"So all fae are connected to nature?"

Aurora asked as she followed Maleficent, watching as some creatures darted through the trees.

"In one form or other, yes. However, you should be careful coming out here alone because not all the fair folk are so tolerant of humans as others."

"What about Pucca? You acted almost disgusted by the sight of that one earlier."

Aurora asked, earning a sigh.

"Pucca are neutral in every sense of the word. They are however somewhat helpful but they are also...full of riddles and puzzles. That one earlier seemed amused by you. Then again, none of us expected a human in the moor after…"

Aurora figured it better not to press for any more questions about what Maleficent meant by the after, even if she was curious.

"But I can come back, right? To the moor? This place is beautiful."

"I suppose."

Maleficent watched as Aurora interacted with the moorfolk, wading out into the crystal lake as the water sprites engaged her in some form of the game.

The girl confused her, she had the kindness that Stefan had seemed to have but in her interactions with the creatures of the moor, she appeared unphased, not judgmental in the slightest.

She didn't balk at the sight of any of the faeries she met nor did she seem interested in their customs and habits.

A sudden splash, that was followed by laughter called her attention toward the lake, where a drake stood towering over Aurora, who was laughing.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to step on your tail."

The drake grunted, lowering its head toward the girl and pushed her lightly, though it was enough to make the youth fall over with a yelp.

"You know, she almost behaves like a faerie child."

Diaval commented from where he had been watching from behind her.

"A changling you mean. The humans would condemn her for it."

Maleficent responded, deciding it was best to hear him out.

"Or everyone who meets her will adore her."

Maleficent was about to make a comment about that when Aurora called to her, causing her to sigh.

Changling child, Godmother. Who in the stars above would have thought that I would feel pity for Stefan's spawn.