dollar at a yard sale.

Dean then started to look at what they could carry. He knew Sammy was gunna pitch a fit when he realised his collection of books, crayons, soft toys and toy cars would have to remain back, but he was used to managing (putting up with) a recalcitrant Sammy and his first thoughts at this time were how to keep this very small person alive, safe, as warm as he could and as fed as he could. Now having yet considered how he was getting to Sioux Falls; he hadn't worked out how long this journey (he was starting to think of it as an adventure) was going to take.

First things first, Dean packed carefully into his backpack the sawn-off shotgun and two of his knives. He also took from the kitchen the meat tenderizer and put it in the long pocket of the backpack, intending to carry in his pocket his small knife. His Dad would kill him if he left weapons, and then he'd bring him back and kill him again if he took weapons but packed them so he couldn't get to them.

Dean looked at their pitiful food supplies, his plan was to stuff Sammy full of whatever couldn't be carried and to pack everything else he could in carrier bags putting it in his backpack. Dean had learnt how to value and preserve food a long time ago. So Dean took the half full bag of damaged pasta, the two cans of Chef Boyardee, the single can of chopped meat, salt and 2 cans of baked beans and put them in the backpack (carefully wrapped) next. That left the first aid kit under the sink (mercifully the small one, the larger being in the impala's trunk) to go in… leaving around 6 inches for Dean's own possessions.

Dean packed (rolling them up tight as his Dad taught him 2 pairs of socks, 1 pair of spare underwear (he had a 10 year olds disregard for some areas of personal hygiene), his 2nd best jeans, two tee shirts and 2 sweaters. On top he put his small memory box, within it were the most valued items Dean owned, his Mother's photo, photo's of Sammy and his Dad, trinkets picked up from roads and motels, a handful of army men and gifts from baby brothers that were small enough to fit in one small, scruffy old cigar box.

He then dressed in layers, double socks, three tops and a tee shirt and stood up and took a deep breathe.

Having packed his bag and having a plan (though to be fair at this point it wasn't really much passed the front door) glancing at the still mound of his baby brother in the bed, he did what all good big brothers would do, threw a wet facecloth he snagged from the bathroom at Sammy and followed it by jumping on him.

"Gerrup Sammy", laughed Dean, "we're shaking the dust of this ole town off our feet and gunna camp out at Uncle Bobby's 'til Dad gets back". "It's too boring here to wait", offering his little brother an explanation other than that they were out of money, friends and Dad was missing.

Thinking on the hoof is a 10 year olds happy place and Dean looked around the grim and now untidy room and said "Sammy, you gotta be a big boy today. We gotta get up, pack you up and get out of here before that ole manager starts snooping around" Dean said firmly "and it ain't no use you bitchin' about it, we ain't gunna be able to take all your shit with us, it'll be here when Dad comes back, but you just gotta take some clothes and stuff for now. Uncle Bobby's got loads of toys for you anyway".

Now, being woken up by a wet towel after a poor nights sleep wasn't the best way to start the day anyway but then to have his big brother say SAMMY HAD TO LEAVE ALL HIS THINGS BEHIND!, made righteous indignation flow through every one of Sammy's veins

"Wot" said Sammy, a stunned look on his face "we can't leave my stuff here, it's my stuff, I NEED it" "What if I have look something up? I'll need my dictionary and I'm only half way through my book so I need that and Teddy would be so lonely without me, he's gotta come and what if you feel sad? You'll need me to draw you a picture to feel better". All this was said without Sammy drawing breathe and, having run out of steam Sammy looked at Dean said firmly "I need my stuff, it's esunshul".

Sammy obviously considered the matter closed however, 6 years of experience in Sammy wrangling was in Dean's favour and, suppressing his irritation, he said "Sammy, I'm gunna pack you up, you go and wash up, do you teeth real good and bring out our washbags, but wash up real well". Sammy looked slightly suspicious (but Dean hadn't actually contradicted him) and deciding washing was a battle he couldn't win (Dean was way too fixated with Sammy being clean in Sammy's view) he jumped off the bed and jumped, bunny style, to the bathroom.

"Leave the door open, Sammy" said Dean. "I wanna check, cos I know what you're like". With Sammy concentrating and wrestling with the facecloth, taps and soap (all too big for 6 year old hands) Dean went to work quickly, he emptied Sammy's small school bag and added as many warm clothes into it as he could (leaving a set on the bed for Sammy that day), at the last minute relenting and putting Teddy on top. This might have been self interest because he knew Sammy would throw a fit if he found Teddy missing, Dad had once had to retrieve Teddy from a motel 80 miles away where he'd been carelessly forgotten. Hiding the remainder of Sam's stuff in the duffel, he quickly pushed it under the bed (out of sight was sometimes out of mind) and went to the kitchen to empty the fridge.

"Sammy" shouted Dean "get yer ass out here, we gotta get breakfast and get going". "Get dressed now"

Sammy recognised Dean's "don't mess with me voice" and went quickly back to his bed, bunny hopping forgotten and put on the clothes Dean had left out. "what about my pajama's" said Sammy, looking at Dean "they're my spiderman ones!".

"Forget 'em" said Dean "they're old anyway, Uncle Bobby will get you new ones". Dean didn't know if Uncle Bobby was even at his house, never mind whether his plans included re-kitting Winchester children, but he was willing to do what it took to get Sammy moving.

Having completed phase one of his plan, packing up and getting his little brother moving and compliant, his mind turned to phase two, getting Sammy fed and, more importantly, what to do when they got out of the room!

The first part was easy, everything in the fridge was taken out, the last two pieces of stale bread were put in the toaster, peanut brother put in front of Sammy with a spoon and the command "eat", the dregs of milk put in of Sammy with the command "drink", the last 2 eggs place in a skillet, cooked and placed on a plate in front of Sammy with the toast and the further command "hurry up Sammy, just eat this", whilst Dean devoured pickles, grape jelly and two hot dog sausages found in a container (he wasn't sure this was a good idea but he was hungry and looking longingly at Sammy's toast and eggs).

"Dean, ain't you having any?" said Sammy worriedly. "Nah", said Dean "I had eggs before". Sam, having had little for days, hoovered up eggs and peanut butter like it was the finest fare and when he'd finished tapped his little tummy said announced with a smile "I'm full!".

"Thanks for the news flash" said Dean, putting Sam's outside shoes on and wrapping his scarf around his neck. "Let's get your shoes and coat on and get going".

With Dean satisfied that Sammy was fed, dry, warm and ready to go, he put his own coat and shoes on, helped Sammy with his backpack (squeezing the washbag in the side) put his own backpack on, surveyed the room one last time and, taking a deep breathe said with his usual ten year old snark, "come on Sammy, let's go annoy Uncle Bobby".

Dean now by now had thought up a plan, it was a plan based on his life and on the countless TV movies he'd seen. Dean's plan was to go to the truck stop and stowaway in a truck. Dean knew how to do this because he'd watched A LOT of TV Movies where brave kids (and animals) did just this to be reunited with whatever parent, loved one was missing. Dean also had an advantage over most ten year olds, because he actually knew WHERE he was going. Six years of life on the road had given Dean an innate knowledge of the layout of middle America, the major highway networks, the crossover points and an excellent internal compass. So Dean's plan was to leave whilst still dark and get himself and Sammy on a truck heading towards Sioux falls and, bit by bit, creep closer to Bobby. Dean had now forgotten that Bobby might not be at home, in his mind he was already running through the gates at Singer Salvage crying out for Bobby and seeing the curmudgeonly old mechanic come out of his garage smiling at them in welcome while wiping grease from his hands.

It's got to be acknowledged Dean had done well, he'd got a problem, he'd marshalled his resources, he'd found a solution and he was implementing it. Dean had behaved like the brave warrior he was. Opening the door, Dean marshalled his little brother ahead and started moving towards the road. At that point life became both unexpected and scary… because a large hand grabbed Sammy and another knocked Dean to the ground, causing him to strike his head on the base of the door. Trying to gather his thoughts and get up (so far all that meant was a cry of "gerrof my brother") Dean found himself looking at Mr Oliment (who by now had wrapped his whole arm tightly around Sammy's neck, causing Sammy to squirm and struggle to breathe standing on tiptoe to find blessed air). Mr Oliment smiled grimly at him and said "you planning to run off on me boy? Your Daddy dun left you here and you just planning to rob me and leave the room without settling up?" My Oliment licked his lips "that ain't obliging. I been nothing but kind to you boys, I coulda called the cops on you, two kids alone, but I looked out for you and this is how you treat me, that ain't right boy"

Dean struggled to get up but Mr Oliment kicked him in the side causing Dean and Sam both to cry out, Dean tried to grab the knife in his pocket but Mr Oliment saw the move and stood on Dean's hand causing Dean to hear his fingers crack.

"We don't owe you nuffink" shouted Dean, putting all the bravado he could in his voice. "Rooms paid 'til today and our Dad wants us to meet him in town so we're leaving!"

Mr Oliment laughed "Boy, your Daddy ain't wanted you two since the day you was born and he sure as hell ain't told you to meet up with him. Now here's what's gunna happen. The more you cheek me, the tighter this arms gunna get on your little brother. I just wanna get this sorted peacable like, so you get up, leave that backpack here and we'll go into my office and sort this out like reasonable people.

Dean was ten, and he'd grown up in motels. He knew that no good was likely to come from going into back offices with men that didn't mind choking little boys (and in fact seemed to enjoy it) but with Sammy looking more and more like a plum every second there wasn't anything else he could do.

"Let him breathe" said Dean, relinquishing his backpack and struggling to his feet, hand throbbing, side hurting and head ringing.

"Good boy" said Mr Oliment smirking and licking his lips, "you go on first and me and Sammy here will follow right behind. No tricks now, his little neck is mighty fragile".

Hoping to hear the roar of the Impala and to see his father swoop to the rescue, Dean trudged slowly across the courtyard to the reception desk and to the office behind it, turning intermittently to see Sammy struggling. There was no roar however and once he was in the office he heard Mr Oliment lock the reception door and follow Dean into the office still holding Sammy.

Dean wasn't sure when it all went so wrong, but he was scared, he and Sammy were alone with Mr Oliment, his weapons were outside, his protectors were missing and Mr Oliment didn't look like his plan for a "peacable" resolution was really the outcome.

Turning round, My Oliment dropped Sammy to the floor and hit Dean with an unpulled punch, knocking him back onto a chair and the chair over. Dean heard "We gotta teach you boys what your Daddy didn't, some manners" before he felt Mr Oliment's boot the side of his head. His last thought as he lost consciousness was "Sammy!"