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Name of chapter is: New Place

(Unknown place)

'Why? Why did this happen to me? I still remember it like it was yesterday' Danny Said, as he sat down for a rest after flying for so long.

(A year ago)

"Maddie, Jack I'm home from school" A 15 year old Danny Said, as he walked into his house. Danny never really had a good life, sure he was a genius at mechanical stuff, smart with technical stuff, and figured out who the superheroes were which was easy to do, but he was abused pretty much all his life. His parents hated him because they thought he was the black sheep, and did horrible things to him. They whipped him whenever he disobeyed or talked when he wasn't supposed to, fed him once a day, chained him to a bed, injected him with ectoplasm, made him bate for ghosts, and after he got his powers they always tried to kill him or experiment on him. The day they found out about his powers was the day his life got worse, he was running away from GIW and he thought he lost them but then his doorbell rang and the GIW came in.

"Ma'am my name is agent K this is agent O, we are here because your son is a dangerous ghost that needs to be contained" Agent K said. My ex-parents where shocked, then angry "Well what are you going to do to him?" Asked Maddie, "We're going to how his powers work, and have him work for us" agent O said darkly. The agents then grabbed Danny and put anti-ghost cuffs on him and started to drag him away, but Danny kept fighting the agents then he broke off and grabbed his "dad" holding on for dear life crying. "Your not gonna let them take me away are you I'm your son right?" Danny said crying, "Your not our son, you've never been our son you were the black sheep, now get out of our face." Jack said looking at Danny with disgust with Maddie. Danny stood there shocked and crying, then the agents grabbed Danny and dragged him out of his home with the whole town looking at him with the same disgust his parents had. Danny couldn't look at them, so he put his head down and walked with the agents to the van, while walking he heard the agents say "Report him missing after a week, then a month later report him dead got it?" "Yes sir, thank you so much for freeing us of this freak". Danny didn't bother to listen to any more, he just walked and got into the van.

For a year Danny was subjected to dissections, whipping, injections, slicing, training, and name calling (Little shit, freak, nothing, monster) from the GIW. After being there for a year some ghosts staged a break out, and Danny got free along with other ghosts but they never told anyone about them because they didn't want to get in trouble with the law. All the ghosts that escaped went to the ghost zone, where they where greeted by other ghosts hearing about the breakout. Some ghosts that were there are Frostbite and some of his people, Pandora and some of her people, Princess Dora and some of her people, and a few other ghosts. When Frost, Pan, and Dora saw Danny with the group they were shocked and went straight to him wanting to know what happened. "What happened great one, why are you amongst this group of escapees?" Frostbite asked, "Because I escaped too, they caught me as well" Danny said emotionless. Worried about their young friend, Pandora and Frostbite decided to take him under their care with Princess Dora helping out every now and then.

Danny spent a almost a year in the ghost zone trying to heal but also get stronger, the healing didn't go so well but the training did, and he merged his ghost and human form together, and doesn't revert back when he's unconscious. Danny is now 6'0 and his hair is white with black tips and scalpe in ghost form with blue and green eyes, in human his eyes are blue and the color of his hair is inverted. He now wears (ghost side new names is Shade) a white cargo pants, a white utility-belt hanging off him with a thermos clipped on, black combat boots with a metal tip, white fingerless gloves, black long sleeve shirt with a necklace and S symbol on it, and a black and white cloak with a green gem holding it together (Courtesy of Frostbite). When he's turns human his cloak and gloves disappear, Pandora to Danny was a mother figure, Dora a sister, Frostbite mentor and really good friend, and Clockwork like a grandpa. Danny stopped trusting people like he used to, and he hardly smiles anymore when Danny doesn't trust someone he doesn't talk to them, if he does he talks to them through the mind, and if he really trusts them then he'll actually speak with his mouth.

Danny (17) is now on his way to central city with a backpack full of stuff (blueprints for a portable portal, a portal, and other ghost weapon blueprints, ecto-fruit, a vile of ectoplasm for an emergency, and a change of clothes), Clockwork sent him here but he wouldn't tell why he had to come here. But Danny already knew why he was sent here, if it involves CW then his life is going to change for better and/or worse. Danny landed on the edge of a 10 story building turned visible, and jumped down knowing he wasn't going to get hurt, what he didn't expect is for the flash to come and grab him and put him safely on the ground. Danny looked at the Flash AKA Barry West-Allen seeing if he was trustworthy or not, the Flash was 7'5 and 32 years old wearing a red spandex with a yellow lightning bolt in the center inside a circle and on his ears, his brown eyes showing concern.

"Kid what is wrong with you why would you jump off a 10 story building, are you trying to end yourself?" Flash Asked, shocked that a boy his age would do something like this to himself. Danny didn't answer he just looked at him head moving side to side, with the flash looking at him weirdly. Deciding that he was trust worthy Danny decided to talk to him, 'Why are you concerned about me?' Danny thought in flashes mind, after finding out the kid had powers, and being shocked for a second flash decided to answer. 'Well why wouldn't I be, I thought you were trying to kill yourself'

'But you don't know me'

'It doesn't matter if I know you or not, I wanted to help you'

'Thank you for your concern, but I did not need your help I would have been fine landing safely'

'Well I didn't know you had powers!'

'Because I did not wish to tell you'

'Well anyway what's your name?'

'In which form?'

'What...What do you mean form? What are you anyway?'

'I am a halfa...half human, half ghost'

'Wow...that's a new one'

'You aren't afraid or hatful towards me?'

'No I've seen weirder, so you gonna tell me your name or not?'

'When I'm human my name is Danny, in ghost my name is Shade'

'Cool names'

'Why? Why am I so trusting towards you? I barely know you' thought Danny confused, 'I don't have an answer for you, but it's probably because you saw I wanted to help' Flash thought back feeling sorry for the kid. 'Yes, you are probably right thank you Barry West-Allen' Shade thought nodding his head, 'How do you know my name?' Barry thought shocked. 'I know all of the Justice League's secret identity's, it wasn't hard to figure out, and if you pay close enough attention and your smart then you'll figure it out' Danny thought, 'Well then, how would you like to go to the watchtower and meet some more leaguers?' Flash Asked, 'Will there be food?' Shade thought as he was hungry. 'Haha yes there will be food, I think you and me will get along just fine' Flash thought as he put a hand around Danny's neck, "Yes I think we will" Shade said. "You talked!" Flash said surprised, "I only talked because I trust you enough to it, I don't do it to many people" Shade said looking down at his feet.

"Well come on let's go to S.T.A.R labs, because that's where the zeta tubs are" FL said as he started walking away, before he could get far though he got blasted by a cold beam. Danny shocked ran towards flash trying to help him, but before he could do anything he heard a whir behind him and turned around. When he turned around, he saw Captain Cold standing there with money in one hand and a gun in another hand getting ready to blast him, Shade stood defensively in front of Flash protecting him. "Haha you think you can stop me, then I'll just freeze you and be gone with you" CC said as he fired at Shade freezing him whole, he was about to leave when he heard a cracking sound he turned around just in time to see Shade breaking out of the ice. "WHAT! How did you break out of the ice?" Captain cold asked shocked, "Next time you pick a fight with someone, make sure there element isn't ice" S said, as he fired ecto-blasts at cc's hands making him drop his ice gun and the money.

"Now are you going to give up, or do I have to make you." Shade said as more of a demand then a question, Captain cold saw the look in his eyes and froze terrified, not wanting to be around him anymore he dropped his gun and ran straight to the police. Flash having gotten up by then was shocked before he asked a question that was on his mind, "Dude how strong are you?" He asked curious. 'I have (all the ghost powers before PP), ghost rays, ghost shield, make a ecto-body, (working on)teleportation, (working on)telekinesis, duplication x4, and this sword' Shade thought, as he listed off his powers to Flash. Flash was shocked at how powerful this kid was, "umm could you do me a favor, and not tell the JL all of my powers? Just the usual ghost powers and the beginning of ice powers?" Shade asked as they neared the zeta tube. "Sure, whatever you want" Flash said as he started up the zeta tube, "Also I'm not going to talk to anyone except you, until I trust them ok?" Shade asked. "Ok, just don't be surprised if you crack under the bats glare" Flash said as he entered the zeta tube, 'Oh trust me I won't' S thought to himself as he entered the tube himself.

Well what a long and eventful chapter, wouldn't you say? Anyway I wonder what's going to happen next time, what will the JL do when they find out what he is? Are they going to call the GIW? Or are they going to hunt them down after finding out what they do?

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