Summary: Kagome has a secret. She's...what? inu youkai?! And her instincts tell her to choose the strongest male as her mate. So she chose InuYasha. However, inu youkai bitches are notoriously unfaithful and her heart is telling her to choose Kouga. And, what's this? Sessoumaru?! What's he got up his sleeve?

Rated R for InuYasha AND Kagome's potty mouths, Miroku's wandering hands, Sango's insatiable libido[what?!], Kagome's instintive motivations (sleeping around!!), and lots and lots of Lemons. Possibly...

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(A/N) In this chapter it'll be lots of flashbacks. In fact, they make up most of the chapter. The first few chapters are going to be dealing with HOW they got to where they are now. Then it'll contine on the present...or the past?... Well, however you think of it from her point of view. I think she was fifteen when she went through the well the first time, so in this fic she's twenty-one.


Six years had passed since Kagome first traveled back in time through the Bone Eater's Well, and things had changed considerably.

"Hurry up! I'm tired of waiting!"

Then again, some things never changed.

InuYasha sat in her window glancing nervously between her and the well house. "I can't believe you convinced me to leave her alone with Sango and Miroku." he said aggitated.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. He was refering to their three year old daughter, Sakura. They had left her behind when Kagome came back to her time for supplies.

But, is this really my time anymore? she thought to herself. All I do is come back for more stuff and leave. I don't even sleep here anymore. She slung her backpack onto her shoulder and said brightly, "I'll meet you outside, InuYasha. I wanna say bye to mom."

She turned and rushed out her bedroom door, slamming it to as she did. Suddenly she shrieked in pain. She heard InuYasha snickering from the other side of the door and her mom called out from the kitchen.

"Kagome," her mother called worriedly, "Are you alright?"

She opened the door carefully and removed her long white tail from the door where she had slammed it.

"I'm okay, mom!" she said, "I just slammed my tail in the door. Again!"

InuYasha could then be heard laughing histerically as he leapt down to the ground outside. She glarred at the door and cursed her luck. Of course, she thought, If it hadn't been for my horrible luck, InuYasha and I probably wouldn't have gotten together.


They had been walking for hours when they were attacked by an enormous snake youkai. It possessed several shards of the Shikon no Tama and was much more powerful than it should have been. Unfortunately, it was only InuYasha, Kagome and Shippo. Sango and Miroku had been wandering off together for months and had chosen this time to do just that. Kirara had stayed in Kaede's village to protect it from demons; with a little coaxing from Sango.

InuYasha fought furiously with the demon and Kagome let loose her arrows from a distance, while Shippo clung to her shoulders. The snake's hide appeared to be very thick armor and every wound InuYasha inflicted healed almost instantly. Kagome's arrows just bounced off.

With a mighty swing of it's tail it struck InuYasha across the chest and sent him hurling into a tree. He fell to the ground, unconscious.

The demon then turned it's attention to Kagome, specifically the huge Shikon no Kakera that hung around her neck. As it approached, she continued to shoot arrows at it, aiming for it eyes. Just inches away, she managed to hit it in it's left eye. It roared in pain and thrashed wildly. But as close as it was, Kagome got caught up in it's thrashing and was knocked to the ground. Shippo fell from her shoulders and landed on the opposite side of the snake.

She tried to stand and felt her ankle give way. She had twisted it when she fell. She watched as the snake began striking out at anything that moved. Shippo quivered from his hiding place behind a boulder. Kagome tried to stand again, but her ankle just wasn't letting her up.

Damn it! she thought, If I don't do something, we're all gonna die!

She thought of trying to wake InuYasha, but the demon was between her and the unconscious hanyou. Her heart felt like it was going to pound out of her chest. She had to make a decision. Let the demon kill them, or do something she never thought she'd do.

Then the demon turned and rushed at Shippo.

That's it, she thought, I can't let my pup die!

She quickly muttered several words in a strange language and then there was an explosion of light. The demon opened his one good eye and looked in the direction from which it came. Where once sat a ordinary human miko, now stood a beautiful inu-youkai woman. She had long white hair reaching her knees with one streak of deep aqua through the length. She had piercing, deadly, and angry golden eyes Her claws dug into her palms in anger. Her fangs were just visable over her crimson lips and her long white tail brushed the ground. And she did not look pleased!

She rushed toward the snake with incredible speed and raised her right hand. Just before she struck, two blue stripes appeared on each cheek and an amythest starburst blazed into life on her forehead. The snake's thick hide was no match for her deadly claws, and she sliced it into several pieces. Then she bent down and ripped the jewel shards from it's still twitching flesh. The demon disentagrated and she stood triumphant. She knew Shippo had seen everything and just hoped she could explain everything to him before InuYasha woke up. That way she could somehow revert to her human form and he would never know.

That, however, was not to be. Her sensitive ears picked up his labored breathing and she looked over at him. He was sitting up against the tree, holding his chest. His eyes were filled with...fear?

He had woken up at the burst of light. He couldn't believe what he had seen. This couldn't be the same girl! "K...Kagome?" he asked hesitantly.

Her eyes were filled with dispair. She nodded sadly. How could he ever love her after this?

Shippo came out of hiding and tenatively sniffed her. She still smelled like his Kagome-okaa-san. But now she also smelled like a demon. He didn't know what was going on, but she had saved him. He jumped into her arms and cried, "I was so scared, but you saved me!" He saw the look in her eyes and panicked. "Please don't leave me..." he begged.

Her eyes softened. Well, she thought, At least he still loves me.

InuYasha was quickly recovering and demanding an explaination.

"Who the hell are you!?" he demanded angrily. "What are you!? Are you really Kagome!? What the fuck is going on here!!??" Then his eyes fell on the mark on her forehead and he said coldly, "Where did you really come from, wench?"

She nodded again and began her story.

She explained how in the future demons had to hide from humans and how they learned to use spells to hide themselves. Then she explained how her family was different.

"My mother," she began, "was the youngest child of the Eastern Lord two hundred years before I was born. Her father was killed and her family overthown. She was the sole surviver. She was adopted by my human grandparents. They didn't care that she was youkai and eventually she met an inu youkai man, my father. She mated him and had me and Souta. Then he got into a fight one day with another youkai and they both dropped their human forms. The other one smelled my mother's mark on him and recognized it as the previous Eastern Lord's daughter. He killed my father and searched for us, but he didn't find us. Mom made me promise never to drop my human form to prevent them from ever finding us. Souta was still a baby, so she made sure he would never know about demons. She cast a spell on him so that he would never be able to revert to his true form. When she dies, it'll be my job to maintain it.

"When I came back in time, I debated revealing my true form, but my mother's words wouldn't let me. So, I lied to you, InuYasha. And everyone else as well. I'm an inu-youkai, born that way." She touched a finger to her mark and said, "This is the mark of my family, of the Eastern Lands. And now you know." She stood silent as her words sunk in.

He couldn't believe she had lied to him. All this time, playing the weak human, making him protect her. She should've told him! He knew he loved Kagome, even if he wouldn't admit it. But did he still love her now? She was so different from what he thought. Not to mention that in this form, she reminded him of his wretched half-brother. "I'm sorry, Kagome." he said, "I don't think I can be around you, for now."

He turned his back on her and she started to yell at him to stop. To not leave her. But she didn't. She had expected this. After all, it was a pretty big secret.

He said over his shoulder, "You can protect yourself now." Then he turned and walked slowly away.


Kagome felt tears well up from that memory, but it had turned out alright in the end. Hadn't it?

She bounded down the stairs and hugged her mom around the neck. "Bye!" she said joyfully, "I'll see you next month."

Her mom hugged her back and said, "I better, and bring your pups with you. Sakura's getting so big." Then her mother's expression fell a little and she said sadly, "And I haven't even seen Kei."

Kagome once again felt the sadness begin to overwhelm her. Her mother was talking about her oldest child, Keiya. She had never brought him to her time. She didn't know if InuYasha could stand it.


It had been two months since she had revealed her secret to InuYasha, and two months since she had seen him. Her world seemed to have frozen. She had left Shippo at Kaede's village and he had told Sango, Miroku and Kaede what had happened. She promised to come back for him, but she needed time alone to think. And to wallow in misery. All she did was wander around the countryside, killing demons and collecting jewel shards. That was when she found Kouga. Or more like he found her. He had heard of her transformation and was actively seeking her to find out if it was true.

She topped a hill and just stared with lifeless eyes down at the beautiful field before her. Normally she would have run around, picking flowers and begging InuYasha to stop for the night so she could bathe in the hotsprings nearby. But now it meant nothing to her. She let out a heavy sigh and just sat down on the ground.

Then her ears twitched and her nose began sniffing the air. A demon was coming. And it had jewel shards. Then she recognized the scent. Kouga, she thought absently, What does he want?

Just as she finished her thought, the wolf demon appeared before her and just stared for the longest time. She began to grow impatient and said angrily, "What?! Do I have something on my face?!"

It was rare, for the last two months, for her to feel any emotion other than despair. Of course, anger was almost as unpleasant.

He shook his head, still staring. Then he smiled wide and said, "You ARE youkai! How wonderful!" Then he grabbed her around the waist and hefted her into a giant bear/wolf hug.

She felt a small smile tugging at her lips and dislodged herself from him. Even Shippo hadn't actually been happy she was a demon. Of course, she should've expected it from Kouga. The guy was totally obsessed with her.__________________________________________________________________________________________________

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