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John and Bobby concentrated on eating tarmac as fast as they could and John contemplated the many ways in which his boy could be hurt and the many ways he'd failed them both. Sam and Dean however, unaware of the posse on their tail continued their journey to Rapid City.

Inside the truck Sammy, cuddling Teddy, was settling into his new adventure, confident again that Dean would keep him safe and they would soon be with Bobby. Dean, persistent pain starting to wear down his defences was trying not to dread the next part of their journey, worried about finding another truck to take them to Sioux Falls, worried about how far he could walk with his hurt side, headache and nausea and worried about how long before Sammy started to be cold and frightened.

Both brothers made quick work of their picnic (Dean pretending to enjoy it more than he did). A full Sammy was a sleepy Sammy and a hurt Dean was a tired Dean. Both brothers, after finishing their meal, let the steady rotation of the truck wheels lull them into a deep sleep.

Midday passed into afternoon and dusk and the truck turned the final corner to where the furniture within would be reunited with its owners. Beeping his horn to let the family know he'd arrived, he pulled the large unit in front of the picket fenced property. Dropping quickly down from his cab and shouting "howdy" to the family, he moved to the tail gate to open it, whilst the family and their friends surrounded the vehicle to help with the unpacking chattering about the journey.

Dean had been startled out of his recuperative sleep only by the truck horn, and realising they had likely arrived, murmured "shit" and shook Sammy awake.

"Sammy, we're here", we gotta hide 'til they take their stuff indoors, scoot up under that table, quick"

Still sleepy, but obedient, Sammy grabbed Teddy and got under the table. Dean grabbed food, bags and blankets and followed Sammy, turning round to check they hadn't left any suspicious. Whispering to Sammy, whilst he put his coat and backpack on him, Dean said "remember, this is an adventure, now we gotta get away from this truck 'cos we're stowaways, just like the pirates in the cartoons. Hold onto Teddy and I'm gunna try and sneak us out, but if I say run, you RUN. You get me? I can handle anything behind us, but you gotta take off, head straight and I'll find you. No messing. Not like at the motel, you shoulda run then!"

Sammy looked at Dean wide eyed "Daddy says, I gotta stay with you!", the confusions of the day were starting to wear on him and tears started to overflow his large hazel eyes.

Adapt Sammy handler Dean, pulled his brother towards him and said "Sam, it's an ADVENTURE, it wouldn't be fun if you didn't have to escape. Remember the BFG and how Sophie had to escape? Well, that's us! It'll be fun, I'll make sure we get away".

Sammy looked up at Dean and gave a tentative smile "Ok Dean", he said "but I'm getting tired of playing adventures, can we just go home soon?"

Dean breathed in deeply, aware that his little brother needed somewhere safe and warm and not really sure how to make sure he got it but he smiled and said "Sure Sammy, one more ride and we'll be at Bobby's and I bet Dad's there already". He hated lying to Sammy, but he'd hate for Sammy to face the truth even more.

With that, Dean put his own coat and backpack on (stuffing the remnants of food in it carelessly), pulled Sammy under the blanket and waited for the truck to be opened. Dean had gotten himself and Sammy under the blanket in the nick of time. Within a moment the tailgate gate was opened and the family and their friends swarmed into the truck laughing, joking and grabbing boxes and furniture. Just as quickly as they appeared, they disappeared and Dean grabbed Sammy and said "Now, let's go". Running to the edge of the truck, he jumped down and pulled Sammy down afterwards, catching him. The people were disappearing into the house so Dean started to turn to the outside of the truck and …. straight into the driver.

"What the frig?" said the driver, realising two small stowaways had just got out of his truck. "Hang on lads, what you doing here? Where are you parents? Have you been in there all the time? Jesus, are you okay?" He blurted this in one breathe, not really believing his pintsized passengers were there.

Dean, ever resourceful, took one look at his confusion, hit him straight in the balls with a small but powerful fist and, grabbing Sammy's hand, shouted "RUN"!

On command, and as fast as his legs could carry him, Sammy ran and was pulled by Dean along the road, turning into the first cover they could see, a woodland path. Still running, Dean turned this way and that onto and off the path to avoid anyone following, not allowing Sammy to stop and draw breathe.

Behind them they had heard "Stop them" bellowed by the driver to the family "they're runaways" and replying shouts of "Jeff, you get 'em", Dave, go around the alley in case they double back". Dean didn't have any clue of his terrain, so he followed his Father's training, forward and sideway, but always going forward.

After ten minutes solid running Sammy gasped "Dean, can we stop, please? I can't breathe". Having heard no sounds behind them since they'd entered the woods, Dean stopped and pulled Sammy behind some trees. "Shush" he said, "stay quiet, while I figure this out".

The first thing Dean had to figure out was how not to be sick or cry. The running with bruised ribs and, what he now suspected was a concussion, had been agony. He'd hit his broken hand on the trees and branches along the way, leading to a shaky, nauseous, and lightheaded Dean. A few minutes however of breath drawing and leaning against the trees saying "man up" to himself in his mind revived him a little. He became aware of Sammy looking at him with wide eyes and starting to sniffle. Deciding distraction was the best option, Dean decided it was safe to continue. He didn't think anyone had followed.

"Sammy, we're gunna go down here, then find a bus to take us to Uncle Bobby's. You'd like that?"

Sammy looked at him suspiciously "We're not supposed to go in woods without Daddy, how far's the bus?"

Sammy wasn't known for his love of walking so Dean took the universal unit of distance measurement in "Sammyworld" and said "not far".

Checking Sammy was warm and had his backpack and Teddy safe, he grabbed his hand and started walking.

Ten minutes is a long time in an adventure and, at the same time as Dean and Sam starting walking again, a sleek black impala was pulling up behind the boys former ride.

"Shit" said Bobby, seeing the open truck "I hope they're still holed up inside".

John got out and shouted to the truck driver, who was now standing talking to the family animatedly.

"Hey Driver" he cried out. "You got a minute". Noticing the suit and the badge that John had just liberated from his pocket (he thought of it sometimes like a little cooperation pill, it had such an impact on people) the man straightened up and walked to meet him "Yessir, how can I help you?".

Bobby had now joined John and started smoothly. "I'm Agent Wallis and this is Agent Edwards, Minnesota Field Office. We're trying to track down some reports of two boys travelling alone. We believe they may be travelling with you or in your truck. Have you seen two boys, around 10/11 and 5/6?" Bobby smiled coldly and the Driver gulped "Yeah, I sure did, just ten minutes ago they hightailed it out the back of my truck and down to the woods, the blond boy hit me in the nuts!"

John at this point had lost the little patience he didn't possess "You know it's a federal offence to transport a minor across state lines without the state or parent's consent. You know you got to check your load and if you don't it's on you?" John didn't have a clue if this was true but neither apparently did the driver.

"Mister" he said "I never saw hide nor hair of them until 10 minutes ago and then they just took off. I don't know where their folks are, but they need a tighter leash".

"John" said Bobby "We're burning daylight. They are ten minutes ahead on foot, we need to get going"

John turned to the driver "either boy look injured? The Driver scoffed "they took off quick enough and the blonde's right hand sure is fine".

John drew breathe, relieved that Dean was still standing and definitely walking wounded and said "show us exactly where they went".

With that, John and Bobby were shown the entrance to the wood by the Driver and curious family. "Wood comes out about 2 miles up by the main road, there's a car park" said a family member, "just follow this road and you'll find it.

John and Bobby assured the crowd they would deal with it from there, with Bobby taking the Impala to cut off the boys at the car park and John starting to jog into the woods.

John knew his son and he ran up a little and then left, then up a little and right, repeating until he was in almost out of the wood and could see the start of the car park in the distance. He stood and, training forgotten, screamed out "Dean" Sammy! Where are you?"

Waiting a second for a reply, he heard Dean's voice echo back "Dad! Help! Followed by the sound gunshots…

Bobby followed the road round until he saw the rest stop sign and indicated in. He noticed two cars already in the car park, six occupants standing outside talking quietly. Bobby's spider senses were tingling, quiet car parks were home to any number of covert transactions, but he had more on his mind than local teens splitting a joint, so he pulled in as far as he could from them. The moment he parked up, he heard a small voice cry out "Bobby" and looked up to see Dean pulling Sam across the car park to him grinning and waving Sammy enthusiastically waving as well and shouting "Unca Bobby!".

Relieved both boys were standing and smiling Bobby got out the impala and, crouching down in front opened his arms for them to run into. Bobby grinned and shouted back "Dean, Sam, you've given your old man a coronary, I'm sure glad to find you"".

Distracted by the relief of finding the boys, he saw them passing the cars and occupants just as one of the group cried out "this is jack, this ain't pure. What you playing at?" whilst the man facing him drew out a gun and snarled "You got what you paid for, now give me the dough".

Bobby looked on in horror, and the world slowed down as guns appeared from everywhere and the group ducked for cover, leaving Dean and Sam frozen and exposed between the two factions.

At that point John's voice was heard calling his sons names and Dean started screaming "Dad! Help" whilst diving onto Sam and covering him with his body.

The driver of the first car slid around the side of it and, leaning over, shot two men as they crouched down. Another man stood up, yelled something out and shot that shooter. The boys were totally exposed and Bobby's heart almost stopped as a stray bullet landed by their prone bodies and Dean cried out.

Drawing fire, Bobby stood up and screamed "Drop your weapons, FBI", leading to a shout of "Fuck!" from the remaining driver and all remaining guns being turned on Bobby, now crouched between John's sleek beauty.

"Let's get the fuck out of here! There's Feds here" screamed on of the few men left standing and with that he grabbed Dean, pushed him into his car and, aiming two shots at the Impala's tyres, gunned his car carrying Dean out of the car park, leaving Bobby and Sam behind.

At that moment John Winchester gun out roared into the car park, taking stock quickly, he aimed at the departing vehicle. "John! No! He's got Dean, you could hit him!"

Racing to the impala, John jumped in and reversed. Within seconds he realised his tyres were out, He cried out in frustration, got out and screamed at Bobby "What the fuck happened?!". Only at that moment did he really notice his six year old son, crying in the centre of the car park.

Rushing to him, he dragged him into his arms saying "Sammy, Sammy!", over and over again.

In the meantime, Bobby ran to the road and, flagging down the first vehicle waived his fake badge and said "FBI Ma'am, we've got to borrow your vehicle". Shouting to John to come on, he waited as John grabbed Sammy and got in, ready to chase the vehicle Dean was now trapped in…