"He thinks the whole assassination plot is ludicrous. He's riding in that entourage," Lom Trevers said as he sipped his coffee over breakfast with Heyes, Kid, and Sam.

"It's not ludicrous," Sam said with an urgency in his voice that drew Lom's attention. "And his death will change history. Maybe not in some big way, but certainly in a number of small ways. Two of those small ways are sitting right here with you," Sam replied.

"I need to show him proof," Lom said.

"Just how do you expect us to show him proof, Lom?" Heyes asked. "The proof comes after the fact, not before it."

Something about the tones of their voices told Lom their concern was very real, that they honestly believed the Governor's life was in danger and that there would indeed be consequences to suffer.

"Can you get us an audience with him? An hour is all we'd need."

"Sam, the percentage number is rising. It's almost at one hundred percent," Al said while standing behind Sam.

Sam stretched his neck in acknowledgment of Al's presence.

"Names, I need names," Sam said under his breath.

"What?" Lom asked and again, Kid suspected Sam's friend was now present.

"Just thinking out loud," Sam replied.

"Sam, in the original history, Governor Moonlight didn't die, he wasn't even hurt. I can't dig up names that just aren't there," Al explained.

"So what changed?" Sam asked.

"What do you mean, what changed? I don't follow you," Lom told Sam.

"I do," Kid replied. "Sam, can I talk to you alone, out on the porch maybe?"

Sam nodded, knowing Kid was providing him an opportunity to have a direct conversation with Al.

"We'll be right back," Kid explained and he and Sam headed out on to the porch where Sam saw Al waiting.

"I'm just going to stand nearby so it looks like you're talking to me," Kid explained. "You two have whatever conversation you need."

Sam nodded to Kid, but spoke to Al. "Something had to have changed, Al. If the original history was that the Governor wasn't harmed, what changed to alter the history to him being harmed?"

Al jabbed at the hand link and soon it was lighting up and squealing at him.

"Oh, Sam, you're not going to believe this."

"What is it, Al?" Sam asked with great urgency.

"It's... him."

"Kid?" Sam asked

"What?" Kid replied.

"No, Kid, I'm still talking to Al," Sam explained. "What did Kid do to change history?"

"I killed the Governor?"Kid asked in disbelief.

"No, of course not." Sam was growing both confused and impatient. "Al, what part of Kid's history changed that resulted in the Governor being assassinated?"

"Kid Curry gets called out for a gun fight at noon today. It's a fair fight, but he kills the man."

"He kills a man, today?" Sam asked.

"I what?" Kid asked, growing a bit concerned.

"He kills a man by the name of...Jim Santana."

Sam turned to Kid. "You know somebody named Jim Santana?"

"I've met him...Why?"

"Ziggy says you kill Jim Santana at noon today."

Kid's eyes grew very wide. "If I were to do that... Sam, ask your friend if I was to give him some names, would he be able to tell if they're the ones out to kill the Governor?"

"Al can hear you, Kid. You just can't hear him."

"Give me some names," Al said urgently.

"He wants names, Kid. Now."

"Ah... Wheat Carlson, Kyle Murtry, ah...ah... Tom Colby."

Al punched in the names with rapid precision and the hand link went into overdrive squealing and lighting up."

"That's it, Sam! When Kid kills Jim Santana, his entire gang comes in to kill the Governor, just to keep Heyes and Curry from ever getting their amnesty?"

"What's he saying?" Kid asked urgently.

"You're not going to like it."

"Like what? Tell me!"

"Kid, you and Heyes are the reason the Governor gets killed."


"Ziggy says you have a shoot out with Jim Santana at noon today. You kill him. His entire gang comes to town for revenge. Their revenge is to kill the Governor, not you or Heyes. By killing the Governor, you and Heyes never get your amnesty."

Kid's jaw dropped and he stared at Sam. "Jim and me ain't friendly, never have been, but I wouldn't kill him... That can't be right, Sam...I wouldn't kill him."

"Sam, ask Kid if he would kill the man if he was trying to hurt his partner."

Sam winced and shot Al a angry look. "Kid, Al wants to know if you would kill Jim if he was trying to hurt Heyes?"

Kid's lower lip began to quiver as his blue eyes stared into Sam's. Then slowly his head began to nod. "I'd kill anyone that tried to hurt Heyes," he said, his voice barely above a whisper.

"Kid, go back up to the room. Lock the door and stay there. Don't come out for any reason. Heyes and I will be up there as soon as we can."

"Sam, them names I gave you, they're all members of the Devil's Hole Gang. The Gang Heyes led."

"Which explains why they didn't go after you or Heyes, doesn't it?"

Kid sighed heavily.

"Don't waste time, Kid. Get upstairs."

Kid nodded, then turned on his heals and headed up the stairs.

Sam returned to the dining room and sat down. Al hovered nearby.

"I think we've got it figured out, Heyes," Sam said.

"Good, you want to explain it? And where's Kid?"

"It's... It's a complicated story... But I think the Governor is safe. I don't think they'll be an assassination attempt."

"You don't think?" Lom repeated.

Al again jabbed at the hand link. "Sam, if you and Heyes can get the Kid out of town in the next half hour, so he doesn't even run in to this Jim Santana, the odds of the Governor being killed or even hurt drop to zero point four percent."

"I was wrong, Sheriff. I now know the Governor is safe. But I also know Heyes, Kid and I have to get out of town fast. Nobody's done anything wrong, Sheriff. Nobody's done anything illegal... But we have to get out of town."

Lom had no idea what to think, and Heyes was equally confused. But Heyes had come to trust Sam and was willing to go along with him.

"If we need to get out of town fast, we'd better get moving," Heyes said.

"Sam, I'm going back to the waiting room to watch this history evolve. I'll be back if I'm needed."

Sam nodded. "Thanks, Al."

Who's Al?" Lom asked.

Sam shook his head. "It's just something I say for good luck."

"We'd better get going, Sam," Heyes prodded. "Lom, Kid and me will stop by Porterville real soon."

"You do that, Heyes. And bring a full explanation with you."


Half an hour later Kid, Heyes, and Sam were riding down the rode heading west. Sam and Kid were doing their best to explain to Heyes what Al and Ziggy had discovered and Heyes was doing his best to absorb and process everything.

For Heyes, the easiest part to believe was that Kid would kill anyone who tried to harm him, even if that someone was the likes of Jim Santana.

"So,if this is all resolved, Sam, will you be leaving soon?" Kid asked.

"Yes. Whenever the powers that be feel it's time. I have no control over where or when I leap."

"You call it leaping?" Kid asked.

Sam nodded. "The project is actually called Project Quantum Leap."

"I'm going to miss your little imaginary friend. He turned out to be quite helpful."

"He is quite helpful, Kid. In fact, Al is to me what Heyes is to you."

"Almost," Kid replied. "At least your friend disappears once in a while and gives you a little peace and quiet.. I gotta listen to Heyes day in and day out," Kid added and shot his partner a teasing smile.

"When you do leap, Hadley will be back?" Heyes asked.

"That's right.

"Heyes chuckled. "He's gonna wonder how he got to the other side of the state with two strangers, and why he don't remember none of the traveling."

"Oh, I'm sure you two will think of something to tell him. After all, Heyes, I hear you have a silver tongue."

With that...

Sam began to leap.