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Annabeth POV

I woke up gasping. 'Was it real?' 'How could that happen?' 'Was it just a illusion shown by Tartarus or will it literally take place?' These thoughts were roaming in mind and they broke my heart. As usual, I cursed my fatal flaw. Because if that happens- I couldn't finish the thought. I decided to stay calm and get Tartarus's words out of my mind. Then I cursed my Athenian mind, for not letting that price of information go! I decided to check the time, it was 3:30 am. This was now my usual wake up time, the nightmares of Tartarus were infecting mine and Percy's sleep routine. Nico also had some nightmares, but due to him have gone to the underworld for longer periods of time, he had it better.

I lay down in my bed with a soft 'thump' noise, so I don't scare my siblings. I thought about the vision I had, being the impatient me, I went to cabin number three. The same fragrance of salty water seemed to calm me down a little. I opened the door and found Percy sleeping silently. I felt a smile on my face yet I felt scared for the future.

I went near his bed, and shook him awake. To my surprise, Percy woke up! Percy is like a really heavy sleeper until he doesn't get a blue cookie, but he must have sensed my tension. "Annabeth, what are you doing in my cabin at midnight?" He mumbled sleepily. I laughed a bit, and said, "It's not midnight Seaweed Brain, it's 3:30am. As for why I am here," my voice became quiter, "Percy don't you think it's a bit unnatural, that something bigger is at stake." "Shhh, it's just nightmares Annabeth. I am getting those too. You can sleep in the bunk above me if it helps." I wanted to believe Percy, I really did. But, I knew my dream wasn't fake. In the years, I learned to trust my gut feelings, this was one of them. Nevertheless, I went to the bunk and waited for the sun to rise.

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