At the Atlas Military Academy, Specialist Winter Schnee stepped in the podium.

In front of her, a room full of Atlas Officers awaited.

She turned on the microphone.

-"For my Thesis, I was appointed to make a research on Crazy."

There was murmuring in the audience.

Winter cleared her throat and continued.

-"As you may well aware, history is ripe with examples of desperate situations and the creativity of the great officers of old. "

Heavy with the weight of those words, the auditorium grew solemn.

From the first row, General Ironwood gave her a thumbs up.

Winter's shoulders relaxed a bit upon seeing her surrogate uncle. She straightened her back and nodded to herself.
-"Crazy. Demented. Not in one's right mind. Who may give me another?"

From the back row someone added.


Other from the left.


Until someone hit the nail on the head yelling.

-"Arc raving mad!"

Winter held her palm up and the room quieted down.

-"Arc. Raving. Mad. When Arabella The liberator asked for feathers and tar, anyone thought her she was raving mad. When Commander Zhuge awaited the opposing army by himself on an empty fort, his aide repeated. The Arc is mad. Raving mad."

Some of the audience got an inkling this thesis wasn't going to be their usual fare and inched forwards on their seats.