The Journey Into Us

Pairing: Hiccup X Toothless
M for Mature

Disclaimer: I do not own anything HTTYD-related.

Chapter 1

=Trayden's POV=
(Friday, 12/2/2022; 11:45 pm)
(Barbarchi City, Archian Palace)

I was resting in the king-sized bed of mine and my husband's hotel room, our honeymoon suite for the next two weeks, being held securely after we'd just finished making love to one another. "We should get some sleep, handsome," My husband, Hunter Forger, suggested. "Wouldn't want to waste the rest of the honeymoon by being too tired to get up tomorrow,"

"But today and tonight have been so perfect. I don't want it to end yet," I argued jokingly.

"Tonight may end, but we have the rest of our lives to enjoy more perfect moments like this," Hunter reminded, sneaking a kiss to my lips as I returned it. "I promise that tonight ending will not change what happened, Tray," He smiled. "When you wake up tomorrow morning, I will still be here and we'll still be together."

"Okay," I nodded to him and snuggled up more. "Let's get some sleep. I love you, Hunter,"

Hunter smiled and kissed me. "I love you too, Trayden," I repositioned to be comfortable as he held me in his arms. I laid awake, listening to the sounds of my husband's breathing until I heard the light snores and knew he was fast asleep. I was tired, but not totally ready to knock out yet. As I waited for sleep to take me away, I couldn't help but think of how everything started for Hunter and I. It was three years ago that I met Hunter after finding his wallet at the park and returning it to him. I smiled and began drifting off into slumber as the memories took me back to the beginning of how I ended up where I am right now, happily taken, and married to the love of my life.

. . .

=Trayden's POV=
(Tuesday, 12/2/2019; 4:30 pm)
(Barbarchi City, Archia Park)

I really had needed this break from everything today. I'm glad I chose to call out of work sick, and take a day to myself. It had been a bit crazy lately with me having worked the last two and a half weeks without a day off, my parents and siblings wanting to have a family dinner, then, of course, my friends also wanting to hang out sometime before the holiday. I worked as a bartender or server, it depends on the night. I got an hourly wage, plus tips. I used to only work a few days a week, and usually not later than 9 or 10 pm. That was until June this year and it became that I work five days a week, but sometimes six from 4 pm to in between midnight and 2 am. I spend my off days cleaning my one-bedroom apartment, laundry, and going shopping for food. Today, I really just needed the break because I was so overworked I began to feel sick. These past almost three weeks involved me working twelve-fourteen hour days/nights. I guess we're down a lot of workers right now, so my boss has needed the rest of us to step up and I've been being asked the most since others have second jobs or families to care for.

My boss did whole-heartedly apologize to me for having me work so much, told me to take today to rest, and would also ensure I had the weekend off. So, I was excited about that because it meant I could see my family, and friends on days where it'd usually impossible. The problem was finding time to see everyone since we all had jobs. My parents had a very time-consuming job as dad was mayor of Barbarchi City, and my mom was his secretary. My siblings were spread out in different spots, some had jobs or were still in school. My friends all had different jobs, but usually had weekends off, and those were actually days I rarely got off nowadays. Today had been nice. I slept in until 10 am, made a late breakfast, and cleaned up my apartment. I went out to get shopping done, grabbed lunch on the way home. I put the groceries away, ate, and decided to take a nap from 1:30 to 3:30 pm.

I didn't really want to waste my whole day at home, so I headed out to walk the streets and ended up at the park. It wasn't dreadfully cold for December, but I was still bundled up while walking the park paths. I should probably get home and figure out what to make for dinner, maybe text my parents and friends about having this weekend off to make plans. Yeah, that sounded like a good idea. I grabbed my phone and went to pull up the messages with my mom, I knew she'd likely answer over my dad. As I was about to start typing, someone jogged by and knocked my shoulder as my phone flew out of my hands and slid under a bush. The person didn't even stop, so I just rolled my eyes and shook my head before getting down to get my phone. I reached in and felt around, my hand landing on something hard and pulling it out to find a wallet. It was black, leather, and had a Night Fury symbol on both sides.

It definitely wasn't mine, but it had to belong to someone who must have dropped it and didn't realize it had. I checked the bush again, this time, finding my phone and finding that it wasn't damaged. I moved over to the nearest bench and checked over the wallet to find identification. If it was close by, I could probably take it to the person myself. I found the license right in front and saw it was a young male with auburn hair and green eyes, looking to be about my age. I was almost twenty-four, would be on February 29th. Well, 28th if it's not a leap year. I had short black hair, tanned skin, and green eyes. I stood about six feet, maybe five-nine. My name is Trayden Raseri. I had my mom, dad, several younger brothers, and one little sister. My life was pretty great. I checked other information on the license.

Hunter Forger. 1 Chieftain Avenue. Barbarchi City, Barbaric Archipelago. 100. That wasn't too far away, I could head home and get my car to take to the man. I'm sure he would appreciate it back. The guy had his social security number, insurance cards, and even cash in here; he had to be freaking out not knowing where his wallet was. Yes, I'd return it to him. Hopefully, this Hunter guy was home.

. . .

(4:45 pm)
(Chieftain Avenue)

I quickly got home to get my car, then headed to the residence of this man. It wasn't far at all, maybe fifteen minutes with all the traffic. Without, likely eight to ten minutes. This guys' house looked incredible, but I was only in the driveway. I turned off the car and headed for the door, ringing the bell once. I gave it a few moments, but there was no answer, so I tried again. It didn't appear the man was home, so I guess I should turn it into the police? I didn't want to just leave it in the open with a note that says I found it. I guess I'd take it to the station on my way home, or I could just wait until tomorrow and try earlier in the day? I shrugged, I could decide on the drive back to my apartment. I moved to get to my car.

"Are you looking for Hunter?" A voice asked. I turned around to find a woman grabbing her mail out of the box.

"Uh, yeah. I sort of found his wallet at the park and wanted to return it to him," I admitted.

"Oh, you're a sweet boy for doing that," The woman smiled brightly. "Hunter has likely already gone to work for the night, so if you'd like to try finding him at his job…He works at Wild Fantasies," She offered.

"Wild Fantasies?" I asked, not sure if I'd heard of it or not.

"It's a strip joint and bar in the casino but has a private entrance so people don't have to actually go through the casino if they're just trying to enjoy the show. Male and female dancers," The woman informed.

"Oh, alright. Yeah, I'll try there. Thanks!" I waved as she nodded and I started up my car to get to this place.

. . .

(5:15 pm)
(Dreki Casino; Wild Fantasies)

It took a bit to arrive and find a parking place at the entrance to Wild Fantasies. It didn't appear to be busy, yet. But I knew it likely got crazy later on if it's a strip joint and bar. I made my way to the entrance, already seeing two bouncers outside and preparing for the night evidently. Maybe it wasn't open yet?

"Can I help you?" The man asked.

"I'm…Looking for Hunter Forger? I'm just trying to return his wallet to him, and his neighbor said he'd likely be here…" I informed, figuring honesty was the best policy.

"Go on inside," The second male said as I nodded and headed in. I couldn't help but look around, this place was huge. Big stage, tables, chairs around, two bars, but maybe it was three. I didn't see many people around, except for workers, so it was my guess this place wasn't entirely open yet.

"Hey, we're not open to the public yet, buddy," A female remarked.

"I-I know, but I'm not here for all this," I motioned around. "I'm just trying to give this back to its owner," I explained.

"Oh, might want to talk to Gregory over there," The female pointed to a larger, older male. I nodded my head in thanks and strolled over.

"Um, excuse me?" I got the man's attention. "Do you know where I can find Hunter Forger?" I asked.

"Who's askin'?" The man inquired.

"U-Uh…Just a stranger trying to return his wallet that I found in the park. I went to his house, and the neighbor said he might be here…" I told him. I was getting tired of explaining the same thing.

"Oh, alright then. Hold on," The man, Gregory smiled. "HUNTER!" He called. Seconds later, I saw the man appear from a door on the right near the bar Greg was behind. I couldn't believe how incredibly good-looking he was in person. I was gay, so being attracted to a male wasn't anything new for me. I snapped myself out of the daze, I was only here to return the wallet.

"What, Uncle Greg?" Hunter asked. "I do have a show to put on and only forty-five minutes to finish getting ready for,"

"Someone here to see you," Greg motioned to me now as Hunter gave me a once-over look before flashing a smile.

"Should have led with it being a cute guy here to see me," Hunter chuckled as I hoped to Odin I wasn't blushing. I was a complete stranger to Hunter and he was calling me cute? "I'm afraid I don't recognize you, though,"

"You, uh, probably wouldn't. We've…Never met," I said softly. "I'm Trayden," I offered my hand to him.

"Oh? Then why were you asking for me?" Hunter blinked. "And I'm Hunter," He introduced, shaking my hand afterward.

I grabbed his wallet from my jacket pocket and held it out to him. "This is yours," I replied as Hunter took the wallet and flipped through it.

"Oh, my Gods! I've been looking for it all day since like 11 am when I realized it was gone! I wasn't sure what happened and was going to make a bunch of calls tomorrow to start replacing stuff. Thank you…" Hunter exclaimed.

"You're welcome," I smiled, it made me happy to know I have apparently gone out of my way to return it to him.

"Where did you find it?" Hunter questioned.

"It was at the park, under a bush. I found it while looking for my phone, which a jogger had run by and knocked into me, so I dropped it. As I was feeling for the phone, I grabbed the wallet first, then my phone," I explained. "I only looked inside to find an address, I went to your house first and then your neighbor said you would likely be here," I added.

"Of course…It must have fallen out of my pocket when I went running this morning around 8 am…" Hunter sighed, disappointed in himself. However, he shook it off and smiled again. "Thank you, again. How can I repay you?" He asked.

"Oh, no, no. I don't need any payment. I just wanted to get it back to you," I stated.

"Come on…You went out of your way to make sure this got into my hands personally. You could have turned it in to police, left it in the mailbox, or with my neighbor, but you made sure it got to me. I have to do something in return," Hunter insisted. "Ah, I got it. Let me take you out, for lunch or dinner? Maybe a couple of drinks? Please? I insist on doing this as a thank you for returning my wallet to me,"

I figured Hunter wasn't going to take no for an answer, so I might as well agree. Besides, what would it hurt? I was gay and single. I'm sure it wouldn't be awkward for a complete stranger to take me out as thanks for getting him his wallet. "Okay…" I nodded.

"Great. Uh, you free anytime this week?" Hunter inquired.

"I work Wednesday and Thursday but have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. My family intends to kidnap me Friday afternoon and night, then again on Sunday morning for brunch, and my friends on Saturday all day," I informed calmly.

"You opposed to a Sunday dinner?" Hunter wondered.

"No, that should be okay. I had planned to use Sunday as a rest day before another long work week," I answered.

"Believe me, I know the feeling," Hunter laughed a bit. "Wanna meet at Arc Burger for 5:00 pm?"

"Sure, that sounds okay," I nodded.

"Didn't you have a show to get finished?" Gregory calmly reminded his nephew.

"You worry about your bar, and I'll handle the show," Hunter muttered. "See you Sunday?"

"Sunday it is," I replied to him. "Have a good night!" I waved before turning to head out of the establishment. I got to my car and relaxed a few moments. Okay, so I now apparently had a thank-you dinner date with a really hot guy on Sunday. I wondered what he did here at Wild Fantasies, it seemed like he was in charge of the dancers as Gregory mentioned the show Hunter needed to finish getting ready for tonight. Maybe Hunter handled costumes, music, time slots, and other things. Like a stage manager. I guess it could be a conversation topic for dinner. I started up my car and headed for home to make dinner for myself and relax for the rest of the night.

. . .

=Normal POV=
(Saturday, 12/7/2019; 2:30 pm)
(Trayden's Apartment)

Trayden worked his two days, enjoyed Friday afternoon and night with his family, and now he'd spent basically all day with his friends. The group met up in the park for a lunch picnic, then just talked to catch up as Trayden apologized countless times for not being around much because of work. The friends laughed it off and said not to worry because they understood and were glad to hangout today. Now, they were all at Trayden's just to escape a storm that came out of nowhere and Trayden's had been the closest and no one wanted their hangout to end so soon.

"This weather sucks," One of the girls complained, she had long blonde hair in three braids with blue eyes.

"It's not supposed to last, Rylee," Another friend informed, this one had short blonde hair, short, and green eyes.

"Fisher is right," Claimed a female with blue eyes and blond hair, braided in one, and hanging over her left shoulder.

"Yeah. Good point, Alyssa. Weather app says only until about 5 pm or so," Remarked a female with dark brown, almost black hair that was braided and hanging over her left shoulder as well, and green eyes.

"Well, until it stops, as my twin sister said, Hailey,…It sucks," Stated a male with blue eyes and long blond hair that was in dreads. He was the twin of the girl with three blond braids.

"Tyler, it's just rain…But we should figure out what we're going to do tonight while we've got the time to sit around," Insisted a male with short brown hair and blue eyes.

"I agree with Shane," Nodded a slightly older male who had long brown hair tied back in a ponytail and amber-brown eyes.

"Ethan has a point unless we're just kicking it here and ordering pizza or something?" Trayden shrugged.

"We need to get you out of your shell," Shane snickered.

"Excuse me?" Trayden remarked, blinking at the suggestion.

"Dude, you've been out as gay for almost a year now and you haven't put yourself out there at all!" Tyler reminded. Trayden shot him an unamused glare, then rolled his eyes. Trayden was gay, and told his friends, but hadn't made any moves to try and date other guys since coming out around the time of his twenty-third birthday. The last relationship ended pretty badly when Trayden couldn't get it up with his girlfriend to have sex with her. It had been a reoccurring problem over the years since Trayden was about seventeen. Even before then, Trayden struggled with his sexuality a bit.

"Ignore him…" Hailey sighed.

"We just want you to be happy and since you're into guys, maybe you should get out there and date them. Never know what could happen…" Alyssa offered.

"We know the last relationship ended badly, but that was over a year ago…" Fisher said calmly.

"If I had any clue how to be with guys outside of being attracted to them, I'd be dating them…" Trayden mumbled a bit. "There's so much that goes into it…It's overwhelming and makes me nervous,"

"All the more reason to get you out of that shell, Tray," Ethan smiled. "I'm bisexual, I've been with guys before. I know the hesitation, but you're never gonna get past it until you just do it. That's what I did. Just put me out there and got it over with, much easier after that,"

"So you're suggesting I just go out and get laid?" Trayden gave a bored look.

"Basically," Ethan chuckled. "Better to do it with a stranger, learn, not fuck up with someone you actually end up liking, and have no idea what you're doing," He added.

"Know what, I think I know what we can do tonight!" Shane snapped his fingers with a grin. "We should take him to the casino, they got a bunch of places in there where he could be around other gay guys," He informed.

"That's a good point," Rylee nodded. "You don't have to sleep with anyone, but it could help to be around others like you. Loosen up, relax. I mean, there's bound to be other people there who are new to it, hesitant, just like you,"

"She's right," Alyssa shrugged in agreement.

"But it's up to you, Tray…We don't want to push you before you're ready," Hailey added as Fisher also nodded to what Hailey said.

"Fine…We'll go. But I ain't sleeping with anyone tonight, don't think I'm ready for that yet…" Trayden sighed, giving in. Maybe it would help him come out a bit more, but in all honesty, he was more anxious to get this night done with so he could see Hunter again. "We'll go later, maybe find a place to eat while we're there," With everyone seemingly in agreement on things, they just sat around to relax and wait for the rain to stop then head off to their nightly activity. Trayden knew his friends just wanted to help him, which is why he agreed, but he was likely still going to be very shy and hesitant. There was nothing left to do except chat and wait for hours to pass.

*Author's Note: Here we go, folks! Another story for ya, a Toothless and Hiccup pairing. Just so it's said right away as to why the opening of the story is set in 2022, then jumps back to 2019…It's because Trayden fell asleep remembering where everything started three years prior to the opening where he's married to Hunter and they are going to sleep after enjoying their wedding night. So basically, Trayden's dream is how everything led up to the opening of the story. His dream is the story itself. I felt like I should explain it just so no one gets all in a tizzy about why the dates are wrong, or why it opened with wedding and suddenly jumps to dating. That being said, hope everyone enjoys the story! -Nightstar.*