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Thor moved through the dense forest, as silent as the whispering wind. He glanced behind him to ensure Sif was still following. Her presence reassured him. Despite what others thought, he knew her gender was no disadvantage to her as a warrior, and there was no one he preferred to have at his back. Especially on a mission like this one.

Ahead, movement caught his eye. He froze, raising a hand to Sif to signal her to stop. He needn't have bothered, though, as she'd seen it, as well. They exchanged a meaningful look. There was only one group that would be lurking in the forest at this time of day. It had to be the Frost Giant base they were after.

Thor crept closer and peered around a boulder. Definitely the Frost Giants' lair, though he could see only one of the dreaded beasts. His stomach sank as he realized that the other two were probably searching for his camp right now, looking to destroy him and his companions. He cursed silently. Volstagg was currently watching their base alone. Thor and Sif would have to hurry and get their prize so they could return and assist him before he was overwhelmed.

Sif put a hand on his arm, and he looked at her. "What's the plan?" she mouthed.

Thor tilted his head and thought. While they outnumbered the giant, Thor knew this one was incredibly clever. Even with the both of them fighting it would be difficult to take him out. Although… perhaps they did not need to stop him, only distract him long enough to get their prize. Thor grinned. He was so smart.

Through hand motions and mouthing words, Thor conveyed his plan to Sif. He would go and attack the giant, making it look like he was alone. While the beast was distracted, Sif would sneak past him and obtain the relic from inside the camp. Then she'd hurry back to their base with it. Simple enough.

Once Sif was out of eyesight, Thor took several large steps back. Then he rushed forward and, with a leap, used the boulder he'd been hiding behind as a launching point. His aim was perfect. He'd land right on the giant's back which would give him a great advantage in the fight. While he did not plan on taking out his foe, it didn't hurt to try.

Unfortunately, he'd underestimated his opponent. The instant Thor was in the air, the Jotun whirled around revealing a dagger in his hand. Thor gasped. The giant had been expecting him. It was a trap! Unless he did something soon, he'd land right on the blade. While it certainly wouldn't kill him, it might allow the giant to dispatch him before Sif was in the clear.

Thinking fast, Thor outstretched his arm and grabbed the beast's shoulder, using it to flip over the creature and narrowly avoiding the blade.

He landed in a roll, then spun around to face the creature, unsheathing his sword in one smooth movement.

"Be warned, villain," he said heroically. "I'm prepared to fight 'til my last breath!"

They began to circle each other warily. Each gripped their weapons, though both knew that the first to strike would likely be the first to fall.

The giant scoffed. "That will be a short time indeed, oaf."

Thor smirked. If he could keep up the banter, he may not have to fight the creature that much. He just needed to buy Sif enough time to get back to their base.

"T'will be a far greater time than yours, beast," he shot back.

The giant's eyes narrowed, and he sneered at him. "You have many brave words, son of Odin, but I notice you have yet to back them with any action. What's the matter? Don't tell me you're scared," he taunted.

Thor glared at him. If he didn't strike soon, the creature might get suspicious and discover Sif. He was out of time; he'd have to begin fighting.

Aloud, he scoffed. "It will take more than a sorry brute such as yourself to strike fear into the heart of Thor," he declared. "Have at thee!"

He lunged towards the beast, hoping to strike him before he could react. The Jotun crouched and held out his hands as if to brace for impact, but at the last moment he twisted away and sidestepped Thor, rapping him on the back of the head with the hilt of his dagger as the thunderer stumbled past.

Thor winced. That hurt.

He managed to turn just in time to block the giant's dagger with his sword. Sweat dripped down his brow, but he grinned nevertheless. He loved fighting.

Thor forced the dagger away from his person and pressed his advantage. He had a longer reach, so the giant had to back up constantly to get out of range or get stabbed. He didn't have the opportunity to try and strike Thor as well. Thor spied a rock on the ground behind the giant and smirked. With an expert hand, he guided the beast towards the impediment. Unaware of the stumbling block behind him, the creature shuffled towards his doom, one backwards step at a time. Finally, with a cry of alarm, the Jotun toppled over and fell to the ground. Thor was upon him in an instant, plunging his sword down into the beast's cold, black heart. "Die, fiend!" he roared.

But it was not to be. The instant before his blade pierced the beast's skin, the creature vanished in a cloud of green sparks.

Stunned, Thor whirled around and scanned the clearing. "Magic," he hissed. "That's just cheating."

A laugh filled the air, though Thor still couldn't see the Frost Giant.

"Did you really think I was so blind?" the creature jeered in a voice that sounded as if it was coming from all directions. "Did you really believe you could just fight with me and distract me until Lady Sif could get back to your camp, and that I would never be the wiser? Really, now, Thor. I'm insulted that you think me so easily fooled."

Thor paled. The Frost Giant knew of his plan. Sif was in danger. Without another moment's hesitation, he took off into the forest, hoping against hope he'd reach Sif before she could be taken down. The beast's laugh followed him.

"Run, Thor, and maybe you'll reach her in time to witness her last words."

Thor cursed himself as he stumbled through the woods. Of course the giants had been expecting his plan. Their leader was cunning and devious. Thor should have realized he'd been outwitted.

"Sif!" he called as he spied her long black hair. She was fighting off the other two frost giants, the relic strapped to her belt. While she was holding her own, she looked tired. All it would take was one slip up, and she would be finished. He had to help her.

"Thor!" she replied as she parried a blow. "They were waiting in the trees for me! As soon as I passed, they jumped me."

He blocked a sword thrust that almost clipped her head. "Don't worry. They're no match for the two of us!"

One of the giants laughed. "How very cocky of you, Thor. If your head gets any bigger it'll explode."

Thor drove a blow into the beast's stomach. "Is it still cockiness if it's true?" he bragged.

The creature doubled over and fell to the ground, groaning. Sif quickly finished it off with a spear to the heart. Now it was two against one. Thor grinned. "Not looking so confident now, are you?"

The giant regarded him gravely. "I may be outnumbered, but I will not go down without a fight."

Thor laughed and charged him, Sif right on his heels. They tag teamed him easily, and Sif lunged towards him and stabbed him with her spear.

"Ha ha!" Thor cheered. "Now there's only the leader to fight!"

The Jotun slumped to the ground, but Sif did not turn around.

"Come, Lady Sif! Let us hunt down the final foe, and end this once and for all," he said merrily.

"Thor…" Sif whispered quietly.

Thor's face fell. "What? What is it?"

She slowly turned around, and Thor gasped as he saw red blossoming on her chest.

"No," he gasped.

She stumbled forward, and Thor reached out to catch her.

"Thor, I'm sorry. He got me right as I stabbed him," she said sadly.

"It's alright," Thor said quickly. "Don't concern yourself with that."

"You must go," she whispered. "Quickly." She pulled the relic from her waist and pushed it into his hands. "You must get to the base before him."

Thor nodded gravely. "I will," he said solemnly as her small form slumped to the ground, her eyes closed.

Without another moment's hesitation, he hurried through the forest. He reached the base and found the Frost Giants' leader standing over Volstagg's fallen form.

The giant turned to him with a vicious smile. His sword dripped red, and he held their relic in his hand. "Well, well, well," he said slyly. "Where's Lady Sif? Don't tell me she's fallen, too?"

Thor raised his sword. "I assure you, fiend, her death will be avenged."

The giant laughed cruelly. "So dramatic," he mocked. With a flick of his finger, the relic disappeared into thin air. The creature pulled out another dagger. "Shall we end this?"

"Gladly," Thor said grimly. With a roar of rage, he charged forward, sword held high. The giant roared right back.

They met in a clash of blades. The giant tried to duck underneath Thor's guard and take advantage of his smaller stature, but Thor was expecting that. He backed away.

The beast growled. "You're all alone now," he taunted. "No one to save you when things get tough."

"I think you'll find me a worthy foe even without them," he shot back, thrusting his blade towards the mage's stomach.

The creature pulled away and swiped at Thor's face. He yanked his head back, and grimaced, his mind racing. He was so close to his goal, but at that moment it felt like it was leagues away. How could he get to the base without the Jotun stopping him?

"Why so quiet? Has the inevitability of your defeat finally sunk in?"

"You overestimate your own abilities," Thor retorted, dropping into a spinning kick in order to knock the beast's legs from under him.

The Jotun leaped back. He landed on a loose stone, however, and stumbled slightly. Thor jumped to his feet and stabbed towards his heart, intending to pin him. Unfortunately, the giant once again teleported away right before he could get him. Thor's blade ended up embedded deep in a tree instead of his enemy's chest.

Thor tugged but was unable to dislodge his sword. He growled, and left it. Turning quickly, he parried a strike from the giant's dagger with his forearm. Luckily, he was wearing armor, otherwise he'd be missing a layer of skin on his arm.

"Oh, no," the giant goaded smoothly. "You've lost your sword. Now what are you going to do?"

In answer, Thor reached out and grabbed both his wrists.

"What-?" the giant began, but before he could say another word, Thor concentrated and sent a surge of lightning through him. "Argh…" the giant moaned, falling to the ground convulsing.

Stepping back, Thor released him. "No, wait…" the Jotun groaned from the forest floor, reaching out a hand. "Stop…"

Thor ignored him, however. He stepped over Volstagg's body and put out his hand to touch his base. Right before he made contact with it, he looked back and made eye contact with the Frost Giant leader. His green eyes were filled with desperation. Then Thor touched the tree.

"THE AESIR WIN THE GAME," a loud voice boomed from around them.

"Huzzah!" Volstagg cheered, sitting up. "We win!"

"Ugh," the 'Frost Giant' groaned, slumping to the ground. "No fair."

"How was that unfair?" Thor said with a grin. "I bested you quite justly."

"Congratulations, my prince," said the same solemn voice that had announced his victory from behind him.

Thor turned to see Heimdall striding towards them. Thor and his friends were always asking Heimdall to referee their games for them, since he could see everything that happened without having to worry about getting in the way. He was always happy to help, though more and more often his ever-increasing duties kept him from them. His heightened senses made him an ideal sentry, and Thor's father, Odin, had confided that Heimdall was being groomed to take over the position of gatekeeper. Soon, he would watch over the Bifrost, their entryway into the nine realms. Thor was happy for his friend, though he wished he could play with them more often.

"And to Volstagg and Sif as well," a woman's voice said gently. "You both fought admirably."

Thor's face brightened as he spotted the queen of Asgard walking elegantly towards them, followed closely by Sif, Hogan, and Fandral.

"Mother!" he cried, running forward and hugging her. "Were you watching the whole time?"

She nodded. "Yes, you all were wonderful."

Thor beamed.

Loki got to his feet and trudged over to his brother and mother. His hair stood slightly on end from the shock Thor had given him.

"I was so close to winning," he groused.

Frigga smiled softly and ruffled his hair. "Perhaps next time," she comforted him.

Thor grinned. "Ha! In your dreams, little brother."

Loki glared at him. "You're only a couple decades older than me, Thor," he snapped. "Stop treating me like such a baby!"

"Alright, that's enough," Frigga soothed.

Loki huffed and threw his hands in the air, obviously not ready to stop fighting yet. "And why do I always have to be a Jotun, anyway? Next time, I'm going to be an Aesir and you can be a Frost Giant."

"Fine," Thor shrugged, with no intention of honoring that agreement. He was the future king of Asgard. He would not parade around as some silly blue beast. "Where's Father?" he asked eagerly. "I wish to tell him all about our glorious battle!"

"I actually came out to tell you," Frigga began. "He just fell into the Odinsleep, so your history lesson shall have to wait."

Thor's face went blank. "Oh, I see."

Figga sighed. Even though Odin entered the Odinsleep once a year, it was always hard on the boys to not have him around for that time. It was hard on the whole realm, really.

Odin had promised to tell his sons all about the war with the Jotnar that evening. They'd thought he still had a few more days before the sleep, but it came when it came. The boys had been looking forward to it so much though.

"It's alright, Mother," Loki said sweetly, taking her hand. "He'll simply have to tell us when he wakes up."

She smiled down at him. "That's very mature of you, Loki. Thank you for your understanding."

"Of course. There's no reason to get upset about things that are out of our control." He shrugged.

Thor nodded in agreement.

Frigga sighed happily, delighted that her boys were growing up so well. "Anyway, off to the baths with you all. You need to freshen up before dinner. Sif, boys, you're all welcome to join us."

"Thank you, Your Highness," Sif and the Warriors Three said gracefully, curtsying and bowing as appropriate.

Heimdall bowed as well. "I must decline, my Queen. My post awaits me."

She nodded. "Of course."

"Come on," Thor said, grabbing Sif and Hogan by the shoulders. "Let's go."

Loki trailed slightly behind the others as they ran back to the castle. When he was sure no one was looking, he let a devious smile curl around his lips. So, Father had entered the odinsleep, had he? Perfect. The time had finally come to use his plan.

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