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part one: loveliness
A tale old as time, young love don't last for life
{1991 - 1993}

Audrey Blanchard always had been a mix of bubblegum, pop music and a bit too much prettiness.

The first time that she made a boy blush she had been five and little Edward White had asked for one of her crayons – and she had given him a smile, bright enough to make the boy fall from his chair. Since then, little Audrey Blanchard had been a hurricane around boys (and some girls), full of big smiles and sassy winks that, most often than not, landed her in trouble.

Because Audrey Blanchard was born different.

Of course, this could be mean she was born a witch – like her beloved father – with magic flowing in her veins and witchcraft deep in her bones, potions and spells etched in her very soul. But, in her world, that was normal, and thousands of children around of the world were born with all those things every year.

But Audrey being Audrey, of course things wouldn't be as simple as being born a witch in a long line of other witches. Her father, of course, the extra drama queen he was, really had to make things worse for baby Audrey and make her mother a veela.

Beautiful creatures, the veelas, with the appearance of a dashing blonde woman whose looks could make any man feel at their feet. Except by the fact they aren't humans, and Audrey always had those disturbing thoughts in the back of her mind of how in hell her father would thought a good idea to have sex with a non-human creature who, when angry, turned in a bad bad bird who breathed fire.

But the point is, something in the middle of the last decade – you know, crazy 1970s – her father – famous, rich heir who liked outrageous clothes and cheesy pick-up lines, but had been a very handsome young man in his twenties – had found himself a lost veela in the middle of Beverly Hills and got the damn thing pregnant, and that was how Audrey was born.

Her grandparents had been scandalised. Baby Audrey, in her mother womb probably had been too. Things went downfall very quickly this point onwards – her mother had left her with daddy Mr. Blanchard and disappeared, because apparently veelas aren't keen in keeping in touch with human flings – and baby Audrey had been raised by a less than prepared father.

Ezra Blanchard wasn't a bad father if we must be fair. He was kind, and considered, and always liked to spend time with his daughter, but he just wasn't cut to raise someone, since he couldn't even be responsible by himself. Maybe he would be a nice uncle – you know, the one who teach you how to drive and which beers are good and the ones who aren't, but not a dad.

Then you see the problem.

The moment Audrey was born, even if she had been an adorable baby – all pink cheeks and big, blue eyes – she was a responsibility and Ezra Blanchard wasn't good with those. Then, by the time Audrey was old enough, he had shipped her to the other side of the world, to a boarding school in England, under the pretext of Hogwarts – what kind of name was that? – was where he studied.

Audrey didn't care for any of this bullshit. She was more worried by the fact that her father had shipped her alone to another country – England, dear Lord, are she going to have tea? She hated tea – to a school full of normal people – you know, under the wizard normal status – where she was no meant to talk about her heritage.

God forbid someone to discover the things that her father liked to do in his Manor, in Beverly Hills, far away from the judgement of his parents.

Like you know, fuck a non-human being, and have a daughter with said non-human being.

And this is how Audrey Blanchard – heiress to crazy bachelor Ezra Blanchard, sixth biggest fortune in magic Europe – got herself giving dirty looks to Hogwarts Express every single year.


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