(A woman named Rachel met A man named Alan at high School)

Alan: Hello.

Rachel: Hi.

Alan: What's your name?

Rachel: Rachel. What's your name?

Alan: Alan.

(Soon, Rachel and Alan started dating, soon graduated from high school and College, soon got married and moved into a house)

(Few days later, Rachel took a pregnancy test and found out that she was pregnant)

Rachel: Sweetie!

(Alan came over to see his wife holding a pregnancy test)

Alan: Are you pregnant?

Rachel: Yes.

Alan: Awesome. I can't wait to be a father.

Rachel: And I'm going to be a mother.

(9 months later, Alan was waiting outside of the hospital room, The doctor came out)

Doctor: You may go in now.

(Alan went inside to see his wife holding a baby)

Alan: It's is a boy or a girl?

Rachel: It's a girl.

Alan: Awesome. What should we name her?

Rachel: Fiona.

Alan: Alright, Fiona it is.

(Present Day)

Rachel: And that's the story.

Coop: Cool story

Dennis: Yeah.

Millie: Yep.

Lorne: Agreed.

Harley: Yeah.

(Fiona came over)

Fiona: Hey mom, Hey dad.

Rachel: Hey Fiona, Sweetie.

Fiona: Can you make me something to eat.

Rachel: Of course. Who Wants cookies?

Everyone: I DO!

Rachel: Okay.

The End