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Bruce POV

Can this day get any better? Bruce thought even as he dug himself out of the pile of burnt wood that was currently trapped in. I mean first I get to meet three of the coolest sidekicks around, and then I get to save people with them! He was more excited then he could ever remember being. Unfortunately, that meant he had to be even more careful then usual so as to not cause any more damage to the building as he was digging. Paying for repairs is probably going to be a nightmare as it is, no need to make it worse.

As he finally managed to clear his path and escape, he wondered to himself what was so important about that elevator? It must have something to do with why they were really here. He felt bad about making them feel obligated to help him, but he had really needed it. If he had had to jump up to the next floor over and over, the floor would have collapsed long before he got everyone out.

He made his way back to the elevator where he met the not-sidekicks. And they left me he thought. Then again why would they want me to come along? As Flash Boy? Flash Kid? Kid Flash? said, they don't know me. He looked at the open elevator shaft, which still had Robin's line hanging from the top. Well, why not give them the chance to see me in action? He thought before grabbing the line and lowering himself slowly down until he reached sublevel twenty-six. Gaping shaft or door that was clearly forced open? he thought as he eyed the slightly dented elevator door that was mostly open.

Jumping through the door, he walked through the hallway until he came upon a large room with huge doors on either side. What is so big that they need doors this big to walk around? he thought. On second thought, I don't want to know. Seeing a single human sized hallway, he started down it and entered the open door at the end of it. As he got his first glimpse of the containers along the wall that housed the electric creatures, he thought well that's one way to power a lair. He continued on until he came to a closed elevator door. Didn't feel the need to break this one Aqualad? he thought with amusement.

Grabbing the two sides of the door he heaved it open. It was louder than he would have liked, but when a few moments passed and nobody came running he shrugged. What is keeping them so distracted that they missed that? Oh well I'm not complaining. Seeing the empty shaft, he noticed that there was no line for him to use this time. Oh well, if they were distracted enough to miss that racket maybe they'll miss me climbing down too? he thought before realization struck him. Maybe the reason they are so distracted is because they noticed Aqualad and the others! They might need help. Here's my chance! and with that what hesitation he once had was gone.

It took him a moment to realize that maybe he should have payed more attention and not gotten caught up in the moment as he missed the first handhold and started freefalling through the elevator shaft. There's no way this is going unnoticed! he thought as he tried to slow himself down. Grabbing each ledge he could find, he tried to hold on to them in the hopes that one would hold him, but he was going too fast and each one broke before they could stop him, resulting in his speed slowing, but not enough to stop him completely. Seeing the elevator at the bottom of the shaft, he thought to himself don't break, don't break, please don't break! though he had slowed down significantly, he still hit the elevator with enough speed to break through the top with an almighty CRASH.

As he stood up in the elevator, it lurched dangerously so he jumped through the open doors just as it fell, hitting the bottom of the shaft with another, much smaller crash. Oh boy, that was close. Guess we're not using the elevator to get out. Hope there aren't too many stairs. Looking around, he tried to figure out where he should go. Right or left? he thought before hearing movement down one of the paths approaching quickly. If I'm right and Aqualad's team are the reason they were distracted before, then it probably means that they were down there. he glancing at the tunnel that was getting louder. Don't worry guys, I'm coming.

He waited until the first of the imp like creatures came into view before he bolted forward and jumped right over their heads. "Heads up!" he called with a grin as he sprinted further down the path. Nearing the end of the path, he noticed a large closed door that was surrounded by scientists and creatures all trying to get inside it. "What's up everybody? Staff meeting? Tony's birthday? Having a party? I'm upset that you forgot to invite me." he said to the large group that had started staring at him. "What are you… How are you… Why are you… Urgh!" said the scientist who seemed to be in charge, a brown-haired man with glasses.

"To answer your questions in order, first of all I'm human…ish, second of all, you are the scientist so if I have to explain the facts of life to you it's going to be even more embarrassing to you then it is to me, third of all-" he answered before he was cut off by a tremendous BOOM coming from the formerly closed door. Out of the room ahead stepped a black-haired teen with blue eyes and a very recognizable symbol on his chest. What the heck! he thought as he saw the young Superman lookalike. "Excellent." said the lead scientist with a smirk. "Let's see how you deal with the weapon. Get him!" he ordered the clone who immediately charged Bruce with a devastating right hook… that he caught. Gripping the Kryptonian fist, Bruce glared at the teen before asking "What did you do to my friends?" in a more serious tone then he had used all day. His opponent's only response was to use his other fist to punch him in the face which knocked him into the wall. Getting up, Bruce allowed his iron grip on his emotions slip, just a little, causing his eyes to glow green. "My turn." He said quietly before throwing his own punch at the clone, sending him flying back into the room from which he came. As he moved to follow however, a small horned creature jumped onto his shoulder before lighting up it's horns and making his world go black.

As he crawled his way back to consciousness, he groaned as he felt the headache rolling in. What the heck happened? he wondered as he climbed out of the pod he was in. Wait, pod? Glancing back, he saw a large plexiglass pod that had three of the small horned creatures housed in plexiglass pods of their own behind it. "Hey, are you alright?" he heard from beside him. Turning, he was met by the expectant gaze of Robin who was eyeing him critically. "I'm fine, just confused." he said. "As are we." came the voice of Aqualad as he approached with Kid Flash. "No kidding. Why would you follow us, and why did you get the same kind of pod as Superboy when we got those?" asked the speedster gesturing at the pods he and the others had apparently been in. "We can talk later but for now we must leave before reinforcements arrive." Aqualad said before Bruce could answer. "Right." Bruce said before spotting the silent clone waiting in the corner. "Wait a sec, what's going on here?" he asked suspiciously. "It is alright, our friend here was not in full control of his own actions. He helped free us." Aqualad told him, hoping to prevent a confrontation. After a moment Bruce said "Alright, let's get out of here before we get some unwanted visitors."

As they started to leave, the scientist from before started to speak. "You, you'll never get out of here! I'll have you back in pods before morning!" he blustered as they filed out. "That guy is not whelmed. Not whelmed at all." said Robin before he threw batarangs that exploded at four spheres three of which contained a red substance that seemed to be blood and the fourth of which that had something that looked similar, but had a slight glow about it inside. "What is it with you and this whelmed thing?" Kid Flash asked as he and Robin followed the others out.

As they passed a sign that said which level they were on, Aqualad said "We are still forty two levels below ground, but if we can make the elevator…" he paused at the sight of an enormous genomorph farther down the hall and large glowing red sacs on the walls started to have imp like genomorphs crawl out of them. "Uh, about that…" started Bruce as he remembered the collapsed elevator. "Yeah, we see them, move!" shouted Kid Flash, causing them all to step back in time to miss the giant limb coming down on where they had been standing just a moment before. With a roar, Superboy jumped at the creature and punched it hard enough to knock its giant body to the ground. As he landed however, he was crushed by the stomp of another that had taken its place. He forced its foreleg up and with another roar punched the second one into the floor causing the hallway to tremble. "Superboy, the goal is escape not to bury ourselves here!" Aqualad called at the raging superclone. "You want escape?" he responded before throwing one of his fallen enemies at the two that were approaching them.

Rushing past the fallen enemies, the five made their way to the elevator. It had no door, but luckily for Bruce it seemed as though that wasn't going to be a problem. Kid Flash jumped to the first ledge and Robin fired off his grappling hook to pull him up. Bruce jumped as high up into the elevator shaft as he could, digging his hand into the wall to support him. As the last two not in the shaft, the remaining genomorphs tried to attack Aqualad and Superboy. Reacting fast, Superboy grabbed Aqualad and jumped high up into the shaft. Unlike Bruce however, he did not anticipate gravity taking hold of him. As he started falling, his eyes widened along with everyone else's. "I- I'm falling." he whispered in shock. Thinking fast, Robin shot a long projectile into the wall beside them for Aqualad to catch. "Superman can fly." he continued. "Why can't I fly?" "Don't know" started Kid Flash. "but it looks like you can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Still cool." he added, trying to cheer up the shell-shocked clone. As he landed on the ledge that the speedster was on, he turned to him. "Thank you." he said, his tone still somewhat lost.

"Guys, this will have to be our exit!" Robin shouted seeing the elevator coming down from above. Wait, they fixed it already! thought Bruce, remembering the damage he'd done previously to the elevator. Nah, they probably used a different elevator. Aqualad broke through the door to the next floor with everyone else following quickly behind him. Bruce just managed to get out of the shaft in time for the elevator to go past him in a blur. "That was too close." he said, thankful he didn't get hit.

Moving into the more office-like floor, they got to the intersection between corridors and saw a swarm of the imp-like genomorphs coming their way. They started running the opposite direction before Superboy suddenly shouted "Go left, left!" Doing as directed, the group took the left turn and bolted further into the floor. A moment later, he once again shouted "Right!" Trusting him, they turned right only to find themselves in a dead end.

"Great directions Supey. You trying to get us re-podded?" Kid Flash criticized. "No. I… I don't understand." said the confused clone "Don't apologize. This is perfect!" Robin exclaimed.

Taking the cover off of the vent on the wall, he jumped in without hesitation. "You coming?" he asked before going in further and activating his wrist computer. One by one, each of them climbed into the vent and started moving. As they moved, Kid Flash eventually started grumbling "Grr, at this rate, we'll never get out." "Shh." Superboy cut off any further complaints. "Listen." A faint skittering and the shrieks that came from the imps could be heard in the distance. They quickly exited the vents and Robin got to hacking once more. When he finished, Robin sported a cocky smirk and said "I hacked the motion sensors." "Sweet." Kid Flash commented appreciatively. "Still plenty of them between us and out." Robin shot back. "But I've finally got room to move." said the speedster as he pulled his goggles over his eyes. "No kidding, those vents were cramped for someone of our size." Bruce said gesturing to Superboy even as Kid Flash took off up the stairs. Using his superior size and speed, he knocked down the imps on the stairs and cleared the path for the others to follow. "More behind us!" Robin yelled as he ran after his speedy friend. Superboy paused in his running and stomped on the stairs he had just cleared, causing them to fall and shaking off their pursuers.

At the top of the stairs, Kid Flash exited into the hallway and saw a blast door close before he could get very far. "Oh crud." he muttered right before he crashed into the door and bouncing off with a thud. "We're cut off from the street." Aqualad noted. "Thanks, my head hadn't noticed." Kid Flash said sarcastically. Superboy punched it hard before grabbing one side and trying to force it open. Aqualad grabbed the other side in an attempt to help, but their efforts were in vain. Robin tried hacking the door while they struggled against the door. "Can't hack this fast enough…" he muttered in frustration. In desperation, Bruce lightly pushed Superboy and Aqualad out of the way, his brown eyes once more glowing green. Grabbing both sides, he pushed as hard as he could with his brows furrowed in concentration. With a grunt of effort, he started to slowly pry them open, but before he could open it enough for Kid Flash, their smallest companion, to slip through more of the giant genomorphs started to approach. "This way!" shouted Robin as he kicked in a door to the side. Letting the doors slide shut once more, Bruce followed the others out of the room only to find the next room flooded with genomorphs of all sizes and with Guardian at the head. They all assumed a battle stance, but the small genomorph's horns all lit up and before they could react, teenagers all fell down unconscious.

When he woke up again in the same room and surrounded by the same people, Bruce could only assume that they had only been out a few minutes at most. What was the point of knocking us out if they were only going to wake us up again? Bruce wondered. Then he noticed Superboy talking to a human-sized humanoid genomorph with large horns. "I… choose… freedom." the clone said with conviction. Guardian, who was standing to the side and without his usual shoulder mounted mind controller put his hand to his golden helmet. "Feels like… fog lifting." he said. The teens all stood back up and Aqualad questioningly asked "Guardian?" The armored hero turned to him and said "Go. I'll deal with Desmond." "I think not." Said a voice from behind him. The genomorphs parted to reveal Dr. Desmond with a hand hidden in his coat.

"Project Blockbuster will give me the power to restore order to Cadmus." the not so good doctor said, revealing the glowing blue vial he had hidden in his lab coat. He chugged the whole thing in one go and groaned as he collapsed, beginning a grizzly transformation. His skin turned an ashen grey color and he over doubled in size, muscles bulging as his shirt and coat ripped off of him. His eyes turned black with a red pupil and the creature that used to be Dr. Desmond grinned as it looked at them. "Everyone back!" yelled Guardian as he took a combat stance in preparation of a fight. He rushed at the creature only to get smacked into a wall hard enough to knock him out.

Superboy charged in and punched the creature before getting punched in return, knocking him back a bit. The clone managed to get three more hits in before getting punched into the floor hard enough to make him slide nearly to the wall behind him. Enraged, Superboy jumped to try getting in a crushing aerial strike, but the creature he was fighting jumped with a roar of its own, grabbing him and going through the roof as well. The other teens ran over to the new hole in the roof and Robin commented "That's one way to bust through the ceiling." he shot off his grappling hook just as Kid Flash followed after him and asked "You think lab coat planned that?" Bruce snorted at that and said "Nobody ever plans that." I know from experience he thought.

He and Aqualad jumped up to where the others were just in time for Aqualad to get hit by Superboy, who was thrown by the former scientist. While the others went back to check on them, Bruce launched himself at the creature who punched him hard enough to send him flying far past his companions. As he got out of the crater that he found himself in, he thought Ok, now I'm angry. He jumped up and landed on the highest part of the Cadmus facility. Picking his target, he launched himself at the creature who had no time to react before it was punched in the chest. It didn't fall, but it dug its feet in and made two long gashes in the concrete it stood on.

"Do you guys mind if I go all out?" Bruce called to his new friends. "Because this guy is making me angry." his eyes once more glowed green, causing the creature to hesitate "You won't like me when I'm angry." he said his calm tone betrayed by the furious glint in his eyes. "You've been holding back!" Kid Flash questioned incredulously. "If you think it will help, please do." Aqualad answered seriously. "Cool." Bruce said before he quickly added "Uh, do you think you could distract him for a minute? It would be very… not good if I didn't do this right." "Do what you need to do." said Superboy. "We'll keep him busy." Kid Flash added before charging at the creature who had finally lost its patience and started charging.

Sliding under it, the speedster got on his hands and knees as Superboy and Aqualad both punched the creature, making it stumble back and trip over Kid Flash. "Learned that one in kindergarten." he said to the fallen behemoth as Bruce got in a track-runners' stance, his eyes closed. Robin jumped over the redhead and threw two batarangs at the creature who batted them away with one hand. It stood and rushed the approaching Superboy, slamming him into a pillar. The clone responded with a punch powerful enough to shift the air forcefully away from his fist. He tried for a second punch, but the creature smashed him further into the pillar. As it raised its arm for another punch, Aqualad caught its arm with his water bearers in the form of dual whips. The creature used the whips to yank the atlantean forward, but it didn't expect him to be ready for that and use it to kick it and jump onto the pillar where he turned the whips into a two-handed mace. He tried to use the mace to crush the creature, but it caught it and used it to throw him from the pillar to the ground hard. Using its other hand, the creature threw Superboy into another pillar, putting large cracks in it and making parts of it fall on the clone. As it turned to attack the fallen Aqualad, Kid Flash ran forward to intercept, only to get picked up and used as weapon against Aqualad who had recovered and tried to attack again. After being hit into a pillar, Aqualad was attacked again by the creature who smashed him through the pillar he was already nearly embedded in. The impact shook the foundations of the building, shaking it and forming cracks on the other support pillars. "Of course." Robin said after realizing this. "KF, get over here!" he called getting the speedster's attention. Looking at his wrist computer, he pulled up the schematics of the room they were in. "I've got a plan-" the bird themed protégé started before being interrupted by Bruce saying "No need, just stay out of the way." before Starting to charge at the creature who had Aqualad stuck in the wall and was pounding on the shield he had conjured with his water bearers.

As he ran, Bruce allowed his anger to fill him, flooding his mind until he was seeing red and he began to change. With each step he grew taller his growth in height only being outpaced by his growth of muscle mass, his shirt ripping off in seconds. His most distinct change was in the color of his skin. It went from a light color with a light tan to a acidic green color to match his glowing eyes. Seeing him coming, Superboy only just had time to move out from where he had been about to try to help Aqualad and out of the charging behemoth's path. With a roar, the new giant grabbed the former scientist and lifted him over his head to slam him into the ground creating a crater. Grey met green as both giants pounded into each other in a flurry of blows that started shaking the room once more. The grey one managed to get in a punch that threw the emerald titan into the same wall that Aqualad had formerly been stuck in. Trying to press its advantage, it advanced on its opponent before being tackled through the three pillars on the right side of the room. The not so jolly green giant left it on the ground to grab one of the remaining pillars and ripped it out of the ground to use as a weapon against the enraged grey colossus. He did not anticipate his opponent recovering and punching him before taking his makeshift weapon and trying to spear him with it. He managed to shatter it and push his opponent only to hear the small people that he recognized as not to be smashed yelling at him to get out of the way. Unfortunately, his opponent also noticed them.

As the grey beast charged at them, he tackled it and put himself in between the two opposing sides. He punched the creature in the head to stun it, then the chest to knock it back. The creature recovered enough to roar its challenge to the other giant. Roaring his answer, big and green dug his feet into the ground and spread his arms to either side in preparation. What used to be Desmond growled before charging in with a roar, sealing his fate. As it charged forward, the green giant brought his hands together in the most powerful clap this world had ever seen. A sound like thunder echoed loud enough to temporarily deafen all those around it without the sense to cover their ears and the monster was blown back only to be caught by the thunderclapper and smashed into the ground, knocked out cold. He didn't realize that his clap had also shattered the remaining support pillars until the room started collapsing in on them the rest of the building soon following suit. Catching sight of the small ones about to be crushed under the debris he rushed over and punched the falling rubble, scattering it and giving them all time to leave safely.

"We… did… it." Aqualad said through his gasping breath. "Was there… any ever… doubt?" Robin asked panting as well before high fiving Kid Flash. Both ended up regretting it as they winced and grabbed at their bruised and battered ribs. It didn't help that this caused them to crack up, making their pain worse and their breath to become that much more labored. Both were quickly silenced when the green giant started laughing as well, his laughter quickly drowning out their own before he started shrinking. Before their eyes the behemoth that brought down the building once more became the teenager that had come along for the ride. Seeing the stares of his companions, Bruce asked "So did I pass?" "Pass?" asked Aqualad, confused. "Yeah, you guys took it easy on him to test me, right? Did I pass the test?" Robin and Kid Flash shared a look before the speedster said "I suppose you did alright, but you'll need some training up." "Yeah, we could have handled it, but we decided to let you have a crack at it." Robin added with his eyes twinkling with mischief.

Turning to Superboy, the redhead said "See? The moon." As they all turned to see the moon, a distant form approached from the sky eventually revealing itself to be the Big Blue Boy scout himself. "Oh. And Superman." Kid Flash added in surprise. "Do we keep our promises or what?" he added jokingly. Superman and the rest of the fliers of the Justice League came in for a landing with those who couldn't fly being brought by one of the Green Lanterns. Superboy stepped forward drawing the attention of the Man of Steel whose eyes narrowed. When he lifted the damaged part of his suit to show the Kryptonian crest, those narrowed eyes widened in shock before closing off again, clearly on guard. "Is that what I think it is?" Batman asked quietly from where he stood behind Superman. "He doesn't like being called an it." Kid Flash said in warning, but Superboy spoke before anyone could respond. "I'm Superman's clone." His declaration sent concerned looks throughout the League members. Batman narrowed his eyes and said simply "Start talking."

After telling the League their story, they separated into groups to discuss with the only exceptions being those who left to put the newly minted 'Blockbuster' into containment. Superman eventually came over and had a small conversation with Superboy, but Bruce didn't pay attention. He was still trying to get over the fact that all his favorite heroes were here. Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, even Captain Marvel is here! And they all heard what I did too. I wonder if they'll be impressed. Maybe one of them needs a sidekick? That would be so- his thoughts were interrupted by the approach of Batman, Flash, and Aquaman who had just finished their interrogation of Guardian.

"Cadmus will be investigated, all fifty-two levels, as will you," Batman glanced at Bruce as he said this before continuing "but let's make one thing clear- "Batman started before getting cut off by Flash. "You should've called!" Batman continued "End results aside, we are not happy. You hacked Justice League systems, disobeyed direct orders, and endangered lives." at this his eyes flickered to Bruce, though whether he thought Bruce was put in danger or was the danger was unclear. "You will not be doing this again." he finished. "I am sorry, but we will." Aqualad spoke up. "Aqualad, stand down." said Aquaman, but the young atlantean would not be discouraged even by his mentor. "Apologies my king, but no. We did good work here tonight, the work you trained us to do. Together on our own we forged something powerful, important." "If this is about your treatment at the hall, the three of you- "Flash started, but he was cut off by Kid Flash, who said "The five of us, and it's not." "Batman, we're ready to use what you taught us, or why teach us at all?" Robin added. "Why let them tell us what to do?" Superboy asked from the back of the group before stepping forward and saying "It's simple. Get on board or get out of the way." Bruce turned to the others with a wide grin. "Are we starting our own team! Awesome! Hey can we be called the Avengers? Like some kind of Earth's Mightiest Heroes or something? It could be so- "he was cut off by a burning batglare. After trading looks with Flash and Aquaman, Batman told them "Give me a few days to make arrangements. If you are going to do this, you might as well do it right."

"Hey, what about Superboy? He doesn't exactly have a place to stay…" Robin asked. "I have a place he can stay here in DC." Wonder Woman said stepping forward. Turning to the clone in question she said "It's not much, but it's a place to eat and sleep until other arrangements can be made." "Thank you." Superboy said quietly. "Uh, so I'll just meet someone at uh, the Hall of Justice?" Bruce asked nervously. "You live in DC?" Batman asked suspiciously. "Uh, yeah, yeah I live here." Bruce said. The Dark Knight's famous glare was dangerously close to reappearing before he finally said "Alright. Someone will be waiting for you at the Hall of Justice in three days at eight o'clock am. Do not be late."


As excited as he was, running up to the doors of the Hall of Justice at a speed that wouldn't stand out was a struggle for Bruce. At least at a pace that doesn't stand out any more then someone running into the headquarters of the Justice League already does. he thought before he caught sight of the bronze statues of the founding Leaguers. Woah he thought before the door opened revealing the Martian Manhunter.

"Welcome, Mr. Banner. You are right on time." said the green skinned alien. "Oh hey, so Batman sent you to get me?" Bruce asked as they started walking into the building. "Yes. I am already bringing someone with me anyway, so I was volunteered to collect you as well. Plus, Batman wanted to find out if you are a martian." the shapeshifter answered. "What? I'm not a martian! No offence because you are awesome and all, but I'm a native earthdweller." Bruce was kind of flattered that they thought that it was a possibility, but he knew what he was. "I know. Your mind feels nothing like a martian's." Manhunter replied with amusement. "You were reading my mind?" Bruce asked with some concern. "No, I was only feeling the outer layer. It helps me tell the race of the person I am speaking with."

Before he could elaborate further, a younger female martian with red hair in a white top crossed with red lines and attached to a blue skirt with a blue cape appeared and said "Hi there! I'm Ms. Martian! Who are you? Are you going to be one of my teammates?" And just like that Bruce thought of something that made him feel like an idiot. "I uh… just realized. I don't actually have a hero name. How can I be a hero without a hero name? Even Superboy came with a hero name! What am I going to do?" "Slow down. Let's think about this calmly." the Manhunter said with the calm he was trying to inspire. "Now, what are your powers?" he asked. "Well, I've got super strength. A lot of it. But how am I going to make a name out of that? Call myself Strongman?" Bruce asked doubtfully. "In the report your team gave Batman, you mentioned turning into a hulking behemoth to fight Blockbuster. Perhaps you can-" he was cut off as Bruce excitedly said "Say that last bit again!" "Behemoth to fight-" "No before that." "You mentioned turning into a hulking- ""That's it! I'll be the Incredible Hulk!" Bruce said, proud to have a hero name. "Huh." said Miss Martian before continuing "You change forms? Are you sure you're not a… nope not a martian. Well, I'm happy for you!" she finished with a smile.

"Unfortunately, we are as of now, late." Said Martian Manhunter, waiting by a walkway that seemed to be guarded by a scanner. "I will authorize you one at a time so when I point to you, simply walk into this hallway." he said by a console. "Miss Martian, you first." Bruce watched as she walked in only to disappear. "You next Hulk. I will follow you." the martian informed him. "Alright." he said walking into the hall. I hope this won't kill me he worried before suddenly he was somewhere else.

He heard Batman talking ahead. "The six of you will be that team." "Cool." he heard Robin respond. They all wore civilian clothing, but it was easy to tell who was who. "Wait. Six." Batman gestured to them as he and Miss Martian stepped forward with Martian Manhunter behind them. "This is the Martian Manhunter's niece, Miss Martian. And you already know the Hulk." Batman introduced them. "Wait you're a martian?" Kid Flash asked incredulously. "No, I'm not a martian. Why does everyone keep thinking that? Honestly the bigger question should be how does he know my hero name already? I literally just came up with it!" Bruce responded gesturing at the Dark Knight. When everyone glanced questioningly at him except Robin, his simple response was "I'm Batman." As if that was the only answer needed. And it was.

As Kid Flash turned to Miss Martian, his reaction was completely different. "Liking this gig more and more every minute." he said to Robin. Turning to Miss Martian he said "Welcome aboard. I'm Kid Flash. That's Robin, Aqualad. It's cool if you forget their names." "I'm honored to be included." she said. As Kid, Robin, and Aqualad went over to speak with her, Superboy held back and watched. Robin turned to him and called over "Hey Superboy, come meet Miss M." As he came over, Miss Martian's clothes began to change, the white on her top becoming black and the cape disappearing. "I like your t-shirt." she told him shyly, causing him to smile lightly. Robin lightly elbowed him to get his attention before muttering "Swoosh." Kid Flash raced over and put an arm around him with a smile to Miss Martian before they all turned to Aqualad who said "Today is the day." They all thoroughly agreed.

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