SWAT Kats: Deutschhund

Chapter 1: Das Blaue Haus

Is it a challenge to be a canine in MegaKat City? Well yes, and no. It is a balanced existence. While yes, we canines are bigger than kats, depending on the breed. I came to MegaKat City from my homeland a few years ago as a college exchange student. Now? Now I gave all that call this metropolis home a taste of my homeland. I am Paula Müller.

I am a Weimaraner, a silver grey Weimaraner. Yes, I know what my tail looks like. Please do not remind me. I will say I some pride in my appearance. My German accent is as thick in my English as it is in my curves. I am 208cm tall, and 1/4 of a ton. Do not worry yourself about my overall health or my weight, it is all a balance of muscle and curves.

I am the owner and head chef of 'Das Blaue Haus'. It is the only German restaurant in the entire city. Do you need your fix of the finest German sausages, beer and cuisine? Then my place is the place to go. The name comes from my nana's house in Monschau where she taught me everything she knew after my mother passed away. I carry a legacy

My nana passed just after I graduated from college. I am very happy to know that she was alive to see me get this far in my life. I keep the atmosphere in my restaurant cozy. There are five tables, and a bar. I'm not alone in this place I call home. My friend from college came along to be the one waitress here. A black Standard Poodle, Angelina Wulf.

Yes, she does sport an Afro and pompom tail. She loves 70s and 80s music. She is 183cm tall and 91kg of 'Dancing Queen'. She can roll those hips while carrying two platters of Schlachteplatte with sauerkraut, pickled red cabbage, and mashed potatoes. She is so playful, and very smart. I see in her eyes that she wants to work here. She loves her job.

"When will I see you again?" Angelina sang to herself

"When will we share precious moments?" I sang back

"You know that song?" she asked, I nodded with a grin

"Top of the charts, 1974," I replied, I am not that old,

"Songs like that never die," said Angelina or 'Angie' as most of the regulars call her. I hummed to myself another tune for the occasion. Angie's eyes softened to a warm look with an equally warm grin. At this eatery, you can get items like jagerkohl, hasenpfeffer, hirnsuppe, spargelsuppe, and our city famous marble cake with a nice cup of hot coffee

"Oh there are times I wish I could be as big as you, Paula," said Angelina hugging me from behind, I do not mind her. I like all her playful gestures. Angelina is curvy enough as it is. A pup like me blows the term 'plus-size' out of proportion. A pup like Angie is a 'free spirit' always ready to try new things. Don't call her names as she has a mean left hook

"Although it's hard to tell where your waist is and where your hips begin, you are beautiful," Angelina said, mixing praise and playful teasing. I can tell by the tone of her words that she is not just kissing my tail, "come on, you have muscle in your arms and in these abs, but everywhere else is big smooth curves, last I checked you are a good dancer,"

"The last time I went to a club, my dance moves measured on the Richter Scale," I replied, this is why I do not wear the Dirndl at work, especially during Oktoberfest. It just doesn't look good on me. So at work I wear tight blue jeans, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt. Angelina was playing with my stubby tail, "stop it, or I'll do the same to your pompom,"

"You know I don't mind a little squeeze," Angelina purred, and I obliged with a playful, light squeeze like I would a lemon, "it does not matter how others look at you, it is how you look at yourself that counts," her paws stroked down my sides, mapping out my curves to my hips, "look at all this back here, big and smooth, it's something to be proud of"

She gave me a light playful tap, making a wiggle, "Oh..."

"See? You like that," said Angelina with a playful giggle, "I know I am big and curvy myself, but girls will kill for these," she said holding up my breasts from behind. I lightly blushed. I don't know if girls would kill for my melons on their chest. It will kill their backs for sure. I suppose I have my muscle to even things out. I am what I am and that's it.

I swatted her back to see Angelina has some jiggling. She chuckled, and went to help two customers. Lucky for us, they did not see what she was doing. Two toms came in, one named Jake and the other Chance, "Hmm...German Food, looks like something good to try," he looked at a translated menu, "Oh, brain soup? I wonder if it'll make me smarter?"

"I highly doubt that, but sure, you do you," said Jake, earning a nudge, these toms have a relationship like brothers. I chuckled with paw in front of my muzzle, and he took notice, "hey don't laugh at me...aye-yah whoa," he paused as I walked to them. I have a sway in my hips just right for my size as I went to take their orders, "wow...you're big"

"Danke," I said, and pulled out my paper-pad to take their orders while Angelina gave the complementary breadrolls and salted butter. We do offer vegetarian options. We have the kartoffelsuppe and linsensuppe where I can substitute sausage for potatoes. Trust me, coming to Das Blaue Haus will kill any diet you are on, but you will have a great time.