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So here is the first chapter of Daylight from Draco's POV. I hope you enjoy it.



Draco lifted his eyes up from the page when he heard the gate creak open then quickly slam shut again. It was late; after hours and there shouldn't be anyone wandering around the castle, especially not in the Restricted Section. No one good anyways.

Ripping the page from Perilous Poisons and ignoring the half torn warning not to brew this without Ministry approval, he snapped the book shut and placed it in the wrong spot on the shelf. If anyone came looking for information on Slughorn's mead, they'd have to find the damn book first. Good luck with that in here.

Still, he didn't put it past Saint Potter and his little groupies to come sniffing around.

It didn't matter. Draco folded the paper carefully and tucked it in his pocket. If- no, when- the poison worked, he would already be home for the holidays and would never have to see Potter's stupid scar, Weasley's dumb face, or fucking Granger's ugly hair again. He smirked. Maybe Dumbledore would invite them all in for a toast on Christmas and he could kill four birds with one stone.

His Master would grant him position and power above all others if he was able to do that and his family name would be restored from all the damage his Father had done to it.


Draco stared into the darkness and felt the emptiness inside him grow cold. Thinking about killing one person was one thing, but four? Just the old man, he decided and headed off to find his intruder.

Anyways, Potter and pals probably didn't even drink. Hell, Granger would probably pass out just with a whiff from the small bottle of Ogden's he had taken to carrying around in his pocket. Fucking prude.

Draco pulled his wand out of his pocket. Whoever had snuck into the Restriction Section was obviously up to no good and he was not about to be caught unaware by them. Either that or it was someone like Filch patrolling. A squib like that should have been drowned at birth.

Fuck, it was probably Snape. The fucker had taken too much of a bloody interest in him lately and Draco was now having to dodge his Godfather every time he wanted to take two steps out of the dungeons. The sooner he was out of this school, the fucking better.

Draco liked the idea of being far away, safe in his Manor, and not having to see Dumbledore actually die. He didn't even like thinking about it, let alone watching it. He didn't like death. He had bought the cursed necklace and imperiused that girl in the hope of not actually doing the deed his Master had given him.

But he should have known better than to rely on a Gryffindor and of fucking course Potter somehow intervened. Draco rolled his eyes. Did his scar tingle when evil was afoot? Draco hoped it fucking burned.

He could hear someone moving around in an aisle nearby and moved silently through the darkness. The stacks were close together in the Restricted Section and oftentimes if he turned around, the books had shifted and it would be a completely different aisle he was in. Sneaking up on someone in here was harder than it seemed because you never knew when they would just- appear.

He didn't like surprises. He liked being in control and in charge of situations. Especially when they involved a clandestine meeting in the Library after dark. And he really liked the fact that it was not Filch or Snape that had wandered into the stacks with him, but none other than the dirty little Mudblood he had just been thinking about.

Truthfully, he thought about her a lot. Many of those thoughts took place in this very Library. And it may be interesting to see what Goody Granger was doing sneaking around the Restricted Section late at night for. At least he'd get to fuck with her a little. And maybe...

Draco advanced on her, quiet at first, but then tapped his fingers along the shelf in anticipation. Oh this was going to be fun.

"And what exactly is the Gryffindor Princess doing wandering around the Restricted Section after hours?" He made sure to sound as bored as possible even though he could feel a predatory instinct rising up in him as he moved closer to her.

The Mudblood turned and glared at him as she often did. Even narrowed, her eyes were still big. Too big for her face. If she was a pureblood, they would be the proper size. Further proof of her ill breeding. As if the atrocious hair wasn't enough.

She surprised him by snapping back at him quickly, "None of your business!"


Draco forced a laugh from the back of his throat and cocked an eyebrow up, making her glare harder at him. Good. He loved getting under her skin. "Something the matter, Granger? You're a bit touchy tonight."

Something flickered in her too big eyes, but she turned away too quickly for him to narrow in on it. "Go away."

This fucking little Mudblood thought she could tell him what to do? She had another thing coming if she thought she could get away talking to him like that. And he knew just the thing to make her shut the fuck up and learn her place. He tightened his grip on his wand, raising it up in the darkness.

A floating blue candle hovered overhead and Draco saw the glimmer of tears under her eyes. He hesitated.

"What?" Granger rounded on him, almost surprising him with her fire in her voice after seeing the water on her face.

"You've been crying." He hadn't meant to say it. Fuck, he hadn't meant to stand here, gaping at her like an idiot either. But he was just… shocked. In all the years he had tormented her, Draco had never once seen her cry. What had happened that finally broke the little lion girl?

"Who made you cry?"

Shit. Shit. Shit. Did he fucking just ask that? Fuck. If she said anything back, he'd say he wanted to shake their hand. Wanted to thank them and build a statue in their honor. Wanted to know who the fuck could break her down when he never had.

"Afraid someone is taking your place?"

Draco opened his mouth to tell her to get fucked when she gave a small sniff and he felt the blood rush from his head.

He hardened his expression, turning it cold and hoping she would fucking walk away. Or not. He… He wasn't sure. He just knew he didn't like this. Didn't like that someone else made her cry. Especially before he got the pleasure.

"No one takes anything from me."

Draco crowded her, making up his mind in that moment that he didn't want her to go at all. He wanted her, right where she was. If his plan for the poison worked, then he would be gone for good soon and would never get another chance to find out if her pussy was as good as he had always imagined. He had sworn no more virgins, but… Granger was a Mudblood. She didn't count. She wasn't a real person. She wasn't anything.

And he would prove that to himself by bending her over like he did any other other bitch who stared at him the way she did. Because she could try and hide it, but she did stare. He knew it, because he pictured her little shocked face every time he caught her looking when he closed his eyes and railed into whatever girl was underneath him.

Yeah. He needed to fuck her.

"Well all I need is this book."

Oh fuck that.

Draco snatched the book she was reaching for off the shelf. If she wanted it that badly, she could beg for it.

"Give it back, Malfoy."

Oh he would have to teach her then! Good thing Granger was a quick learner because Draco didn't have the time for any lengthy lessons.

He smirked, unable to stop it and honestly, not really wanting to because it made her face fall into a cute little pout. He liked how easy it was to see what she was feeling. Maybe big eyes were good for something after all.

"Wicked Warlocks of the Western World." Merlin, Granger. "But you're such a good little girl, what would you even do with a book like this?"

"Read it." She went for the book, but Draco's Seeker muscles contracted out of memory and he held it up above his head. Watching her gaze travel up his arm to the green leather book, Draco felt his lips twitch wider as he bent his head just a little closer to hers.

He had to admit, she was cute. In a Mudblood kind of way.

Then her body collided with his and her hands slid down his arm to rest on his chest and holy fuck- her palms were warm. Thankfully his heart stopped beating or he swore she would be able to hear it considering how close she was to him.

Then Granger's fingers curled against his chest and Draco's cock got hard.

"Granger." She looked up at him and he watched the deep brown of her eyes brighten at the sound of her name. Very interesting. "You're touching me."

And you like it, don't you? You dirty little Mudblood.

He didn't let an ounce of the lust pumping in his veins show on his face. Not until he saw it on hers first. Then he'd cover that pretty face with his come and make her lick it off like the animal she was.

Granger jumped away from him as if she knew what he was thinking of doing to her. "Afraid I'll get you dirty?"

Goddamn it, did she want him to fuck her against the stacks? Did she have any idea how sexy it was to hear her say that to him?

"Quite the opposite," he breathed out and watched her blink her doe eyes. Oh fuck. What the fuck did he just say? No, he'd fix this. "You ought to be more careful. You could get yourself in a lot of trouble doing something like that."

Granger lifted her chin and he fought to keep his eyes from darting down to her neck. "Is that a threat?"

"Yes." Draco towered over her, liking how she tilted her head back to keep eye contact. "That is most definitely a threat."

He expected her to gasp and back away, but Granger surprised him, by saying "Try me."

He was straining against his trousers now and wanted to push Granger to her knees and make her pay for doing this to him when he saw that the fire in her eyes had nothing to do with the heat in his blood.

He was a fucking Death Eater of the Dark Lord, what was he doing trying to fuck a Mudblood like her?

Ridiculous. And she couldn't even ask for her book back, she'd never beg him for his cock.

"If I even thought for a minute you actually meant that…"

"You think I'm all talk? Everyone thinks I'm just some bookworm, don't they?" Granger was getting louder, but Draco couldn't stop himself from wanting to hear more. "They think I am just some robot that feeds off of routines and repetition. That I'm nothing but "good old Granger" who never does anything she isn't supposed to!"

He watched her cheeks flush a beautiful shade of red as she tossed her hands up and let them fall down by her sides again before sighing and saying, "I don't know. Maybe they're right."

No, they weren't right at all. She wasn't a no one who should be folded away in the pages of a book. She wasn't boring or droll or any of the things her stupid little friends thought she was. Granger wanted to do all those things, but being the good girl she naturally was, she needed permission.

But she didn't know. Granger had no idea what she really was.

And she needed him to tell her, show her, what her true nature was.

Fucking Salazar, she was… just like him.

The muscles in his arm were all taunt and tensed, but he kept them restrained as he grabbed onto the side of her neck, feeling the heat of her skin deepen where her thick curls rested against it. Draco shoved his thumb under her chin and forced those eyes back up so he could watch them widen in shock.

"Oh Granger, you're so much more than that."

Her lips parted with a sharp breath and Draco instinctively bent down to take him between his. He was hit with a wave of something sweet and suddenly he was tempted not to only capture her lips, but to bite down on them until she whimpered out his name.

Draco emptied his mind, taking control of his body again before he acted on the thoughts that plagued him every day. Every night. He had never really taken them seriously before, just something to play around with when he was… well.

But here she was and he'd be damned that if he kissed her right now, she wouldn't kiss him back. His eyes flickered over her face and he saw the glint of shine from her tears.

No. Not tonight. He thumbed her jawline, still wet, but soft and warm under the tip of his finger.

"Let me know if you ever want to find out what that is," he said in a heavily controlled whisper and then moved back from her.

Because if he didn't, he was going to fuck her right now. Tear-stained or not.

Draco backed up, watching as she took large breaths, keeping her eyes closed. He half expected her to take off running, but once again, Granger surprised him.

She stayed, right where he left her. Draco brought his thumb up to his mouth and softly sucked the taste of her tears off of it before giving in and letting out a low chuckle. Yes, Granger was certainly much more than he had given her credit for and now all those little fantasies and why he could never shake her from his head all started to make sense.

Draco watched her chest heave with a shaky breath. The Mudblood was smart and eager to learn; she would come to him. He knew she would.

Good girl.



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