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Never All That

By: Ace of Spades and Pink Inspiration

A Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Draco and Ginny

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Chapter 1: When Malfoy Loses His Appetite for Ice Cream


Well, all things had to be found out, Ginny thought staring at the steak on her golden plate with a sickened impression.

She looked up and looked meekly at Ron who was across from her. He was glaring, and his arms were across his chest, a giveaway he was going to be more stubborn than she.

That was actually quite an accomplishment.

"Ron, I just don't ---."

"Wup!" It wasn't even a coherent word, more like a bark of some type refusing to let her speak.

It was greatly annoying.

"If you'd just ---."


"-Listen to---."


Ginny sighed dejectedly and looked away from the accusing glare. She looked back at her steak. It was a disgusting portion of meat, shimmering with the juices and oil it had been cooked in. Every inch of it screamed a size five. It was revolting, just sitting there, and leaking juices, a fat piece of muscle.

"Ginny." Ron prompted.

Ginny looked back up from the steak. "If you really want to know Ron, I've become a vegetarian."

He was quite taken aback. Of course he was, this threw him off entirely. He thought Ginny was cutting down, something she certainly didn't need to.

"You've what?"

"I've stopped eating meat. It's really quite cruel."

"Ginny, they're put here to be eaten."

"Says who?" She challenged. In her mind though, she was internally screaming. She did love her turkey sandwiches and now this lame ass excuse to get her out of a stupid bind was going to make her lose those sandwiches forever.

Ron sputtered indignantly as he always did when he was at a loss for words. "Instinct says who, that's who!"

"I'm sorry if I mislead you Ron, I just simply decided to stop eating meat."

"You don't eat dessert anymore either," he pointed out.

"It's not a necessity! I don't do anything active to work it off and it makes my complexion horrible."

"You know that's a myth---."


Ah the tables have turned.

"Fine," Ron snorted. "You've gone vegetarian."

Goodbye turkey sandwiches, she thought glumly as he permitted her to leave the semi-empty Great Hall after making her wait so he could 'have a talk'.

Oh well, she thought glumly. They really didn't taste that good coming up.


"Checkmate!" Harry bellowed triumphantly. His sudden outburst gained him a few turn of heads in his direction. He didn't seem to care. "Let it be marked that on this very day in history, I, Harold James Potter beat Ronald Weasely in a chess match!"

"You don't have to keep rubbing it in my face, Harry," Ron mumbled as his cheeks tinged with pink.

"Oh yes I do, mate! This deserves a celebration, this does. Don't you agree, Gin?"

Harry glanced over at the youngest Weasely who was deeply immersed in a Witch Weekly. He waved his hand in front of her face. "Ginny?" He waved again. "Earth to Ginny!" He said in a singsong voice. Ginny's eyes never left the page.

"Yes, um, of course, Harry," she mumbled carelessly and kept her eyes transfixed on the page.

"What you readin' Gin?" Ron asked and bent to look over her shoulder.

Everyone knows how fattening deserts are, but are you willing to work for that trim waistline? That is the question.

Ginny was unable to finish the paragraph as her brother snatched it from her hands.

"Answer me, will you?" He asked angrily and shoved the magazine onto a nearby table.

"It's okay, Ron. Cool down. Besides, what Ginny meant to tell us, is that she'd love to come celebrate my victory by sneaking down to the kitchens for a little midnight snack," Harry filled in.

Yeah, right. She was really thinking that all along.

Before Ginny could protest, she was being dragged down to the kitchens and seated at a nearby table.

A small tug was at her leg, and Ginny looked down to see a house elf. "What would missus like?" It asked in its squeaky voice.

"I'm fine, thank-you. I -"

"She would like vanilla ice cream and strawberries, Mini," Ron told the elf sternly.

"Ron, no. I don't want-"

"It's vegetarian, Ginny. And since you didn't eat any dinner, I'm making it all easier for you by making it up to you now."

To make matters worse, the house elf had the dignity to plop the ice cream in front of her at that very moment before scuttling off. Ginny stared at the bowl. It would have looked appealing had her brain not be trained by habit to transform the dessert into something disgusting.

Look at it. It's even got that gooey white stuff just melting around it like- like the fat on that stupid steak. Ginny thought about pushing away. She looked up briefly and saw both boys staring menacingly at her. She slowly picked up her spoon and shoved a piece of the ice cream into her mouth. Another spoonful. And another.

Ginny had almost forgotten ice cream could taste so good. She finished off the bowl in a matter of seconds and licked the side clean.


A bubbling feeling began in Ginny's throat, and she pushed back her chair before making a run for the exit.

She was running so fast, she nearly collided with a corner, before rushing around it quickly and wrenching. As her eyes focused a bit more clearly, she saw in horror a pair of shiny dragon hide boots covered with the puke. Her shocked eyes traveled up the legs and to the face of- Draco Malfoy.

And he looked just as shocked.


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