Chapter 1

A/N: Okay, I am completely basing the start off of a story on Wattpad, I swear it will be different, kudos to the author on Wattpad, subscribe to my channel, RaZZe Boi, and let's get on with the first chapter of The Minecraft Pandemic!

George couldn't believe the news. Okay, here's a bit of backstory. When the 1.16 update was released, they didn't add "Removed Herobrine" to the change log, and things got worse and worse from there. Herobrine was supposedly a mob wandering the wastelands of the Nether, millions of blocks away, and many YouTubers, Streamers, and even some normal people started looking for Herobrine, millions of blocks away from their portals. One YouTuber, by the name of Sapnap, was one of the YouTubers looking for Herobrine. Once you reached the Old Nether, about 1.2 million blocks away, chunks began dissapearing, and grass started to grow. Most people would consider this a glitch, but since 3,000 + people were searching for the old, lost ghoul, it was enough to send a psywave across the world, causing everyone who was playing Minecraft, to be sucked in. Luckily, two days later, scientists made a grey device made of steel with a purple lid to make their human bodies into comas, while their souls went into the game of Minecraft. Well, it wasn't exactly a game. If you died in the game, you died in real life, unless you had a Totem of Undying, or were one of the Top 50 Minecraft Players. One was Dream. The first device that was created, Clay went into the game of Minecraft, leaving everyone behind to save one person. Even though Dream was funny on camera, he was truly a kind and caring person. And now he was gone. Dream, the World's 2nd best player, the top one being Notch (even though Dream took his spot by killing him), and he only got two lives, unless he got a Totem, meaning Dream had two lives. One in case, and one that was life or death.

George sighed, and scrolled through the interent, his eyes locking on a title, monitor your friends and family with this new website! George quickly tapped on his screen, bringing him to a page in Minecraft, and the first thing he came to was a hall of fame of people who have died. Techno. Spifey, which must have hurt Skeppy a lot, and a few other random players. Dream could make it. It's just like other Minecraft, right? Wrong. If you die, you might die in real life. And Techno could make it just as well. He was the sixth top player. He scrolled through the list, until he found a recognizable green skin, with the nametag "Dream". George didn't even think twice, he eagerly tapped on the screen to see how his friend was doing. The first day, he got "Getting Wood," and "Stone Age," two basic achievements. He then got a bunch of other achievements, such as Monster Hunter, Aquire Hardware, Isn't It Iron Pick, Suit Up, and We Need to Go Deeper. The Nether?! George heavily sweat, but death was not a sign here. He kept on looking through, before looking through chat messages, which was actual audio, mostly him talking to Sapnap in a village they made, along with young kids showing him stuff. He kept reading, smiling at his friend's in-game skin. His eyes widened, as the screen showed, "Dream was killed by Skeleton." He had one life left?! George had to get in. It was his only way. So, he went to a hospital, got on one of the things, after meeting with Bad and Skeppy, about to go in the game.

The three looked at each other, before attaching the device to their heads, being teleported into the game.

Meanwhile with Dream, he just got back from the nether, his Iron Armor and Gold Boots scathed badly, and cracked, as his helmet was no more. "Still no Fortress, after four consecutive days (1 hour in Minecraft is equivalent to 10 minutes. Meaning 1 day in the real world, while it was 1 week in Minecraft). Dream went to the blacksmith of the town, with Markiplier and DanTDM, as Dream looked into the log. GeorgeNotFound joined the game. BadBoyHalo joined the game. Skeppy joined the game. Three of his best friends, here with him. Dream ran towards spawn, in the middle of the village, where there was a cage before people could be trusted. Apparently, George didn't make the cut, as he was pushed into lava before I got to him. He is not going to die. Not like this.