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Some of you mentioned Harems and Lemons.

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He will not have travelling companions of any kind. I find that kind of cliche and overbearing if you want to go to a world and start from zero a story.

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Also, the title has a double meaning if you can catch it.

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Chapter 2: Why are we still here?

(Nell Goldstein)

"Eat shit!" She screamed. Shooting another demon to its face. Ever since the day known as the Demon Day, many demons have appeared around the world invading towns, villages, and even some cities. Her city of residence was invaded as well, and thanks to having a literal bar full of mercenaries, they were safe for most of the time. That was until a fucking three-headed dog showed up. And only her weapons could cause it damage.

Most of the other mercenaries died or fled to save their lives.

She doesn't blame them, really. She would do the same if not because she is the only one that can stop that giant dog from destroy the city and killing thousands of people.

Really, sometimes having morals causes stupid decisions.

So now she is outside shooting a submachine gun she customized with Gilgamesh steel to kill demons. Through she isn't as skilful as demon hunters just like The Crimson Witch or Aaron Blackheart, her skills with guns are nothing to scoff at.


That was until she heard the sound of a clicking magazine, signalling that it ran out of bullets.

The three headed demon dogs saw this and jumped towards her with intentions of eating her with the three heads combined.

Luckily for her, someone decided to show up just at the right moment.

"Hideki no Uta, Gokyoku: Himei (Songs of Tragedy, Fifth Song: Scream)"

Everyone around stopped to see what was the cause of the sound. But Nell just smiled, recognising the voice that announced the attack.

A figure appeared on top of the dog demon, sheathing a katana with his right hand and the sheath on the back of his hip.

The moment the katana met the sheath…...


What sounded like a scream covered the entire street. Many windows broken only by the sheer force that struck the demon.

The demon's body was sliced in two. A clean cut that released no blood, as if the body of the dog hasn't realized yet that it had been cut in half.

"Well, Nell. You look like shit"

"Sorry I couldn't make myself presentable for you, I forgot to wear lingerie today"

"Well, maybe later you can put on some for me"

"Heh, took you long enough, Aaron"

She saw him. Aaron Blackheart, the legendary demon hunter. An amused smile on his face, before being replaced by the serious face he normally has while fighting.

Everyone recognised him instantly and started cheering. When he appears in front of demons, they know they are safe. That's the rule when Aaron Blackheart is involved.

"Kept you waiting, huh?" He seemed to chuckle an internally for no reason whatsoever. "I will take care of the demons. You take a rest, seems like you need it"

"I will"

"Good" He turned to the demons "The Hunt is Nigh, and a hunter, must hunt"

And he jumped.

Landing in the middle of the demons, he pulled the weapon they made together shooting the heads with precision. Only one shot was needed to kill every demon around. Nell noticed something interesting about him. He was only using one arm while fighting. The sleeve that is supposed to have his left arm is just dangling and moving around as he moves.

'Is he missing an arm?! How?! Why?!' She asked herself.

Aaron didn't seem to have trouble fighting the demons even with his missing arm, but Nell noticed that he seemed to wince every time he moved to the left or had an enemy coming for that direction.

He has adapted quickly to fight with just one arm. But it seems he still has the movements as if he had a full body. Nell can't help but admire that even crippled like he is now. Aaron is still the most skilful demon hunter around.

Hitting with the cannon of the gun a demon head he pushed it back and jumped. Rotating in mid-air, he shot the demon upside down with his gun killing them instantly. Before falling to the ground he made another spin to shot the demons that were behind him, hitting head after head as the demons fell and turned into ashes.

With the last spin he kicked one demon and fell on top of it. With his foot on its chest he shot it a couple of times.

He kicked one demon in front of him and shot one beside it. The demon he kicked tried to kill Aaron by swinging its weapon but Aaron evaded ducking and with his leg made the demon trip before shotting it 3 times for good measure.

Another demon tried to kill him from behind, but without looking he raised his sole arm and decked the demon with his elbow. The arm ended under the demon's head and he raised his weapon to the demon's jaw.


A single shot was all he needed.

"23" He said

He turned around and started shooting the demons that were behind him. Other demons tried to kill him from behind but he did a one leg front flip kicking one of the demons into the air with his heel and turning to the other demons. Upside down, his gun seemed to shine in a purplish light and then released in a single bullet.

The bullet made contact with the demon in the air and seemed to blink like a time bomb.

The demon feels in the middle of the horde and suddenly exploded.

'He made modifications to the guns?' Nell thought.

It is not a mystery for her that Aaron could make modifications for weapons. He is someone she could trust with a project since she knows his knowledge on weapons making is advanced enough to not fuck it up unlike most people she has worked with.

Finishing the remaining demons, he spins the gun in his finger before sheathing it in his back.

He turned to her. Opening his mouth to show the usual smiles she has grown accustomed to.

"Hey Nell, do you by chance know how to attach a metallic arm to someone? And also how to make a metallic arm?"

"I would guess it is for you, right?" She looked at the missing limb

"Nah, is for a friend of mi- Of course it is for me" He lifted the half appendage, which actually showed nothing since it is covered by a sleeve "If you haven't noticed, I am missing an arm"

"Oh yeah, I noticed" Nell then smiled teasingly "Now you can say you dick is bigger than your arm"

"How funny!" Aaron sarcastically laughed "You should write a book"

"I'm working on that"

"Fine, getting to the point" Aaron lifted his missing arm again "Please"

"Alright, but you will have to tell how that even happened"

"Long story or summary"

"Long story, we will be talking in my workshop"

"Lead the way then"

"So, one of those three headed dog demons ate it"

"It's called Cerberus, and it isn't just one of those, it was a King Cerberus, big difference"

"Which is?"

"A normal Cerberus has control over one of three elements, fire, ice or lighting. A King Cerberus on the other hand can control the three elements at the same time. That one you were having trouble with, is just a puppy compared with a true King Cerberus"

"I see, then you kill it?"

"I hit it until it died" Aaron joked "Nonetheless, it was a rough fight, and I had to sacrifice something to win. I needed to save Vergil"

"Vergil, your grandson, correct'"


"Hmph" She smiled and turned to the blueprints they were reading.

They arrived to her workshop no long after exterminating the demons that attacked her city. Aaron made sure to kill each and every one without leaving survivors.

"Well, looking to this, you plan to do a bionic arm made out of demonic metal and replace your missing arm with it. I'm not robotic expert Aaron, but I'm sure I can make this work"

"You take care of the mechanisms. I will take care of the rest"

She smiled as the two of them started working. She couldn't help but smile seeing him work beside him again. Last time it ended with the two of them sharing the same bed for a week. Maybe this time it will happen again.

Not that she is looking for a romantical relationship, after the last one with her ex-husband she doesn't feel like looking for one. But with Aaron, she feels like casual sex can fill the gap her rupture with her husband left her. He is a great friend and a greater friend with benefits.

If only they would've met before she met her stupid ex. Maybe their kids would've been smart enough to not play with a loaded gun left in a closed room. She still loves her son, but his stupidity always gives her a headache.

As she started arranging the pieces they needed, she felt Aaron moved behind her and touch her rear with his remaining arm. His hand circling her round posterior as his finger brushed her entrance through her jeans.

"Someone is eager, huh?" She teased while shaking her hips to rally him into action.

"Taking care of grandkids can be a little tedious, and I've been a little pent up for quite some time"

"Then what are you waiting for?"

With that, he took off her pants and his and started thrusting.

They didn't manage to do any work that day.

Some Time Later

"Ouch!" Aaron shouted. He gripped piece of metal she gave him to hold while she didn't the operation. The two managed to complete the metallic arm in a week even while they spend most of the time fucking.

But now came the difficult part. Attaching the arm to Aaron. They consulted with multiple specialists in biology that explained how the nerves work in a human. For their part, they had to attach the circuits of the arm into the nerve of Aaron's.

It would be a difficult process, and a painful one. But Aaron said he will handle it. In his own words "If Edward Elric can handle it, so can I".

She doesn't know who that Edward Elric is, but if he spoke of him with that much respect must be someone important to him.

"Hsss" He hissed clenching his teeth to hold a scream.

"Stay still, this is as difficult for me as it is for you"

"That isn't true and you know it!"

"Only a couple of minutes and we will be done" She has her hand covered in blood as she tried to add the mechanical arm. A handful of towels covered in red around her as she cleaned blood when it got too much. Thankfully Aaron can heal quickly with his demonic magic, but he still bleeds a lot.

"Ow!" He breathed in and out multiple times to calm himself while she continued. Taking a towel, she cleaned some of the blood that was getting in between her fingers and continued. After more cursing of Aaron, she managed to finish connecting the arm.

"Done" She released a breath in relieve as she ended the operation. "How does it feel?"

Aaron sat in the bed they prepared and started moving his arm, closing and opening his hand and then rotated his wrist. They managed to make it as human as possible, but it is also a weapon. Aaron decided that he wanted something he could use to kill demons, and in the end, they managed to create something similar to a devil arm, both literally and figurately.

"A little work with it and you might fight better than with the real arm, what do you think?"

Aaron seemed to smile widely when she said that.

"I still feel like I have my real arm"

"Huh, well, you will get used to it, I think. Any pain or incommodities?"

"Every now and then" He said as he rotated his arm

"Where?" She moved to check for any incongruencies quickly

"My fingertips… my left fingertips"

She stopped and decided instead to look for a cigar. Up until now she wasn't considerate to ask how does losing an arm feels, she has heard of that before. As working with mercenaries tends to give you information about this kind of things.

"That's called phantom pain" She released a cloud of smoke "Pain that feels like it's coming from a body part that's no longer there. I've seen mercenaries that feel things like that. Your brain still remembers your old hand. But now it isn't there" She put out the cigar by placing it on top of Aaron's hand to prove her point "You can feel your metallic arm, but you won't be able to feel pain with it"

"Hm" He played a little with his arm before standing from the bed. He took a tower and cleaned any remnants of blood in his body.

"Thanks Nell" He started dressing himself.

Nell on the other hand looked at the blueprints they made and turned to the red eyed man "It doesn't have a name yet, any ideas?"

He stopped and turned into his metal arm. A glint shined through his eyes before turning to Nell "Devil Breaker: Model 001"

"Devil Breaker?" She played with the name a little before writing it in her blueprints "Sounds appropriate. But you should be careful, we don't know what that devil metal could do to a human body, I mean, we literally attached the metal into your nerves. Who knows? You could turn into a demon"

He stopped on front of the door and turned his head. His red eyes shining brighter. For some reason, they seemed to carry the weight and malice of a serial killer. But also, the guilt and grief of someone who lost everything.

Aaron chuckled a little before speaking "That's the thing Nell, I'm already a demon. Heaven is not my kind of place anyway"

With that. He left the room.



Holy shit!

I can't believe I pulled it off.


Oh, my Outer Gods!

I've been waiting to make a Metal Gear Solid reference ever since I lost my arm.

And to be honest, it didn't hurt at all.

I brought the passive skill [Pain Resistance] and level it up to Master level. I couldn't feel most of that, it was just like a needle to extract blood or a surgery with anaesthesia.

Still, I need to act the part because dramatics.

And also, it gave me an opportunity to use one of my favourite skills

[Acting (Divine)] (Passive)

The ability to act or deceive other people with godlike mastery. Everyone will believe your behaviour and your expressions, even the most stoic and untrustworthy.

Coupled with the other skills I levelled up.

[Lying (Divine)] (Passive)

The ability to lie or manipulate people into believing you with godlike mastery. Everyone will believe what you say, even the most stoic and untrustworthy. -5% chance of success if the lie is too unbelievable

The two of them were completely necessary. I mean, if I want to go the path I aim to, then I would need then for this world and the next ones.

And combined, Aaron Blackheart is the man that has suffered a kind of loss before and will do anything to protect his family and friends.

It was totally worth it.

Losing an arm was just part of my act to Vergil, Dante, Eva and everyone that knows me. I've been planning to make something like this for a long time but now I did it. I knew I needed something to make Vergil respect and adore me in one way or another. And losing an arm just made it possible.

Which actually kind of worked.

[Vergil Sparda: 179/200]

Relationship: Family and Teacher

Being the Son of Sparda, Vergil was born with an immense amount of dormant power. And living with his grandfather made him adore him as a role model which he wants to follow. After his grandfather lose his arm thanks to saving his live, he wished to obtain power at all cost to stop being weak and having to be protected.

Bonifications: [Grandson of Aaron Blackheart (Adopted)]

Vergil and Dante had the same bonification, but the two have different goals in life.

[Dante Sparda: 175/200]

Relationship: Family and Teacher

Being the Son of Sparda, Dante was born with an immense amount of dormant power. He respects his grandfather and wants to learn from him how to fight and admires his mother's work of being a devil hunter. He wishes to grow strong enough to protect his mother and brother after being invaded by demons.

Bonifications: [Grandson of Aaron Blackheart (Adopted)]

Well, at least some things still follow the usual flow.

Vergil is still power hungry and Dante still wants to become a devil hunter. The difference is that they are not alone this time, and I might teach them a couple of things about power. More specially Vergil.

He is the type of person that would kill an innocent if it meant he obtains power. Which actually happened before when he kills Arkham's library assistant for no reason.

Come on Vergil, she was giving you a book, not even trying to seduce you.

Well, I will deal with that later.

A couple more reputation and they will reach the 200 mark, meaning reaching the Soul Comrades rank.

Reputation and Affection is something easy to understand. Reputation works for males and Affection for Females, there are a couple exceptions but that's the gist of it.

From 0 to 49 it goes into the Stranger level. From 50 to 99 it arrives to Friendly level. From 100 to 149 it is Best Friends for males and Crush for Females. From 150 to 199 it is Brother in Arms for males and Love one for Females. And lastly, 200 means Soul-Comrade for males, or Brothers from another mother if you want to call it like that, and Soulmates for females, which basically means I am the one that will always be on their minds and hearts.

I haven't reached the rank of 200 with anyone, Eva is blocked thanks to the game interfering with her affection, but I can't complain I don't plan to fuck Eva, at least in this world.

And I don't want her to develop father complex, so 150 is fine by me.

For now, I plan to go back home and showcase my new metal arm.

But first I've got a lot of things to do.

I have a way to restore my arm. First, I need to get the [Cleric] class, which I can already have since is inside the [Acolyte] category, and level up it to level 70 and then I will unlock [Regenerate] which restore any loss limbs for me or anyone. But I couldn't manage to level up in all these years, it was too tedious for me to try.

So, levelling up the [Cleric] class was a little too far if not for how I completed a secret quest.

Victoria, would you kindly….

Secret Quest Completed

[The Demon Slayer]

Become an unstoppable demon killing machine

-Objective: Kill 100000 demons

Reward: [Aaron Must Die] Dungeon unlocked

See, this is something good. Great even.

[Aaron Must Die] according to Victoria is a special dungeon designated to kill, just as the name says. All enemies will always be higher levels than me. Which will make levelling up easy.

Let's try this and then I will go home.

Watching my new arm, I couldn't help but feel giddy at my creation.

I based the design in the Devil Arm Gilgamesh, but this time is a full arm instead of just armour.

[Devil Breaker: Model 001]

Requirement: Implantation and DEM more than 1000

A bionic devil arm created by both Nell Goldstein and Aaron Blackheart's expertise. It can be used to punch demons really hard.

Constantly consume 500 DEM for functionality

-Deals (STR x 2) when used bare handed

Special Ability: [Overcharged Punch]

So, I managed to grant it an ability since it is basically a weapon. Alongside Yamato and Rebellion, they have special abilities that come with the weapon.

This one is basically punching demons, really, really hard.

[Overcharged Punch]

5000 DEM to cast

Punch demons really hard.

Causes (STRx5) and can knock back any opponent. Can be launched from the distance.

30 second of cooldown. The arm will release smoke during cooldown

And I love it!

You know what else?

I managed to get a Devil Arm.

The story about me fighting against a King Cerberus wasn't a fluke. I actually fought against one.

And after fanboying on the 3 headed-dog for a couple of minutes. I killed it after letting it bite my arm just for, you know, dramatics.

It's not like it will affect that much, I only obtained the status effect [Crippled] for that and decreased my HP and STR by 10%.

My [Gamer Body] will regenerate any wound in time except dismemberment. For dismemberment it needs a special action from the player to cure. If not done anything the body will gain the status effect [Crippled] until the problem is solved

The status effect disappeared when Nell finished connecting the arm, meaning my gamer body recognizes I cure my condition so the penalty went away.

Was it worth it?

Yes, it was. It gained me a lot of points with a lot of people and made me look badass for a week as I killed demons single handled, in the literal sense. It took me a while to get the hang of fighting with one hand, but if Uchiha Sasuke could fight using one hand then so could I.

Will I ever do it again?

It depends. If I ever need to look cool after one epic battle, or look like I was defeated in one, I will do it if the opportunity needs it.

I will do anything that will make me look badass in front of other characters and make me feel like a protagonist. It is my inner Chunni that demands me to do that.

Besides, I got this after all.

[King Cerberus (Devil Arm)] Rank: Legendary

Requirement: 500 STR, 500 DEX, 400 WIS

A weapon that can change form from a Nunchaku, to a Bo Staff and a Sansetsukon. Obtained by defeating and subduing a King Cerberus in battle. Each form can control a specific element.

[Nunchaku Form]

This form allows the user to control Ice

+ 1000 + (DEX x 5) Damage

+ 15% Attack Speed

Will cause [Frostbite] Status effect on enemies (80% Chance)

[Bo Staff Form]

This form allows the user to control Fire

+ 1000 + (STR x 5) Damage

+ 10% Attack Speed

Will cause [Burn] status effect on enemies (80% chance)

[Sansetsukon Form]

This Form allows the user to control lighting

+ 500 + ((STR + DEX) x 2) Damage

+ 5% Attack Speed

+ 5% Critical Strike Chance

Will cause [Shock] status effect on enemies (90% Chance)

See, this thing is fucking OP!

My first true devil arm that isn't created by me an actually comes from this world. Also, the wisdom requirement makes sense for most devil arms.

According to what I know, devil arms are souls of demons that submit to the one that defeated them, but they are still there. Meaning you need to have a strong mind to use a devil arm if you don't want the demon to take over.

Which makes senses the dialogue Griffon gave to V, saying he didn't have the strength nor the mind to wield the Sparda. V was just half a soul and without true mental strength, using the Sparda would have been truly dangerous to him.

I remember playing with Cerberus, Balrog and Devil Sword Dante as my weapons in DMC 5. I only used Cavaliere when I got into Bloody Palace and sometimes against bosses in DMD mode. Sometimes I used two swords of Dante, Both Devil Sword Dante and Sparda to make awesome combos.

For guns I used only E&I and Coyote-A. Faust I used it sometimes to farm red orbs and I never got the hang of using Kalina Ann but I did manage to make awesome combos with those.

Still, I was always a main Nero, I loved using Red Queen to kill enemies and the sound the game made when doing a Max-Act was ecstatic.

Well, now I have two weapon I can try out

Let's test them right fucking now.

Entering the dungeon, I saw the same normal setting the DMC dungeons had.

Except the sky is red.

And it's raining.

Huh, menacing. First, let's release my stats.

"[Full Release]"

-[Stats] unlocked

I turned to the front where a demon came out. It was just a normal Hell Pride.

Or at least somewhat normal.

Hell Pride

Level 561

HP – 561000

Holy shit, if this was outside the dungeon it could probably destroy an entire city and be Mundus' right hand.

Heh, I can imagine.

Hell Pride, the strongest demon in the under- "Hey, careful with that thing! I was monologing!" It just tried to kill me while I was monologing. How rude.

So, let's test some things out

"Come on, I want you to hit me"

The skeleton demon seemed to take that as an offense so it decided to attack me almost immediately.

It swung its scythe to my chest and cut deeply drawing blood from the wound.

-5000 HP

Now that's a lot of damage.

Gotta give it to it. It is stronger than the normal ones. But still not enough.

"Good, try it again"

The Hell Pride swung its scythe against me and I decided to defend myself using the Devil Breaker.

The scythe clashed against the metallic arm, releasing some sparks, but my arm showed superiority as the scythe broke against my arm.

"Wow, not bad, not bad. But now me"

Summoning Shi no Yokan and holding it in my new metallic arm. I stood in my favourite position.

"Hideki no Uta, Gokyoku: Himei (Songs of Tragedy, Fifth Song: Scream)"

I moved at extreme velocity and appeared behind the demon.

The Hell Pride stood motionless as I sheathed my weapon back into its sheath.

The handle touched the sheath.

And then, the magic occurred.


Critical Hit!

Obtained 1 PP

Obtained [Hell Pride's Scythe (Rare)]

Yep, that's it. All my attack generates a critical hit. Thanks to having already 2000 LCK, all my attacks will be a critical. And since I already upped the 100% chances of obtaining a critical, the rest will cause extra critical damage.

I have 2620 LCK, divided by 10 I have 262% chance of critical hit. But if the maximum is 100%, where does the rest go?

Answer, I t accumulates.

Critical hit causes 200% of the normal damage, but with the accumulation of LCK, it increases to 362% damage.

And that is without adding weapons of skills. For example, the skill I just used. My original Style.

[Hideki no Uta [悲劇の歌] (Songs of Tragedy)] (Katana Style)

A swordsmanship style created by Aaron Blackheart based on the motto "Death is silent". It consists of using rapid drawing techniques similar to Iaido, but with the emphasis in sound when drawing the sword. The less sound, the more powerful the attack.

Yep, a style I created.

I decided to make the techniques in Spanish since I came with a Bleach inspiration when creating it. I remember loving the Bleach Spanish themes and names of techniques like Sonido and Hierro. So, following that I decided to create a style with Spanish names for techniques.

Besides, it sounds cool.

The one technique I constant is one of five. It being the less powerful and the number one being the most powerful technique in my repertoire.

[Hideki no Uta, Gokyoku: Himei (Songs of Tragedy, Fifth Song: Scream)]

5000 SP to cast

A technique belonging to the [Hideki no Uta] style. It draws the sword ferociously and releases a sound similar to a scream. It is the weakest attack of the style.

-Deals (((DEX x 10) + (STR x 10)) x 10)

5 seconds of cooldown.

Styles are broken, they are the maximum epitome of power, and I haven't unlocked Vergil's Dark Slayer style yet.

It turns out, a style contains skills inside like a gift box, meaning the moment Vergil creates the Dark Slayer style I will unlock his skills without any condition or having to buy them in the store like DLC. Which actually defines every Vergil apparition in every game ever since DMC3:SE to DMC5: SE.

So, my STR is 2610 and my DEX is 2770. Doing the equation, I get a total of 288700 of damage. And applying the normal critical damage, it increases to over 1 million of damage.

If I remember correctly, Mundus had 666666 of HP. Which means one of my weakest techniques will kill him almost instantly.

I'm broken, pls nerf me.

Joking aside, I wondered why I would be so overpowered in my first world.

I asked Victoria for an answer, and she replied….

You've been in this world for 20 years.

Yep, thanks Victoria

You are welcome

See, she has been developing a personality. Took a lot of time and hundreds of monologues for her to start adding herself to them.

Which is you basically talking to yourself

Hey, you never complain, do you?

It's not like I can separate from you

She is kind of a Tsundere, let her be.

Anyhow, I've been in this world for more than 20 years, and I didn't notice. Even more if you count all the time I have spent in the IDs. I've been basically spoiled by the game by putting me in this kind of world with overpowered creatures and so on.

The Gamer system is supposed to be overpowered, specially mine since the goal is to reach Outer God level.

Aaron Blackheart

Level – 461

Class –Gunslinger [61/100]

Race – Human

HP – 546000 [54600 per minute]

MP – 464400[38700 per 30 seconds]

DEM – 412800 [30360 per 30 seconds]

SP – 532350 [46410 per 30 seconds]

STR – 2620

END – 2730

DEX – 2780

INT – 2580

WIS – 2530

CHR – 2760

LCK – 2630

POINTS – 265

IMA – 26837450

PP – 55319

HP – END x 200

MP – INT x 180

DEM – INT x 160

SP – END x 195

HP Regen – END x 20

MP Regen – WIS x 15

DEM Regen – WIS x 12

SP Regen – END x 17

2 levels.

2 fucking levels in 9 fucking years.

Yeah, I am OP as hell, but still….

I want to level up, I want to unlock new classes for Azathoth's sake.

Not that I complain anyway, my stats are already high enough to kill everything in this world, so on that part I can live without worries. But still, having stats that high might proved a little bit challenging when doing normal activities.

I couldn't open doors and I killed someone by using a normal punch. Yeah, I destroyed his face alongside all his upper body with just one punch, I mean, he was a thief that tried to rob me but still, not a pretty good sight. Shame demon magic can't regenerate limbs.

Is this how Saitama feels?


Luckily, I have these skills I normally use after that

[Alter Stat] (Active)

You can alter the points in chosen stats to a chosen quantity. The stat's real numbers and perks obtained won't be affected.

[Perk Switch] (Active)

You can switch a perk from activating or its passive abilities.

[Magic Seal] (Active)

You can decrease the amount of usable MP. The real amount of MP won't be affected.

[Demonic Energy Seal]

You can decrease the amount of usable DEM. The real amount of DEM won't be affected.

[Skill switch]

You can switch passive skills between on and off.

If I walked around using my full stats, I could probably destroy a city just by swinging my arm, and never being able to make love again.

So, I usually use at least 500 in all my stats except CHR, which I use 1000 because Charisma is broken. That way, if I'm ever "Losing" in a fight, I will go full "This isn't even my true power!" And release my stats to kill the son of a bitch.


I can already feel my internal weaboo smiling at the thought. I even wrote a chant specifically for that. Well, more like stole from another series, but who would care.

I could probably go to hell, kill Mundus and get done with this world. But… Where is the fun in that?

I could kill Dante, Vergil or Eva if I wanted and get done with everything, conquer the world, destroy human race and demon race on its entirety.

But nah, let's play along…. At least in this world.

I promised myself that is should play villain at least twice. I was thinking Boku no Hero as a villain, or maybe High School DxD as part of the Hero Faction. In Bleach I am 100% sure I will join the Wandenreich.

First, I love the German theme the Quincy had with their powers and empire. And uniforms as well.

Secondly, there was literally a group full of waifus, The Female Sternritters, and I will smash everyone in that group, The lighting bitch, The Loli, The Busty one, The Crazy one, and the German bomberwoman. All of them wearing German uniforms

And I am a sucker for German uniform. Well, I'm a sucker for basically most types of military uniform used in WW2, but still….

Or maybe the Arrancar, you know, for the Spanish themes, I already have some tecniques that I can change to spanish, so I could change Shi no Yokan to be my Resurrection or something like that. Besides, saying [Cero] in a monotone tone and then firing an energy nuke is the pinnacle of dramatism at least for me

Also, they have the S-Tier waifu. Tier Harribel. And a couple more. Pun completely intended.

But if I want to please my weabo side, then I can join the Shinigami and become a Traditional Japanese character. I would probably change my name as well, something with a lot of Kanjis...


Thoughts for later.

I also changed my clothes.

When I arrived to this world, I donned a black shirt under a hooded cloak that I used for fighting. After the Mundus invasion, that I had nothing to do with….

No sir! I didn't play with the seals so that stronger demons would appear and make me look more badass than I already am! What do you accuse me of?!

What evidence do you have?!

I plan to kill Mundus before he gets to meet Dante, meaning before DMC 1 and use him with a little bit of soul magic that I plan to unlock in the future. No one will ever know, well, maybe Vic, but she won't tell anyone.

I am grateful you take me into consideration

I mean, you've been by my side for a long time, if anything, I believe at this point we are a married couple.


Aww, are you blushing?


See, a Tsundere.

Anyhow, After Mundus' invasion, I decided to change my wardrobe a little. My favourite colours are Black and Shadow grey, surprising no one.

I donned a new pearl grey coat with black fur trimmed hood and ample sleeves and unnecessary belts on the sides and the coattails separated in 5. An onyx black turtle neck under it with black cargo pants ending with Steel grey boots. Nonetheless, I look like I intended, an anime protagonist.

I don't know why Momonga or Ainz as he calls himself was ashamed of his chuunibyou phase. You should not be ashamed of it! You should embrace it! Make yourself stronger with it!



But well, thoughts to the future. For now let's focus on my active cakes, as Aizen would say.

I like when everything goes according to cake. And I have a lot of cakes I haven't completed yet. Having a metal arm actually gave me an idea of what to do with those plans.




Oh yeah, I've been receiving notifications about me losing HP for the last 20 seconds. Let's deal with that

Turning, I see a lot of Hell Prides like the last one trying to kill me. But their attacks are slow and my HP Regen makes it that they can't cause me enough damage for me to worry.

Let's deal with these things and then go back to my thoughts about German waifus, Chuunis and Spanish guitars.

"Alright, give me experience, I want to level up!"

And so, I charged into them.

Some Time Later


"Ugh!" He cried as he fell to the ground holding his side.

Ever since the Demonic Invasion, he has been training with his grandfather every single day. He needs to be strong, he won't be protected, never again.

He moved his hand to grab his wooden sword but his grandfather stopped him.

"Stop Vergil, you are too tired to move"

"But I need to be stronger"

"Vergil, you can't become strong in just one day, it takes time, effort and dedication. You already have dedication and effort, but you still got time to be stronger"

He just complied to his grandfather's words and sat on the grass. His eyes moving to their restored home.

Both his grandfather and mother worked for a week restoring Redgrave after the invasion. Their hometown one of the most affected thanks to it receiving most of the demons and being the home of both Aaron Blackheart and Sparda.

Nobody blamed grandfather since the invasion was global and he helped take care of the remaining demons around the world.

But to Vergil, his grandfather was the most affected.

The boy's eyes moved to the metallic arm hid by a black glove he wore.

When he arrived home after a week, they were all surprised to see him with a metallic arm of all things. Dante immediately wanted to test it and grandfather allowed him to use kitchen knives to try and stab the arm.

The knives broke first, but the two of them were chastised by his mother. Nonetheless, he showed what his arm could do when he punched a tree bark and broke it without seemingly resistance.

And then he started training both Vergil and Dante, but sometimes Dante would be trained by his mother while Vergil trained with his grandfather, just like now.

Still, Vergil feels it is…. Unnatural, for his grandfather to have a metallic arm.

'It's because you are to blame that he only has one' A traitorous thought appeared in his mind

He instinctively tried to grab the wooden sword to start practicing again but was stopped by his grandfather.

"I said we would rest and we will rest Vergil"

The white-haired boy pouted before adopting a serious face.

His grandfather raised his eyebrow a little before turning to the sky "So, have you enjoyed the book I gave you?"

"Yes! William Blake never disappoints!" It seemed to change the boy's mood as his serious expression turned cheerful

""And it grew both day and night. Till it bore an apple bright""

"A Poison Tree!"

"That's right" His grandfather smiled "I managed to find that book in a library, it belonged to an old man that told me he read it like a thousand times. When I spoke about you and your love for literature, he gave me the book. In his own words "Young kids should be nurtured in literature, especially those that loved it that much" and I marked the book and brought it to you"

"I see… Thanks grandfather"

"Anytime Vergil"

And with that they feel into a comfortable silence for a couple of seconds.


"Yes Vergil….?"

"How do I get strong?"

Aaron seemed to think the question for a couple of minutes before turning to Vergil.

"There was this man Vergil, he was the best sniper in the world. An assassin. He used to tell the rules he had for fighting "Professionals, have standards. Be polite to your enemy, even if he doesn't deserve your time, you were once weak as him so you should respect where he is now. Be efficient, every time you fight, you should polish your skills, no waste time and fight giving your all. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet, everyone could become an enemy, analyse their weaknesses, their style of fighting and have a plan to defeat them in case they become hostile". And there are my own thoughts about power, Perfection doesn't exist"


"Perfection doesn't exist Vergil, there should always be room for improvement. There should always be ways you can be better Vergil, don't stop yourself by thinking you achieved perfection"

"I… Thanks grandfather"

"Hm" He nodded and stood from the grass "Let's go see what your mother and Dante are doing, I'm getting hungry"

"Sure" Vergil moved to stand and then looked to his grandfather "Grandfather?"


"You know how to unlock my demonic power?"

Aaron seemed to stop and turned to Vergil with a raised eyebrow.

"Hmm" He thought for a second before coming with an answer "You need to unlock your Devil Trigger"

"Devil Trigger?"

"Yes, Devil Trigger" He nodded "Every demon has an ability like that. Devil Trigger is a special ability where you have a lot of demonic power inside of you, and then you release it, that's the gist of it, but is much more complicated in practice. With it, you unlock your potential. But it is very difficult, only powerful demons might obtain the Devil Trigger"

Vergil looked to his hand for a second before asking "You think I can unlock it?"

"You are a son of Sparda, Vergil. You will obtain you Devil Trigger when you manage to ascend in your power"

"How do I ascend?"

"Basically, a motivation. You need a drive hard enough to make you break the limit of your power"

"…. I want to be stronger"

"That's an acceptable drive"

The two walked back to their home, where Eva was making dinner with a beat-up Dante resting in the living room. He had a lot of bruises and burns around his body that showed his training was intense.

"Dad" Eva greeted "How was your training?"

"Good, Vergil had a lot of progress today. Maybe next week he will be able to wield Yamato's powers comfortably"

"Well done Vergil" She patted Vergil's head.

"How about Dante? How did he do in his training?"

The white-haired boy just raised his hand with difficulty as he rested in the couch.

"He is making progress at imitating my Devil Arts, he is trying to adapt Regis Statio (Royal Guard) to his own fighting style, but as you can see, it is still incomplete" She signalled to the beat-up Dante.

"Yeah, I see it. How about I help you with dinner"


And so the two of them walked to the kitchen, leaving the twins all by themselves.

"It seems you took quite the beating, Dante"

"Shut up, I am trying to do something that will defeat anything that comes my way"

"How quaint"

And with that Vergil sat in the other side of the couch and opened the book he carries everywhere.

"Still reading that book?" The younger twins asked

"Reading is something you should do as well. Maybe you would learn a couple of things"

"Hey, I know a lot of scientific things!"

"Like what?"

"Like…... You know…... Numbers?"

"You, good at numbers?!" Vergil snorted "In your dreams"

"Yeah?! Well, I bet I'm better than you with numbers!"

"6 plus 6"



"Uhhh, 18?"

"9 + 9"


"9 times 9"

"Ohh…. Well…. oh, 81!"

"Square root of 144?"

"What's a square root?"

Vergil nodded and turned back to his book without replying to his brother

"Hey?! What's a square root?!"


Thanks to my cooking skills, which are literally at Master level, dinner was easily made and the rest was Eva and me talking about the kids' progress.

"And then Dante tried to absorb an Exitium Percutiens (Destruction Strike) point blank"

"Did it work?"

"The first strike yes, but he seemingly forgot it is a barrage of energy and not a single attack"

"Oh, beginner's mistake…... and how about… his demonic heritage?"

Eva felt silent.

That is a sore point for Dante, and it hurts Eva a lot.

Ever since the attack to their house, Dante started feeling resentment towards his demonic heritage. Most importantly Sparda. He blames Sparda for everything that happened. And also blames him for not showing up when they needed him. It doesn't help that Sparda scared Dante, and he cried every time Sparda raised his voice.

Eva still hasn't told the twins about Sparda's death, but it is because she also feels grief over losing her husband and father of her twin sons and hasn't gotten over that yet. Sometimes I hear her cry in her bedroom holding a photo of the two in their wedding, and she has developed a need to touch her wedding ring every time she feels sad.

What keeps her from going full on depressed is the twins Vergil and Dante. Sparda's legacy. She sees both of them as the manifestation of their love and the most wonderful gift Sparda gave her. Which means she will do everything to keep them protected, and that's one of the reasons she returned to her training and asked for more spells from me.

"….. We haven't made progress with that"

"I see, so he still resents his father" I stopped as I thought about another thing "What about the Amulets?"

"They are not ready, maybe when they are 15 years old, I will give it to them. But for the moment, let's focus on training them"

"Yeah, you are right"

She moved out of the kitchen carrying the lunch while I went to the refrigerator and took the soda for me and the kids.

"Dante, Vergil! What's going on?!" I heard Eva scream from the living room.

"Vergil won't tell me what's a square root!"

"Why do I have to tell what it is to this imbecile?! You can figure it out on your own!"

"But I want you to tell me!"

"Alright, both of you stop fighting!" Eva's motherly shout™ was heard.

Yet, I love this family

"301" I shot one of the demons in its face as I counted.

I developed this hobby of counting how many demons I killed in a battle. Just Like the motherfucking Goblin Slayer.

It became something that also made me look badass when doing it in front of people. Giving the impression that I killed demons as I did the shopping.

I've been playing in this Dungeon for quite some time.

I think it is already a year since I entered this [Aaron Must Die] Dungeon.

Good name by the way.

The thing is that if I want to continue getting as much experience as I want, I need to go out every time I level up.


Because the demons in this dungeon are always based in the actual level when I enter the dungeon.

Meaning if I enter at level 461, most enemies will be level 561.

Every enemy in [Aaron Must Die] will always be 100 levels higher than me, and bosses will be 150 levels higher.

It means a lot of experience, until I gain enough level to close the gap and start gaining less experience.

Which sucks.

At what sucks more, is that at level 1000 the enemies will stop going up levels. Meaning [Aaron Must Die] goes only until I reach level 1000.

But at least I've become stronger thanks to this.

Aaron Blackheart

Level – 499

Class –Gunslinger [99/100]

Race – Human

HP – 1460000 [146000 per 20 seconds]

MP – 1385000[136000 per 10 seconds]

DEM – 470900 [462400 per 10 seconds]

SP – 1460000 [146000 per 10 seconds]

STR – 2810

END – 2920

DEX – 2970

INT – 2770

WIS – 2720

CHR – 2950

LCK – 2820

POINTS – 645

IMA – 28837450

PP – 1209

HP – END x 500

MP – INT x 500

DEM – INT x 170

SP – END x 500

HP Regen – END x 50

MP Regen – WIS x 50

DEM Regen – WIS x 15

SP Regen – END x 50

Now, you might be wondering...

Why I went from 200 bonus in HP to 500.

Well, I managed to get the maximum increase in this first threshold of my power. A 500-bonus increase is the limit before I get to level 500.

And it costed a fucking lot.

10 thousand PP for each stat, meaning 60K in total for the 6 HP, MP, SP and their respective regeneration bonus.

And a lot more for that. I managed to obtain perk that decrease the time life takes to regenerate. Which costed about 1 thousand each.

In the end, I spend all my PP in increasing my power.

But it was worth it.

I reaching the million in HP, and I've basically reached God Status.

I'm unkillable in any way possible, unless I fight against an Outer God or an Ancient God. Something of that level is still beyond me, but according to Vic, when I reach level 1000, I will be able to fight against the lower-class Outer Gods.

It seems 1000 levels is all I need to be unstoppable.

A surprise to be sure, but a welcomed one.

The problem will be getting new classes from that point forward. Right now, I can get 5 classes counting the one I will complete when I level up one last time to level 500.

Meaning I need to think clearly which classes I want to unlock.

Maybe if I get something like a level reset but maintaining my stats, like an ascension or something like that I will make it easier for me to level up.

Is there something like that when I get to level 1000? Or a new type of dungeon where I fight beings in the thousand levels that are actually challenging instead of just normal enemies with higher levels?

. Maybe…

So there is something!

Good to now.

Alright, now I have to defeat the boss of this level and I will go home

Turns out, in [AMD] enemies like the Cerberus, Belial and Bael appear. They seem to have only one purpose, killing me. They don't possess dialogue or any special interaction with me, they just attack like they were a bloody palace stage.

Still, fighting them has proved, somewhat challenging, when I'm not in full stats of course.

Which is quite nice, except they don't drop Devil arms.

Which I hate completely.

Why can't they just drop Devil Arms?

Is it because they are special enemies are Devil arms are unique to DMC world?


For now, let's kill this boss, with style.

Should I use another weapon?

I mean, I've been using King Cerberus in the last levels trying every type of combos I could. Even if I don't have the necessary skill to wield the Cerberus, [Martial Arts Profidency] helped me a lot since most martial arts use one form of the weapon or the other.

Still, I should let my main weapon, Shi no Yokan shine a little.

[Shi no Yokan [死の予感](Premonition of Death)]

Requirement: Creator (Soulbound Weapon)

A weapon perfectly crafted combining both Devil and Human metal. It can cut everything around it and nothing can block its blade except another legendary weapon. It was enhanced by using the same properties that the legendary devil arm Yamato had, making it be able to cut through dimensions.

+10000 + (((DEX x 5) + (STR x 5)) x 10) Physical Damage

+20% Critical Damage

+20% Lifesteal

+30% Attack Speed

Special Abilities: [Cut Dimensions], [Dimensional Attack]

Yep, I managed to get Sparda to teach me how he made the Yamato, and he taught me how he made it so it could cut through dimensions. It was a shame he was too weak to use Yamato's power when we met, he only had years to live and he planted so save as much energy as he could to spend time with Eva.

He was a great guy, too formal for everything, and a bit shy.

I changed Shi no Yokan a little during my years here. The guard became similar to a sabre guard but with sharper look and a black metal line in the middle, the blade changed to the front part shinning black and the safe part being the metallic grey. The handle still looks katana-esque with dark red Ito and black Same, the handle wrap and handle skin respectively.

I made what I promised I would do, and obtained the sword that could cut through dimensions

[Cut Dimensions]

10000 DEM to cast (Can use MP as well)

The ability to slice and separate dimensions. You can open portals to other places by slicing the reality.

1 second cooldown.

[Dimensional Attack]

No one can escape this blade. The ability to slash being though dimension, so you can attack even if you are in different dimensions or places.

You can send attacks though dimensions.

So now I have an upgraded version of Yamato where I can attack from the distance. And by distance, I mean I can attack though dimensions.

Remember when I said I can kill Mundus every time I wanted.

I was being literal.

I could be resting in my bed comfortably, and I just need to grab my sword and send one attack to hell and he won't even know what killed him.

But I won't, because as I said before…

Where is the fun in that?

Fun is making an entire script of situations where others characters see you struggle, see you having badass moments, see you fighting in the coolest way possible, see you sacrificing yourself for them only to return from the dead in one way no one expected.

And return evil just so that the main characters can have a moment to make you remember who you are, or having to kill you in tears if you are too far gone.

A moment where a protagonist next to rest and I appear miraculously telling him that I will take care of the rest.

A moment where I am supposed to be defeat but I keep standing even while unconscious just to surprise everyone in my will to fight.

All for the sake of

"DRAMATICS!" I shouted

Sir, I think you should turn around



Turning, I see…

Oh yeah, I was in a dungeon.

I completely lost myself there, thank Vic

No problem

Alright, time to take care of the boss.


Oh, a Fire Cerberus as a boss, quite a surprise.

From the ground, the three-headed dog spitting fire from its mouth appeared.

I grabbed the handle of Shi no Yokan with my left arm, and stood in my favourite sword-drawing position.

Even if Vergil hasn't created Dark Slayer style yet, who said I couldn't create a similar style.

But better.

Crouching a little I placed my right hand in the handle.

"Only in death, shall you know freedom~"

The Cerberus charged towards me, but in the 10000 fractions of a second, I was already behind it kneeling position.

"Only in death, you shall know yourself~"

Sheathing the sword slowly, I ended with the name of my technique.

"Hideki no Uta, Shikyoku: Komoriuta (Songs of Tragedy, Fourth Song: Lullaby)"


And so, with the soothing feeling of a lullaby, the demon died. A rhythmical sound with each slice, but careful with the ears.

And so, with his death, he saw how pain soothed it.



So, what do you think, Vic?

10 out of 10, sir.

In the middle of the battle that would look amazing

See, Vic gets it

+1 PP

Levelled up.

Oh yeah!

Congratulations sir, you've arrived to your first threshold.

Let me give you your rewards.

Secret Quest Completed

[One Step Towards Greatness]

Reward: +1000 to every stat, [First Step in Greatness] Perk

Wow, wow, wow.

What is this perk?!

[First Step in Greatness]

A perk awarded to those who managed to put one step in the staircase of greatness.

This perk doubles the Stat points and POINTS gained per level and add the option of upgrading 2 classes at the same time.

[Gunslinger] class levelled up to maximum.




Vic, you don't know how much I love you right now. I would kiss you if I could.

Choose a primary class

[Fighter] [Spellcaster] [Acolyte] [Hunter] [Production] [Wanderer]

Alright, first thing first. Let's choose the one that will regenerate my arm. So Acolyte it is.

[Cleric] [Shaman][Priest][Dark Priest]

So Cleric is the one that focuses of healing. Priest focuses on buff and enchantments. Dark Priest is the contrary that focuses on dark magic and other things I'm not interested in.

Shaman I think focuses on talisman and wards, maybe something like that.

Cleric it is.

Class Gained

[Cleric] – Level 1/100

Skill Gained

[Light Magic Profidency (Novice)] (Passive)

Knowledge on how to use light magic decently. The more profidency, the less the light magic spells will cost and the more powerful they will be

[Wand Profidency (Novice)] (Passive)

Knowledge on how to use wands decently

[Staff Profidency (Novice)] [Passive]

Knowledge on how to use staff decently

[Heal] (Active)

Cost 1000 MP to cast

Heals 5% of maximum HP

15 seconds of cooldown

[Shield of Faith] (Active)

Cost 2000 MP

Creates a shield that can receive 5000 Damage before breaking.

20 seconds of cooldown

[Detect Evil] (Active)

Cost 1500 MP to cast

Can detect evil presences around 50 meters.

30 seconds of cooldown

[Detect Poison]

Cost 1000 MP to cast

Detect any poison in either food, drink or objects.

No cooldown

[Detect Disease] (Active)

Cost 1000 MP to cast

Can detect any kind of disease in food, drink, objects or people.

No cooldown

[Sanctuary] (Active)

Cost 10000 MP to cast

Creates a sanctuary of light within a 20-meter radius that will heal anyone inside it for 30 seconds. I can also weaken dark entities that get inside it.

120 seconds of cooldown

Wow, that's a lot. And I still haven't received the skill I want, but well.

Something is something.

And if I increase my profidency in Light magic most of these will cost nothing.

Now I can choose another class I will go with the one that focuses on souls. I guess it is in Spellcaster.

Choose a secondary class

[Mage][Necromancer][Elementalist][Illusionist][Summoner][Devil Summoner][Warlock]

Why do I have both Summoner and Devil Summoner?

Devil Summoner is unlocked thanks to DEM and Devil Hunter perks.

So there are classes that I can unlock by having a different type of stats.

Good to know.

[Necromancer] looks promising, but I don't like hiding behind horde of allies, I like to go to battle on front and kill whatever I want to kill with my own hands. Let's go with the one I decided before.

Class Gained

[Warlock] – Level 1/100

Skill Gained

[Soul Manipulation (Novice)] (Passive)

The knowledge on how to manipulate souls decently. The more profidency, the less the soul-related spells will cost and the more powerful they will be

[Life-Force Manipulation (Novice)] (Passive)

The knowledge on how to manipulate life-force decently. The more profidency, the less the life-force related spells will cost and the more powerful they will be.

[Soul Chains] (Active)

Cost 1000 MP to use and 500 MP to maintain per 30 seconds

Create chains from your soul that binds all kind of beings and drain 1000 HP every 30 seconds.

60 seconds of cooldown (Cooldown decreases even when skill is active, only first activation counts)

[Astral Projection] (Active)

1500 MP to use

Release the soul from your body.

30 seconds of cooldown.

[Life-Force Absorption] (Active)

2000 MP to use.

Steal HP from other beings equal to (INT x 2). Requires contact

20 seconds of cooldown (Cooldown decreases even when skill is active, only counts first activation counts)

[Life-Force Exchange] (Active)

2000 MP to use

Use your HP to restore any else is HP. Require contact

20 seconds of cooldown (Cooldown decreases even when skill is active, only counts first activation counts)

[Life-Force Transferal] (Active)

2000 MP to use

Transfer HP from one being to another with you as the medium. Requires contact

20 seconds of cooldown (Cooldown decreases even when skill is active, only counts first activation counts)

[Life Perception (Novice)] (Passive)

Detects other beings' life-force at a 10-meter distance.

Question… Why do these skills cost so much MP? if it were me from the beginning, I wouldn't be able to use them.

For more balance, classes adapt to your actual level when obtaining them.

More balance…

Vic, I'm already the strongest man in this world, don't talk to me about balance.

Blame the Game, not me.

But you are the Game….

You know what, I'm not going to explain myself.

Let's level up these skills and get done with this, shall we…

Some Time Later

"Are we there yet?"

"Not yet"

"Are we there yet?"

"Not yet"

"Areeeee weee theeereee yet?"

"Noooooot yeeeeeet"

"Man, I'm bored"

"You get bored to quickly Dante"

"Yeah, but we've been walking for 10 minutes, can you just do your awesome teleportation thing and get us there?"

"Dante, normal people aren't accustomed to dimension slashing swords. It will probably cause a ruckus"

"But if they see your face, they will pass it as something you do"

"Fair, but no"


That right there, is one of the reasons why I don't expend that much time with Dante.

Don't get me wrong, I love the kid and the character he becomes in the game series. But this is a 10 years old Dante who has an extreme case of ADHD and if it isn't fighting, he gets bored almost immediately.

He is lucky I can disable my annoyance using [Cold Heart], if not, I would probably shoot him in the face a couple of times before even getting out of the house.

Still, I invited him, so I must handle him like the responsible adult I am.

Right now, we are walking towards Bobby's Cellar. The usual meeting spot for mercenaries.

Dante asked for at least a week if he could come with me to this place.

I said yes because, why not?

He is already strong enough to topple a normal adult over his shoulder, he should be capable of handling a couple of mercenaries. Besides, I am with him, and I'm not letting anything bad happening to him.

"We are here" I told Dante.

""Bobby's Cellar", who is Bobby?"

"No one important, just a name they put to it"

From outside, it had the normal appearance of a bar, with the heterochrome square pattern windows that vary between purple and green.

Entering with Dante behind me, we saw the inside of the place.

A big salon with multiple groups sat in different tables, each containing different things, from knifes, weapons, beer bottles and ammunitions. A principal bar at the end of the place manned by a characteristic person.

I noticed Nell actually siting in the bar talking to the bartender, but they both stopped when

"Well, well, if it isn't Aaron Blackheart, the #1 demon hunter himself. What do I owe the pleasure?" The bartender greeted.

Everyone immediately turned to me, I replied with a smile on my face. I patted Dante's head in reassurance as he seemed to be scared by all the attention we were receiving.

"Just walking around, I came to see if there were any new jobs to take, and also teaching my grandson here a little bit about the mercenary life"

I moved into the bar. I sat next to Nell who smiled at my presence. Dante climbed one of the bar stools and sat next to me.

"Well, Nell, I didn't expect to meet you here"

"Me neither, I would have put my sexy underwear if I knew you will be coming here"

"Nell, we are in front of my grandkid, keep down the dirty talk for later"

"Fine, fine. Anyhow, so this is your grandkid?" She turned to see Dante, who was looking around with curiosity

"Yep, this is Dante" Said kid turned to the adult as he was being named "Dante, this is Nell Goldstein, the best gunsmith you'll ever meet, except for me of course"

"Nice to meet you!" Dante greeted

"Nice to meet you as well kid. I can see you are the rebel type from first glance, I guess you are the one your grandfather asked me to make weapons to"

"Weapons?" Dante turned to me immediately.

That's right, I asked Nell during my stay with her if she could help me make weapons for Dante. The classic Ebony and Ivory. She started working with them while we were making my arm, and according to her, they are almost done.

Meanwhile, I starting teaching Dante how to shoot. Vergil rejected the offer stating guns don't attract his attention.

I started with Heckler & Koch P9 to see how he handled handguns, and from there, we moved up.

Thanks to his demonic strength, normal weapons did nothing to him. He brushed off the recoil from most weapons. Yet thanks to his age he still can't handle things like a Deagle or a magnum.

But still, he has a lot of progress with them.

"It was supposed to be a surprise" I sighed "I asked her if she could make weapons for you to use. Seeing that you admired the ones I have"

"So I will have guns like yours?"

"Eh, not quite. These are made specially for my own fighting style. Yours will be different"

"When can I get them?! Are they done yet?! Which type are they?!"

Nell decided to answer for me "Maybe tomorrow I will have them ready. Not yet, but today I might. They are both modified versions of Colt M1911, similar of your grandfather's but less powerful and more rapid-fire type"


"Huh" I smiled, seeing Dante become fascinated with the weapons that will become the characteristic of him brings a smile to my face "Anyhow" I called the attention of the white-haired kid "Dante, meet Morrison, the best information broker you will meet"

Yep, the bartender of Bobby's cellar is none other than J.D. Morrison. He seemed a lot like his DMC 5 version, yet younger since he is at least 22 years old right now.

I meet him when I came here for mercenary jobs, and I get a lot of request to me personally. But I usually reject the boring ones.

I don't want to dethrone and African tyrannical government, that's too cliché and boring.

"What's an information broker?"

"Basically someone that gives you jobs and information about where demons are attacking"


Ahh, youth, how easy to please.

Turning to Morrison, I showed my usual "Business face"

"So, anything new for me?"

"Actually, I have something that might interest you" He went to the drawer inside the bar, searched for one specific letter. "I planned to go to your home to talk about this business, since it is paying a lot. But now that you are here, I can give it to you without wasting more time"

"You make it sound like it is something urgent"

"Ohh, trust me" He extended the letter to me "It is. And it is special request directly to you, not that that truly matters, you receive a lot of those every day, but these one's special"

"Aren't all?" I ask sarcastically

Raising an eyebrow, I received the letter and opened it.

As I started reading, I had to use [Cold Heart] to stop emotions from showing.



Well, isn't that interesting.

To Mr. Blackheart.

I write this letter with extreme urgency to ask for your assistance to me and my household. Ever since my father's recent pass away, we've been having trouble from both human kind and supernatural kind. I want to ask for your cooperation in protecting me and my house for any kind of threat that might affect my wellbeing.

I will pay any amount of money necessary for your services, seeing that you are the most powerful demon hunter alive and the most efficient mercenary around.

Please, I hope you can answer as quick as possible. We can work on the duration of the contract when you choose to answer my request.

Signed. Nina Lowell

Omake: It's Crossover Time Part 1


He knew things will get dangerous when starting this mission.

When the two dimensions collided, he knew he had to do something. The Avengers had to do something.

It happened so suddenly that no one was prepare to it. It seemed like a third dimension was created uniting 2 neighbour ones into one. But not all of the dimensions were added.

Some did, some seemed like were skipped. That explain why some of their fellow heroes seemed to disappear. Yet they were in a place in New York. Just not their New York.

Grouping the remaining Avengers into the Avengers' Tower, they started to work on what happened and what they should do. Thor was missing since he was in Asgard and they couldn't contact him for some reason. Using every type of device they could get their hands on, they started working on a solution.

The Avengers came into a conclusion when none of the scientific devices they had seemed to help.

It had something mystical, like the Infinity Stones, or some ultra-powerful being that could bend reality to its will like the Beyonder.

And then, Thor came.

He came with the news of what happened in Asgard.

It was none other than Ultron.

This new Ultron, that called himself Ultron Sigma managed to get his cold robotic arm in the Reality Stone, and using his newfound power. It united the two dimensions as it itself joined with another robot from the other dimension.

Ultron Sigma suddenly appeared in the new Asgard with an army and a virus. His army of robot managed to win against most of the Asgardian and captured them.

They turned the Asgardians into machines using the techno-virus Ultron created.

They instantly started searching for heroes from the other dimensions and who of their dimension came with them. They needed all the help they could get if they wanted to stop Ultron

They instantly managed to find some X-men like Wolverine, X-23, Storm, and the annoying Deadpool

Yet it seems their powers were weaker than before. Wolverine and X-23's regeneration seemed to be slower than before, Storm's…. storms came with a lot of difficulty to summon. Deadpool only had superfast regeneration that changed into fast regeneration.

T'Challa, the king of Wakanda stayed behind protecting his new kingdom that seemed to combine with another from the other dimension, now called Valkanda.

Of the avengers, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, himself, Hawkeye and Black Widow were there.

There was also some of the other heroes of his universe like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, the Winter Soldier and She-Hulk.

The intergalactic heroes came as well, Nova, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, the tree named Groot and the shaolin named Iron fist joined their team.

They quickly started searching for the heroes of the new dimension.

The first "Heroes" they met, were the fighters Ryu and Chun-Li.

The two were capable fighters, but only resigned to human capacities, at least Chun-Li. Ryu seemed to possess a strange power that he could use when he got too angry or in a moment of stress. They warned the avengers of the threat known as Akuma, who was brought as well to this new dimension.

To their front door, appeared twokids that carried a strange disk with them, one android looking one and one girl that rode a strange robot like it was a toy. They presented themselves as X, and the girl was Tron.

With the help of the Avengers, they installed the strange disk into their servers, showing the hologram of Doctor Light.

With his help, they managed to call a lot of the "Heroes" of the new dimension, or at least the people that weren't oppose to stopping Ultron Sigma.

He swears when he gets to his dimension, he will kick Hank Pym in the balls for creating that machine.

The good news was, they managed to find a lot of people that could help their cause, a lot of heroes from the other dimension that decided the help them defeat Ultron.

Captain America himself found a new type of menace, zombies. Of all things that that could pose a threat to the wellbeing of the civilians, it had to be zombies.

Luckily, they meet 2 experts in fighting zombies. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine.

They explain the origin of these things.

The zombies were created by the company known as Umbrella, who experimented with human genome and mutations.

But now, the threat got worse.

88 days after the convergence, Captain America leads the group of heroes in an assault on Ultron Sigma's base in Xgard.

While most of them manage to distract Ultron Sigma's forces of drones and infected Asgardians, a small group led by Chris Redfield and Doctor Strange infiltrates the base's underground prison to find the Mad Titan, Thanos, of all people, who Ultron Sigma somehow took hostage.

Against all logic they decided to bring him with them.

After escaping Xgard with most of the heroes intact and Thanos with them, they discover that Thor of all people got infected.

A great loss for them, he was one of their heavy hitters.

As the infected Thor leaves for Xgard to join Ultron, against his will of course, Gamora and Nova arrive and explain that they learned that Ultron Sigma managed to create and evolve the virus with help from Grandmaster Meio, and is building a biological weapon with the power to infect the world via Sigma virus.

Their plan became finding the rest of the stones before Ultron does to defeat him.

They reluctantly join forces with Thanos, who is the one with the most knowledge about the stones.

Dividing into groups to look for the stones, they found new threats.

Black Panther had the time stones in his gasp, which after defeating a monstrosity that was infected with the Sigma Virus, gave to them with the promise of defeating Ultron Sigma,

They are trying, really.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Nova, X and Strider Hiryu prepare to assault Grandmaster Meio's base on Knowmoon with the intent on destroying the bio-weapon and finding the Power Stone.

Arriving at the base, Gamora and Strider take out the security drones while the others head for the core. On the way there, they bump into Zero, a friend of X, who has been forcibly reprogrammed to serve as Meio's main security robot.

Rocket and X manage to subdue and fix Zero while Captain Marvel and Nova continue heading for the core.

As they arrive at the core, Meio appears and sends the drones to attack them. When questioned during the fight, Meio reveals that he's helping Ultron Sigma because he wants to see the merged worlds suffer.

Typical villain's speech.

As Captain Marvel and Nova take out the drones, Gamora and Strider strike the finishing blow on Meio.

As Rocket takes the Power Stone from a thing called Gravitron Core, the base's computers activate the core, leading the heroes realize that the Sigma Virus gas is actually inside Gravitron Core, and the core itself act as a bomb, just as it launches on a collision course to New Metro City.

Meaning just where their base is.


And if that wasn't enough, Doctor Strange's group returns to Avengers Tower to report Jedah Dohma's escape, while Chris' group contacts them about s giant symbiote monster, which is now hot on their trail.

Chasing them outside of AIMBRELLA 's base to downtown New Metro City, the monster starts recking havoc on the city.

And now, here they are, between a rock and a hard place.

"Alright, does anyone else have some bad news they would like to share?!" He shouted.

"[Stark, we could use a little help here…]" Spider-man called from his transceiver.

"If I have a zombie-symbiote killing weapon I think I would have used it right now!"

"[Chill out, we got this]"

"[You mean I got this, you are just in the way, Dante!]"

"[Come on Vergil, I can't leave all the fun-UGH!" A crash was heard on their transceiver "To you… ouch]"

Those two are quite the headache, Dante and Vergil Sparda.

The twins are one of their most powerful assets, when they are not bickering and fighting each other.

Really, they were in the middle of an army of Ultron robots and they decided to have a contest to see who could kill more of those robots.

Turn out, rivalry makes them efficient.

Things are getting more and more difficult. The Gravitron core is on its way and they are running out of options.

"Alright, does anyone here have a special ability they've been hiding? I accept any kind of suggestions!" He turned to Hawkeye beside him "How about you? Got something to share?"

"Don't look at me, I only have a bow and arrow"

"Figures" He signed exasperated. "We are fucked"

"Leave it to me Stark"

A voice resounded inside his head.

He doesn't recognize who was that, but it carried the same authority Captain America did when he was serious and a soothing feeling that he would use when conquering the hearts of the ladies.

The voice told him in a unique combination to obey and be calm at the same time.

"Who was that?!" He asked to everyone connected to the transceivers.

"Not me"

"Not me"

"Me neither"

He received answers from all of their team. Surprisingly, both Dante and Vergil didn't answer and decided to stay quiet.

"Vergil, don't you think….?"

"It might be a possibility…."

Turning his attention to the twins, he managed to hear the conversation between the two.

"Someone you know?" He asked

Vergil decided to answer for the two brothers "I know only one person that has that type of voice. And if he is here…."

Suddenly, the zombie-symbiote monstrosity stopped moving in the middle of its attack. Like time stopped for it.

"Then we are all saved" Vergil ended.

The voice returned with a vengeance, like reciting a poem with its soothing rhythm.

Looking to the cameras, he saw something new.

Someone was kneeling on top of the zombie-symbiote. A Japanese sword which names he doesn't remember drawn in his right hand with the sheath of the sword on the other one

"I am set to light the ground,

While the beetle goes his round~"

He started sheathing the sword inside its sheath. Slowly the guard meet the handle of the sword.

"Follow now the beetle's hum;

Little wanderer, hie thee home! ~"

Finally, the guard of the sword meet the handle


Sounds similar to whisper sounded through the city.

"Hideki no Uta, Sankyoku: Kishibue (Song of Tragedy, Third Song: Whisper)" The man spoke as he stood from his kneeling position

The zombie-symbiote monster feel to the ground lifeless, like it never had movement from the beginning. Then, its body stated disintegrating, like every cell of its body turned into dust in the brink of an eye. An in 10 seconds, the body of the monster disappeared.

Every one watching and their mother stopped and looked at the screen. He swears Thanos' jaw dropped as well looking to the power of that man that appeared out of nowhere.

He, for his part, had only one appropriate reaction that came to his mind

"Holy Shit…"