Rewards have been given towards User -Zeta- for successful transference

[Passive chest x 1]

[Active Chest x 1]

[Core chest x 1]

It's recommended that users equip their rewards before continuing.

Honestly speaking what I see before me I wouldn't have dreamed I would witness in all of my years reading isekai novels that would happen to me directly. Yet before my eyes I see the "Gamer" system before my eyes or what was supposed to be at least.

"I don't remember it giving out rewards this way though?"

Nonetheless I shouldn't be whining about free shit I'm going to get after this. Still I wish I was given more time to process the future events that would involve my life. Yes.. they can all go fuck themslevs! Nevertheless i need to take stock of my situation

Looking over my body I could find no faults or changes besides the most alarming. I'm now wearing what I assume to be blue sweats and a black short sleeve t-shirt underneath a sleeveless gray hoodie. My once black hair has turned blonde and my skin has become lighter. Otherwise I still looked the same. Having my heritage just taken away from me was understandably a worrisome thing however other things take precedent.

"Where the hell am i?"

My voice echoed a bit as I looked around my new surroundings. A simple looking room with a bed and a walk-in closet facing each other. A door that faced me as I stood between the bed and closet as well as a window that let in the sun above me.

Any further action to explore can wait. If what the system says is true I need to open my rewards before I do anything else. My Aunt wouldn't have sent me gods knows where without a reason and seeing as i'm not dead yet i may as well follow along what the system recommends.

Luckily the system prompts didn't disappear. Placing my fingers on the screen I decided the direct approach is best and pushed on the Passive chest.

A small light assaulted my eyes before dimming down

Congrats you have earned The Passive Skill Formidable Body [1/?]

Once the user stays still for a minute the user will recover to his peak at a -Very Slow- rate.

Terms I was familiar with yet at the same time not. However a sense of warmth overflowed into me. Was this due to acquiring the new Passive just now? So many mysteries to discover but for now what's with those question marks?

[1/?] refers to a skills proficiency and will raise at a set rate that will make skills better for the user.

I jumped back a bit as the prompt sprung up at my question. Still at lest so far this system seems useful and not out to fuck with me like others ive read. Heaven forbid I get one with a personality. Getting sidetracked aside, let's open the other rewards. Clicking on the Active ches the same light happened once again.

Congrats you have earned the Active Skill Warriors Yell [1/?]

Once active user will receive a -5%- increase in physical power that will last for -1 min - with a cooldown of -10 min-

A genuine battle skill! And from what the System says this will get more stronger with either time or the obvious choice, training! Such is the dream, such is the life I'm most likely to now live! I mean come one anyone would see this as a fucking win! Ah calm down me calm down. Get that supid smile off your face before someone calls us an idiot!

Ah am I just now realizing what this all means? Like honestly reading stories like these and being in one are two different experiences altogether. They say one man's trash is another's treasure after all. All those haters can eat a dick! I'm going to kick some major ass! Wait before I go crazy, let's see what a Core chest is!

A Core is a key item unique to this User. You will be granted Special abilities Unique to the core with a myriad of other effects specific to your core. It is wise to select carefully as Cores cannot be refunded after the selection so be careful.

"Thank you system!"

Holy hell it seems like a big deal. Well no time like the present i guess. Gotta get through the tutorial!

Core chest has been opened! Please choose your selection!


[Ninja Scroll]

[Air Treck]

My Jaw hit the floor.

Zanpackuto A sword given to those in tune with the spiritual. Used as a medium for the soul and used to hunt down those no longer on the living plane. This blade will hone the User on their Spiritual Affinity and bring about new abilities dependent on the User.

Ninja Scroll A scroll with knowledge long forgotten. Used to reawaken an energy known as Chakra that ninja used long ago. Will grant an ability based on the User.

Air Treck A pair of skates that want to "Fly." Used to increase the Users agility. Will grant unique skills based on a "Road"

The feeling of pulling off signature attacks from my favorite anime and manga never left the back of my mind. However, seeing the option before my eyes is such a wonderful sight. But…


Pain I tell you! It's all pain! I mean, telling me to choose is to much that I want to cry. Still even if I'll have many tear filled nights there's only one best option here.

Air Treck has been chosen

The Air Treck Passive skill has been granted, Air Treck [1/?]

User is able to don on and off the skates instantly and gains a -20%- to agility on skate based skills. The don feature can only work when certain conditions are met.

Air Gear is an awesome manga I read a long time ago and to have my own A-T is a long dream of mine! Even bigger than being a Sayain or part of the future pirate kings crew! Yeah its that big that i can't help but even let out a small squeal.

I have to thank my Aunt…

My Aunt…


Some time ago

It was late at night when we arrived at my Aunts resort up in the mountains. Getting my ass rudley awaked from my bed only to be dragged into a not "Very Suspicious" black car had me mentaly fatigued. The mafia styled men that accompanied me didn't help at all either.

"We've arrived Sir '' The man sitting next to me stated, "Please understand that the Miss doesn't have time to explain. All I ask is that you give her time." The sincere tone of his voice led me to believe him so far but it involved my Aunt so i only paid it so much notice.

"Look how much you've grown Alex!" My aunt exclaimed as soon as I stepped out. Her arms wrapped around my frame as she lifted me up. "Why i could just eat you up!"

Gravity decided to take a sick day as I was lifted and spun around with little to no care. Not really having a choice at the time i took the chance once i slowed down and just prayed whatever my Aunt brought me fore was a simple matter.

"Yes Tia, I missed you too." I hugged her back asi slowly returned back to the wonderful earth that I lived on. After a quick spin she finally let me down and I was able to get a good look at her as I haven't seen her in a good long while.

The red dress she wore left a lot of light golden brown skin to be viewed as her brown chestnut hair draped over her shoulder stopping at her bicep. Her eyes danced with mischief as she placed a hand towards her mouth.

"Oh? Did my nephew fall in love with me after not seeing me for a year!" Her snickering continued as I gave her my best deadpan stare.

"I'm just worried what insecurities my future girlfriend would get during a family reunion."


My comment did nothing to faze her as she continued laughing as she motioned a guard towards her. With tears she handed him a box I was sure she wasn't holding and motioned him away towards the resort. With one final chuckle and a wipe of her face she took my hand and led me inside one of the private rooms. It was there when my sense of normalcy was destroyed.

She said not a single word for what amounted to almost an hour as she drank from her tea and stared at me. No side remarks about the super expensive furniture that would have surely cost me an arm and a leg brought about any response. So there I was left to my own thoughts and theories as to what my aunt had in store for me.

My Aunt… Rosa Leon… was a sickly child at birth from what Mom has told me. That one day she suddenly jumped off her bed and kicked their fathers ass after the day she turned 17. She then showed remarkable physical talent and managed to get her and her sister to america where she made a quick name for herself in the MMA circle. So young yet so strong that no one fucked with her and here she is at 37 years and living the life with her own resort business.

The only thing others find fault with her is that she remains single.

"You've grown well Alex." Her eyes filled with mirth as she watched over me. I wish I had a witty comeback at the time but I just welcomed anything at that point. "Still I have expected a rowdy kid like yourself to even start walking around or heaven forbid start cursing like a sailor."

Part of me wanted to but the lingering thought of being twisted like a pretzel at the time stopped me from doing so. Her laughing only confirmed it as well as made me question if she's able to read minds. The snapping of her fingers brought a man through the door as he set down a black case between us.

"Ya these kinds of plot developments are not really good for an imaginative boy's mind." I remarked, her small laughter did nothing to please my fears. "Honestly i just wish you say whatever it is ya have to say to get this all over with."

"You turned 17 a few months ago, correct." Her tone left little room to argue, "It is with a heavy weight that I present this gift to you." Her face showed me a great sense of sadness yet followed a sense of resolution that I can ever put to words.

The click of the suitcase brought me out as she pulled and donned a black fingerless glove with what looks like an white X with a line that almost cuts though the center but are all blocked by a red dot.

"Wait what's going-" My words were cut short as a surge of wind buffered me that seemed to be coming from behind her. Yet it looked as if she remained unaffected from whatever it was that was going on.

"I wanted to have more time to see you. Sadly I was preoccupied with my own things that we had to do this on such short notice." Her voice was soft and clear, yet I still see that face filled with melancholy that always stirs in my mind. "Just know that you're the best choice and that all I ask is that whatever choice you make in the end is one that you make with no regrets."

I reached out to her.

User transfer has begun

I could only let out a confused pain noise as what felt was my very being was struck.

User ID. Alex Leon has been confirmed. Requesting previous User to relinquish all control for transfer.

"I Rosa Leon grant Alex Leon access to the User program!"

Audio confirmation confirmed. Preceding the next step of transference.

My mind and body felt pain like no other. It was truly otherworldly in every sense of the word. I dont think ive ever experience anything like it.

"Alex," her voice managed to pierce the haze that was my mind. "Keep being you no matter what happens."

Transference start

With that my mind shut out as i was whisked away the last scene being my Aunts sad smile


Present Time

"My Aunt really just wanted to see me one last time huh." It wasn't so much a question but confirmation that whatever is happening is a big deal. For her to say all of that must have taken a toll mentaly on her. "With no regrets right."

Set up has been completed. Kicking User out of safe room. Have a pleasant trip.


The walls around me flashed and disappeared around me leaving me to suddenly start freefalling. My arms spiraled and my legs kicked out as I tried to find some semblance of balance.

"What the fuck-"

The cool water washed over me in an instant.


Author Notes -

I want to say I wanted to rewrite this story with the idea of having a goal to aim towards.

So if you're reading this at 5/17/2022 just know the rewrites for ch 2 and 3 are being worked on.

Thank you and have a nice day