Ten years

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So, for ten years Rick and Evy were together from the first "mummy incident" to the second "mummy incident". Ten years to talk about, I wonder if they have a limit to how many chapters may be posted.

~~Begin chapter~~

Evy walked down the store crowded streets of London on her way to meet the man of her dreams at the Wilde Restaurant. She looked at the shop windows as she passed them. Each window was decorated with Christmas themes. It was her first Christmas since the "Mummy incident" and she would cherish it for it was the peace after a storm, it would mean the most to her for sure.

One particular display caught her attention, and for what reason she knew but denied. She stopped in front of a Jeweler's store called The Rings of Happiness. She looked at this beautiful diamond ring. The diamond was in the shape of a heart embedded on a beautifully crafted gold band. She seemed entranced by the beautiful ring until two large women came up either side of her and gaped at the ring.

"I would love for that ring to be on my finger!" one said. She wore a prostitute's dress with fake pearl necklace and her brown hair tied up into a sloppy bun. She wore too much blush and lipstick and too little mascara and smelled of smoke, alcohol and sex. She had about three rings on each finger but only two on her left ring finger.

"Oh, Judy! You have enough rings don't you think?" the other woman said. She was tall and then wearing a tacky green dress that a prostitute would only wear, she smoked a cigarette and smelt the same way as her friend. She wore too little lipstick and blush and way too much mascara to the point it seemed like she got her eyes and eyelids as well.  Her hair was tied up at the sides in many buns.

"Yes, Marge, but that'd top them all!" Judy said. Then she noticed Evy to her right and she gave her a nasty look and stood up straight. She looked at her friend and motioned with her eyes to Evelyn and her friend caught on. "No doubt, my very rich husband will buy it for me!"

"Oh of course! He'd buy the whole store for you and have more than ninety percent of his fortune left, Judy!" Marge agreed taking a puff of her ciggy. She looked down at Evelyn.

Evelyn rolled her eyes, she knew what they were trying to do, but she wouldn't take the bait. She just walked off knowing very well that she was far richer than those prostitutes. She continued walking and thinking to herself, why was I even interested in that stupid ring? I have plenty more beautiful rings I got from Hamunaptra.

Yes, they are more beautiful, but no exactly fit to be a marriage ring, her heart said.

What?! Her mind exclaimed.

Oh, you know very well 'what'! He's been on you ever since he threw you over his shoulder and threw you on the bed and locked you in to keep you safe! Her heart said. Evy stopped dead in her tracks.

Uh…he's only be on me, the mind, because I have only been thinking on how rude he was! Her mind protested.

No, I know you thought it was very heroic in a way and showed how strong he is and gentle too, her heart said.

Oh shut-up! Her mind screeched. Evy had started walking again and was nearing the Wilde Restaurant. Let's just drop this and just meet Rick okay?!

Fine, fine, her heart said. Evy walked into the café and took a table for two by the window. She looked outside and saw it started to snow.


Okay, this is the night, Richard Daniel O'Connell. This is THE night of nights, the most magical night for sure! Rick thought to himself as he walked down the store crowded streets. He stopped and had a puzzled look on his face, Did I just say 'most magical night'? Whoa, she does make me feel different, but in a good way.

Rick walked past a bookstore when he saw her looking into a store window. He quickly took cover behind a shelf of books that was outside the store for there was no more room inside. He was breathing heavily, even a glance at her made him like gel. Made him want to melt. He took a peek at her again and saw to woman next to her speaking overly loud. He listened to what they said, for it would be hard not to hear…

…Rick's anger rose, he knew what that fat whore was trying to do to Evy, lucky for her, Evy wasn't affected, or he would've knocked her across the face with a right hook. He watched Evy as she walked down the street to the Wilde Restaurant on the corner of the street. He waited for her to go in then he went to go see what she was looking at. He looked at the name of the store Rings of Happiness, well that was suggestive…

Rick looked into the window and immediately knew what Evy was looking at…the most beautiful ring on display. He smirked, if she wanted it, he'd get it. Rick's eyes shot wide open when he felt something on his-

"Aah!" Rick jumped away from Judy. Judy smiled seductively which was more like a smile from the crypt keeper. "What the bloody-"

"Hello," Judy said in as sexy a voice as she could manage which only sounded like a donkey whining.

"Keep your hand off of my-"

"As you wish, sir," Marge said. Rick didn't like how they kept speaking before he finished his sentence.

"Hmm-mm! Let's make some sweet music!" Judy said.

"Uh no, you can go make sweet music with that-"

"Ho! Whatever you say, we are at your service!" Judy bowed, showing off he cleavage that nearly came out of her low-neck dress. They appalled Rick; he wondered how he ever was able to stand women like them.

"No, I don't want your service, men, go join the army or something that might get you killed," Rick spat and walked off down the street to the Wilde Restaurant. The two prostitutes followed loosely and stayed near the restaurant, hoping to get their hands on his-

"Dick Bern is my name, sir and ma'am. I'll be your waiter to-night," a young boy with curly black hair said giving them menus. I'll be back in a few minutes to take your order, but can I start you off with a drink?

"Iced tea, please," Evy said as she started to scan over the menu.

"I'll take a water," Rick said as he seemed to ignore his menu and stare at Evy.

Evy could feel his eyes on her, but she chose to ignore it, because she really was hungry, but it was hard for her to ignore it. She finally glances up and saw how quickly Rick was to advert his gaze.

"Are you not going to eat anything?" Evy asked.

"Yeah I am, if they have anything good here," Rick said taking up the menu.

"They have chopped lamb and pork if that would satisfy your carnivoristic taste," Evy said. Rick laughed a little.

"I think it would. And you will have?"

"Just a salad and soup," Evy said. Then their waiter came up and gave them their tea.

"Are you ready to order?" he asked. They nodded. He got out his pen and paper. "Alright."

"I'll take a salad and tomato soup," Evy said closing her menu.

"Terrific choice, ma'am," he said writing it down. "And you sir?"

"I'll have the chopped pork," Rick said closing his menu and taking Evy's stacking it on his and handing it to Dick.

"Excellent choice, sirrah, very well, it'll be just a few minutes. About ten," he said and took the menus and left.

"So how was your day?" Evy asked.

"It was interesting," Rick said, referring mostly to recent event with the stupid prostitutes.

"Hm," Evy said.

"And yours?"

"Boring, I can't get a good position at the museum," Evy said.

"That's alright, you usually have to work from the bottom up anyway," Rick said. Evy nodded.

"Yes, but I have enough experience to be a bloody curator, or at least the director of the Egyptian Case of the museum!" Evy said. "I swear, those men are so sexist!"

"Yeah, most men are, we're stupid in that way," Rick said. Evy laughed.

"Oh finally, you admit it!"

"huh?" Rick was snapped back from reality, hearing Evy's laugh just sent him away onto cloud nine. He had made her laugh, he couldn't think of anything better to do than that. Then he decided to keep it up. "Hey! Just because I say I'm stupid doesn't mean I'm stupid!"

Evy cracked up at that remark, "sure, Mr. O'Connell whatever you say."

"It's true!" Rick pleaded. "It's true if you say it is!"

"Well, I say you're the exception, all the other men are stupid," Evy said.  Rick smiled he was the exception!!

"And what of our Medjai friend, Ardeth?" Rick asked.

"Well, he's an exception too, since he did help us save he world," Evy said. "But you're the definite exception because you know what technology is."

"Hehe, thanks," Rick said. "Do you think we might need to save the world again?"

"Not anytime soon, hopefully," Evy said. "I have too much work to do at the British Museum to save the world again."

"Ah, yes I, uh…I have more things to do too," Rick said. Suddenly Rick realized, he needed to get a job…he needed a job if he was going to get that ring for Evelyn.

Evelyn could tell he was unemployed, so, trying not to make it seem like she knew and did this out of pity, she said, "I read in the paper that help is wanted at the docks downtown."

"Really?" Rick said. "I've had some experience in shipments before, I'm betting I could help out there."

"Yeah, it's a good paying job too, about two hundred pounds a month," Evy said.  Rick nodded in agreement. Then Rick remembered, he had all that gold, he could use that buy the ring. But he wanted to actually work for getting her something.

Well you worked on saving the world for her, his mind said.

But if he does something like get a job and earns the money instead of just getting lucky that that idiot Beni put sack full of gold on their camel it'd show he was tenacity and honor. And shows he's willing to work to get what he wants, his mind replied. His mind agreed. So it was agreed, he was going to get a job at the docks and actually WORK to get Evy that ring.

~~End chapter!~~

okay here be another fic. I am starting to write again…I'm coming closer to forgiving myself for what I've done.