Diane Lockhart McVeigh: 63, married to Kurt McVeigh for 49 years. Mother to Alicia, Owen, Annie, Carey, Belle, Max, Maddy, Mia, Charlotte, and Josephine.

Alicia McVeigh Gardner: 49, married to Will Gardner for three years. Mother to Zach 24, Grace 21, Sofia 3, and William "Liam" 3. Name and founding partner at Garnder/McVeigh.

Owen McVeigh: 47

Annie McVeigh Brennan: 45 married to Peter Brennan. Mother to Todd 25, Sara 24, and Tim 21.

Carey McVeigh: 40 married to Isla McVeigh for two years. Name and founding partner of Gardner/McVeigh

Belle McVeigh: 38 Name and founding partner of Gardner/McVeigh

Max McVeigh: 26

Maddy McVeigh: 25

Mia McVeigh: 24

Charlotte "Charlie" McVeigh: 7

Josephine "Josie" McVeigh: 7

Kurt McVeigh: 65

"Do you want a divorce?" Kurt was sitting on the steps of the house when Diane arrived home that awful night. He had picked the girls up from school and let them go inside while he waited for their mother. Diane led Kurt into the house and to the living room. She explained everything to him and broke down in his arms.

"Kurt, I already feel bad enough. Do yourself a favor and divorce me," Diane walked out of the living room and found two young girls crying in the hallway. When they saw their mother, they ran upstairs to their rooms.

Later that night, Diane went to tell her daughters good night.

"You two ready for bed?" Diane asked as she entered the room where her daughters were I their beds.

"Yes mama," the girls said together continuing to look down.

Diane took a seat on Charlie's bed and motioned for Josie to join them.

"I think we need to talk about what you heard."

"Are you and daddy getting divorced?" Josie asked.

"I don't know sweetheart. I left it up to your daddy." Diane and Kurt never told the girls why they split.

"Daddy was with someone else when he was with you?" Charlie asked.

"It's difficult to explain to you while you're this young."

"Do you still love daddy?" Josie asked.

"Yes, but I was very hurt by what happened, and I still am."

"Mama?" Charlie piped up.

"Yes, darling?"

"Your life is not fucking meaningless."

Diane was shocked that her daughter had said the word. "Thank you that means a lot to me. Now the 'f' word is a grown-up word, so girls please don't say that again."

"Yes mama," the girls said in unison, "love you."

"I love you too. Now it's time for bed." Josie went to get back in her own bed while Diane tucked Charlie in. After tucking in Josie, Diane turned off the light and left the room. In her own room, Diane sat on her bed laughing at her seven-year-old saying the 'f' word. She did think it sounded adorable and she felt so loved after talking to her youngest. Diane realized she still had a lot of fight in her. If her firm didn't want her, and well no other firm, then she would figure something out. She did before and she will again.

Kurt refused to divorce Diane. He said if she wanted a divorce she would have to file herself. The last day at the firm she helped to build, Adrian Boseman walked into Diane's office. He offered her a partnership at his law firm, but Diane had some things to discuss with Adrian first.

"In two days I am having surgery to remove a metal rod in my leg. I had scheduled it months ago when I had decided to retire. I'll be going to my daughter's in Philidelphia for a week while I recover."

"That's fine you can start when you come back. If you don't mind my asking, why do you have a metal rod in your leg?"

"From the courthouse shooting a few years ago. I never had it removed because I have never had the time, and it wasn't urgent. Also, I am now the primary caregiver for my two young children. My husband and I are separated, and he does help, but he travels a lot for work. Those girls are my priority."

"I have seen you in court the past few years, and I don't think that is going to be a problem. You call me when you feel well enough to start."

"Thank you, Adrian."

"Anytime Diane."