As High as Gods – 54th Hunger Games

Prologue 1

If you live in the Capitol, you're just striving for one thing.

You would do anything for that, maybe even die for it.

Only when you own it, you will notice how it slowly eats you from the inside.

You want to get rid of it, but you can't.

It becomes a part of yourself, your family, and even a part of your future.

The thing I mean is power. Others would be happy if they had power. In their minds, they would help people who needed their help. Build orphanages, renovate schools, distribute more food.

At that moment I laugh. Even if you help, you'll experience rejection and that will drive you crazy. Whether this is good or bad, you will figure out for yourself.

People are not grateful for anything. They look for the needle in the haystack, the poisoned berry in their juice.

You bring light into the darkness, order into chaos.

You will not get recognition for your helpfulness and kindness, but suspicious glances. I know this feeling and can help you get what you deserve.

You deserve recognition. You deserve power. You deserve everything you want.

However, there is a small catch in the matter.

If kindness and compassion bring you nothing but ridicule, then no one deserves it. The only thing that makes people look up is fear.

It is the only thing that cuts deeper than love and loss. What could you live with longer: knowing that a loved one can be snatched from you at any moment, or the knowledge you are loved?

I know the answer myself. It's to be loved. It always wins, but now I'm telling you something that will pull your world out of all clouds.

Love never wins.

Welcome to reality. It only counts who wouldn't stab a knife in your back and then be the next one to suffer. It will be played to you until you believe in it. Love is something for small babies. The reality is for adults.

Let us return to your desire for recognition and gratitude.

You've read what's real. Fear is real.

And I'm the person who can best create fear.

I am Artemesia Rutherford, the Head Gamemaker in the Capitol.

The queen of the Arena, mother of fear and most hated person Panem.

And you just learned how I give the Capitol the power that the districts wanted to deny it. I create fear by taking away from them what they love most:

Their children.

Welcome to As High As Gods!

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