Mike watches Randall getting into his brand new car. Mike huffs noticing that it is a new model than his brand new car. Mike shakes his head grumbling how it was he who taught Randal in the first place. Now that he is in second place on the scare floor, Randal wants nothing to do with Mike other than to bully him like their old bullies in college. He leans on the wall at the store waiting for Sully he reminisces teaching Randall how to drive.


Randal fixes his glasses walking down the university's hall. He was really embarrassed because a lot of monsters were talking about going out for milkshakes and driving there but he couldn't drive. So he always had to say no and the other monsters would get annoyed with him accept Mike who knew he couldn't drive so would take him anytime he wanted. Randall, however, wants to learn how to drive but doesn't know if he can because of his four arms and his bad eyesight but he wants to try. He sees Mike at the end of the hallway trying to fix his retainer from where he got it stuck during lunch. The kids bullied both of them a lot because they weren't seen as scary. Mike, Randall didn't know what he could do but he was really good at school. Randal, on the other hand, can blend into any background but his glasses make him stand out. Mike notices him and smiles waving him over.

"Hey Randal, what's up?" asks Mike.

"I was wondering if you could help me with something," says Randall.

"Yeah, sure! Do you need help in a certain class? *starts rambling off different classes and the books he has* Though...I don't know why you need help in those classes, you are really smart," says Mike.

"Thanks but it isn't a homework question per se," says Randall.

"What is it?" asks Mike, confused.

"I was wondering if you could teach me to...um...driveā€¦." says Randall.

"Just that? Yeah sure! That's no problem if you don't mind an old car...I'm saving up for a new one," says Mike, sheepishly.

He rubs the back of his head.

"Oh okay...I understandā€¦.Wait! Did you say yes?" asks Randall, surprised.

He jumps up excitedly and has to fix his glasses.

"Yeah! I have a free period now or do you want to wait until after school?" asks Mike.

"After school if you don't mind," says Randal.

"That's no problem at all, meet me in front of my locker precisely at 6 o'clock every day, alright?" asks Mike.

"Every day? Are you sure you will have time for that?" asks Randall.

"Of course, how much driving experience do you have?" asks Mike.

"Well I have my permit so none?" asks Randal.

"That isn't none, that is just enough to learn how to drive," says Mike.

"So I'm not a total loss?" asks Randal.

"Of course not buddy," says Mike.

He pats the back of Randal's back and off they go to their classes. At the end of the day, Mike and Randall meet up at the lockers as they planned. Randall is rubbing his hands together nervously as they head out to Mike's old car. It is a rust bucket with old seats that don't hold together but they do work to protect the person.

"Here she is, I had to have my mom drop it off because of school rules, it isn't much but it works!" says Mike.

"I'm just thankful you are willing to help me," says Randall.

"Hey, what are friends for?" says Mike.

He smiles at Randal and Randall smiles as well. Mike takes a deep breath and they get into the car which takes a while and he gets situated. He notices that the car doesn't have airbags so puts his hands at ten and two positions. Mike has him attempt to put two of his feet beside the seat on his left and put his front right foot on the gas peddle.

"I can barely reach but it isn't comfortable," says Randall.

"I will think of a way to fix that, do you want to start this way for today?" asks Mike.

"Yeah, I want to learn my feet won't stop me," says Randall.

"That's the spirit!" says Mike.

So he calmly tries to teach Randall how to drive but because of the foot issues they end up wrecking on the first two days but Mike doesn't give up on him. He finally comes up with an idea and finds Randall. After a couple back and forth over Randall learning how to drive, Randall caves and listens to Mike. They go back to the car where Randall is told to sit sideways, which is legal because of his tail, they would have to find a safe way to do it so it doesn't block his view or the testers' view.

"Can you reach the pedal like that comfortably?"

"Yeah actually!"

"Great! Now your sight is it impaired from your tail without touching the passenger?"

"No, it's just small enough that it won't if I lay it on the floor in the middle."

He demonstrates and Mike cheers proudly that Randall figured that out on his own. They start driving which Mike braces for impact, not because he doesn't trust Randall but because he knows that this is a newer way for Randall to learn. Randall looks at his surroundings and where everything is. He then practices a few times moving his feet from back to forth on the pedals so he can know where to park and break. The two then drive to an empty parking lot to do some practice runs around. Randall does well in the parking lot but parallel parking is where he struggles the most.

"Okay, before we get you on the road we have to have more practice on steering into a parallel park, it looks like your tail wants to move with you're back legs," says Mike.

"I noticed that too actually, it's just a natural thing but I need my back feet to reach the pedals."

Mike thinks about that for a minute and has him drive them back to the school.

"We can't have you take the test without learning how to parallel park. I will think about it, you go ahead and have the next day off," says Mike.

"Are you sure about that?" asks Randall.

"Yes, trust me, soon we all will get milkshakes together!" says Mike.

Randall gulps and nods they head off in separate directions going to their dorm rooms for the night. Mike works on his school work and helping Randall at the same time while Randall works on school work and wonders why Mike is having them take the day off instead of learning how to parallel park so he can take the test. He wants to practice more on the road for at least a week. He is just getting used to the car and Mike helped him schedule an appointment for three weeks from now which gives him time to learn how to drive for a week, a week of practice, and then time to calm down before the test. He isn't sure about parallel parking though and didn't take that into a measure. He goes the rest of his day wondering what will happen. He gets a text around 8 pm telling him to get a full night's rest and to meet Mike in front of his car. He blinks thinking how fast it was for Mike to have an answer for his tail. He shakes his head clear and agrees to meet up at Mike's car at the same spot tomorrow at the same time as their usual meet uptime.

"Randall, I have a question for you, can you wrap your tail around your back legs?"

"Uh...I'm not sure."

He attempts it and it works, Mike explains that will help keep the tail out of the way more when he is parallel parking would just have to be careful with the pressure around his leg. Randall nods and they go back to the parking lot where they try parallel parking a few times with Randall wrapping his tail around his leg and it works. It takes about an hour for his tail to adjust to the new position but it helps. They then hit the road after a few tries of parking to get Randall used to driving on the road and get his hours in. They drive until ten-thirty where they go back to bed. For a whole week, the two friends go back to the parking lot to practice parallel parking and hit the road to practice some more on all types of roads. Especially not knowing where the test was going to be held as every monster is different. A week later, Randall goes and takes his test, Mike is nervous the whole day about how his test is going to go. He gets a text from Randall asking him to meet him outside.

"Bad news is they said you need a new car."

"What's the good news?"

"Do you want to go get a milkshake with my new license in five to six business days?"

He asks with a huge smile on his face. The two friends cheer and go off to celebrate over lunch together.

Back at the store, Sully is calling to his best friend trying to get Mike's attention.

"Huh? Oh sorry, Sully, what were you saying?" asks Mike.

"I wanted to know if we should stop for milkshakes, I have been pretty good on my diet and it is hot," says Sully.

"Sure pal, on me!" says Mike.

"Are you sure?" asks Sully.

"Yeah, you have been working hard and sweating a lot today," says Mike.

"Thanks buddy!" says Sully.

"What are friends for?" asks Mike.

The end.