Foxes Smile: Chapter I Happy Birthday to me.

*Ring, ring, ring wake up, wake up! Ring, ring, ring wake up, wake up! Ring r-WACK * Naruto Uzumaki woke up and glared at his alarm clock. (1) Iruka-sensi had given it to him as a graduation gift and so far the damn thing had proved itself to be Kunai proof, shrunken proof, fire proof, water proof, rock proof, dropped from the edge of the hokage monument proof and even Kage no Bushin jutsu proof. Don't ask about that one with the dropping, that was out of desperation. Needless to say he'd developed a sneaking suspicion that Iruka-sensi had put some sort of scroll in it to make it indestructible. Sending one last hate filled glare at his alarm clock of spooky doom (2) our favourite hyper active Shinobi got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

Most of Naruto's house was a mess, the only person who had ever visited him was Iruka-sensi so why bother cleaning it up. The one exception was his bathroom, Naruto could not stand a dirty bathroom and thus his was spotless. Call it an eccentricity if you will but it's true. Looking in the mirror Naruto sighed and got himself ready for the day noting his threadbare pyjamas. "Need new clothes."

As a last morning ritual Naruto marked and 'x' over a the day circled in red and went out his the door of his apartment mumbling something to himself as he left

"Happy birthday to me."(Colective Awwws)

Naruto arrived at the usual meeting place seeing that Sasuke and Sakura were already there. Sakura was once again trying to subtly win Sasuke over, trying being the key word.

Naruto had long since given up on trying to win Sakura's heart, she didn't really give a damn about him other than being her team mate to why should he care about her? Of course he still teased her for two reasons. A) People would be suspicious if he didn't keep up appearances and B) it was fun to see her try and kill him, her patience was getting stronger so he had to work harder to get her snap. It was a challenge and he liked challenges. Taking one deep breath Naruto the number one Loudmouth hyperactive ninja put on his (im)famous trademark fox grin and made himself known.

"Oi Sakura-chaaaan!" Sakura, who had been slowly edging closer to Sasuke turned around and glared at Naruto for disrupting her "Moment" with Sasuke.

'Heh.' Naruto thought. 'She's irritable today she'll be easier to annoy maybe I won't try as much today no challenge.'

Still grinning like the fool people saw him as Naruto ignored her glare and turned to Sasuke.

"Ne, Kakashi-sensi still not here yet?" "What did you except? Dobe, he's always late." "Stop calling me dobe pretty-boy!" "Naruto stop being rude to Sasuke-kun!" "He started it!!!!" And thus Naruto Uzimaki's day started, of course it would a lot differently than usual

They were still waiting, had been waiting for a few hours. Kakashi-sensi was always late but never this late. Well he has been but that usually means the something bad was coming. This was not a good sign.

"Ah! I see him!" Naruto who had been staring up at the sky and willing the sun not to shine so bright in his eyes sat up ( A/N: how the sun could shine in his eyes when he usually has them closed is beyond me.) when and looked in the direction Sakura had shouted.

"YOU'RE LATE!" Sakura and Naruto exclaimed together and Kakashi-sensi lust shrugged. "Sorry I slept in then had to go pick someone up" 'Slept in huh? I wonder if I gave him my alarm clock would he be her on time every blue moon? Is the alarm clock Kakashi-sensi proof? Will have to test the theory later.Who did he pick up.'

Naruto looked behind Kakashi and saw a pair of smiling eyes and a scar across the mans face. "Iruka-sensi!" Was about all the waning Iruka got as he was tackled by a yellow and orange blur. "Iruka-sensi what are you doing here?! Not complaining or anything but still curious." "Naruto." Kakashi sighed "If you will get off him it will al be explained." With a blush and a clumsy apology Naruto clambered off Iruka and stood in front of the adults waiting for an explanation.

"Well." Kakashi started. "We don't have a mission today-"

"WHAT?! Then why are we here Kakashi-sensi?"

"Clam down Sakura there is a reason for being here."


Iruka spoke up this time putting his hand on Naruto's head and mussing it up in a father like manner. "Today's Naruto's birthday so were going celebrate!"

Naruto's jaw dropped. Iruka-sensi had actually remembered that today was his birthday! SUGIO!!!!!!(3) That in and of itself was probably going to be his best birthday present ever! "You mean I get a birthday party?!"

Iruka looked down at Naruto and grinned happy to see Naruto so honestly excited. "Of course why else would I say we would be celebrating it?"

Naruto Uzumaki stood there for a second before it truly dawned on him what was going on and he let out a whoop of joy.

"Alright I'm going to have my first birthday party!" Then proceeded to tackle Iruka in a fierce hug once again knocking the chunin to the ground.

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