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Chapter 3: Get Me Someone to Love


"My lady, we have arrived"

"Good, let's hope he is willing to bestow us his help"

She arranged her dress and looked at a mirror she carried with her. She thought about showing more cleavage but decided against it.

It would be improper with this kind of reunion, a for a well-mannered lady like her.

She knows she is getting desperate, and is quite nervous.

She remembers when her father taught her about her legacy, The Alan's Tear, the Lowell's duty. She took that as a joke, as just another story people give to relics their families carry. But she discovered way too soon about the truth.

Much sooner than she would've liked.

She knew demons existed, that was a fact the world she lives in knows as common knowledge. That's why, the appearance of a true Devil Hunter was a boon to everyone.

Aaron Blackheart, she has heard that name a thousand times before. Mostly from her father.

Every person that tried to become a Devil Hunter ended up dead or crippled or crazy and dealing with trauma.

Then he appeared, out of nowhere.

They got the news about a Devil Hunter that fought against every kind of demon that got in his way, and came out unscratched. That alone is something impossible for normal people.

Many thought it was just speculation, rumours, or tale they tell their children like Santa. The image of a saviour that would rescue people and kill demons.

Rubbish in its entirely

But he keeps fighting and fighting for years. His reputation truly known, and his achievements having more and more witnesses His demon-killing-score goes to the 4 digits with how many he has slayed.

He became a hero for many.

Even her father admired the Devil Hunter when he appeared, he always wanted to meet him after that many years but never managed to obtain any concrete information. He travelled to too many places and slayed demons back and forth without delay.

Shame her father died before even meeting him.

She mourned him of course. For quite some time. But after 1 year she decided to move forward and continue with her life.

She started working as a soprano, the job she always wanted. Everything was peaceful with demons being kept at bay thanks to Aaron Blackheart and more Devil Hunter that appeared using the new Devil-killing weapons that started circulating the market.

Then everything changed when the demons invaded.

Even through their home was protected by wards made by her ancestor a long time ago, the wards with the passing of years weakened, meaning more powerful demons could enter the mansion if they were strong enough to resist the defences.

Thankfully, her ancestor was a master creating wards and added a second defence inside the house that helped her when the day of the Great Invasion happened.

Many demons that called themselves "Followers of Abigail" attacked their home and the wards managed to slow their progress enough for her to escape.

The wards attracted the attention of the demons and let her escape alongside the family butler and the family heirloom.

She managed to escape the city and rest in a nearby hotel in a city that was just attacked but Aaron Blackheart managed to defend it.

News of Aaron's state after the fight ran quickly and reached her ears.

She thought he might retire after an experience like that, leaving her with no one to help her, but he continued fighting, helping cities rebuild, defending the normal citizens.

He is truly a Hero. That's why, she needed his help.

More demons tried to attack her but Alan's Tear, the family's heirloom, had defences placed in it making it so Demons couldn't get close to her.

The problem is that it only repelled mid-tier demons, if she got attacked by another type of demon then she would be defenceless against it.

That's why, she sought for Aaron Blackheart's help. She needed to go back to work, there was a great opportunity for her, and she couldn't miss it.

She managed to contact with an information broker called Morrison, who actually knew Aaron. With an introduction letter, she presented herself and asked for his help.

One day later, she received the answer with an invitation for a dinner in a sophisticated restaurant than needed reservation with a queue of at least 6 months.

She only ate on this place 1 time on her life with her father for her 15th birthday.

That raised some questions for her…

Did Aaron have a reservation for this place before?

Did he have some type of influence in the restaurant that granted him a table quicker?

The most probable was that with his reputation he is able to obtain whatever he wants quicker than most.

Thoughts for later…

"Ma'am, I will park the limousine close to here, any problem that might arise please don't forget to give me a call and I will be right here to help you"

"No need, Samuel, it is alright, I don't think I will need the help" She told him.

Samuel has been the butler of her family for 35 years. Working for her father and took care of her when she was just a toddler.

He helped her a lot during these times of danger but she still fears for her life.

"Very well then" Samuel bowed and moved to the limousine "I hope negotiations go to your favour, Ms. Lowell"

"Me too, Samuel, Me too"

She entered the restaurant. The place on the inside was luminous with dozens of elegant chandeliers clinging to the ceiling. Clean floor that seemed to shine bright like diamonds and carpets arranged under every table, pearl white curtains around the windows and the entrance.

Men and women dressed elegant eating and laughing in concord, but it seemed a part of the place was silent, like they were staring a something debating on what to do.


She moved to the counter where she was greeted by the receptionist.

"Hello, ma'am! Welcome to the "Un Lieu Élégant". What may I do for you today?"

"Yes, I come for a reservation under the name "Blackheart""

"Oh, yes!" The receptionist smiled "He has been waiting for you for at least 50 minutes"

What?! She arrived at the time he gave her, or did she hear wrong?

Did she screw up?!


"Yes, but don't worry. He just came here early to talk to the owner and arranged the table"

"He came just like that and obtained the table like nothing?"

"Yes, the owner and Mr. Blackheart have known each other for a long time. I don't know the specifics but it seems Aaron helped the owner make this restaurant and protected the owner for a while against some kind of demon threat"

"I see"

That explains it. She was having a panic attack thinking she arrived late.

"Follow me please"

She followed the receptionist to the inside of the restaurant.

She noticed many of the people inside turned to her as she moved, like expecting to see where she will be going to.

It was almost like they have been doing that for at least an hour. Too synchronize for her liking.

"Right this table, ma'am" He signalled to a table in front of him.

She swears she heard almost everyone around her gasping and turning to the table and then to her a dozen of times.

Though, she doesn't blame them.

She would do the same if she saw who was sitting there.

In a black themed worsted wool suit with a black shirt under an iron-grey waistcoat and red necktie in the middle. A grey jacket with a herringbone pattern resting on his chair, while he sat comfortably drinking… lemonade?

She actually expected him to be drinking some aged whiskey or fine wine.

He was elegant, that's for sure. His posture presented finesse that fitted someone of royalty. His back straight as he drank from the glass of lemonade with practised and elaborated movements.

She could see his muscles, straining against the tight-fitted suit, many of the other women around (And some men) gasping in delight and awe and the solid meat strained against the cloth.

But the most striking thing was his appearance.

He was…. Gorgeous. With large G.

Perfect, that was one way to describe him.

Not a single part of his appearance was out of place. Not a single part of his face was different than the others.

She could swear she saw shinning from behind him and music. Oh wait, there is music, some violinists playing in a corner.

And then he turned to her, and she swore it was in slow motion as his hair followed the transition.

She managed to see his full appearance then.

Jet-Black hair, that seemed as dark as the darkest night. A fair skin, that was pale white, but not too pale to look sick, but pale than seemed to contrast with his facial hair, equal to an ivory pearl.

And his eyes…

They pierced her, they started into her soul, into her being. They undressed her, leaving her barren in front of him. The vermillion red staring at her, shinning like a predator watching his prey.

A feeling she didn't bring herself to dislike.

"Oh well, Hello There"

He spoke.

A baritone that vibrated throughout the restaurant. A heavy voice that touched the insides of her ear and caressed them.

He placed the lemonade on the table with his gloved hand and stood with grace not unlike a royalty. He stood and walked towards her with a smile gracing his lips as he moved closer.

"It is nice to finally meet you, Lady Lowell" He placed his hand on his chest and made a slight bow, never taking his eyes off of her.

That is actually Aaron Blackheart?!

She expected some man looking in his 40s or 50s, many times she heard he looked young but that is pushing it.

And the way he said "Lady" almost made her drop to her knees. That was dangerous

"Nice to meet you as well, Mister Blackheart" She kept her composure with all the willpower she could gather. Extending her hand for him to grab, her father when he was alive taught everything he could about manners and etiquette.

"Please, call me Aaron" He grabbed her hand and placed a small kiss. As her hand was kissed, she could feel the envious looks all around her.

"Then you can call me Nina as well" She spoke, hiding as much of her nervousness as possible.

"Alright then, Nina" He showed a mischievous smile that showed he knew she was nervous. He then stood his full height, showing how much taller he was than most people around, including her by several inches. "Please, have a seat"

He motioned to the table, where he pulled out the other chair of the table for her to sit. She complied and sat in front of him. Placing the handbag, she bought on her lap.

"Hello, my name is Jacob, and I will be your waiter this evening" A waiter appeared to the side of their table "Here are your menus, may I offer you a cocktail, aperitif or beverage?" He asked in a polite tone.

"No thanks, you already know what I like Jacob" He smiled to the waiter with some familiarity on his voice.

"Of course, Mr. Blackheart, that would be another lemonade" He them turned to her "And what should I bring you ma'am"

"Don't hold back Nina, I'm buying" Aaron told her just as she was reading

"I will take some classic Massolino Barolo, please" It was one of the wines she had around her home, her father used to drink it, so she started to drink it too.

"Of course, ma'am, call me if you need anything, I will be at your service at any time"

With that he walked away, leaving them alone, or at least as alone as one can get with dozens of stares looking at her with awe and jealously.

"Let me tell you Nina, you look lovely this evening"

"Thank you, Aaron, you look different from what I expected"

"Oh, and what did you expect?"

"I actually expected you to be…. Older looking, no offense of course"

"Don't worry, I take that a lot. Many children grew up with tales of my achievements and now that they are adults, they can't believe the same man they heard about on their childhood looks younger than them"

"I can relate, I heard a lot about you when I was young"

"Ho~. What did you hear about little old me?"

"Tales about this dashing and handsome hero that slayed demons and counted them like it was a game."

"That is one way of saying it, but I don't consider myself a hero, I'm just a mercenary that does good things"

"But you do are dashing and handsome" She spoke with as much confidence as possible.

"Why thank you. Now then, pleasantries aside, let's start talking business, shall we" Aaron started looking at her with some seriousness on his eyes. She immediately straightens up and leaned forward.

"Yes, of course"

"You call me because you needed my help, may I inquire why?"

"You may" She continued "It is thanks to this" She showed the necklace she carried with her. He looked at it and narrowed his eyes a little.

"I can tell it contains some demonic energy, but I don't see how it might affect you, it actually works as shield for other demons"

"Yes, it can protect from many demons, but also makes me a target for stronger ones. You see, this amulet contains the energy of a specific demon, its name is Abigail. Are you familiar with that name?"

"I'm afraid not"

"My ancestor, Alan Lowell, was known for making contracts and taking demons to submission for them to do his bidding"

"A devil contractor, that I do know"

"Yes, he made a contract with the demon Abigail. But that demon turned to be too strong. So he decided to take the demon's power into this necklace and banished the demon back to the underworld"

"And I guess he wants his power back"

"Yes, Abigail sent his lackeys to attack me in my house, powerful demons might bypass the protection of the necklace so he sent those to attack me"

"I see, so you want me to protect from those demons"


"For how long?"

"Long enough so I might improve the defences in my house, it will take a while as I need to learn the family art of wards and I already have a good plan using what I learned from my father"

"And that is?"

"Feed the wards with the power of Abigail, it might grant me a very powerful shield against all demons that try to come my way, and then, rune tattoos"

"You mean the ones that are imbued to your skin?"

"Yes. With that, I could go anywhere, while the amulet will feed the runes with magic constantly, making able to defend myself against demons and live a safer life"

"I see, a good plan, but how long do you think it could take"

"3 to 4 years"

"Hmm" He hummed and went quiet for a moment

In that lapse of time, the waiter came with a bottle of wine, a wine glass and a large glass filled with lemonade. He placed the wine glass and lemonade on the table. After that he filled her wine glass and left the bottle on one side of the table

"Here are your drinks, ma'am, sir. Do you wish to order now?"

"Yes Jacob, I will take an Entrecôte" He then turned to her "What about you?"

"I will take some Landaise"

"Very well, I will come back with your orders, call me if you need anything else, I will be at your service at any time"

She decided to have a drink of her wine to calm some of her nerves.

"Well, it looks like a very long contract…" Aaron started after taking a sip from his lemonade

"Don't worry, all expenses will be covered by me, I just need you to be my bodyguard for the duration of the contract. And above that, I will pay you monthly for your services" She tried to sound as confident as she could, but desperation of his rejection is something she couldn't bear with.

"I see…" He seemed more confident in the contract, and her confidence returned as well.

But then all of the sudden, his eyes widened. Something startled him

"Is there something wrong?" She asked preoccupied.



With no time to answer. He jumped on top of her, not caring about anything on the table. And extended his left hand to the side.

"Wh-" She wasn't able to finish her question as something crashed into the windows of the restaurant.

The last thing she saw before closing her eyes by pure reflex, was a shinning silver than broke through the glass adorning the walls.


She heard the sound of metal grinding against metal.

Opening her eyes, she saw sparks going out of Aaron's arm.

He had his left hand extended against some kind of silver monstrosity. He carried her close to his body as the grinding continued.

She saw the silver monstrosity with more detail.

It had a circular saw on front that grinded against Aaron's arm and another one on its back. A silver body that seemed to shine with a dark aura, a bright red eye in the middle of its "Face" that shinned dangerously.

It was without other words, a demon.




All the people around them started screaming and moving in panic.

It didn't help at all that went it broke inside the place it killed a couple that were sitting beside the window and now blood and flesh was scattered around the place.

The grinding of the demon's saw stopped after not doing any progress to tear Aaron's arm.

A red-black energy started surrounding Aaron's arm and then shot out, throwing the demon out from the same place it came.

"Stay here Nina" He told her with confidence dripping from his voice. Standing to his full height, he moved towards the demon, walking with slow steps that resounded amongst the silence generated in the restaurant.

"Koukyougaku" He spoke

A red light appeared on his right arm and then it solidified, revealing a Metal red handgun with a big barrel. The words "This is to be my symphony" engraved with gold on one side and the symbols "交響楽" on the other. As he raised the weapon, it seemed to be heavy to cause sound with the smaller movements

"Chowa" He spoke

On his left arm appeared another weapon, a black handgun similar to the other one, but it seemed heavier in many aspects and the barrel a lot bulkier. It had the words "This is to be my harmony" on one side and the symbols "調和" on the other.

With the two weapons on his hands, he aimed to the demon that stood up after being thrown away.


Aaron's weapons fired in synchrony a rain of bullets towards the demon. The bullet started tearing the demon apart until it started dodging.

Jumping in between cars, light post and the building arounds. Aaron continued firing to the demon with the weapons following the movements.

The demon decided it had enough dodging and threw saw disk towards Aaron. He jumped back and to the side dodging the attack, but the red-eyed demon used that chance to eat Aaron's arm.

His left arm entered the demon's mouth as it closed its jaws. Everyone expected to see blood coming out of it, but it seemed to be unable to fully bite Aaron's arm.

His left arm started shinning in red-black energy, similar to before. But this time the path moved towards the demon's insides.

The energy increased, become more and more concentrated.

"Lose and Die" Aaron spoke.


The demon that held Aaron's arm inside its mouth exploded into silver dust that flew away. The only thing remaining was Aaron, that stood there with his arm extended.

She noticed the left sleeve completely tattered, reveal some kind of metal contraption that resembled and arm.

He turned back to the restaurant. Walking directly towards her.

Dismissing his handgun in the same way they came. He walked towards her with a smile.

"It seems the problem might be bigger than we expected, luckily, I am here. And while I am here, I promise, no harm shall come in your way" Then he bowed placing one hand in his chest. "My lady"

Now, there is hope for her.

Some Time Later


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

But sometimes life gives the lemonade already made and decorated, so you only have to drink it.

Case in point….

"How does this one look, Aaron?"


I've been a bodyguard for just a few weeks and she has already been leading me in shopping sprees.

Not that I blame her. Having the guy with the highest charisma translated to beauty around her and working as a bodyguard. She already saw what I could do so she knows she is safe with me around.

So now I am sitting backwards while looking and her testing dressed and accessories.

Right now she is looking at a pink long dress with white neck details.

"It looks wonderful my lady" The guy next to me spoke.

I could say he is Samuel, Nina's butler and loyal follower of the Lowell family.

Except he isn't, that is actually Sid.

You know, Sid, the demon from the Devil May Cry anime that was worth shit.

Really, he is so low level that even after obtaining Abigail power Dante beat it without using Devil Trigger, well, he technically used it but only for half a second.

So yeah, he is already taking Samuel's body as a skin-costume and walking around with it. And eyeing the new amulet that was around my neck.

Nina decided to give me the amulet, in her words, in anything happened to her, I would be better protector of the amulet.

She is a girl that sees the bigger picture.

And Sid on the other hand…

He really is weak, the lowest level demon I've ever seen, I'm afraid a single slap from me might kill him, but I know how to restrain myself.

Keep the [Stat Locks] at all time unless it is truly dire or in dungeons.

Through by this point it is actually a Kenpachi situation. I use them to have fun playing around and not one-shooting enemies.

Aaron Blackheart

Level – 551

First Class –Cleric [51/100]

Second Class – Warlock [51/100]

Race – Human

HP – 2217500 [221750 per 20 seconds]

MP – 2142500 [214250 per 10 seconds]

DEM – 1285500 [128550 per 10 seconds]

SP – 2217500 [221750 per 10 seconds]

STR – 400 [TRUE: 4325]

END – 400 [TRUE: 4435]

DEX – 400 [TRUE: 4485]

INT – 400 [TRUE: 4285]

WIS – 400 [TRUE: 4285]

CHR – 800 [TRUE: 4465]

LCK – 400 [TRUE: 4335]

POINTS – 1220

IMA – 128837450

PP – 10024209

HP – END x 500

MP – INT x 500

DEM – INT x 300

SP – END x 500

HP Regen – END x 50

MP Regen – WIS x 50

DEM Regen – WIS x 30

SP Regen – END x 50

Yep, that me. Aaron Blackheart, the man aiming for beyond reality. The numbers inside the brackets are my true stats, meaning the others are the ones I use after I locked the rest. Charisma is the highest since I think it is an overlooked stat in most games, especially games like Fallout or Persona.

Besides, if I want to conquer girls from another world I need to look as handsome as possible. Don't want to be the plain protagonist that somehow get the girl just because plot reasons. I always wanted to see if convincing someone to kill themselves actually worked. I mean, it kind of worked on Fallout….

Anyhow, I decided to save my Points from now on knowing thanks to Vic that I would need them when I start my interdimensional travelling. For what? I don't know, but I don't want to risk it.

I also visited the lesser dungeons of [Instant Dungeon] to farm IMA and PP since I was running a bit low on PP, so I decided to one-shot everything around to get IMA and PP to at least ten times what I had before.

And turns out, IMA isn't returnable.

What I mean is that when I take out IMA from the system, I can't return the money back to the system. The moment it is out, I will be out forever.

Meaning I can turn 1000 IMA into 1000 Dollars but I can't turn 1000 Dollar into 1000 IMA.

What I can do is turn IMA into another currency in 1-to-1 transaction, so I just turned IMA into a divisa that had a proportion of 1 to 3, meaning just point gave me 3 dollars when I exchanged it in real life.

So, I'm rich, but that isn't something new. I still keep money from all over world in my inventory to the moment I travel to another Earth to start a new world, or universe…

Thoughts for later. I guess.

"And what do you say Aaron? Does this look good on me?"

Oh right, I was looking at dresses, I can talk about socio-economic currencies later.

"Hmm, I guess it would look good on you, but maybe not right now"

"Why not?"

"It gives a mature aura, and it would contrast with you since you give a young lady aura right now, so it wouldn't combine. But give it a couple years and you will make it look both mature and sexy"

"Well, I guess you are right, this does looks like something a mature woman would use" She was actually blushing at my compliment "I will go look for another"

See, charisma checks.

And I can tell "Samuel" is looking a bit angry thanks to me dismissing what he just said. But he is too scared to actually do something, so I got the high ground in this scenario.

Thankfully, demons only attacked when we were at the restaurant. So this has been a couple of unagitated weeks

I suspect Sid knows it would be useless to send demons when I am present. But I can't read minds… yet.

I wonder which class gives me that ability.

"I guess that would be it for today" Nina told me ask as she moved her clothes to the register.

"Well, it was a very peaceful day" I stretched myself from my chair. And stood up "How are your studies going?"

"I'm making a breakthrough with a couple of practice seals, but I seem to get stuck in one part, shame you can't help me with them"

"Seals are not my forte. I would only make them worse or weaken them"

Not so subtle foreshadowing is not subtle.

Jokes aside, I think the system both loves me and hates me.

I only agree in one of those affirmations

O my precious! Foisting thy fair light upon my feeble eyes unwarn'd!

O my Victoria!

I thought you left me all alone in the solitude that is my existence!

No need to be that dramatic

That is like asking me to stop breathing.

You don't need to actually breath you know

Wait, really?

Does that mean I can't drown?

No, but with your true END you could hold your breath for a week at the minimum.

That's good to now, I guess. I will use that if I ever go to an ocean-centred world or something. Maybe One Piece or Grand Blue.

I would need a swimming skill, and maybe an underwater-breathing one just because…

Setting that aside, what were you doing all this time?

I was organizing a couple of things.

Things? What things?

Do you have a house in my head or something?

Should I start figuring out how to play minesweeper in multiplayer?

That was an obvious reference and you know it

Yeah, it was time I made one of those. Now I can check them out of the list

I've spent a lot of time with you…

As I was saying, I was organizing a couple of things for your travelling.

Why the rush?

There is still a lot of time before that.

Opening the barrier between multiverses is not something you should downplay.

Lord Azathoth gave me the instructions and power on how to do it but in practice it is harder.

So, should I expect my body to be torn apart to shreds while I travel to another world.

No, that's why I'm making sure the connection to other worlds is functional.

Over time it will be like an automatic door, but right now it is like pushing a boulder to past through.

Good to know, but please take all the time you need. I want my first inter-dimensional-multiverse travelling to be without worries of imploding.

Don't worry, it won't happen. I'll make sure of that

Thanks Vic, I knew I could trust you

On a totally unrelated note.

Do you have any preference on hair length?

That's a bit random, don't you think?

Just answer the question

Hmm, well, I guess it depends on what type of hair they have, short hair tends to be quite charming of abrasive and tomboy-like girls. Though there are characters with very long hair that look awesome with it, so I think it depends on what kind of character they are.



Anyhow, as I was saying before, the system is a bit more capricious that I thought.

I can't get skill by doing things. I can only get them by buying them or getting them by classes. Doesn't mean I can use normal skill like cooking or driving, since the rest of stat like INT or DEX will take care of that.

But if I want to go beyond "Above average" I need the skill. Not only for correcting me but also it gives knowledge of the fundamentals of something, and a at higher levels I become the most knowledgeable of all.

To put it simple, I can go from Bianchi to Sanji in the levels of the skills. I will have to wait until I get the class, because I won't be using my POINTS. I'm hoarding them for the future.

"Ma'am, it is almost time, we should go to your practice" "Samuel" kindly reminded us.

"Oh, really? Sure" Nina replied and then turned to me "Remember you can't see the practice Aaron"

"Yes, my lady" I smirked. She didn't let me enter the theatre to see the play in practice, so I just out close to the door in case of an emergency. Besides, I could already hear the play from outside thanks to my advanced hearing, and when I hear the songs that were there, I actually felt nostalgic. "You are correct not letting me in. If I'm around, most girls won't be able to concentrate in doing their part. Practice would be so much harder for everyone"

"Of course you would say something like that" She sighed amusingly at my antics, only a few weeks and she has become accustomed to my dirty jokes and way of bantering, having 800 CHA means I can get friendly with almost anyone instantly. She turned to me, carrying a slightly visible frown on her facial features. "Truly, we can't go anywhere without any woman throwing you bedroom eyes"

Including you I guess, seeing that you obviously want me to take your first time and ravish you.

You description using [Observe] said it, not me.

"What? It's not my fault I'm this perfect"

"Why don't you go marry a mirror then?"

I decided to play along and got close to her "If we are talking about marrying things, then how about I marry your beautiful voice then?"

She blushed pushing me back with her hands "Quit teasing blockhead"

"Oh, but am I teasing, or I'm not?" I leave the question to her

Yeah, flirting was also something I did during these weeks. She sleeps in some hotel rooms all this time while her home is being rebuilt, I was always in the room beside her and "Samuel" was thankfully in another room. So most of our breakfast were together, talking and getting to know each other.

"Ma'am, do you have everything you were looking for?" A female employee approached

"Yes, I will take this" She handed the employee a couple of dresses

"Which type of payment will you use ma'am, sir?" She turned to me thinking I was the one that is going to pay

"Cheque" Nina interjected with an unamused expression

"Sure! let me wrap this up" The employee then turned to me with a blush on her face "Can I offer anything to you sir?"

"No thanks, I'm good"

"Alright then…" She walked away

"Do you see what I meant?" Nina asked

"What, it is not my fault"

"I've heard that more than a hundred times"

"Ma'am I will put the clothes on the car, I suggest you pay quickly if you don't want to be late for practice" "Samuel" interjected our conversation

"Alright then, thanks Samuel"

"With pleasure, my lady"

With that she moved to the counter while "Samuel" followed her

I can't wait to kill that son of a bitch

Alright, I've got some free time while, I can tinker a little with, Shi no Yokan.

It has been a long time since I didn't something with it. So, now it is time to play a little with it.

For a long time, I've been trying to get Yamato and Rebellion's secret functions. The one Vergil used to separate V and Urizen, and the one Dante used to get his Sin Devil Trigger.

Both of those functions were in the swords when I handled them, and with my knowledge of blacksmithing I knew what they could do.

But it turns out, they are more related to soul magic. To souls and conceptual levels.

So getting those functions with just only the [Blacksmith] class wouldn't work.

That's why, when I got the [Warlock] class and unlocked the power to manipulate souls, I knew I had the missing part I needed for that.

One example would be Red Queen from Nero.

If I wanted to fully recreate Red Queen, I wouldn't be able to do that fully. Or I could, but it wouldn't be as strong as the original.

You see, Red Queen isn't only a sword, it is also a motorcycle. It has a miniature engine that combust inside the blade.

I would get the blade part by just looking at it, the materials, how to make it, etc. But the mechanic part.

No sir.

I actually used a lot of luck for Nell to help me get this arm, that and her own knowledge of gunsmithing and my own knowledge on guns.

But if I have true knowledge of engineering thanks to a class.

Oh, boy.

I would've created something much, much better.

That's why, engineering is one of classes I plan to get in the future.

For the meantime, let's make my pièce de résistance stronger.

Some Time Later

Opera is just as I remember it.

Overly dramatic with a lot of history, just the way I like it. I should probably go to a Japanese world soon. I want to see a Kabuki Theatre performance again.

So this play is named "A Devil's Seduction" is based around devils convincing humans to do their bidding with the antagonist being a man dressed as a demon convincing a man to exchange his love one for the chance to be a successful pianist.

Very good so far, and Nina's aria is coming soon, according to the program at least.

Oh, here she comes.

She appeared to one part of the scenario wearing a white pearl dress with golden accents and a golden lace shawl over her arms. Her character in this story was some kind of nun that heard the protagonist's woes and tried to convince him to let go of his greed and embrace those that he loves.

Before entering the scenario, she looked to me and slightly waved, which I returned with my usual 800 CHA smile. She has grown accustomed to my charm but still the corner of her ears turned red.

Got to say, this time I spend with her was enjoyable, it has been very productive months.

Of course I took a couple of days to visit Eva and the twins, to look how things are going. Vergil is making progress with his swordsmanship and Dante has developed his first and most powerful style, [Royal Guard]. Which already makes him an unstoppable force if you can't go beyond his defence. Which I can of course, I was the one that taught him that.

And then, the light turned down, leaving the theatre in darkness. After that, another light appeared, focusing on Nina.

A characteristic sound of violins and cellos started playing. A symphony I would recognized everywhere.

Following the rhythm of the instruments, Nina started singing.

"Listen to my voice~

Calling you~

Calling you out of darkness~"

Yep, that's the one.

I was truly, truly surprised when I heard it the first time. Out of Darkness from DMC4, one of the best intros ever in my opinion.

And she hits every note perfectly, which brings some nostalgia tears to my vermillion eyes.

"I will give my gifts to you~

Grow your garden, watch it bloom~"

Quite pleasan-

Oh shit…

Demons, of course….

I can feel them behind the stage, getting close to the front.

Welp, time to work.

I can't really use my guns with how loud they are, so just my sword will work.

But I can't use Shi no Yokan either, too OP for that.

So, I will use my other option.

[Gintabi [銀旅] (Silver Journey)] Rank: Super Rare

Requirement: 400 DEX, 200 STR

A weapon made by Aaron Blackheart, crafted by using silver-coloured metals into the blade, which makes it release a particular sound and silver streak every time it is swung.

+500 + (DEX + (STR/2) x2) Physical Damage

+10% Lifesteal

+5% Armor Penetration

+5% Attack Speed

Special Abilities: [Silver Streak], [Silent Blade]

This sword is a silver blade connected to a black handle and golden handguard that covers the entire handle. The handle was solid black Ito with specs of red in the Same. The blade is not as thin as a katana blade, it is thicker in appearance but thanks to its curvature it would still enter the katana class.

I designed this not too long ago because having only one sword all the time became a little bit dull. Don't get me wrong, Shi no Yokan will always be my main weapon. But a man has to have variety.

So, yeah…...

"Dolus (Trick)"

With a single word, I was teleported to the back of the podium where Nina was singing. Let's hope Nina doesn't turn to my seat and notice me absent.

The backstage was luckily empty, meaning if I kill them quickly and quietly no one will notice except for the people that would come here later.

The demons appeared in front of me. Humanoid figures that had greenish fur and claws on their arms, similar to wolves, ran towards me. I sensed 6 of them there.

"This is the end of your journey" I whispered

"The light in your eyes an angel up high~

Fighting to ease the shadow side~"

Drawing [Gintabi] I let the sheath get attached to my hip while holding the sword with my 2 hands.


"Hearts will grow though having to bend~

Leaving behind all things in the end~"

The demons tried to roar but I stopped them, slicing them in half and leaving a silver streak around me. The demons' bodies were sliced in multiple parts, their blood splashing everywhere around the backstage.

"Listen to my voice calling you~

Calling you out of darkness~"

I swung my sword doing a chiburi. The blood fell off my sword, leaving it clean and then sheathing it back.

"6" I counted.

[Gained 6 PP]

[Gained 600 IMA]

I could've been more dramatic but I want to be there for Nina's song, I can't afford to waste time here.

"Dolus (Trick)"

I teleported back to my seat. Just in time for the ending of Nina's song

"Hear the devil's cry of sin~

Always turn your back on him~

On him~

On hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim~"

A thunderous applause filled the theatre, as Nina hit the last note like it insulted her father. Truly, a beautiful song, and a beautiful singer.

Wait a minute….

Did I just pull a Nero?

I turned to my metallic arm that was hidden behind gloves.

Huh, I guess I did.

Turning back to the stage, I see Nina taking some breaths with her eyes closed. Then, she opened then and turned directly to me. Smiling with a blush on her cheeks.

I smiled back, showing a warm expression.

On the other hand, I could see "Samuel" in another seat clicking his teeth in dissatisfaction.

Huh, it seems I interrupted his plans.

"That was more tiring that expected, don't you think?" Nina asked as she stretched in the limousine.

She changed to and off shoulder black dress, after all, we were going to have a celebratory feast with the people of the play and their pluses.

Even Nina invited a couple of friends she wanted to present to me. A fellow singer but from a different genre.

Apparently, she had a friend that became a singer of rock and right now is becoming a sensation.

Who knows, might be cute….


"Ow" I scratched the back of my head. Nina just slapped the back of my head out of nowhere. The hit didn't hurt, it was just for comedic purposes. "Why was that?"

"I felt like I should hit you" She replied

Heh, that sound like an anime housewife. Although, I wouldn't mind seeing her with a naked apro-


"Ow! And why was that one?"

"I don't know, I just felt like it" She replied with some blush on her cheeks

What are you, psychic?

Wait, does mind powers exist in this world?

I mean, Mundus had something similar if I remember correctly….

Meh, questions for later.

"We have arrived, ma'am, sir" "Samuel" noted.

Don't worry, I will do like I didn't feel the hostility attached to that "sir"

"Good, let's enjoy our evening Aaron" She spoke.

I got out of the car, opening the door on the other side and extending my hand to Nin in the interior.

"Of course, My Lady"

And que the blush.

Every time I say something like that, I get that reaction. It seems she can't resist my elegant charms.

We entered the place we were going to hold the reunion.

An elegant hub all together, with gold decorations around and bartenders wearing elegant suits all around.

"There she is!" The concertmaster shouted from the other side of the hub. The rest of the guest saw us as well "Our talented Aria. Everyone, please receive her with a heart-warming applause!"

Everyone started clapping to her.

Nice, I guess….

Nina seems experienced with receiving attention so she just nodded and waved around.

After that it seemed most people kept staring at us.

Or well, me.

Everyone kept staring at me.

"Oh my, who is this handsome gentleman?" A secondary singer asked. She was a black-haired mature beauty, but that's all there is to her. [Observe] doesn't truly work on her, giving only a name and a level. So, she is just an extra.

Let's call her Female singer A. That's what I do with unimportant extras.

"My name is Aaron Blackheart, nice to meet you ma'am" I bowed slightly

"Aaron Blackheart?! You mean THE Aaron Blackheart?! The Devil Hunter?!" Female Singer A's outburst managed to reach everyone.

The whole hub turned to me with widened eyes.

"Yes, that would be me"

"I-I didn't expect, I just remember Nina having an old man guarding her, I didn't expect her to know someone of your stature"

Ohh, that's a jab to Nina, I can smell the jealousy dripping from the extra. Also, she was slightly shaking, high charisma let's one being able to identify someone's superficial emotions, which show me she is shaking in fear.

Now that I see it clearly, she has some kind of demonic presence around her, a miniscule amount to be honest.

I guess someone wanted the main role, isn't it?

Enough to make a deal with a devil…

How could I go about this?

I could go the simple route, explaining my job as a bodyguard, and then go 3 full volumes evading a simple declaration of love like any anime protagonist.

Or should I go the "No fucks given way"?

Well, why would I make a question when I already know the answer?

"Nina is a beautiful woman, she managed to captivate me with her beautiful voice. Now, I can't get enough of it. I could spend my whole life listening to it and never get tired"

That was actually a truth.

Nina and I have spent a lot of time getting to know each other. Sometimes with a dinner, sometimes in the games of the hotel we are staying at, like pool, or the casino. Sometimes going out in a "date" in some parks or famous rooftops.

Nina is a lovable woman, with a great personality. The anime didn't do her any good by just showing her as "Patty's mother" so I got to know the real her.

She loves music, any kind of music. I remember her going wild while listening to some rock on her bedroom. She likes sweet fruit, especially strawberries and cherries. She loves winter sports, and has been waiting for it to snow to invite to snowboarding or ice skating. Which, we actually have in common, I also love winter, and ice skating.

Nonetheless, having her as my first true relationship in this world, would be worth it.

"Aaron?!" Nina whisper-shouted from my side "What are you saying?!"

"I'm just saying the truth, it is wrong?"

"I-I mean, you truly feel that way about m-me?!"

"I do"

"…We will speak about that after the party"

"Oh…. Truly…..." Female Singer A had venom and jealousy dripping from her voice.

So, Nina didn't only steal the main role, but now she has a handsome and famous boyfriend by her side. She must be thinking on all the ways to kill Nina by now.

"Nina!" Another voice shouted from the side.

This time [Observer] did work

Elena Houston

Level – 32

Race – Human (Possessed)

HP – 5150

DEM – 5130

SP – 5150

STR – 19 (+500) = 519

END – 15 (+500) = 515

DEX – 17 (+500) = 517

INT – 13 (+500) = 513

WIS – 18 (+500) = 518

CHR – 21 (+750) = 721

LCK – 15 (+500) =515

Thoughts about you: Interest, Mild arousal

Affection: 75/200

Alright, I remember this one.

She is the possessed singer from the anime, I remember that one clearly. That means she is already being possessed by the Siren demon that took over her body.

I can feel the demonic presence around her, but most importantly the demon taking over her soul.

That explains the big numbers in the parenthesis and her higher-than-normal HP. All her stats are Human average.

Normal humans have stats below 30. And in some cases, they can go further beyond by having more than that in one stat like INT, STR or DEX. In those case they are called geniuses or Olympic athletes. But even so, stats don't go further than 50.

Going beyond 50 is someone that is inhuman, like Dante and Vergil, or Eva, who thanks to the bonus of being my daughter gave her more stat points per level.

Now, how to resolve this?

I would need to use Shi no Yokan. After all, it is the only possible way to separate both demon and human, just like Vergil did.

It is called [Separation]. It is a conceptual level ability that can completely separate any type of connection, they can be souls, life force, or even magic contracts.

If I had a comparison, it would be like Rule Breaker from Fate series. The [Noble Phantasm] Medea had. I could probably do the same she did and separate a contract between 2 masters.

There is also the ability [Union] that Rebellion had, which allows the conceptual union between things, persons, or souls. But for that I would need to be stabbing them at the same time, or if I want to unite things like souls to me, I would need to be holding the weapon.

So, to do the same thing Medea did, I would need to hold Shi no Yokan, stab a servant, and then use both [Separation] and [Union]

I haven't been able to experiment with that feature when I added it not so long ago, but she might be a good test subject for that.

I might be able to separate the demon from her while also uniting the charisma enhancement it was giving her.

"Aaron?" Nina called. I turned to her and noticed I've been staring to Elena for a long time "What happened? You were just staring at Elena"

"I didn't know I was that attractive to attract the attention of the mighty Aaron Blackheart" Elena teased, but I could hear a slight discomfort on her voice. She knew I would feel something in her, she knows I am a famous Devil Hunter. The man by her side, who I guess is Tim from the anime stared at me with narrowed eyes.

Let's go the dramatic way then.

"You…..." I spoke seriously. In a show of red specs of light, Shi no Yokan manifested in my left arm.

Everyone widened their eyes and gave a step back with exception of Nina, who just stared to the sword.

Elena, on the other hand, was terrified.

"You are possessed" I told in my "Serious mode" voice "Don't worry, I will make this as painless as possible"

"No! Wai-"

I didn't let her finish as my sword was already stabbing her in the chest. I activated [Separation] on her soul, and the [Union] on some of the energy with the demon. That way, at least half the charisma bonus would stay in her.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!" Her voice seemed to combine with the Siren, while the two shouted in pain.

Then, another Elena fell to the ground, without any wound on her body. Meanwhile, my sword had an ugly looking fish-lady in its tip.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhh" The siren screamed. A sonic wave spread through the whole hub. Making glasses and window break all around and vibrating the wall.

"DEMOON!" Someone shouted.

After that, everyone started running towards the door, escaping being in the same room as the demon.

"Raaaaagh" The Siren screamed as it unplugged itself from my sword and flew to another side to the hub. Its sharp teeth touching its large tongue.

"Sorry, there are not open roles for you in the play. But I think the sushi store 2 streets down would accept someone like you, do you need help with your CV? I could give you a few pointers"


"Yeah, I thought so" I stood in a Iaido stance. My right hand gripping the handle of my sword.

"Raaaaagh" The Siren threw itself towards me, its sharp claws aiming for my face.

"Scream, Let everybody hear~"

And in a blink of an eye, I was already on the other side of the hub. My hand extended, my sword aiming forward, my knees touching the ground.

The siren suspended in mid-air. Its eyes wide open, but unmoving. Not truly knowing what hit it, not truly knowing what happened.

Everyone else stared as well, mouth-open and wide eyes.

"Shout it out loud, or whisper in silence~"

I started sheathing the sword. As slowly and dramatic as I could.

"Hideki no Uta, Gokyoku: Himei (Songs of Tragedy, Fifth Song: Scream)"

And then, the guard met the sheath.


5 slices…

5 screams

The siren was cut 5 times, each slice of my sword, releasing the sound of a scream.

My blade screamed with power as it sliced through the enemy.

That is the power of the [Hideki no Uta]

The power, of Aaron Blackheart….

Are you seriously speaking in third person?

Not now, Vic!

I'm trying to look as badass as possible.

Now, just enter my one-liner…

"Lose and…..."

Then the demon turned into dust, being destroyed completely


And now it is badass.

"What was that?!" Nina inquired. She was kneeling beside the semi-unconscious Elena.

"A Siren, a demon that specializes in charming human to eat their souls" I then turned to Elena "Which begs the question, why were you possessed by a Siren? They usually make contracts with humans when there is something the humans want"

"I…" Elena spoke, her voice cracking as she sobbed "I just wanted to be famous, to be a rock star. And now, that dream is over…"

Tears feel from her eyes as she stared to the ground

"I knew I shouldn't! I knew that was wrong! But I was desperate!" Elena then turned to me "And now, that dream is broken! All thanks to you!"

-50 Affection with Elena Houston [25/200] (For making her dream more unattainable)


Elena Houston

Level – 32

Race – Human

HP – 150

DEM – 130

SP – 150

STR – 19

END – 15

DEX – 17

INT – 13

WIS – 18

CHR – 221

LCK – 15

Thoughts about you: Mild hatred, hostility

Affection: 25/200

Not quite.

I managed to keep a part of the CHR in her, but also took care of most demonic energy inside of her.

Very good job me.

But I can't tell her that, I need to help her in other

Let's go with "It was you all along" trope

"You didn't need that demon from the start, you know"


"Tell me, are you the one that made the song "Future in my hands", right?"

"Yeah, how did you kno-"

"That song, is a masterpiece"


"Tell me, did you write that song before or after making the contract with the Siren?"

"It…... it was before…."

"See, you didn't need the Siren to make songs, you don't need it to became a Rock Star, you can do it all by yourself. All your talent is yours, and has always been"

"You…. You believe so?"

"I know so" I nodded, using my "800 CHR smile"

Elena jumped to me and started hugging me

"Thank you, thank you, thank you" She repeated over and over. Tears staining my suit, and a happy smile on her face

+100 Affection with Elena Houston [125/200] (For supporting her dream)

+25 Reputation with Tim [75/200] (For supporting Elena's dream)

+15 Affection with Nina Lowell [190/200] (For supporting her friend's dream)

This is a nice moment for everyone

"My, what a cute scene this is"

Until someone had to interrupt

Everyone turned, seeing the Female Singer A clapping her hands with and ugly expression on her face.

"Lara, what is go-"

"Shut it, slut!" Female Singer A shouted. I'm not going to call her by her name, if anything I'm going to call her "Free IMA and PP" in a couple of seconds.

"What's going on?" Elena asked

"I'm not sure" Nina replied

"I'll tell you what's going on. I'm going to kill the slut that stole my place in the play!" Female Singer A's face turned red "It should've been me in that role! Me singing that song! Me with the handsome boyfriend!"

When did I become part of this?

"Lara, what are yo-"

"So, I found someone that wanted the same as I, to get rid of you!" Demons started appearing around Female Singer A, and her skin started turned red, with fangs growing on her mouth "If I give him the amulet you have, he would give me fame, fortune, and power!"

"Nina, I think she made a deal with Abigail" I voiced

"I think so too"

"Now die!"

The demons appearing around her were counted by the dozens.

Without a single word, I pulled out my twin guns and started blasting.


Headshot after headshot. I blasted the demons in what could possibly be their heads to end their lives.

"Nina, take Elena and whatever his name is and go"


"I will hold then off, you run away"

"Alright!" Nina did as I instructed and started to run towards the door. But at that moment, Female Singer A appeared in front of the door fully transformed into a demon.

Her skin had turned red, with 2 horns on her forehead and medium-sized fangs on her mouth. Her dress was destroyed, showing her breast and now packed abs to the world. Luckily, it seems her demonic form did include some sort of decency as she had flesh around her lower part covering her womanhood.

Her fingers were now extended into large claws that started from her knuckles

It seems now she is Succubus A

"Where do you think you are going, my dear Nina?" She licked her claws "The party has only just started"

"Nina, use what I taught you!"

"Right!" She nodded and started reciting "Accipiendis Impenetrabilis Clypeus (Impenetrable Shield)"

A dome started forming around her, just as Succubus A flew towards them. Her claws impacting the dome.

Nina flinched as the pressure was exerted in her magic, but kept the connection.

Since she is the descendant of a Demonic Contractor, she has a large amount of demonic magic. And being exposed to Alan's Tear for so long made her being able to pick up magic more quickly. So of course, I taught her defensive spells to protect herself in cases like this one.

That spell is a defensive dome that keeps functioning if the user has enough energy to maintain it. You can use more magic to make the shield stronger, but it will consume demonic energy faster, making it more difficult to maintain.

Nina has enough demonic energy to maintain that shield for 5 to 10 minutes, but only against lesser demons. Against higher ranking ones, she could probably use it for about 10 to 20 seconds, and that's pushing it. That spell is the one she was going to use as basis for the one she is trying to create using runes.

"Grrrr" Succubus A grumbles as she kept striking the dome "Get out of there so I call kill you"

"No, I don't think I will" Nina replied

Yeah, I used more than one reference around her and she seemed to pick them up.

Really, she is making me fall in love for her even more.

"I'm so proud of you!" I shouted and continued firing.

"Fine, I will kill your boyfriend then" Succubus A then flew towards me, trying to catch me while I was shooting the demons around.

"Not today, bitch"

I jumped forward, making a flip and ending upside-down. I aimed my gun forward, making Succubus A end up in from of its canon.


"Lose and Die"


The bullet hit Succubus A right on its face. Blowing it up completely.

Even if she is now a demon, she was a human, making her not that powerful.

While I was in my air, I decided to end everything quickly as well.

Rotating while being upside-down, I blasted bullet after bullet in a similar manner to Dante with his [Rainstorm], killing all the demons around.

And in half a minute, all demons where killed.

You know, sometimes I think I am in easy difficulty, but no, I am just way to overpower for most enemies in this world. That's what farming and grinding for countless years does to you, I guess.

[Gained 14 PP]

[Gained 2000 IMA]

"Alright Nina, all clear"

Nina nodded and started reciting the cancelling spell "Finis Naeniam (End Incantation)"

The dome disappeared from around her as she stood with some difficulty.

She poured more magic to that spell that she needed.

"Are the two of you alright" Nina asked her friend and her friend's friend

"Yeah, all-good" Elena replied

"Thank you, Ms. Lowell" Tim bowed

"Don't worry, just protecting my friend"

At that moment, "Samuel" abruptly opened the doors of the hub

"Ms. Lowell, I heard gunshots, is everything alright?!" "Samuel" inquired after getting a good look around, I could see his disappointed as Nina was harmless.

Dude, just how many stupid plans you have?

"I'm alright Samuel" Nina replied "It was just a small incident" She turned to me and smiled "Thanks as always, Aaron"

I smiled back as I dismissed my guns "Don't worry Nina, just doing my job…."

"Of course, a bodyguard needs to protect his client"

Ohh, you are just asking for me

"You get me wrong Nina. I wasn't doing my job as a bodyguard"

"Then what?

"I was doing my job…" I walked towards her, grabbing her waist and pulling her towards me. It is time to do a pro-gamer move "As your boyfriend"

I kissed her.

Our first kiss.

Her eyes widened as she felt my lips touching hers. But then her body relaxed and she let herself melt into the kiss. Her eyes closing and one of her hands going to my cheek while her other arms moved to behind my neck for support.

I could feel her body pressing against mine, not wanting to get separated.

+10 Affection with Nina Lowell [200/200] (For truly replying to her hidden feelings)

You have obtained your first 200 in Affection/Reputation points

You can choose one of the following perks


The power of emotions. You are able to read people's emotions in their descriptions.

[Love Magnet]

Affection is easier on targets with 50 Affection points or higher

[Everyone's Friend]

Reputation is easier on targets with 50 Reputation points or higher

[The One They Want To Satisfy]

Everything will be more likely to want your approval, to obey you, to be of service to you

Huh, didn't expect that one to be fair.

Let's see, [The One They Want To Satisfy] seems to be the easiest pick, it covers a lot. I have a lesser kind of [Empathy] with my CHR, and the other two could work when there are more characters to influence.

Will the other skill be available after I choose one?

They will be available at the store after your first jump.

So this is the "Get one free, buy the other later" kind of deal.

Alright then.

Perk obtained

[The One They Want To Satisfy]

Everything will be more likely to want your approval, to obey you, to be of service to you

New perk, nice.

Nina and I continued our kiss, but unfortunately, humans need air (Except for me of course, I'm too awesome to depend on oxygen) so we ended it after a couple of seconds more.

"Aaron, I…."

"Shh" I put my finger on her mouth to shush her and then leaned to her ear"Let's deal with this on the hotel"

"Right" Nina then turned to Elena "Well, this was a fateful evening, and I'm too tired, so I will be going to my hotel. It was very nice to see you again Elena, let's meet another time"

"Umm, sure?" Elena was dumbfounded by Nina's sudden change in attitude.

"Samuel, get the car, we are going to the hotel, I need a well reserved rest"

"Y-yes, my lady, at once" He walked out the hub towards the streets.

"Aaron, you are my bodyguard, make sure you follow"

"Yes, my lady"

"Good" She then walked towards the street to get in the car. A small sway on her gait, and walking faster than I expected.

I turned to Elena, who was now resting on top of a chair. We both shrugged.

Very smooth Nina, very smooth

We went back to the hotel room answering the police questions and then moving through traffic.

The police questions were the easy part, after all, just by saying my name and saying "Demons" they already know the big picture, so yeah. Nothing to truly investigate there.

I was sitting in my hotel bed, waiting for Nina, who told me she would come here sometime later.

I was wearing my pyjama, some red woven checked pants and a simple white t-shirt. I'm just simplistic when I'm going to sleep.

Easy to take in the mornings, easy to put before bed.

I guess, she wants to spend the night with her new boyfriend…

*Knock Knock*

"Aaron, it's me" Nina replied from the other side of the door.

"Come in"

She seemed to take a couple of seconds to think, and then opened the door.

She entered the room, wearing a red pyjama wool robe over her true pyjama.

She walked towards me, blushing a little as she got closer.

"May I sit on the bed?" She asked


I moved for her to sit where I was sitting before.

She sat beside me, playing with her finger and looking around my room.

"I expected there to be more…..." Nina started

"Weapons? Guns?"

"Laundry around"

"What? Just because I'm a man doesn't mean I am messy"

"That's good to know" She smiled "It wouldn't be nice to be picking up dirty clothes all around the bed every day"

"Hoh~, already thinking of a future together between you and me, how bold of you"

"Aaron, I can't imagine anything more, but a future with you" She replied, leaning towards me and her hand caressing my chest "You have made me feel, complete, like life without you would just be empty. Nothing would make me happy, but being with you"

Huh, so that's what 200 in affection makes to someone.

Good to know.

"Me too, Nina" I replied, intertwining my fingers into her "You are a beautiful woman, your voice, your hair, you smile. I won't be able to keep going without your beautiful voice everyday"

"Aaron" She leaned forward, our lips meeting once again. This time, a lot more primal in her feelings, braver than before.

She wrestled her tongue with mine, sharing our oral fluids.

We kept our connection for some time, until Nina separated and stared at me with half-open eyes.

"Aaron…" She breathed heavily "Take me…."

"Nina, but-"

"No, I want to become one with you, I want to become yours" Nina took out her robe, revealing a semi-transparent red negligee. I could totally see her bare breast, but her lower part had red lace panties covering her entrance "Look at me Aaron"

She grabbed my hand and placed it on her womanhood. I could feel wetness went I touched it.

"You have me like this, so please, take responsibility"

Without any other word, I started kissing her as one hand massaged her entrance and the other started taking off her negligee.

With that taking off, I used magic to turn off the light, letting the moonlight outside illuminate our lovemaking

She leaned back to rest on top of bed, while I took care of making her feel good.

She moaned multiple times in my mouth. As my fingers skilfully roamed her insides.

One thing about having high DEX is that everything could become better through that. Even my writing, which was horrendous when I was alive, is now an elegant cursive.

So, moving my fingers with 400 DEX…...


Yep, good answer Nina

It has been about 3 to 4 times that my fingers make her orgasm.

We disjoined our mouths, but a string of saliva still connected our tongues.

Now that the negligee was off, I could her bare breast in front of me. Her pink areolas were shown to me as she moved to cover them in embarrassment.

I moved to take of my shirt, to show her I was serious. She widened her eyes when she saw my bare chest in front of her.

Nina slowly extended her arm and started feeling my muscles.

400 STR physique, baby.

"You are…. so muscular" Nina commented

"And you are so beautiful" I replied

I moved my hand to her arms. Placing them slowly by her side, to see her bare chest again.

"I'm sorry they are small" Nina looked to the side, a carmine blush on her face.

Well, by anime standards, they are not big, but they are not small either. She is easily a C cup, meaning her breasts are sizable but not enough to be bouncing from one size to another like in most anime.

"No, they are perfect" I told her, moving my hand to caress one of hers.

My hand met her sound mound, and she released a moan. My fingers started playing with her hard nipple getting a reaction out of her

"Ah~ Ahh~" She moaned in a melodical way

I'm fairly certain she just came.

I continued a little bit, my other hand moving towards her wet underwear. My fingers found what they were looking for almost instantly. Her love-button. My hands played with her breast and clit, making her moan in delight as her body melted in my hands.

There is her other mound being neglected. I can't allow that, can I?

Moving my mouth, I started sucking her nipple, giver her small bites now and then. Her body contracted, her hands gripping the bedsheet.

"Aaahh" She cried in pleasure

I stopped in favour of watching her. I sat on top of her, seeing her body covered in sweat and her lower part dripping her female juices all around the bedsheet.

She breathed heavily, her eyes filled with adoration and love. Her pupils dilated and drool falling out the corner of her lips. She turned to me. A warm smile on her face.

"Aaron…. Please, stop playing around… Just do it"

I complied, taking my pants alongside my boxer. She stared to my shaft in awe. After all, just like Cyberpunk 2077, the system at the beginning let me edit my own member. Let's just say, size isn't a problem anymore

"It's… big" Nina gulped as she stared to my 25-cm rod, or 10 inches if you prefer.

"Don't worry" I leaned to her ear "I'll be gentle"

"Mm~" She moaned. I could see her entrance becoming wetter.

At that moment, I took off the only garment she had left. Revealing to me her lower lips, glistening with her liquids, as she looked in embarrassment.

I aligned myself with her opening, her eyes watching every movement I did.

"I'm going in" I told her as my shaft touched her entrance.

"Hmm" She nodded in confirmation.

And then,

I thrusted

"Aaaaaahhhh~" She moaned loudly as we became one.

She hugged me with both arms and legs, making our bodies press against each other.

"Ahh~ Ahh~" She breathed heavily, getting accustomed to her new sensation.

I looked down, seeing a trail of blood coming out of her entrance, signifying that she just lost her virginity.

"Keep… going" She told me, her eyes tearing a little, but nonetheless smiling widely.

"Are you sure?" I asked. She was a virgin just a couple of seconds ago, I'm sure some of the pain must still be there. Besides, my size must've been too much.

"Hmm" She nodded.

I looked at her for a couple of seconds, making sure she was alright, and then continued.

Moving at a rhythmical pace. Going deeper and deeper into her. Her interior tightening for every time my shaft goes in and out. She moaned in my arms as I held her closed to me. The pain must have been completely gone, replaced by the pleasure generated by our lovemaking.

Remember what I told you about DEX?

It also applies to every part of my body.

"Ahh~" She moaned, her beautiful voice going out as a symphony "Ahh~ Ahh~ Ahh~"

I keep thrusting my hips moving back and forth in her womanhood, my shaft entering in and out of the tight interiors.

Wet smacking sounds filled the room, accompanied by her melodical moans.

"Aaron~ I love you!~ I love you~ I love you~" She moaned "Fuu~ Hmm~ Ahh~"

"I love you too!" I replied.

She moved her hand from my back to my cheeks, moving my face so we that we made eye contact. She leaned to my lips, making a wet kiss. Our tongue danced inside our mouth. Her moans muffled as I continued thrusting with carefulness.

With my stats, I could probably break her in half if I'm not careful enough.

She separated to keep moaning, the air becoming a necessity as her moan took out all she had

"Aaron~ I'm cumming~ I'm cumming~"

I can feel her interiors tightening in my shaft. I was getting close too.

"Me too" I told her, my thrusting speeding up.

"Let's come together!~" Nina locked her legs on my back, signalling what she wanted "Do it inside!~ Fill me up!~"

And so I did

With a last thrust, I went deeper than before touching completely her deeper entrance.

"Aaaahhh~" She screamed in pleasure and my shaft caressed the entrance of her baby chamber. Her body spamming upward, her mouth becoming uncapable of being contained on her mouth. Her eyes becoming whiter as she became numb from the pleasure.

Her hands gripping my hair and back, digging her nails in my skin as deep as they could.

My white cream came out and filled her insides. Marking her as mine, and painting her walls white.

"Aaaahh~" Nina moaned "Ish's too much~"

After a while of me releasing inside of her, I slowly pulled out my tool. Her entrance twitched and then my white cream started overflowing and coming out of her.

"Haaa~Haaa~" Nina breathed heavily "Your semen… it's coming out…."

She then turned to my shaft, watching it still standing proud, ready for another round.

"Aaron, let's go again~" She opened her legs, letting me see the insides of her womanhood. "I want you inside of me…. Please" She begged, her hands moving to her lower lips, her fingers playing with the opening, holding it wider.

No need to tell me twice.

Grabbing her legs and placing them by her sizes, I aligned myself again with her now dripping entrance.

"Aaahh~" She gasped as my shaft went inside her once again. "Kiss me!~" She begged

My lips met hers as I continued my hip movements.

"Mmm~" Her voice muffled by my tongue playing with hers.

I moved my hand to play with her hard nipple while my other held her close to me.

"Aaron…..." She whispered to my ears.

"Aaron, I love you…" Nina whispered in her sleep, her body covered in a layer of sweat as she held me in a tight hug. We both were resting under the covers of the bedsheets.

We went some rounds after that, Nina happily receiving every load of cum that came out of my shaft.

In the end, she couldn't hold it anymore and fell unconscious. I can't blame her, she doesn't have the same amount of END I have, so yeah. I was easily overpowering her in bed. But still, every part of our lovemaking was sweet and wholesome.

Through that make me wonder, should I try to get any sexual skill?

I know [Eromancer] is a class so I might get it in the future.

Hmm, I will think about that later.

"Hmm~" Nina started waking up. Grumbling as she forced her eyes open. She saw me and smiled "Good…... Morning?"

"Well, it could be, it's like 1 am or so. So you could consider it a good morning"

"Oh, I see" Nina then sat on the bed, her beautiful naked body in full display. She started stretching her sore limbs, making her chest stand out even more. "I'm sorry, I couldn't hold on to you longer"

She means she's sorry she couldn't match my stamina?

So she thinks I've had other partners, huh?

Well, I think Nell counts, but that was just counted times I sped having sex with her.

Besides her, I didn't sleep with anyone else of this world. After all, I dedicated large parts of my time grinding to level up as much as I could.

"Don't worry, being a Devil Hunter means I need to be able to fight for hours without getting tired"

"I see" Nina then smiled "That just means I will have to get better so I can keep up with you" She giggled as she sat on top of me.

I like these wholesome relationships

It feels nice.

"Let's see if you can" I smiled back, intertwining our hands.

"Hehe" Nina smiled as she leaned down to kiss me once again.

That was good and all, until I heard a commotion outside.

"What the hell?" I asked,

Nina saw my face and turned confused

"What's the matter?"

I carefully placed her on the bed and stood up. Looking to the window.

There were dozens of SWAT trucks around the entrance.

"There's something happening" I saw as the SWAT teams came out of the trucks, armed and moving towards the building. I turned to Nina, there wasn't time for her to go to her room for a dress.

I pointed my finger to her "Clothes Beam" A ray hit her. Her body shinning for a moment before a red dress appeared, covering her body. I also made underwear that fitted her. I knew all her sizes since I became very familiar with it not too long ago.

"What? What's going on?" She stood out of the bed, with a lot of difficulty. Her legs wobbling and almost giving out. She arrived to my side and held to me for support.

"Trouble" I replied as I used [Clothes Beam] on myself. Making my usual combat get-up.

"Why are there so many trucks?" Nina inquired

"My guess…." I used my [Life Perception] around the hotel. I could feel most room empty, and people exiting the hotel. "Remember that girl in the bar?"


"No, the other one. The one that tried to kill us"

"Oh, Lara"

"Yep, that one. Remember she told us she was contacted by a devil that offered Fame, Power and Fortune. So, what if that devil did the same with higher-ups in defence organizations like SWAT and so on"

"So you mean….?"

"Yeah, they are coming after us"

I could already feel the SWAT teams going up the stairs and elevators, moving towards us. Luckily, this was the top floor, meaning it would take a little while before they reach here.

Moving my hand to Nina, I use a slight heal to make sure she is capable of moving without difficulty.

"Stay here, I'm going to take care of this"

"Wait!" Nina stopped me before I reached the door.

She grabbed my cheek and planted a kiss on my lips. The kiss lasted about 20 seconds before she separated and smiled warmly.

"Come back safe to me, alright?"

"You got it, remember to make protections around the room, my lady"

"I've always loved it when you called me "My lady""

With that, I went out of the door.

Now, how should I do this?

Should I go the Alucard way, or the Darth Vader way.

Fuck it, Let's do both

Just as I reached the hallway on the hotel, a dozen of armed men appeared in front of me.

"Freeze!" The one in the from shouted.

"Hey guys, how is your health plan?"


"Apparently, is great!"


They started shooting at me.

How cute!

Well, you know what they say….

If you can't beat them, blast them.


I started shooting back to them, my bullets going through they armour like it was made of wet paper. Piercing without any resistance.

[Gained 1000 IMA]

And in a couple of seconds, they were all dead. Their bodies riddled with bullets all around.

Meanwhile, mine was a pristine as yesterday. Not a single bullet on me. Not that they miss, but my defence stats were beyond normal bullet. If they hand something like a .50 Cal then I might have lost about 50 to 100 HP.

Besides, I'm not stranger to killing, I've killed before. Multiple times in fact. The thing is, humans give too little EXP, no PP since I don't have a perk for killing humans and half the amount of IMA for killing demons.

As a mercenary, I specialize in jobs that pay good, doesn't matter the job. Still, I have my morals intact, no job that harms innocents and no jobs that would require me to kidnap someone.

Protection, anytime of the week. Killing a dictator, absolutely. Rescuing an Arabian princess, just give me the call. Killing a demon that terrorizes a town, I'll be right there in a couple of minutes.

Killing a man and his family for opposing you, go to hell with that. Killing a man for testifying against you, you can shove it right up your ass.

It's just simple morals, at least at this point.

When I play the villain, I play the villain, but even so, I will not be a plain villain that goes "I will destroy the world because yes" or "Mommy didn't love me, so I will be evil"

Those are just stupid.


I heard the elevator by my side opening, I turned and saw another handful of SWAT Member standing there. Seeing me covered in the blood of their peers.

"Hello there"


I walked outside the hotel, seeing dozens of SWAT officers surrounding the entrance with all types of guns.

"Freeze, we have you surrounded!" The one at the front shouted. He had a different uniform than the other so he must be their superior

"All I'm surrounded by is fear…" I pulled my sword in a swift movement. Slicing all the flag poles trees that stood around the hotel entrance "And dead men"

Then, all their heads fell, including the superior's. Fountains of blood exploded from them painting the floor of the street and cars around red.

Well, that was taken care of.


I heard clapping and turned to the source.

I saw a tall man walking towards me, he had a white trenchcoat with a high collar lined with gold, white shirt, pants and greaves. Spiked up white hair was on his head, alongside a shivering and bloodthirsty smile.

"Good, you are as brave as I was promised"

I think I recognise this guy.

Baul, Sparda's Apprentice

Level – 1180

Race – Demon

HP – 1340000

Oh shit.

This is the guy that fought Dante in the anime.

It makes sense for him to be here, he is a battle hungry being.

"Don't rush straight-forward, brother"

And there is the brother

Modeus, Sparda's Apprentice

Level – 1260

Race - Demon

HP - 1440000

"We don't come to cause any trouble. We were just told you knew about something that interested my brother and me" Modeus started

"It depends on his answer" Baul snorted "Tell us human, do you truly know Sparda's whereabouts?"

Ah, I see.

So Sid told them what I told Nina, that I saw Sparda's last moments. I guess it does makes sense for them to come here and ask me.

"Yeah, I do know" I nodded "In a city which name I will not mention, lies the True Hell Gate. The Gate Sparda sealed a long time ago"

"What does that have to do with his whereabouts?" Modeus asked, his face filled with intrigue.

"Because, that's where he died"

Both Modeus and Baul seemed to stop at my words.

So they still thought he was alive?

Well, someone needs to tell them the truth

"He had a small amount of power. As you know, he used most of his power in sealing the Underworld and making sure Earth stayed safe for a long time" I turned to Modeus "With the last remains of his power, he reinforced the seal placed in the gate, but at the same time, that killed him. Making his other seals around the world weaken"

"So, it was true…... He is dead" Modeus looked down, his eyes closed in sadness.

"Grrr" Baul in the other hand, growled in anger. "He is dead?! After all this time searching for him?!" He tightened his fist in anger. His demonic form surfacing to the world. No longer caring for maintaining his appearance.

"I'm sorry, but that is the truth"

"… Well, if he is dead, then that means I shall look for a new challenge" He turned to me "I call tell, human. You are strong, stronger that all this other pest around us, even if most of your power is hidden" He summoned his twin black swords, aiming to me "I shall feast on your soul, to make myself more powerful. I, Baul, Sparda's apprentice, challenge to a duel"

"Very well then, demon. I, Aaron Blackheart, accept your challenge"

"Brother! please, stop!" Modeus shouted, but it fell to deaf ears as Baul launched itself towards me


He attacked by swinging both his sword towards my face. Shi no Yokan was in front of me as I defended myself with it.

The clash between our sword last for a second before Baul broke it and launched itself back towards me.

He swings both his sword at fast speeds, releasing arcs of air that pushed any normal human around. I stood in the defensive, evading or blocking any of his attack without letting them touch me.

Our sword clashed multiple times, releasing sparks every time they touched. His black sword became heavier as the force behind his attack increased.

So, he was going easy on the beginning because I was a human?

Huh, big mistake

He swung both his swords downwards, in an attempt to slice me in half. But I deflected it easily. Leaving me a chance to counterattack.

I swung Shi no Yokan diagonally, slicing his shoulder and drawing the first blood of our encounter.

He retreated back and saw the damage made to his body "It seems I underestimated you, Human"

"Yep, gravest mistake you made, underestimating me because I'm a human" I stood with both hands in my sword and the point aiming forwards, the sword handle beside my face as my knees were bent and separated from each other. This was a Ko Gasumi, my favourite katana stance.

Then, we both jumped forward, our swords clashing in another round of sparks.

I saw the opportunity to counter his attack after a couple of seconds, seeing his swings becoming wilder and more open. I seized the opening, thrusting my sword forward into his chest.


I saw a sword, sticking from my chest. The point of the sword being visible by me, meaning I was stabbed from the back.

I turned, watching the black form of Modeus in his true form, holding the sword that stabbed me.

"I'm sorry Aaron Blackheart, but my mission is to protect my brother, he is my only loved one, and I'm sure you know what must be done for our loves ones"

He pulled out the sword, making my chest gush out from both forwards and backwards. I kneeled into the ground, holding myself with my sword.

Truthfully, I could just walk this off and heal myself instantly, but I'm doing something cool, so I will have to act.

"Yeah, I know what it must feel, seeing your loved ones in danger..." I nodded looking to my metallic arm "I…... I would do anything to protect my loved ones as well, doesn't matter who stands in the way"

I stood, my metallic arm holding the hole on my chest.


I coughed blood into the floor. I saw the two brothers now standing next to each other. Modeus having a sorrowful expression while Baul had a neutral one.

He knew without his brother I would've killed him.

Well, time to do my thing.

"That's why…" I continued my speech, standing to my full height and looking at the two with determination "I can't allow myself to die here"

I stabbed my sword into the ground. A vermillion aura surrounded my body as it releasing its power.

The two brothers covered they faces with their arms seeing as he sudden increase in my power made a lot of light and wind flow around.

"In the midst of life, I shall become death. Unleash Seals, Protocol code: α (Alpha)" My voice became heavier, carrying more power than normal.

Skills unlocked

Perks Unlocked

Stats raised to 2000

This "seal" made on myself would release all my stats into half of what they truly are, making me more powerful but not so much

"Now, let's end this!" I shouted. I grabbed my sword in a Iaido stance. Looking at the two demons in front of me. "I'd curse bright fortune for my mixed lot"

I rushed, in a single moment, appearing behind them, my sword drawn, by my side. The two demons there, standing still, no movement, no thoughts, not even breathing. I sheathed my sword slowly, looking at my reflection in its blade.

"And then I'd die in peace and be forgot~. Hideki no Uta, Nikyoku: Sasayaku (Songs of Tragedy, Second song: Whisper)"

The guard met the sheath.


My blade sang with the sound of a whisper, something that soothed the ear, let it be calm, let it rest in peace.

Now the two brothers were cut in half. One slice each, letting their bodies fall to the ground, my blade whispering in their last moment a soothing song.

[Gained 2 PP]

[Gained 1000 IMA]

Well, that's it for tonight, I guess.

"Hehehe, I thought they would be useful for once, but they couldn't even kill a human"

That voice came from the entrance of the hotel.

It was "Samuel", holding Nina by the neck, and walking towards me. I pulled my gun to aim for him.

"Tsk, tsk. I would do that if I were you" He showed the knife he was holding, aiming to Nina's neck

"Nina!" I shouted, aiming more into that thing's face.

"You wouldn't dare your precious Nina getting hurt, wouldn't you?"

"Who knows? My bullet might be faster than your hand"

"Wanna risk it?"

"… Tch" I lowered my gun.

"Samuel, why are you doing this?!" Nina asked, her own hands trying to stop "Samuel" from truly choking her.

I could feel seals on her hands and neck, making her unable to use spells.

So, "Samuel" entered the room Nina was, and since he had that disguise Nina let him in, and then he applied seals on the hands and neck and brought her here

"My name is not Samuel" And then, Sid's façade was over. The flesh disguise fell off of him, showing the true form of that disgusting being "Your dear Samuel was killed by me a lot time ago. I just took his skin to make a disguise"

"Samuel..." She cried. I guess losing the man that was like a father to you after your true father died must've hit her pretty hard, I'll make sure to console her after all of this is over.

"Now, give me the Amulet" Sid ordered, extended his free hand towards me while the other still held the knife to Nina's neck.

"Noo, Aaron! Don't give it to him!"

I stood quiet for a little bit before answering "…. If I give you the amulet, you will let her go"

"If you give me the amulet, I promise you, she will live" Sid answered.

"…...Fine" I took out the necklace and throw it to him

"Aaron, why?"

"Because your life is more important than a stupid jewel, Nina!"

"Good, very good" Sid chuckled "Just one last thing"



He stabbed Nina's arm with the knife and then ran off before I could even consider catching him.

My priority right now is Nina.

She fell to the ground holding her arm.

I rushed towards her and started healing.

"Don't worry Nina, I got you"

(Nina Lowell)

It was supposed to be a beautiful night. It was supposed to be perfect. She planned to declare to Aaron after the party in the hub, and then go on a date the next day

But he beat her to it. Declaring himself in front of everyone in the hub. And then kissing her.

Oh god, the kiss.

She was not a kiss-less girl. She had a couple of dates in school and after-work dates and nothing more than that.

Aaron took everything she knew out of the window and took her in a French-kiss right there. Her tongue being dominated by him.

She has relieved herself thinking about Aaron, how he holds her in his arms, how he dominated her.

But that kiss threw all her fantasies away and made her literally wet herself right there. She never has been that aroused before.

That's why, she decided to become his that same night, and it was glorious.

She gave everything about her to him. And he lovingly accepted.

She is now Aaron's.

It would've been a wholesome morning after that.

Taking a bath together. Having breakfast. And then going on a date together, where he would finally propose to her.

But of course, Abigail had to ruin that.

"Don't worry Nina, I got you" Aaron told her as he healed her wound.

It hurt a lot, but what happened before hurt a lot more

"Aaron…... the amulet" She tried to voice.

"No Nina! I don't give a fuck about a simple amulet! I only care about you!" Seeing that her arm was healed. He grabbed her shoulders and kissed her.

God, his kisses always make her the happiest she has ever been.

But now is not the time to be desirous.


The rooftop of the hotel exploded, showing what she feared.

Her ancestor's drawing depicted Abigail a lot of ways. But seeing it in person. She felt something she has never felt before.


The majestic golden demon stood on top of the building, his gigantic from overlapping the moon, making his shadow cover the city.

Everyone screamed around her, but they were just blurry sound,

She saw the demon of her nightmare standing there.

Her sole mission, the mission of her family was to stop that thing for even recovering its power.

But it is too late.

She failed


Aaron looked to Abigail from beside her, and uttered a single word


Omake: It's Crossover Time Part 2


There are a lot of things she has seen in her long life.

She has seen a lot of people, slept with another lot, stole the soul of another lot. But there are some things that even her couldn't believe if she didn't saw it with her own eyes.


This is one of them.

She saw the man standing there, his back to them.

The monster they were fighting, the black mass knows as a symbiote.



They were struggling to kill that thing, even with the power of the Sorcerer Stephen Strange and the two cute Cambions Dante and Vergil.

They were failing to kill that thing.

Without counting for the bomb the size of a small meteorite that is coming towards them.

Yet, that man, the one standing on top of the now lifeless beast, he killed it. And no one managed to even see him do it. He did it with a speed that nobody could even see him move. The attack wasn't visible by anyone.

And to make it more impressive.

He is a human.

She could feel the power emanating from him. The waves and waves of power, yet she could also feel his essence.

Being a succubus, she is very familiar with males' essence. And this one is a human.

"Welp, that takes care of it" The man spoke. His voice just as she heard it before in her mind, when he told everyone, he would take care of it.

Yet, this time it was more profound. This time, she heard the voice personally instead of a mind message or whatever he did.

And it was, arousing.

Then he turned.

And new feeling came to her, it has been a long time since she felt this way. She feels like a high school girl seeing the most handsome man in school came to talk to her by the locker.

She feels like a teenager, a love-struck teenager.

His face, was glorious. A perfect face sculpted by the best artisans and sculptor in history. Not a single defect, not a single misplaced part. Just perfection in itself.

And on top of that, the power he exuded made her succubus side want to ride him until he is dry, but with how much he has, she would be the first one to fall before she even gets half his energy.

He turned to the twins by her side. Smiled warmly to them.

"Dante, Vergil. Look how grown up you are" He huffed in happiness "I recognized you two immediately, and let me tell you. You two have become strong"

"Hey, old man" Dante replied

He just called him "Old man"?

Isn't he Sparda's son?

"Grandfather" Vergil nodded towards the newcomer.

Ohh, grandfather, that explains it.

But wait, wouldn't that make him Sparda's father.

Is Sparda a cambion as well?

No, that would be impossible. Then why is that human so strong?!

"So, is anybody going to take care of that?" The newcomer pointed upwards.

Ah, yes, the meteorite-bomb

"[Tell him is he has something for that, then be my guest]" Stark told them on their communicators.

"You heard the robot-man" Dante answered

"Yep" The newcomer pointed upwards, his hand extended to the sky "Extolledam, Cien Tempura (Amplification, 100 times)"

He exuded an immense amount of magic, and all of the sudden he summoned 100 glyphs in between him and the falling bomb

Wait, did she saw that correctly?

1, 2, 3…

Yep, 100

Wait a minute…...

"WHAT?!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

"What kind of spells is this?" Even the Supreme Sorcerer was surprised by the spell the newcomer just created and the amount of ease with which he pulled it off.

"I suggest all of you to stay a couple of feet back, this might hurt"

Then he grabbed his left arm and cocked it back to his side with the other was aiming with his two fingers to the glyph on top of him.

She now noticed that his left arm was metallic, and it exuded and aura of demonic precedence.

The metallic arm started shinning in a red vermillion colour. It started grinding, generating sparks as it seemed to rotate its parts at extreme speed.

Then, he released all that power with a single strike.

"Devil Slayer Fist: True Strike"

Then, he punched the first glyph with his metallic arm.

It released a chain-reaction as the arm generated a wave of power.

A fist-shaped wave of power.

As it passed through every glyph, it grew in size, it speeded up, and in became more and more powerful.

When it passed the 100th glyph, it was the size of half a city, with it red colour shinning and the speed surpassing the speed of sound itself.

The meteorite-bomb was already entered the atmosphere when it was intercepted by the fist-shaped energy blast.

The two met and the obvious winner was the fist.

Because even if the meteorite-bomb was falling at extreme speeds, it still would lose to something that was augmented 100 times.

The fist expulsed the meteorite-bomb from the Earth, throwing it far away into space where it would be no trouble.

The heads of all people reunited around the newcomer turned at the same time. Looking the man standing there, his metallic arm releasing smoke which the blew almost nonchalantly as if he didn't just solve two problem they had, and in less than a minute.

Then he shakes his metallic arm and turned to the group.

"So, does someone know where a vending machine is? I wouldn't mind having a Pepsi. Is Pepsi still a thing or did it change during the merging?

"Umm…... Nope" The young man dressed as a spider affirmed from beside her "Pepsi's still a thing. There is a vending machine about two streets from here, if it was not destroyed yet…"

"Good, thanks spider-boy"

"It's Spiderman" The boy dressed as a spider replied "Oh, and by the way…. WHO ARE YOU?! HOW DID YOU DO ALL OF THAT?!"

"Oh, my apologizes, I forgot to introduce myself" He cleared his throat and the continued "My name is Aaron Laurent Archibald Egbert Ashford Blackheart, but you can call me Aaron Blackheart, the Devil Hunter"

"So, that's the plan, any questions? Any Ideas?" Tony Stark explained the plan he had to defeat Ultron Sigma, a very good plan, using the power of the Infinity Stones against himself.

And about ideas…

Everyone's turned to the man of the hour, including herself.

She can't help it, she has never seen a specimen of man so rapturing, alluring. She is lucky she can control some of her body functions, if not, all would see a wet patch on her lower part.

"How about your Mr. "I kill an unkillable beast and redirect a meteorite all in less than that a minute"?" The talking raccoon sarcastically asked.

Aaron Blackheart on the other hand, just relaxed alone in the sofa, drinking from a can of Pepsi. It seemed nobody wanted to sit alongside him without first addressing if he is not a threat.

Well, everyone except the Sparda Twins, since they seem to be happy that he is around them.

"Hmm? Oh you are talking to me?"

"How else did all I described?"

"I don't know, that man with the bow? He seems powerful"

"Why is everyone picking on me today?! We literally have a man that does exactly the same, just with guns!" Hawkeye grumbled in annoyance

"Just joking, I know archery is a very strict discipline, if anything you are one of my favourite Avengers, of all I've read about"

"….. Really?"

"Yeah" Aaron then stood from the sofa and threw the empty can he had in a perfect arc that reaching the trashcan on one side of the room. "I like your plan, except it sucks, so how about you let me do the plan, that way it might be better"

"Oh yeah, and what do you have in mind? Hit him with your katana at the speed of light"

"Well, maybe but no." Aaron turned to the projection in the middle of the room "How about you all go against Ultron and let me take care of all the Ultron-bots"

"What?! Are you crazy?! There are millions of them, at minimum! You are clearly outnumbered"

"Maybe outnumbered, but not outclassed. I can take care of all of them myself. That way, you can all go and stop Ultron. You will need as much help as you can"

"Are you sure you can take care of that many robots?"

"I've deal with worse. See my arm" He lifted up his metallic arm. She managed to see Vergil wincing in annoyance and looking a little dejected "It was bitten by a King Cerberus. Ever read the Divine Comedy? Yeah, it's something like that, except with one different element on each head. Lightning, Fire and Ice"

"Woah, and you fought something like that?" The boy dressed as a Spider asked

"Yep, took it out as well, it was a long time ago, Dante and Vergil were still kids"

"Speaking of, what are you to them? You look old enough so you could be their brother but they keep calling you "Old man""

"Oh, I'm their grandfather"

"…. Excuse me? Can you repeat that?" She-hulk asked

"I'm their grandfather"

"No way… How?" Tony Stark asked "What kind of cream do you use? What kind of diet?"

"Oh, just a little bit of "Demonic Energy" cream, good for your body, bad for your mind"

At this point, she decided to ask "What? Demonic Energy? But you are human… How could you manipulate demonic energy?"

"Well, just like that wizard over there can create spells, in my original dimension, people were exposed to Demonic Energy, and demons or devils, whatever you want to call them, where the common enemy for us. So, we had our own wizards that could manipulate Demonic Energy to our advantage, like me, who has developed an enormous amount of demonic energy throughout the years"

"Yes…... enormous…..." She liked her lips while looking at him

"Well, with that settled, I only have one question" Tony Stark started "Where were you all this time? You could've been a great help for us when all this started"

At that, everyone turned to the red-eyed Adonis.

"You see, my main job is to hunt demons, kill them, and protect people from them. When all of this started, new demons started appearing around the world, I needed to make sure those demons couldn't harm innocent people, so I took care of it and then came here when I felt the millions of souls being absorbed"

"Yeah, he is right" She decided to aid him in his explanation "The Underworld changed a lot during the merging, a lot of new kingdoms and demons appeared, much more powerful than before"

"Alright. With that out of the way, taking a rest, we will rest for one hour and then go straight to Ultron's front yard. Aaron, I expect you can fulfil what you just said"

"Copy that, Tin man"

"Well, I'm going to get a drink, anyone want one?"

And like that, the group dispersed, each going different directions.

Most of the girls in the group were eyeing the red-eyed devil hunter, seeing him go to the fridge and pick up another can of soda.

At that moment, she decided to get close.

"So, Aaron Blackheart, the devil hunter, huh?" She started. Her expression clearly flirtatious

"Yep, that's me, you can call me Aaron"

"Then you can call me Morrigan"

"Nice to meet you then, Morrigan" He took a sip from his can "Now, do you need something?"

"Yes. You need, we succubus need a lot of energy to fight, we usually get it from human males, and sometime females, only on small amount. But seeing that you have not only energy, but pure demonic energy, I was wondering if you could…. Share some of it with me. I promise, I will make it worth your time" She licked her lips in the most seductive way possible.

"Hmm. Tempting offer, but I will have to pass"

"Yes, now, let's get into one of the empty ro- Wait what?"

"I said, I'll pass, thank you"

Huh, this is the first time she has feel this way.

She has been rejected before, by many men with strong will that resisted her charms. Usually, she just goes to the next male that would feed her the energy she needs to survive.

But right now, it feels different.

She feels like something else.

What is this feeling?

Disappointment? What would she feel disappointed for?

In her charms for not being able to allure this man?

No, it is something else.

Is this… sadness?

Why would she feel sadness?

She only wanted to feel in this man's energy, she wanted to eat a little bit to maintain herself in perfect fighting form.

Why should she feel sadness?


She focused back on the man's face, memorizing his face, seeing his features. She stared for a little bit, not knowing what that feeling was.


No, no way.

She is a proud succubus, a seductress, a femme fatale.

There is no way she could feel….

She turned back to him, seeing his vermillion red eyes stared at her, penetrating her defences. Her belly feeling ticklish, like small butterflies flew around it.


Does she….

Does she have a crush?!

No, it is impossible!

She shouldn't!

A succubus like her, having a crush?!





'Oh no….'

She does have a crush…

She has a crush…

On a human…...

What's she going to do?

"Excuse me, do you need something else?"

Oh right, she was having a conversation with him.

"Umm… yeah… may I know, why did you reject me?"

"Simple, I'm married"

"Oh, I see"

"Yep, happily married"

What is this new feeling she is experimenting?

Why does she feel…. Envious?

Envious of whatever woman is married to this masterpiece of a man

Is she jealous?

'Oh by lucifer, she is!'

"Although, if you want energy, I can share a little bit"


"Yeah, just stay still for a moment"

He extended his right arm to her, pointing to her chest. From his hand, a ball of energy shot out of his hand, entering her chest.

And then, she felt it.

A rush of power flowing through her veins, her body becoming more and more powerful as the ball distributed the energy around her body.

She has never felt this powerful before.

She has never felt this…... invincible

"Well, that's it. Enjoy your rest"

And with that, he left

She then felt an emptiness…... like he took a part of her when he left. A feeling she didn't like, she felt incomplete.

She wanted him, to stay by her side…



She will make sure of it.

She will make sure he stays by her side.

Whatever it takes.