Many years ago, the world was in great peril. The night of the comet in New Orleans the werewolves and vampires threatened to seize control over the land and defeat anyone who stood in their way. Witches were going extinct. Three witches a Bennett, Petrova, and Forbes used the power of the comet to bestow their powers to three babies: The Chosen Ones. The first witch passed down the power of fire, light, and the energy of the sun to the first baby. The next witch passed down the power of water, tides, and the moon to the second baby. The last witch passed down the power of the earth, air, and metal. Their last spell was cast to send them to Mystic Falls, Virginia. A small town. Before the comet would arrive again the three would be physically drawn to each other, physically and mentally. When the comet passed again they would receive their powers and face their long awaited destiny.