The Journey Into Us

Pairing: Hiccup X Toothless
M for Mature

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Chapter 51

=Trayden's POV=
(Sunday, 3/7/2020; 12:10 pm)
(Barbarchi City, Archipelago)
(Wild Fantasies)

I have to admit that even I wasn't sure what Hunter was doing now. Hunter confessed that he couldn't forgive the actions of his parents ten years ago, agreeing to that fact when his parents mentioned that what they had done was unforgiveable. However, Hunter suddenly stated that he was going to give his folks one chance to prove they wanted to be in his life and if they screwed it up, he would continue his without them as he had been all these years. I wasn't sure what Hunter meant, but I felt like I wasn't the only one, so hopefully, he'd explain what was going on in his mind.

"You are giving us a chance to show you we want to be in your life?" Vivian inquired, breaking the momentary silence.

Hunter nodded. "That's right." He said. "I can't believe that you have wanted to be part of it the past decade because you made no effort to come see or talk to me when you had so many ways to either stop me from walking out the door, or reaching out after I started living with Greg," He added. "You want to be in my life, then show me you want to be part of it. You certainly didn't before, so if you genuinely want to prove to me you're sorry for the last ten years of ignoring my existence because I'm gay, then you can show me that you did want me in your lives then by showing me now."

"Alright…What must we do?" Salvatore replied calmly, as Vivian nodded in agreement and curiosity.

"I'm not going to tell you what to do. You have to show me it's what you wanted and still want," Hunter remarked. "I personally don't even believe you deserve this chance, but I'm also not doing it for you two,"

"Then who are you doing it for?" Vivian wondered.

"My twin siblings. As I mentioned, they didn't wrong me and they are family. I'm not going to reject them just because I hate that you threw me out and never contacted me or came around in the last ten years until now, to introduce me to Nathan and Hollie and now using it to get me to forgive you." Hunter stated. "And I stand firm on that. I will not forgive you, ever, for what you did to me ten years ago. You have the chance to be in my life now, fresh start, but you have to prove you want that. If you suddenly go dark again…All bets are off. I don't keep people in my life who don't want to be there." He said in a stern tone.

"We understand," Vivian and Salvatore replied.

"We shall see if you truly do or not. I don't want you answering that you understand and accept things as they are until you know about my life first," Hunter said, pulling out a chair and sitting down, motioning to the two across from him for his parents to also take a seat. Nervously, the two parents did so and looked at him.

"We're all ears, Hunter," Salvatore informed calmly.

"First off, you need to know that I don't go by Hunter Haddock anymore." Hunter started. "When Gregory adopted me, I had the option to change my name and I use Hunter Forger," He explained. "Secondly. I am gay, and have been since I was about nine of ten. Obviously, I never told you at that age due to a situation I saw happen in elementary school where this boy's parents forced him into therapy to correct him being gay. It…Obviously never worked, I know that kid still and he is still gay as fuck, not on speaking terms with his own parents as he moved out at eighteen, came to the city, never looked back." Hunter continued. "Next, I do auto on the side, but it is not my main job. I work right in this building as show manager and a male stripper."

That one made Salvatore and Vivian's eyes widen in surprise. "You mean that you-," Vivian started.

Hunter nodded. "Yes. I run music, lights, and other show things. And yes, I get on that stage, dance, sometimes sing, and take my clothes off for strangers. I tease the customers with hard to get, I grind against my coworkers…Everything you know about strippers, male or female, I do. Except drugs, or private parties at residences, and having sex with customers. I don't do those things. I will not deny that I've had sex with my friends who are in this room. I will not deny I've had boyfriends since I was seventeen, started having sex at eighteen. I only sleep with my friends if they are willing and I'm single. If I'm with someone, my full loyalty is to that person." Hunter explained.

"I suppose that's not so bad. When you first said you slept with friends, I was going to ask if you were a man-whore…Sorry, I don't have another word for it." Salvatore shrugged.

"He has the ability to be one and he'd make a killing financially if he did," Jason grinned.

"But I am NOT one. No, I don't sleep around with anyone. Only friends, when single or partner in a relationship, and it's always protected." Hunter clarified. "On that note, as you may have noticed, I'm extremely open, honest, and forward about my sexuality and everything else about me. Ask anyone," He added. The parents nodded, understanding. "Other things I feel you should know are that I do not live with Gregory, I have my own place. I saved up so much money, I got a cheap, fixer-upper three bedroom house from auction when I was nineteen or so. I fixed it up with friends, salvaged a lot of the furniture, and I live there alone. Gregory has a room there too, and most of the time, my friends are over for work routines practice or parties." Hunter told them. "I have a vehicle, a truck. Bought that myself too."

"You've done very well for yourself," Vivian complimented.

"Thanks, I think." Hunter said. "But the rest of what you have to accept is that I do live here and I can't always just be available to hang out or talk. I'll do my best, but that's all I can give you. If you can accept all this, then you can have the chance to show me you want to be in my life. I'll give you my number, tell you where I live…But you still have to earn your place in my life, while understanding that Gregory is my adoptive father. I'm not casting him aside as a parental figure when that's what he's been to me." He remarked.

"We can accept everything, Hunter. We just want to be part of your life again, and have you be part of ours and your twin siblings," Salvatore informed as Vivian nodded.

"Then show me that's what you want," Hunter stated, holding out his hand to shake theirs, as if sealing a deal. "We're not at hugs yet, so this is what you get for now," He explained when they wondered why he was offering his hand. Salvatore and Vivian figured out on their own, or so I assumed, that they had to play this by Hunter's rules. I watched as Salvatore and Vivian smiled and nodded, shaking Hunter's hand. I really hoped things worked out after this, I knew Hunter wanted to be in his siblings' lives, but that meant being in contact with his parents, so it was best to essentially, put the past behind them and move forward. That's what I felt Hunter was going for in the won't forgive the past, but I'm willing to move on from it.

"We will show you everything we should have before, Hunter," Vivian smiled.

"Great. Now, perhaps we can get introductions out of the way," Hunter suggested, motioning for Gregory to bring out his brother and sister. Soon, Gregory walked towards the group with the twin Haddock children. Nathan and Hollie went right to their parents and stood before them as Hunter gave a smile. "I'll start as I have more people," He offered and began introducing everyone, even though his parents knew the people who once lived in Berk and went to the school he had. The only new ones were Hailey and Ethan. Next, Hunter went through the people he met since moving to the city and started working at Wild Fantasies. "And here is Blake Solberg, who is this man's unofficially adopted older brother," Hunter paused, linking his arm to mind's when using the words this man's. "Lastly…Is This handsome hunk," I tried not to blush. "This is my boyfriend, Trayden,"

"Ah, yes. The man with all the directions," Salvatore chuckled.

"You must have lived here all your life," Vivian commented gently.

"I'm afraid not," I laughed some as Hunter interlocked his fingers with mine. "I was actually born on Eyja Nott," I informed. "Senior year, I moved to Berk to go to school and take care of my ill grandmother. I was attending school with this group here, met Hailey and Ethan. Around twenty years old, I moved here to the city to be closer to work and just a few months ago, met Hunter and his group," I admitted. There was no point in lying. If Hunter's parents were going to be in his life while we were dating, it was best to just use the moment to say all that. "I know the city so well from travels with my father, he's kind'a of a big deal,"

"Who is your father, dear?" Vivian asked.

"Tray's dad is the mayor of Archia Isle," Blake laughed. Salvatore and Vivian blinked.

"They're telling the truth," Gregory nodded to confirm. "Trayden is Trayden Raseri, eldest son to Dustin and Rachel Raseri,"

"Pleasure to meet you, Trayden. Your father does excellent work as mayor," Salvatore complimented.

"Next time I see him, I'll pass that message along with the one you said yesterday about how they raised me," I replied.

"Yes, please tell them!" Vivian beamed. "I suppose this now makes it our turn…" She added as Salvatore nodded.

"I am Salvatore Haddock, this is my wife Vivian. Hunter is our firstborn child, and the newest additions are Hollie and Nathan Haddock," Salvatore introduced. Hunter released me and knelt down to get closer to the seven-year-old twins.

"Hi there," Hunter greeted. "I'm your big brother," He continued. "You can call me whatever you'd like to," He smiled.

"I'm Hollie, born ten minutes before Nathan," Hollie replied first.

"I'm Nathan," Nathan gave a shy wave.

"It's great to meet you, I'm happy to have a brother and sister. I always wanted siblings, being an only child can be lonely," Hunter chuckled.

"Will we be able to see you a lot, Hunter?" Nathan asked.

"I'm going to do my best, but I do live here in the city and have a house of my own. I have a job to work too," Hunter answered. "But I'm gonna give our…Mom and dad my number, email, skype, and all the other ways to reach me so we can keep in contact the times you're not here in the city, or me visiting in Berk. Sound okay?" The twins nodded their heads happily. "You got a piece of paper, Greg?" Hunter asked. Greg nodded and went to get something from his office. The man returned with what appeared to be a blank contact card. I watched Hunter get up and sit back at the table to start filling it out with his information. After a few moments, Hunter handed it to his mother, knowing she'd store it in her purse until they got back to Berk and then it would be copied into phones and emails.

"You may not have to worry about visiting Berk, Hunter. I'm being stationed here in the city, and then possibly another deployment." Salvatore informed. "The move will be in a two or three months, but the deployment hasn't been talked about other than possibly before the end of the year,"

"Well, deployment news sucks, but I'll lend a hand when you move if you want," Hunter stated.

"Thank you, Hunter. We appreciate it, but you know the military will handle most of the moving. Maybe you could watch the kids. They would get so bored," Vivian suggested.

"As long as it's not gonna run into my work schedule, that's fine with me," Hunter nodded. "I'm surprised you're still in the military, Dad. Thought you said you'd quit by fifty?" He wondered.

"Ah, well…Raising kids is not cheap and with twins, it's double everything. Yer mom retired early to take care of the twins, so I stayed in the military longer," Salvatore informed.

"That makes sense," Hunter replied. "Alright, well…I think since we're all together and it's lunch time…How about we order some pizza? Eat here. That okay with you Uncle Greg?"

"Whatever you wanna do, kiddo," Gregory smiled.

"I'm actually meeting my parents for lunch at the diner down the street," Alyssa chuckled.

"We're going to Berk for a lunch with out parents," Rylee and Tyler stated together.

"I've gotta get to work, I have to be there for 12:30 pm until 6:30. I'm being nice and covering someone," Fisher smiled.

"My brother and I have to handle something with family," Olivia informed as Oliver nodded.

"I think we all have a little something planned for lunch hour, Hunter, but wanted to make sure we were here for you in all this in case it went bad," Blake offered gently.

"I appreciate it, guys. Really. We'll all get together again for another luncheon or something," Hunter smiled softly. After some goodbyes, all that remained were Gregory, Hunter, the Haddock's and myself. "You all up for lunch, we could go to my house?" He offered.

"That sounds lovely," Vivian beamed.

"I've got a few things to wrap up here, but I'll come after," Gregory said.

"Okay," Hunter replied. "How about you, handsome?"

"Do I ever turn your down unless I'm tired or sick?" I joked.

"Good point," Hunter chuckled some. "Well, awesome. Then everyone grab your cars and let's go to my place. I'll order pizza on the way," He added. Without much more time wasted, everyone exited the building and got to their vehicles, and then were heading down the road to get to Hunter's. I was behind the Haddock's car, so they could follow Hunter and not get lost. I knew the way without a guide.

. . .

(7:30 pm)
(Hunter's House)

It was a nice meal that I got to have with Hunter, his parents, siblings, and Gregory. We did pizza and some fries on the side. After eating, Hunter gave his parents a touch of his home while I talked with Gregory about work stuff. I was Hunter's assistant, so I knew everything he did about the show. Gregory left around 4:30 pm to meet with some friends for dinner while I cooked something at Hunter's house, his special meal, as he was talking with his family members about whatever. Mainly the last ten years and everyone getting reacquainted. Hunter, again praised my cooking, so did his parents. I made chicken tenders and some left over fries for Nathan and Hollie as they weren't big on alfredo sauce. Around 7 pm, Hunter showed his family out because it was getting late and would take an hour or a bit under to get back to Berk. Hunter and I cleaned up from dinner, and were finally relaxing on the couch and cuddled up with the fire going. There was background noise from the music playing and something on TV, but we weren't watching it.

"Thank you," Hunter said as I looked up at him slightly, I was laying on his shoulder, so I just tilted my head some. "For being with me today through that with my parents,"

"I'm your boyfriend. It's my job to support you no matter what," I replied.

"Still, it means a lot that you stood with me the whole time," Hunter said gently. "I didn't even ask you to do all that, but you did anyway,"

"Why would you think I wouldn't offer to be with you?" I inquired.

"Normally, a new relationship like ours wouldn't suggest that you stand with me while I scold my parents for something ten years ago," Hunter chuckled some.

"Would have stood with you dating or not. Stuff like that, to me, just has a hidden requirement that you're are there for the people you care about. Friendships or dating," I admitted.

"One of the many reasons I like you so much is how similar our thought processes are," Hunter smiled as he kissed my lips gently and I returned it.

"It's just the right thing to do in my eyes. I was raised to do for others what you would hope they did for you," I told him. "Always do the right thing, follow your heart," I shrugged.

"Remind me to thank your parents for raising such a gentleman," Hunter said as I blushed and nodded.

"If you're free, they wanted me to extend the invitation to do lunch with them next Saturday," I informed.

"I'm always free," Hunter reminded. "I'd love to join," He added.

"I'll let them know tomorrow," I reassured. My phone was charging on the counter anyway, I just wanted my time with Hunter tonight. "How's it feel to have your family back in your life?"

"Not sure. I love my siblings, but like I mentioned," Hunter paused.

"They never wronged you, so you won't take out your feelings about what your parents did on them," I repeated.

"I'm not sure how I feel about my parents being in my life again, though. I spent quite some time forgetting they weren't part of it that its different to understand they are suddenly," Hunter explained. "It's still only trial. As I said, they have to prove that this is what they want now and wanted then. I don't believe it for a second, sadly," He mumbled.

"What do you think it was all about then?" I wondered.

"Not sure. Just seemed strange to show up ten years later and decide they want to be in my life," Hunter confessed.

"I'm sure the truth, whatever it is, will reveal itself in time, baby. The truth always comes out," I reminded lightly.

"Very true," Hunter nodded. We both looked at the news, there was a report on about some virus that had overrun a major city in China. "This thing is getting bad. I've heard reports that there have been cases in other parts of China and in some countries too."

"Do you think it will end up here?" I questioned softly.

"Seems like there's a good chance it could end up in a lot of places. It's ridiculously contagious, and you've just seen they locked down all of Wuhan, China to try and contain it. Hospitals are over capacity, they built other hospitals in mere days for isolation purposes and helping those affected." Hunter remarked. "It's reached other countries through traveling, it's possible there could be people coming here who have it and aren't showing symptoms. The best thing we can do is keep up to date and mind our health." He added. I nodded, agreeing. Eventually, we changed the channel because it honestly scared me a bit. Hunter was right, we just had to be careful and listen to officials.

We decided to watch a movie with dimmed lights and of course, it usually turned into making out and possibly more. I wasn't sure where the rest of tonight was going, but I was glad that things were okay and I was getting to spend time with Hunter. Everything in my life was completely perfect right now.