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Six Weeks: Gryffindor Marauders Versus Slytherin Slimeballs

By Silver Wolf

Chapter Two

HARRY: Lucius, Severus, Damien and Daniel were sitting on Lucius's bed in silence. They were currently existing under the hope that there was safety in numbers. There probably wasn't, but they weren't to know that.

The only clues they had as to what to expect from their new dorm mates was a single exclamation of the word 'tutu' and a lot of laughter (both evil and hysterical). Thus, they were terrified.

Remus, Sirius, James and Peter were still on Remus's bed plotting. Remus was eating chocolate, Sirius was eating Sugar Quills, Peter was eating Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, and James had somehow stolen a bag of Dumbledore's Lemon Drops. Occasionally they'd share something. And so, they were four teenage boys on a sugar high.

Lily and Narcissa were waiting in the Common Room for the boys to arrive for dinner.

LILY: You don't think they've killed each other, do you?

NARCISSA: Nah. The Marauders probably just pranked the Slytherin boys.

LILY: Knowing them, it's certainly viable.

HARRY: It was about then that there was a scream from the sixth year boys' dorms. Lily and Narcissa looked at one another, then bolted up the stairs.

LILY: (Thumps door) Guys? Are you all okay?

NARCISSA: Open up, you morons!

PETER: (Opens door, wiping tears of laughter from eyes) Come in and see.

LILY & NARCISSA: (Enters) Oh my!

LUCIUS: I can't go to dinner like this!

SEVERUS: It'll ruin our reputations!

REMUS: You'll go, or I'll be forced to make it permanent!

SIRIUS: Don't think he can't, either.

JAMES: And if he doesn't, I will!!!

PETER: So you'd better just get over it! It's not like your precious reputations were worth much anyway.

DAMIEN: *sigh* Already you use the past tense. I have a bad feeling about this.

DANIEL: So do I, so do I.

LILY: Boys! What did you do to the poor Slytherins?!?!

JAMES: Nothing Lils!

PETER: Really!

SIRIUS: Seriously!

REMUS: Honest Lils, we just............improved their outfits a bit. A lot.

JAMES: We made them much better!

SIRIUS: They are seriously better than they were before!

NARCISSA: If you say so.

LILY: *Glares* Change. Them. Back. Or else I hex your arses from here to Antarctica!

JAMES: Aw, c'mon Lils, you have to admit they look pretty funny.

LILY: Now, James.

PETER: Don't make us, Lily!

LILY: *Glares*

SIRIUS: Now now Miss Evans, I don't think we want to change them back.

LILY: *Growls*

REMUS: Lils..............

LILY: Yes, Remy?

REMUS: Please let us leave them? *Gives Lily 'puppy dog eyes' that only canines can pull off*

LILY: Oh all right.


LUCIUS: I hate my life.

HARRY: So Lily, Narcissa and the Marauders dragged the Slytherin boys to the Great Hall and over to the Gryffindor Table. The whole school stared, and not just because there were five Slytherins sitting at the Gryffindor Table.

Lucius, Severus, Damien and Daniel were not wearing their school robes anymore. No, they were each wearing a long ball gown, including elbow length gloves and (although you couldn't tell because of the dresses) high heels.

REMUS: Y'know, Sev, I really think that lime green suits you.

SEVERUS: *Gives Remus 'Glare of Death'* I hate you.

REMUS: *Cheerfully* I know!

LUCIUS: Why did I get stuck with PINK??? Why ME??? WHY???

SIRIUS: Because I thought it would go nicely with your hair.

LUCIUS: You are evil.

SIRIUS: Seriously evil.

DAMIEN: I don't like purple. Purple is a BAD colour. I hate purple.

JAMES: Would you have preferred pink like your dear twin? I can have that arranged.

DAMIEN: No no, purple is fine. Really!

JAMES: If you say so.

DANIEL: You gave me ORANGE, Pettigrew. ORANGE.

PETER: Yeah, I know. What of it?

DANIEL: Oh nothing. I'm just ALLERGIC TO ORANGES!!!

PETER: Sheesh, get over it!

LILY: I think they're getting on rather well, considering.

NARCISSA: I do believe you're right.

HARRY: And up at the staff table, the professors were assessing the inter house exchange program. At least, that's what they'd like people to think.

MCGONAGALL: This is a mistake.

FLITWICK: I know! I don't know WHAT Albus was thinking!

TRELAWNY: I foresee a great disaster.

MCGONAGALL: You know what, Sybill?


MCGONAGALL: I actually agree with you for once.

TRELAWNY: I foresaw this.

FLITWICK: (Somewhat condescendingly) I'm sure you did.

HARRY: And of course, Dumbledore was having a conversation with his Great Uncle Bob - who had been dead for seventy years. No, he wasn't a ghost - Dumbledore is just a complete loony.

DUMBLEDORE: Now really, Great Uncle Bob, how can you say that it's a bad idea to have an inter house exchange program? (Seems to be listening to something) Oh, well, it's too late now. If they kill each other it will just be too bad.


TOM: *stares* My god....Dumbledore really IS insane!!!

REMUS: *nods* He sure is.

SW: Always knew the old man had a few screws loose.

SYLVAN: All right people, we don't want to be here all day. Let's finish up and go.

SW: *sigh* Okay. Please review!