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Spoilers: Takes place after "Nowhere to Grow".

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Murphy's Law by Stultulo copyright 2003

Cam sagged against the park bench. He was out, shopping for the supplies Ops desperately needed, and nothing seemed to be going right. His car had broken down, and to go where he needed to go, he'd taken the light rail train. Which had managed to break down.

It had driven him to just walk away, have a few calming minutes to himself before he went shopping. At least Tori was nice enough to pick him up and drive him back to the Waterfall portal.

He'd just gotten up when the air thundered behind him, a sure sign of teleportation, at least the teleportation used by Lothor's forces. "Yoo hoo! Geek!"

Cam swung around. Sure enough, there were a bunch of Kelzaks, in addition to a handler: Marah. He had no idea why Marah was handling anything by herself, but he knew that it wasn't a good idea to find out.

"Ooh, you're cute. I just realized that," Marah said, batting her eyelashes. "No wonder Uncle wants you."

Cam didn't need to hear more. He just ran.


Marah's smile turned to a pout "Well, why are you standing there? He's running!"

The Kelzaks took after the departing figure in green. Marah was left standing there, wondering why all the cute guys kept running. She followed the fashion magazines and everything.

Of course, it probably had something to do with Uncle Lothor's plan. Uncle Lothor had wanted this guy... he had something to do with the Rangers. And he was letting her off on her own and he wasn't letting Kapri do anything! That was a major plus part as far as she was concerned.

She sat down on the seat that Cam had vacated, and sighed. Maybe Uncle would let her have the guy when he was done with him. Twirling one of her long braids with her finger, she hoped the Kelzaks would return with the guy soon. She was getting bored.


Cam was glad he had little on him besides his wallet and car keys. While he prided himself for being in such good shape, he wished his father would let him learn Ninja ways. He would love to be able to Ninja Streak right now.

Behind him, the Kelzaks gibbered. He could hear them crash through the underbrush and babble at each other while he tried to get to a point where he could rest for a moment and get his wits together.

With a burst of speed, he managed to put them behind him. For the moment. He had to get out of there, and out of there *soon*.

He looked back, looked forward, ducked under a tree....

And a sword, a Kelzak sword, dented the tree beside him.

He was surrounded. There were too many of them. He could take a few out, but....

No, he couldn't think about that. He swung around, started fighting. If he could get out of there, get free, contact Tori and the others... he wasn't going to be part of a plot to hurt the Rangers, hurt his father.

A sword crashed down on his head, and the world turned black. His last thought was that he should have stayed in bed.

to be continued.