A Sailor Moon Fanfic

By Bill K.



Sailor Moon and all related characters are (c)2003 by Naoko Takeuchi/

Kodansha and Toei Animation, and are used without permission, but with

respect. Story is (c)2003 by Bill Kropfhauser.

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Finally, Haruka and Michiru are NOT cousins.


"So now what?"

Sailor Venus asked the question that was on everybody's lips,

because she had the courage to face the facts - - and the lack of tact

to be blunt in a delicate situation.

The year was 2015 AD. The Earth had just suffered through a

two-year invasion from another dimension. The invaders had frozen the

planet in a prison of ice. Even the eight sailor senshi and Tuxedo Mask

had fallen victim to the attack one by one until it looked hopeless for

the world. Only the miracle of the silver crystal and the determination

of one solitary woman who was once considered clumsy and a bit of a

crybaby turned the tide. She freed herself after a too long period of

"cold sleep", rescued her friends, destroyed the invaders and with the

aid of her husband and the belief of her friends melted the ice that

choked the planet. To do this she matured from Sailor Moon to Serenity.

The others looked around. The ravages of battle with the Frost

Giants culminating in two years of ice covering the land had effectively

killed most vegetation on the planet. Any animals that didn't survive

in "cold sleep" were gone. Whole species might be extinct. Tokyo was

in ruins, ruination it hadn't seen even in 1945. It could be rebuilt.

The vegetation would grow back. But would the populace starve first?

Sailor Mercury looked to Mars, who looked to Jupiter. Uranus put her

arm around Neptune, as much for reassurance as to protect her. Sailor

Pluto surveyed the destruction with an even sadder look than she usually

possessed. Luna glanced at Artemis with a worried expression and saw

the same doubt reflected in his eyes.

"We start over," they heard Usagi say.

The group looked to her and noticed it again. The regal bearing,

the sense of power and the calm, placid demeanor that by just the merest

hint suggested someone who was now beyond them - - truly she had become

Serenity now. It raised goose bumps on more than one of them.

"Can we?" Jupiter posed. "There's so much destruction and not a

lot in the way of food."

"And any surviving animals that have not already been slaughtered

for food soon will be," Mercury continued the thought, "and it will be

at least four to six months before any crops could be harvested,

assuming they were all planted today."

"Then I'll just have to nudge them," Usagi - - Serenity said. Her

demeanor was so eerily calm and placid that it seemed unearthly. She

clasped her hands before her breast and began to take on a silvery glow,

much the same as when she melted the ice.

"How much do you have left?" Mars interceded, alarmed. "We just

got through melting the ice and there was the final battle before that!"

"I'm well enough to do this," Serenity replied with maddening


"How well?" demanded Mars. "If you pour every last ounce of

energy you have into making the grass grow, what kind of a trade-off is

that? If you die, where are we then?"

"Where are we now?" Serenity replied.

"Mars is right," Mercury added. "Perhaps it would be prudent if

you rested first, rather than pushing yourself past your endurance."

Serenity bowed her head and smiled gently. "You're only concerned

about me, of course. I greatly appreciate it."

"Here comes the 'but'," growled Mars. Serenity grinned and for a

moment seemed like the Usagi of old.

"I hear the cries, Rei, and I can't turn my back on them," she

responded. "All the sick and injured here in Tokyo and all over the

planet, all the hungry babies and feeble old people, they can't wait for

me to take a nap. Every moment I delay may mean the difference between

someone living or dying." She locked eyes with Mercury. "Of all of us,

you understand that most of all, don't you? That my personal health

must come second to people who need more?"

Mercury scowled. "That's not fair, Usagi."

"I'll do penance later," she said gently.

"Usagi," Venus started to protest, then stopped when she realized

it would do no good. Mars fumed impotently while Jupiter looked on with


Then Serenity felt hands on her shoulders. She turned and found

her husband behind her.

"Endymion," she began to protest.

"I'm not trying to stop you," he said, gazing deeply into her big

blue eyes. "I just thought you wouldn't mind a little help.

Her mouth formed a wide, grateful smile and she nodded. Endymion

concentrated and began to take on a golden brilliance, much the way

Serenity shone silver. Then the energies merged and surrounded the

couple. They elevated up into the air, each one straight and


"Be careful!" Mars called up after them. "If you die, I'll never

forgive you!"

The couple rose to about three hundred meters into the air. The

gaze of all the senshi followed them. Neptune realized she was afraid

and didn't like the feeling. She clung more tightly to Uranus and could

sense the tension in her life mate's body.

A noise captured her ears and she glanced away. Off to her left

was a child of about four, a scarred, battered dark-haired little girl

in tattered clothing. She clung to a woman of about twenty-five or so,

a slight thing who hardly seemed bigger than the child, and cried in

absolute fear and desolation. The woman seemed in shock and hardly

acknowledged the girl. Further down the rubble-strewn street that had

once been the Tenth Street shopping district, Neptune could see other

people. Some were wandering around looking for something that wasn't

destroyed, others for loved ones missing. Still more were fighting over

scraps of food like packs of wild dogs. Neptune felt herself wanting to


"One wave," she thought. "One 'Deep Submerge' and I could wash

them all away - - end the suffering and the humiliation."

She felt Uranus tighten her grip around her waist and looked up at

her. The sandy blonde's smudged, bruised face looked down at her with

similar despair.

"Do you suppose it's like this all over the world?" Uranus asked.

"Probably," Neptune answered. She looked up at Serenity and

Endymion again. The glow around them was growing. "Do you think they

can make this right? Do they have the power? Does she have the will?"

"She better," mused Uranus. "Otherwise we're cooked."

Serenity and Endymion hovered above the city, their energies

locked and merged together. Serenity's gown seemed to billow, the

ribbons of her hair lightly swaying. Endymion's pastel gray cloak

surged behind him. Their eyes were closed and they remained motionless.

The only clue that they were still alive at all was the glow around

them, which continued to grow.

Several of the senshi heard the rustle of broken cement and brick

under footsteps and turned to the sound. A civilian approached them.

He was scuffed and bruised, as were they all, and walked gingerly from

an injury to his right leg, but he walked toward them with purpose and

without trepidation. The man was around thirty with the squat body and

round face of a businessman. He was missing the thick-rimmed glasses

that seemed so much of the stereotype - - they had probably been broken.

His thinning black hair fell haphazardly across his forehead and, under

the dirt and sweat and bruising he had a face that was pleasant. Venus

noticed how much he resembled her own father when she was a little girl,

and suddenly wondered if her father was still alive. Then she felt

guilty for not thinking of the question sooner. When the man reached a

spot five feet from the group, he stopped.

"Forgive my impertinence," he said in a rough voice, "but do you

think you could do something to help a few of these less fortunate?"

His request was audacious, but he showed no sign of arrogance or

belligerence. Still, his query didn't set well with several of the


"We are helping!" snapped Mars. Uranus also glared at him.

"Well," he replied, unconcerned with Mars' hostility, "they're

helping." He pointed up to Serenity and Endymion. "The rest of you

seem to be waiting for their return."

Uranus seemed ready to lunge at him, when unexpectedly Pluto

interceded. She blocked her fellow outer senshi's path and allowed

Neptune to get a grip on the woman. All the while she kept her gaze on

the stranger.

"What would you have us do?" she asked.

"Well I and several of my colleagues are looking for injured and

treating them as best we can." He glanced back at several people

fighting over a cache of food. "Perhaps some of you could help us out

with a little crowd control. There are many desperate people out there

and sadly they have reverted to their baser instincts."

"Beats standing around here and feeling sorry for myself," Venus

replied. She nudged Jupiter's shoulder. "And it'll do you some good,

too - - keep you from worrying about your husband and kids."

"How do you know that's what I'm thinking about?" bristled


"What else would you be thinking about?" Venus grinned in that

maddeningly audacious way she had. "Come on. You know the old saying:

No rest for the wicker."

"That's 'wicked'," Jupiter replied.

"I know, isn't it?" grinned Venus, oblivious to being corrected.

Jupiter rolled her eyes and the pair headed off to stop the fight.

"I'm a doctor," Mercury said to the stranger. "Can I help you

with the injured?"

"You certainly can!" grinned the man, a grin that communicated he

had experienced the first sign of hope in quite a while. "All I know

about medicine is a little first aid I learned in college!"

"I will aid you as well," Pluto said, then added, "though I must

warn you that my medical skills are quite limited."

"I am most grateful," he replied, flashing that hopeful grin

again. "It is said that many hands are better than one."

"Don't underestimate your medical skills," Mercury told Pluto.

"You did a fine job," then caught herself, "um, previously."

"With Janus," Pluto scowled, finishing the thought. Mercury


As she watched them walk off, Neptune felt Uranus tense again.

She looked up at her.

"Do you sense it?" Uranus whispered.

Neptune cleared her mind.

"Something's approaching Earth," Neptune replied. "More trouble?"

"Maybe. Should we get Pluto?"

"Let's find out what it is, first," Neptune concluded. "If it's

nothing, Pluto's needed more here." Moving to look at Mars, she found

the senshi staring worriedly up at Serenity and Endymion. "Mars,

we're," she began, "going to see if we can help out. What about you?"

"I'm staying right here," she replied, her gaze never leaving

Serenity. "Someone needs to stay here. I'm still worried that she's

trying to do too much too soon."

"We all have our life's missions," Neptune replied with a wry

smile. She noticed Mars flush slightly before she and Uranus moved off.

As Mercury climbed through the broken portions of the city, she

noticed Pluto easily kept pace with the stranger. She attributed it to

Pluto's longer legs and pined, for a moment, to be as tall as her

friend. Then she dismissed it from her mind as a waste of thought


"I am," Pluto began to introduce herself to the stranger.

"Everybody knows who you are," he replied. "As many times as

you've all saved this city, a person would either have to be stupid or

not care not to know you. I don't think I'm stupid and I've never been

accused of not caring quite yet." He looked up at her and found her

mild astonishment pleasant. "Sailor Uranus, correct?"

The corners of Pluto's mouth turned up. "Actually, it is Sailor


Her companion grinned at his error - - he seemed to grin easily,

even in the midst of tragedy.

"Forgive me," he bowed. "I pray you don't take insult at my

error. I'm pleased to meet you just the same."

"And you are?"

"I am Kazuhiko Tomimura." He leaned in as they walked. "This

isn't what I imagined my life to be when I graduated college.

Truthfully, it isn't what I imagined it to be when I left for work this

morning." Clearly he hadn't realized that nearly two years had passed.

Then he was struck suddenly by a thought. "My wife! I have no idea

whether she's alive!" He started to pull out a cellphone, even though

it was unlikely service was still active.

"Over here!" they heard Mercury call. She was easing a man

against what was left of a wall, trying to support him so he didn't hit

the ground hard as he sagged. Tomimura and Pluto ran over to them.

"Relax," Tomimura said, steadying him so Mercury would be free to

minister to his injuries. "I have you."

He was an older man, about early fifties. His skin was blotchy

and cold, no doubt from being frozen. Possibly he was one of the last

thawed. He seemed week and incoherent, mumbling something none of them

could understand. Mercury peered at him with intense detachment.

"Can you tell me where it hurts?" she asked as her fingers felt

for a pulse. He responded with more mumblings. One of the words

sounded like 'the ice'. Mercury pulled his heavy, drooping eyelid back

and looked at his pupil. "There's no sign of concussion or head trauma.

It must be shock, possibly compounded by mild hypothermia." She turned

to the others. "We must find something to cover him with. He needs to

conserve body heat."

Tomimura and Pluto were up instantly, searching around them for

something. Pluto's eyes locked onto the torn canvas awning of what had

been The Sweet Shop. She ran over and tried to tug it loose, but it was

pinned under the collapsed front of the store.

"Here," the man said, gripping the canvas next to her hands.

"Four hands are better than two." Together they pulled, but couldn't

dislodge it. "Again I'm wrong. It would take a hoist and cable to pull

that free."

"Stand back," Pluto said, her forearm gently pushing Tomimura

aside. When he was clear, she lifted her staff and pointed it at the

pile of rubble. "Dead Scream."

The sonic blast from her staff struck the rubble, sending it

scattering in all directions. The remaining structure of The Sweet Shop

shook and threatened to collapse, but quieted. Pluto walked over and

gathered up the canvas.

"You're more formidable than I imagined," Tomimura marveled,

trailing behind her.

Pluto frowned, recalling similar words coming out of the mouth of

Janus. She found the memories conjured up to now be unpleasant.

Reaching the shivering old man, Pluto and Mercury wrapped the

canvas around him. He sagged weakly back against the wall and gasped

out his breath.

"Will he be all right?" Pluto asked.

"Without proper medical supplies, it's all we can do," Mercury

told her. "If I had a sedative, I'd give it to him."

At once, the three people felt a tremendous warmth flow over their

bodies. As one they turned and looked up in the sky. Above them,

glowing like a miniature sun, were Serenity and Endymion. They bathed

the entire city in their glow. Suddenly Mercury's fatigue was gone.

Suddenly Pluto felt reinvigorated. Suddenly the stiffness in Tomimura's

leg disappeared. Suddenly the old man stopped shivering and breathed

more easily.

Mercury and Pluto rose to their feet. They took several steps

forward unconsciously, as if compelled by some inner voice to move

closer to the glow. They were not alone. Tomimura was behind them and

behind him were other survivors. All those who could walk had calmed

and were moving toward the source of the glow.

Directly beneath them, Sailor Mars, Luna and Artemis stood and

watched and waited.

"Do you feel it?" Artemis asked. "The energy they're giving off

is healing everyone."

"Yes," Luna smiled. "I haven't felt this alive since before the

Frost Giants came!"

"She can't keep it up," whispered Mars. Her hands were folded to

her mouth and she chewed on a knuckle. Luna looked up at her with


"Are you quite certain?" the black cat asked.

"In spite of everything I've been through, my second sight is as

strong as ever," Mars replied, not taking her eyes off the couple above

her. "She's barely hanging on."

Pluto suddenly lurched to a stop. "Look," she said, gesturing

around them. Tomimura and Mercury reluctantly looked away from the sky.

Trees were sprouting through the cracked pavement of Tenth Street.

Pluto knelt down to a sapling already three feet high.

"It's a fruit tree," she said, examining it. "And it seems to be

growing at about an inch every ten seconds.

Casting her gaze down the street, Pluto could see other trees

sprouting amid the rubble of streets, sidewalks and storefronts. Other

plants as well were growing and flowering, taking over the streets and

the shells of buildings. As a seedling would bloom new flowers, hungry

insects gathered around and renewed their role in the cycle of life.

Pluto could see the park teeming with rice near the pond and in the huge

gouge that had filled with dirt and water, the gouge that had once been

a playground. Tendrils she recognized as sweet potatoes sprang up amid

the grass and across the bike paths.

"Impossible," she heard Tomimura whisper. "It's as if the gods

walk the Earth."

By now all the populace in the area had seen the miracle. The

scarred, broken sections of the city had grown over green and precious

fruit and vegetables ripened before their eyes. With a joy and relief

that was palpable, they plucked the treasures and ravenously downed

them. Salvation was here.

"She never ceases to amaze me," Mercury said to Pluto with a grin.

Pluto smiled in return, then reached up and plucked two apples, handing

one to her fellow senshi. "It has been a while, hasn't it?" Mercury

grinned and bit into the fruit, more quickly than she wished to from the

look of the red in her cheeks.

"Is it all right if I give some to the old man?" Tomimura asked,

holding a core in one hand and two apples in the other.

"Let's wait a bit," Mercury advised. "I want to be sure his

condition has stabilized."

Just then Luna came running up to them. "Mercury! Come quickly!"

the cat gasped. "It's Serenity!"

Mercury paused just long enough for her stomach to stop flopping,

then took off after the cat, Pluto in hot pursuit.

They arrived at the spot where they had left Mars. Artemis was

staring up at the sky. Mars was on her knees weeping. Though they

didn't want to, Mercury and Pluto looked up.

Descending slowly from the sky was Endymion, his cloak fluttering

in the breeze like a flag at half-staff. Held in his arms was the limp

form of Serenity.

Continued in Chapter 2