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overpowered harry/ metamorphic harry (like tonks :3), and a bloody weird timeline, just... roll with it

harry had heard his 'father' had saved him from the planet earth where he was left to starve, but harry knew that that was not the truth, he knew that his father had lied. When Harry was around 7 he had wandered into his fathers quarters and looked in a cupboard to find a letter addressed to him, taking the letter harry had run to his room to read it.

To Harry James Potter,this is your mom, hi there, if you are reading this it means that your father and I are dead, a truly evil man named ... Voldemort killed us because there was a prophecy written about you, later on in life I hope for you to learn about this prophecy and make us proudNow harry you may have noticed that you are different, that you can do things with your mind, this means you have magic, on your eleventh birthday you will get a letter to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, where you can learn about all of your special abilities, you will need special items to do your magic the place to buy this stuff is to enter the leaky cauldron and tell the bartender that you are a first-year, and don't have a wand, they will show you to Diagon alleyalways remember us harry keep us near your heart, we know that you may not remember us, but we remember you, and we will never leave your side,we love you HarryJames, and Lily. 3

young harry sat in the gardens, surrounded by large plants Harry read about the Earth and its Capitols,

it as been 10 years since Thanos adopted him off the earth, and Harry couldn't complain he was fed and was given a place to call his, but in the end, he was still his father's weapon

deep down in his heart, Harry knew he didn't belong here, he desired to live on earth the place where his kind existed and where he could be a normal child.

it was almost his birthday and harry was excited, his 'father' had promised to take him to earth.

"father... it's my birthday tomorrow... do you remember our promise?" Harry said looking up at his father, "yes I know your 6th birthday" Thanos nodded, "father I'm turning 11 tomorrow" Harry growled angrily. thanks shrugged "does it look like I care, now go train and if you exceed expectations you can go to earth as you want

harry grinned widely, "yes father that would be pleasant", bowing in respect harry turned around and exited his father's quarters to go and train.

the next morning harry woke bright and early, practically buzzing with excitement. " Father!!!" Harry grinned, "can I go?", looking at his adopted son Thanos nodded "I will allow you to visit for two years before I expect you to come back, keep up your training or when you come back you will get a punishment " and with that Harry was whisked off to earth,

arriving on earth, England, Harry looked around in awe, "whoa, the earth is so pretty" Harry sighed, "I guess I should find somewhere to eat..." looking around Harry saw a dark dusty building with a sign reading, 'the Leaky cauldron', Harry smiled thinking about the letter that him mom had written

walking towards the building, Harry was suddenly hit in the face with a heavy letter, "what the hell?!" Harry said shocked, grabbing the letter he looked at who it was for, it was for him...

"Hogwarts letter" harry mumbled remembering his mom's words, turning over the letter and opening it he pulled out a thick parchment with green ink scribbled down it. reading the letter harry grinned wider than he had ever before it was the magic school acceptance letter,

tucking the letter into his back pocket he walked into the building, "hello?" harry coughed politely "could you tell me how to get my Hogwarts stuff?". the bartender looked down at Harry and gasped "HARRY POTTER?",

" yes?" harry replied nervously, "I don't know how to get the things my Letter said could you help me?". nodding the bartender led harry outside and tapped a sequence on a brick wall, " there you go young sir" the man nodded "my names tom, if you need anything I'll be at the bar"

after thanking tom Harry pulled out his letter and looked down at the list of supplies he needed - wand/ robes/ cauldron/ animal/ quill/ first-year books/ parchment. "I'm guessing there is a sort of what looks like wizard currency here, " Harry said looking at a display in a window,

after getting to Gringotts

"I'm guessing that This is the bank?" harry muttered, shuffling through the corridor of workers Harry arrived at the front desk, "hello? I am Harry Potter, " Harry said to the person behind the counter,

leaning over the desk the thing said "I am Griphook, your key Mr Potter.", pausing harry patted his pockets " Mr Griphook Sir, I was never given a key? I only found out about magic this morning, "

Griphook looked taken aback "you, Harry Potter only found out about magic... this... morning, " he gaped, snapping his fingers a key appeared in Griphooks hand, "right this way Mr Potter, " Griphook nodded before leading him to a cart in the next room,

after getting the sickles, knuts and gallons, and explaining what the exchange rate was

"thank you, Mr Griphook Sir" harry smiled waving his hand, harry left the building. looking down the street harry spotted what looked like a Taylors, "robes" harry said heading towards.

after entering harry saw a skinny blond boy standing on a stool with floating tape measures circling him taking in his exact measurements.

"Hogwarts to I suppose?" a voice from the corner of the shop rang, Harry jumped in surprise his hair flashing a light turquoise before turning back to his normal black ( I actually did research the things a Metamorphmagy can actually do, so I'm not making up Harry's abilities)

"oh a Metamorphmagy, I haven't fitted robes for one of you in quite a while, " the voice said kindly, a smiling woman greeted him, "yes I am going to Hogwarts" Harry replied, "what's a Metamorphmagy?"

"oh, you don't know, you can change your appearance at will, " the lady answered before asking a few more questions "could you step on that stool so I can take your measurements please", " ok miss" Harry grinned

"Hello, first year right? so am I, " the boy beside Harry said excitedly making Harry yelp in shock his hair flashing a light turquoise once again, "yes I am" Harry nodded "I'm excited to see Hogwarts, I've only read about it in Hogwarts history, when I visitedFlourish Blotts

" wait... are you muggle-born," Draco said sneering, "a what born?" harry asked confusion flickering across his face, "you know, none magical folk?" Draco frowned, "I don't know..." harry sighed "I never knew my parents, they were murdered",

" wait... murdered? what's your name?" Draco asked, confused. "harry potter, why do you ask?" harry said cocking his head to the side, "the Harry Potter? the boy who lived? the defeater of you know who?" Draco gaped, "I'm sorry what?" harry frowned "what are all those names for?"

"your famous, you killed the dark lord, you're the only person in history to ever survive the killing curse" Draco explained, utterly stunned harry's hair shifted into a purple, and then back again, "oh my.." harry mumbled before stepping off the stool and going to pay for his robes.

"see you around " harry nodded before walking off to do the rest of his shopping.

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