The sequel to 'Truth or Dare Marauder Style!' You don't have to read that first, but you might want to. If you don't, read the backstory.

DISCLAIMER: Damien is Lucius's twin brother, Daniel is Daniel Parkinson. I own them both, and that's it.


Six Weeks: Gryffindor Marauders Versus Slytherin Slimeballs

By Silver Wolf

BACKSTORY: James, Sirius, Remus, Peter and Lily were locked in the Transfiguration classroom with Lucius, Severus, Damien, Daniel and Narcissa. They played truth or dare, found out about Severus's hair-washing habits, and Lily named her and James's first-born boy, with no help from anyone.

McGonagall came to let them out, and told them that Dumbledore had decided to have an inter-house exchange program involving the sixth year Gryffindors and Slytherins.

Harry will be narrating this fic, because Dumbledore will probably be making a few appearances, and therefore could not do it.

That said, enjoy........

Chapter One

HARRY: After a lot of yelling, screaming, attempted murder, and the destruction of one entire classroom, McGonagall managed to get all ten students into the Gryffindor Common Room. They stood there in complete silence, until it was broken by first year Bill Weasley.

BILL: Um, James? Why is there a bunch of Slytherins in our Common Room?

JAMES: Because Dumbledore lost his marbles.

REMUS: Are we sure he had them to begin with?

SIRIUS: Not really.

LILY: I have an idea. Why don't you boys go up to the dorms?

PETER: *gulps* Uh, I don't think that's a very good idea.

LILY: *narrows eyes* You don't really get a choice, Peter. Narcissa, coming?

NARCISSA: Sure thing Lily.

HARRY: So the two girls went up to their room, leaving Sirius, James, Remus, and Peter alone with Lucius, Severus, Damien and Daniel. This is a very bad thing.

LUCIUS: You know, Evans has a point. We don't even know where the dorm is.

SEVERUS: Why don't you show us?

REMUS: *nods* All righty then! Off we trot then, people! And Malfoys!

LUCIUS & DAMIEN: Pain, Remus, lots of pain.

REMUS: And lots of feathers too!

SIRIUS: Moony, let's just take the Slimeballs up to the dorms. Then you and I can go stick some feathers to some first year Hufflepuffs. Okay?

REMUS: *excited, eyes wide, bouncing up and down* Ooooh, really Padfoot? And Wormy and Prongsie too?

JAMES: Hey! Enough with the 'Prongsie' already!

REMUS: *pouts* Meanie.

DANIEL: Oh help. Lupin's regressing.

PETER: Ahem. Shall we go?

HARRY: So off to the dorms they went! The Slytherins quickly found their beds, and the Marauders each dropped onto their own.

SEVERUS: So what now?

LUCIUS: I don't know. We aren't in the Slytherin dorms, we're stuck with the Gryffindors. What IS there to do around here???

REMUS: Paaaadfooot.........................

SIRIUS: Yeah Moony?

REMUS: I don't want to featherise the Hufflepuff firsties anymore. Can we - Wait a sec! I have an idea! Marauders, to the drawing board!

HARRY: With that section from the Marauder codebook, the other three raced over to Remus's bed, where he pulled out a small blackboard, chalk, and an eraser. James pulled the curtains around the bed, excluding the Slytherins.

LUCIUS: Well. That was weird.

SEVERUS: Three. Weeks. Of. That. I can't take it.

DAMIEN: *groans* Six, Sev. Three here, and three back in our dorms.

SEVERUS, DANIEL & LUCIUS: We're doomed!!!

HARRY: In the girls' dorm, things were going very different.

NARCISSA: So you get this room all to yourself usually?

LILY: Yep. Last year I had to share with a seventh year, but she graduated.

NARCISSA: That is so cool. I have to share with a fifth year. The only time I had the room to myself was in first year.

LILY: That's too bad. Say, what do you think the boys are up to?

NARCISSA: Knowing them, no good. Probably hexing each other. If they don't come down for dinner, then we can check to see if they're dead.

LILY: Good plan.

HARRY: Narcissa and Lily were getting along well, and the Slytherin boys were lying on their beds, silently contemplating their immanent doom. The Marauders were plotting.

REMUS: *scribbling frantically on the 'drawing board'*

JAMES: Moony? You called?

REMUS: *still scribbling, ignores James*

PETER: Earth to Moony, can you hear me Moony?

REMUS: *still scribbling, ignores Peter*

SIRIUS: Moony? Would you like a chocolate frog?

REMUS: *puts chalk down* Oh, yes please Padfoot!

SIRIUS: Here ya go!

REMUS: *swallows last of chocolate frog* Anyway, I just had a brilliant idea. Let's prank the Slytherins!

JAMES: Duh Moony, that's a given!

REMUS: *rolls eyes* Yes, but we've never had such easy access to their beds and belongings! We can..............*pulls out the board, which is covered in complicated diagrams that only Remus can understand* all sorts of things we can't normally do!

SIRIUS: *dreamily* Yeah, we can put something slimy in their beds..............

PETER: Like?

SIRIUS: *shrugs* I dunno.

JAMES: Like *starts whispering*

REMUS: *laughs evilly* Brilliant! And then we can *whispers*

SIRIUS: Wonderful! After that we can *whispers*

PETER: Oh yes! And then *whispers*

REMUS: Oh, that's priceless, Wormtail! Say, what about this; we *whispers*

JAMES & SIRIUS: A TUTU!!!!!!!!!!!!


REMUS: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!

HARRY: And outside..........

LUCIUS: I'm scared.

SEVERUS: I think they've lost their marbles too.



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