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Never All That

By: Ace of Spades and Pink Inspiration

A Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Draco and Ginny

Anything you recognize, we don't own.

Chapter 2: Ink Stains


Ginny looked down in horror. "I, uh, am, sort of, uh," she cleared her throat, "sorry?" Malfoy appeared momentarily speechless as he stared at the disgusting substance on his shoe that was beginning to produce an unpleasant odor.

"Weasley, I am completely and utterly disgusted. That stuff must be even dirtier than you are," Malfoy said.

"Look, I didn't mean to-"

"Besides the fact that something worse than you is on me, I admit to being shocked- no, revolted that you would have the grit to, to," he motioned towards his foot. "I am appalled that I even laid eyes on your unsightly self," he concluded.

Ginny lowered her eyes as her lip trembled. "I said I was sorry!"

"You didn't act it. A Weasley needs to be more respective of their superiors," he said arrogantly.

"I was shocked, that's all," she said timidly and shifted her weight to the left foot.

"Shocked or not, that wasn't a very appropriate apology for a Weasley to a- "

"Malfoy," Ginny gritted her teeth in order to keep her patience, "the puke is on your shoe, not mine. So accept the apology now and I'll clean this up."

She drew her wand out of her pocket and muttered a quick cleaning spell. Ginny had gotten quite good at cleaning spells. Sometimes she wouldn't be able to make it to a bathroom in time, anyway. However, she still felt odd. After all, this wasn't a normal activity that one did to feel good. Malfoy's face was becoming smudged and blurry, and before she could stop herself, Ginny grabbed his shoulder for balance.

"Weasley, what are you-?"

"Please," she whispered and gripped his shoulder tighter.

Malfoy considered his options. He could just leave her as she was. A Malfoy would do that. A Malfoy never have helped a Weasley, and that wasn't about to change. But then she might just puke on him again. He sighed and slung her heavily over his shoulder as he made his way upstairs.

What was she doing down in the kitchens anyway? Dinner had just been a few hours ago. She couldn't possibly have eaten so much after dinner that would cause her to, well. . .

Draco panted as he made his way up to the main level of the castle. Tackling those hundreds of steps with a human slung over his shoulder was no easy task. For the first time, he realized how light she was. Sure, she added a bit of extra weight, but not that much. Unwilling to be seen carrying a Weasley any longer, he found a set of stairs leading the upper towers where Gryffindor supposedly lodged, and set her down on the first step.

There was no way he was taking any more risks tonight.


It was Ron and Harry who had found her first. They had been looking for her since she ran out of the kitchens, wondering if she was all right.

They stopped short on seeing Ginny passed out on the stairs.

"Oh, Ron," Harry said softly. "Something's wrong; she's hurting herself purposefully."

Ron didn't say anything; just picked up his sister's limp body and climbed up the rest of the way to Gryffindor. Harry followed behind him, giving Ron easy glances.

After Ron laid Ginny down in her bed, the two went down to their usual corner in the Common Room to tell Hermione.

It was obvious, then. Ginny had stopped eating during mealtimes. She refused to eat when Ron suspected something, and then when she finally did, she ravished the food like she really was starving. Then they found her passed out, with her breath smelling oddly stale and musty. She had thrown up.

"Think I should tell Mum?" Ron asked, cracking his knuckles. "She expects me to watch out for Ginny but Merlin, this is serious."

"I can look up bulimia in the library if you want," Hermione offered her boyfriend. "Maybe we can find a way to make her better and not have to go through all the drama with your parents."

Ron looked slightly irritated. "I don't think you could suddenly cure her with some stupid book from the library. It's not that easy!"

Hermione winced and Harry's eyes narrowed. "Look, mate, I know you're worried about Ginny, but Hermione is only trying to help."

"Don't bother," Hermione whispered, sounding oddly strained. "If he doesn't want me to, that's fine."


Draco immediately kicked off his shoes upon entering his dormitory. How utterly disgusting. Her cleaning spell was nowhere near acceptable. His shoes were forever scarred. He tossed them into the fire and opened his bureau pulling out another pair of shiny black shoes.

Un-puke-tified. He thought ruefully.

Weasley was disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. It was nothing surprising, considering her status, but still, puking on people's shoes went too far, even for a peasant like her.



Someone once told me I was pretty, Ginny. But really, I don't feel pretty. They were just lying, weren't they Ginny? Just to make me feel better? You're pretty, you know. Well at least I think you are. Here's a bit of advice, Ginny, and if ever you're feeling down and up to your old habits again, think of it.

'Learn to appreciate yourself, because if there ever comes a time when no one else does, your opinion will count as a lot more than theirs ever did.'

Back to the pretty subject. Anyway, you're already pretty. In a natural sort of way, if you know what I mean. I know you know you're not ugly, so it must be something else bugging you. It's not good for you, whatever it is you're doing. I'm proud to say I'm the only one you've been able to confide in about your problems, but I also slap myself in the face for not being able to make you stop.

I really love you Ginny, and as your friend, I feel you need to know that and hear it from me as much as possible.

Take care,



"I have come to the conclusion, Weasley, that you owe me," Draco Malfoy told her the following morning.

"Oh, really?" She wanted to raise an eyebrow, but she wasn't feeling strong enough to fight.

"Yes, really."

"Care to elaborate on that, Malfoy?" She asked and crossed her arms over her chest.

"No." There was an awkward pause as Ginny waited for him to say something. Feeling that he wasn't going to, she sighed impatiently.

"So?" Ginny asked.

"So," he replied with an annoying tone of voice.

"Look, Malfoy. I've got important things to do, people to see, I have better things to do than hang around you-"

"At the Three Broomsticks, six tonight," he commanded. Ginny just snorted.

"Why would I go to meet you?" She asked.

She gasped as Malfoy leaned forward in an intimidating way, and hissed, "because rumours of you throwing up on people's shoes don't go well with your already suffering social status."

"Threatening, are we?"

"Be there, and then I'll tell you what you owe me," he sneered and turned to walk away before facing her again. "Oh, and you have an ugly brown ink mark on your chin, Weasel," he said disgustedly, pushing her out of his way rudely.

Ginny wiped it away in annoyance. Could her life get any worse?


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