That was all that surrounded Heavens War.

No sound.

No sight.

No feeling.


A vision.

Then a bright sliver of light a appeared. It grew wider.

Light hidden behind doors that were now opening.

"The doors are opening! The keepers are ready? Who was chosen?" Heavens War whispered to himself.

Then something appeared in the light. Someone more like it. The Heart of Cybertron was in the figures hand.


A body of silver.

Optics. The figure had optics that said he alone was leader, optics that dared and condemned anyone who dared to challenge him. Undoubting, unafraid optics.

But who?

The light was to bright to see the details, to place a face.

Then the light engulfed everything.

Heavens War awoke with a start in his recharge bed. His body was trembling, and his fuel pump was racing at million miles per hour. Laserbeak must have sensed his alarm , for she landed next him and looked up at him with worried optics.

" Oh don't worry girl, I'm allright, you go back to recharge stasis."

Laserbeak looked reluctant, but did as she was told.

Heavens War looked up at the ceiling, slowly reflecting on the vision he had.

The doors will open.

One will be chosen, but who?

Suddenly his televiewing screen came on. It showed a sports broadcast from the Gladiator Pits.

"...................And still undefeated Champion, MEGATRON!"

Heavens War's jaw dropped when he the picture of the young silver gladiator.


"Are you sure?" Mindwipe queried with great interest.

"Positive, it was too foggy to be real and too clear to be a dream. It was a vision." Heavens War spoke calmly. "but it was different, this time."


"When visions are sent to me, it is usually very clear what I must do or who I must find to pull them into place. But this one was not so much." Heavens War narrowed his visor at nothing in particular across the room.

"Hmmmm," Mindwipe pondered this carefully, "perhaps that is sign in itself, for you to not interfere,because the future is unclear."

"Maybe.......But then why would Primus show it to me at all?" Heavens War said a lot louder that he had intended.

"I...."Mindwipe stumbled for an answer.

"Unless...." Heavens War suddenly whisoered, "The reason is different. Maybe the vision is clouded, because I am nearing the end. Maybe it is because I will function only until the new one is chosen, and when you fully realize your power of  "sight"."

"You? Cease functioning? Impossible!" Mindwipe almost chuckled. "The only person who would be strong enough to kill you is Straxus, but you are still too valuable to him. And do not tell me you are going to die of old age, why I am older then you are."

"Yes you are indeed older than Heveans War." Heavens War sighed and stood up. "I think Mindwipe should like to do something different to today, before the academy applications are sent to me tomorrow. I Think I should like to go to the Gladiator pits and watch the games."


Heavens War had only been to the Gladiator pits just a few times. The duel to the death for the sole purpose of entertainment didn't interest him much. But he was very interested in seeing the youth he had seen on the view screen in action.

He watched the youth in the arena take down seven other opponents, but it wasn't simple butchery, the youth knew how to put on a show as well get the job done. He brought the crowd entertaining death and they loved him for it.

"And this battle's winner once again is, MEGATRON!" The announcer called out.

Heavens War watched Megatron raise his scimitar in the air. He was literally calling the crowd to worship him, and they willingly did. While the crowd  continued their praise, Heavens War  slipped down to the area under the arena where the gladiators trained and waited for their turn. He heard from the reports Megatron was owned by transformer called Proximo.

"Greetings Proximo." Heavens War strode up to the gladiator owner.

"Why Headmaster Heavens War, to what do we owe the honor?" Proximo greeted him in a half sarcastic tone.

"Yes. I have been watching your gladiator, Megatron, for quite sometime now, and I am here to offer him a place as student at the Decepticon War Academy." Heavens War stated.

A look of shock crossed Proximo's face, then he burst out laughing. "Just the other day Megatron told me if there was ever gladiator to get into the academy he would be the one."

"So you will let him go?"It was technically a question, but the Headmaster had that certain look in his optics that Megatron was going to the Academy whether Proximo wanted it or not, and Proximo knew the Headmaster had the power to do it.

"Of course, it will heighten my reputation of sposoring good fighters. However there is something I need him to do first and then he will."

"Very well." The Headmaster began to depart. "Oh and Proximo, don't tell him I saught him out."

"As you wish."

And with a nod the Headmaster exited the Gladiator pits.

The door would open.............

End of the Prologue.


The reason why I put this in is the story has changed somuch since I first started, one of these changes, is the Headmaster of the Decepticon War Academy has become more of a major character in the story than I had originally planned.