[Conditions have been met. New Skill revealed]

The announcement caught me off guard.

I resisted the urge to open up the menu and continued to observe the fight between Akane and Kuno.

"Akane go on a date with me!"

"Give it a rest Kuno!"

Akane launched herself at Kuno with her right fist cocked back. Kuno changed his stance and for an instant I swore it looked like he was able to easily follow her movement as he sword went towards her neck. It looked like it was going to be his Victory.


Only for Kuno to be sent flying as her fist impacted his face with a loud thwack. I couldn't believe what I just witnessed as I'm safe to assume that in that instant kuno…

He stopped his dam attack and let himself lose!

What kind of guy does that? Also from the look of Akane's smirk she was none the wiser. Her mere skips to her class served as further proof. Looking back at the carnage left in her wake ill just resign myself and shake my head to these losers.

"Well better get to class then while I have time." i muttered to myself

With a turn and a step i did just that and decided ill just leave whatever this was i saw just lay there in the back of my mind. After all she seems fine and what are the chances ill ever have to get involved.

Tempting fate never felt so stupid.


Turns out she's in my classroom. Sitting behind me a few chairs.

'No wonder i've heard of her name before! God what's with my memory I mean Jesus she's been in my class!' I mentally breasted myself. 'Not to self look up my classmates' names.'

Taking a good look at her I can't help but say that she's actually pretty cute. She has long dark blue hair tied into a small ponytail that seems to reach her lower back. Her face was pretty small and that smile she has really fills the whole place. I mean i just want to get closer and…


I didn't care about the loud noise nore the burning sensation on my forehead. Whatever train of thought i was having had to be stopped at all cost. I just need to distract myself a bit but what can I do..


I motioned my menu open.

[New Passive Available]

Battle Eye

- One must understand their opponent and situation in order to achieve victory. To see the mistakes one makes and capitalize is essential in all fights. When the User focuses his senses on a particular Enemy or Area of battle you gain an understanding on the situation and opponent. Results and Usage vary depending on the User and opponent .


Sounds amazing already but i'll probably won't see much use of it till later. Seeing as there was no disadvantage having it I clicked accept and braced my body for the after effects.

[Battle Eye has been accepted]

The wave of energy that pressed on my mind wasn't as bad as before. Heck i'd say it was rather short compared to the other times. I digress though who am I to look at what essentially was a free ability. Now what was I doing again?


A sudden pain was made apparent on my head as I looked up at my assailant. My teachers miffed face as he motioned me towards the current problem on the board.

My smile afterwards didn't do anything to change his mood.

Thankfully the bell rang for lunch and I couldn't have bolted out of that room faster than I wanted to.

The roof was a pleasant place to chill out once I found out other students rarely go there. Especially as i could feel the wind blow by and let my body relax. I'm proud to say I relaxed a good 5 minutes.


That continued for a good while before I cut it off and enjoyed the wind on my face again and laid down. A week in this new place and I'm already super stressed. While the dream realization of having my own Air Treck eased me immensely i could help but have the nagging fear something would show up and rock my somewhat normal life.

Click, Flash!

My head snapped towards the staircase as a female student stood there with her left eye close and a small camera on her right. She lowered if and a smirk grew on her as she waved the camera around.

"The school roof is banned from students you know." she told me with an air of trickery about her. "What is the recent american transfer student doing all alone up at the roof?"

Staring at her a bit I moved my herald back to the sky and closed my eyes. "I wanted some privacy but it seems like i'm not gonna get that am i." A statement rather than a question because i'm sure this girl wants something from me. "So whatcha want?"

"Nothing right now actually." She stated. "But i hear it's always good to introduce yourself to someone earlier before it gets to that point." Her voice trailed with a jint of sweetness and devilish insight.

"Alex Chase." I greeted, standing up and giving her my full attention. The quirk of her brow made it with it. "The name Alex Chase and might I have your name?"

She smiled. "I'm Nabiki Tendo and it's nice to meet you Alex."

Same last name as Akane it seems. Whether it's a condenice or their related didn't matter. Nabiki was playing down some of her cards but was smart enough to know when she won her fill. Her quick wave and departure said as much. I held back a sigh as unneeded memories of past interaction of dealing with these same people tried to resurface. I simply opened my menu and began rereading all my skills.

One day at a time I guess.


After school and after work to which I was allowed to leave earlier as today was always a slow day form what Boss said. Who am I to deny leaving earlier and enjoying my day.

I was stretching my limbs and doing simple warm ups. With a crack here and there I stared at today's goal. The waterway that passed through Nerima that went through a couple of bridges here and there. Luckily the river was small and the side paths sloped down into the river. Perfect for me as the plan was simple!

Starting from here I was gonna ride along the river and make jumps across in zigzag patterns to maintain speed and not fall into the water. Further ahead the path changed to where instead of grassy slopes it became walls and a fence on both sides where I'm gonna practice my wall riding skills.

Safe to say i was excited as fuck!

A few more beds here and there and I got ready. I was changed into a simple white sleeveless hooded slim jacket with a red black t-shirt underneath as well as simple dark blue shorts.

I smiled.

With a jump and a hard landing my Air Trek launched me forward. After some good distance I made my first jump across. My own skating knowledge as well as the newfound knowledge this skill gave me allowed me to shift my weight mid air allowing me to get really good air time distance. Once I landed I pressed on the speed and made the jump again this time trying to stay in the air longer.

Proficiency Up

I ignored the notification as the wind danced across my body. While a rough landing I was met with, I definitely stayed in the air way longer than before.


The laughter that escaped me filled me with such warmth. The feeling of being so free felt amazing. The first bridge came into view. I tucked my body low as I got closer. I waited till just about…


I launched myself straight ahead. Right underneath the bridge at the side. I knew i dont have the angle nor power to make the jump overhead unless i wanted to scale over it but where's the fun in that!

Using the ark I was upside down as the power of my Air Trek carried me across. Imiddelty after almost making it across I launched my left leg into a back spin kick. Using momentum as soon as my leg made it past the open other side I cocked it back as if kicking a soccer ball. My left skate came into contact with the bridge and with that I kicked off with my right and pressured my left into the side of the bridge.

Proficiency Up

Proficiency Up

The left skate revved strong as for a second it picked up my weight only to stop as I front flipped facing towards the bridge. Very slowly as if time stood still both feet were placed onto the side of the bridge. I was standing sideways facing the sky. For a moment all was quiet before time resumed and I kicked off the wall. Letting my weight and gravity make me soar towards the side of the river I land and crochet as I pun my right leg out using it to bleed off speed as it tore up bits of dust and grass in my wake.

Sweat fell off my face as once I stopped I plopped backwards and started catching my breath.

The feeling of the rush, the excitement washed over me in droves. To think this was something I would have never experienced in my previous life. I have half a mind to thank whoever sent me here. Regardless i need to do this more and more and boy will i freaking enjoy every minute of it.

"Alright let's do that for more time!" I roared.

I flipped myself standing and turned my way up so I could start at the beginning.

"What was that you just did?" A female voice asked.

I paused and turned towards my newfound spectator. Akane Tendo stood before me staring down from the sidewalk having seen my spectacle.

How to handle this situation is proving difficult for my brain at the moment. On one hand why should I hide this super fun thing I'm really enjoying but on the other I'm still unaware of the dangers of this new place. So tough choices require tough decisions. Thankfully it was an easy choice to make.


"You were part of an underground skating competition ring? One where the rules were less than the normal one to the point where combat was to be expected." Akane mumbled out more to herself if anything.

"Yes you can call it Martial-Arts-Skating if you will. Like it's very popular in America cause they like to make a sport out of anything and if it involves blood it's better." I elaborated for her.

"That's awful!"

"Yeah thats why im here."

Ah shit i said something wrong with how her face took on a sympathetic look. Seems like I gave myself some dark backstory to her. Welp might as well stick with it for now as i see it having no issue later down the line. The reason i'm even telling her this was that from what i saw her do earlier this morning she is a martial artist in nature. Better this than i come from another work ya know.

"You seem to still enjoy it so that's good." She smiled towards me.

I stopped myself from slapping my face. The image that is presented in my saved mind would be the title "Cute" Now im kinda understanding why those guys are doing what they do.

Does that make them from doing it right, hell no. Do i understand now, yes.

"Hey i wanted to ask you something if ya dont mind"

Her face twisted a bit. Seems like she has already a question in mind.

"Sure go ahead i mean you've answered mine so it's the least i can do."

"Why are those guys in the morning trying to beat you up?"

Her face soured and I wish I could take what I asked back. She seems to stir a bit before looking away.

"Its a stupid story." she answered

"Then we can laugh at it together then." I said

That earned me a small snort but it seemed to do the trick. I mean like how stupid can it be?


Kuno is an idiot, those boys are idiots, and Akane must have the patient of a saint for not simply reporting it. To think Kuno started in order to date Akane you needed to defeat her in combat and all the boys bought it.

"It's my problem and i'm going to handle it on my own!" She stated matter of factly to me

I plopped myself onto my bed. I hung out with Akane for a bit afterwards before spitting off. Having come to know her more after our exchange to the point I've learned her extreme hatred of boys; excluding me due to the fact I didn't join the horde and her interest in my skating skills currently surpassed it. Keyword being current.

I spent a good time gushing over my skates which I think also won some favor points in my stead. Lucky me and who knows maybe a friend here would ease my life here more. From finding out why I'm here and what to actually expect from this world.

Standing up I sat crisscrossed and opened up my menu.

Air Trek

- Agility based abilities gain -22%- Increase that relates to skating. Passively equip on and off Skates when User wishes.

[Proficiency 5/?]

Huh that's weird the proficiency is now underlined for some reason? I pressed my finger on it.

[Milestone reached]

User please select your boon

- 10% increase to damage done with Skating abilities

- Gate Key (Azura Den)

Welp this again. Nor way to check descriptions which form the looks of it. Now lies to what to choose. I've been somewhat careful and it could just be the previous skate high i was in but i feel like i should take a chance here. While the 10% increase sounds nice it seems to just be a flare increase while the key seems to be where I can get something better posible.

[Gate Key (Azura Den) Has been accepted]

A blue key plopped itself onto my lap. Picking it up and inspecting it showed me that while its blue color scheme and some type of weird design i could make out on the key it appeared as normal as any other key. Holding it did nothing, swinging it did nothing, and asking it please did jack shit. It's starting to irritate me now. So I mimicked opening a door.

[Gate Key (Azure Den) is being used]

User would you like to enter the Arena?

Please be advised once you accept you can only leave after reaching a safe zone.


I pressed Decline and placed the key in a locked drawer. I gained quite a bit of info from that. Safe to say i'll probably get more bang for my buck with this. It's just that I'll have to work my ass off for it. All this means is that I need to actively train instead of goofing off in my cool ass skates even if I enjoy the flying part more than the combat.

Welp no time like the present.

[Warriors Strength Activated]

Physical Power Increase 8% for 1 min and 30 sec. Cooldown 5 min

I flexed my arms and began doing a rep of push ups. I gotta get my current skills better and better in case something in there is more than I can handle. I'm glad I played a decent amount of RPG'S otherwise I would have maybe just said "Cool" and died the moment I entered. There has to be a way to get better faster instead of self practice.

Wait, that could be a solution!

"Maybe Akane would be willing to teach me a thing or two?"


I'm not gonna worry about the timeline and just do what I want . Also ima do what i want mwahahaha. Im still deciding when to kick things into the actual ranma story but I want Alex to be in a comfortable place before meeting the Wild Horse himself. I hope this story has been enjoyable so far and that my weird fast updates don't give yall whiplash.


Ya know i wasn't expecting this when i picked this outta the other two. While possibly wielding a Bankai would be sick as hell or flying through the sky would have been fun. This right here was really different. I mean how many people would state that they would bang themself given the chance.

Staring at myself from my mirror was an extremely attractive female version of this body staring at me. What the scroll had taught me was the famous Sexy Justu that Naruto kept in his repertoire the same one that fuked over Kaguya all the same.

"Welcome home Master would ya like dinner? A bath? Or...me?"

The shiver I gave myself was probably not worth it knowing that it's me. However this isnt my body im so confused!