Prologue: The East

'Do you want something?' the waiter asked, a plate on one hand, the other on his ankle as he disdainfully looked at the man in front of him. Weak, lost, pathetically laying on the ground, silent and not buying a thing. But as the waiter felt his patience growing thin at the lack of answers, only dark pools of darkness and fear stared back. Shadows of monsters lurked beneath this man's eyes, the waiter thought. He sighed, shaking his head. He had other clients to attend to (clients who would buy something) and not the courage to throw the poor guy out – yet.

Marius, on the other hand, stared emptily. He saw without seeing. His eyes told him of the tavern near the Rogue monastery but his mind… his mind told him of the memories. The memories, these dreams of Evil and darkness, haunting him in his sleepless nights and his exhausting days. Memories, clutching at his sanity, ripping his mind in halves, demons feasting upon his misery, memories, dreams, memories! He could not tell any more.

His mouth opened, perhaps in an unconscious effort to answer the waiter, but he noticed the man had already left. So Marius felt his eyes close and he shivered as the memories played themselves before him, creatures of Evil destroying everything on their path, fiends conquering Sanctuary as he helplessly whined on the ground.

The Rogue monastery… He did not know. Or did he? It was rather difficult to tell, these days.

Suddenly, the door opened. Or rather, suddenly for Marius. The other clients did not spare a glance at the man wearing a dark cloak over him, at his thin and weak shape, at the way he held his heavy sword. But Marius did. He looked at the man, his fearful and exhausted mind recognizing him. The man from his dreams, standing before him, his back arched, looking like he had walked for a long time on a lonely path… the Dark Wanderer.

Marius felt breathless, he could feel his lungs tightening at the sight whilst the memories of the demons, visions of death and horror started to fill his mind once again. No, no, no…! The poor man rolled on the other side, refusing to look. These were memories, dreams of despair, only memories…

But if Marius did not look, he could hear. And hear he did. He heard the shaking hands of the Wanderer, the way the heavy sword dropped, he heard the mocking laughs as if they were targeting him, he heard the strangled cry of the Wanderer and the demon he was fighting against, he heard, he saw, he felt and he remembered…!

Then he was standing, shivering in the snow, his eyes observing the Wanderer as he continued his path to the East in his slow and measured pace. He visibly swallowed, terrified, and glanced at the burning tavern.

And finally, Marius felt his body step forward, in an unavoidable way. His fate was to step forward, to this Wanderer, and to the East. Always into the East…

Author's note:

I know, I know, it's just the cinematic described right now... But this cinematic is amazing! And it's honestly a good introduction to the story I have in mind. Forgive me for any spelling/grammar errors, English is not my native tongue (and if you happen to be French - or to speak French -, know that I have another - finished - fanfiction about Diablo posted here). In any case, I'll post the first chapter today as well (because just a short prologue like this - which is just a description of one of the game's cinematics - clearly isn't enough in my mind).