Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of the Twilight books. I did use some of the plot, re-written, from the original Breaking Dawn story to support my main scene. Please enjoy!

Part One: Bella

After the goodbye at the wedding, Edward and I arrived at the airport in Seattle after a quick drive, as was usual when he was driving. It was late, and we breezed through security, Edward carrying both of our bags. He made it look easy.

We arrived at the gate, tickets in hand. "Are we going to Houston?" I asked, eyeing the screen above the flight attendants desk.

"We are only stopping there," Edward said, planting a kiss on my temple. "Come on, our honeymoon awaits!"

The attendant scanned our tickets, passing a curious glance at Edward, like everyone always did. He didn't seem to notice.

When we were seated, I yawned, and Edward handed me one of those little airplane blankets and a pillow. I passed out quickly and slept through the short flight, waking only when we landed. "What time is it?" I asked through my sleepy haze.

"Ten in the evening, but midnight to us with the time difference," he said as everyone around us stood up to exit the plane. That explained why I was still so tired. He grabbed our luggage while I stayed sitting until it was our turn to go.

Edward guided me expertly through the airport to our next gate.

"Is Rio our final stop? I'm exhausted," It was true, I was barely able to keep my eyes open.

Edward shook his head, chuckling. "Just another stop along our way!" I grumbled in response, but I was excited and curious to know where we were going.

This flight was longer than the first, but more comfortable in first class. Edward held me in his stone arms while I slept again, through most of the flight.

This time when we disembarked the plane, we left the airport and got into a taxi. I was much more awake now, and was disappointed that we might be stopping at a hotel before the next part of our journey, but I didn't say anything as we wove through the streets of Rio. However, we seemed to be in the taxi for a while before coming to a stop at some docks, lined with yachts, by the ocean.

Edward led me down until we reached a small speed boat. He jumped on with our bags, then helped me onto the deck. He prepared the boat for us to depart. I tried to think about where we could possibly going, but I didn't think here was much this way until you hit Africa.

We took off, cruising through the moonlit water, leaving the city lights behind us. Finally, I broke. "How much longer?"

"Just another half hour," he said with a smile. We sat in silence the rest of the way, enjoying the winds and occasional spray from the waves.

We stopped at a small island with tall palm trees and a beautiful beach. "Where are we?" I asked, gazing at the beauty.

"This is Isle Esme, Carlisle gave it to her as a gift and she offered to let us borrow it." Edward picked up our bags and set them on the small dock, then tied up the boat as I pondered this. Who gives an island as a gift?

He lifted me out of the boat, carrying me in one arm, and our bags in the other. He sped through the trees towards the house. "Aren't you supposed to wait until the threshold to pick me up?"

He smiled my favorite crooked smile. "Usually yes, but what are we but an unusual couple?" True, I thought.

We went inside and he gave me a tour, stopping at the bedroom, which contained a large bed. My eyes widened. He took note of this and chuckled lightly. "Need a few human minutes?"

"Yes, please!" I said. I disconnected from his arms.

"I'll be outside, in the water. It will be very warm. Don't take very long, Mrs. Cullen. I'll be waiting." He left, pulling his shirt off as he went. I stared after him, loving the way my new name sounded, then remembered what I was doing. I flew to the bathroom and fiercely brushed my hair, then my teeth. I quickly shaved, then stripped down, wrapped a towel around myself, and looked through my bag for a bathing suit. There were too many options, mostly lingerie, so I told myself not to be a coward. I stepped out onto the moonlit beach.

Edwards clothes were piled a few feet from the where the waves met the sand, so I shed my towel and looked out into the dark water. I saw him, standing with his back to me, the water up around his chest, his skin glittering softly in the light of the moon. I stepped in and joined him. The water was the perfect temperature. He pulled me up so he held me with my legs wrapped around his waist, and kissed me. "You look beautiful." Then his expression twisted almost imperceptibly. "I promised we would try, but if I hurt you, you must tell me at once."

I nodded. "Don't be afraid, we belong together."

"Forever," he said, and his lips met mine as his hands grazed along my back. My body was on fire. We kissed for a long time, his tongue meeting mine hesitantly, then sliding along my lip with a cool streak of electricity. His hands felt like they were every where at once, lighting me up more than I ever thought possible.

"Shall we move this inside? I imagine a bed would be more comfortable," Edward whispered against my ear. I nodded excitedly, and he chuckled, then we ran - no flew - into the house. He laid me gently on the bed and appraised my body. I had not yet worked up the courage to look at him, below his stomach anyway.

Then he leaned down to kiss me. Our lips pressed together, softly at first, then with some urgency. He parted my lips with his tongue, his intoxicating breath washing over me again.

I moaned and pulled him down onto the bed next to me to sit, then crawled onto his lap and wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him closer. His hands found my hair and he pulled it very softly to force my face upward and back, exposing my neck. His cool lips skimmed across my jaw, then found my throat, then my collarbone.

His hands went to my waist, and he pushed and pulled my hips against his for a moment as a moan escaped his lips. I could feel him getting harder against me. One hand passed over my nipple, making it stand tall. I shuddered.

"Do you like that?" he asked.

"Yes, baby," I said, dizzy from how good it felt to be touched. I could only imagine how good everything else would feel. He bent down to take my nipple in his mouth, flicking his tongue over it slowly.

I sighed in pleasure. Edwards hands went to my ass, rocking me against his hips again, keeping my nipple in his mouth, very lightly, with his teeth. I could feel myself dripping in nervous anticipation.

"Tell me what you want to do," he said against my breast.

"I want to make you feel good." I had been preparing for this moment, excited to give him my best efforts.

He looked up at me. "And how do you want to do that?"

I grinned, climbing off his lap. "I have a few ideas..." I said, as I kneeled on the floor in front of him. I looked at his perfect body, stopping again at his stomach, and passing a hand over his smooth abs. How did I get so lucky? Edward was mine, and only mine. And I was only his.

Finally I looked down and took in the view. "Oh wow," I said, eyes wide. He was huge, I thought. I spit in my hands and grasped the bottom of his shaft with one hand, stacking my other hand on top. I held his gaze and rubbed along his length as Edward gasped. "Does that feel good?"

"Like you can't believe!" he moaned. I leaned closer to him and flicked my tongue along the underside of his head, my stare locked on his eyes. A shiver rocked through his stone body.

Then I enveloped his whole head with my mouth. "Oh, fuck," he said softly. I smiled, the best I could manage. I had never heard him speak this way. It was incredibly hot to hear him let go. I twisted my hands in opposite directions around his shaft, moving my hands up and down as I flattened my tongue against the underside of the tip, moving my mouth up and down on it.

Then I released my hands from his shaft and pulled him as deep into my mouth as she could, his head pressing against the back of my throat. "Oh Bella, that feels so fucking good!" he practically screamed, his hands locking around the back of my head, pushing me ever so lightly closer while his hips bucked up. Tears escaped the corners of my eyes, but I wasn't crying.

I bobbed up and down a few times with him deep inside my mouth. Then I took my mouth off, meeting his eyes with a wicked look. I gave the tip a quick lick as he shuddered.

"You're so good at that, baby," he said approvingly. "It's your turn now!"

He stood up and I excitedly took his place, sinking into the bed and spreading my legs.