Rekindling the Fire

Hello, back with another story idea. I decided to reattempt this Naruto Senju fanfiction. I started to re-read them again and I got ideas rolling again. It will probably be a while before I post this story. So, I hope when I do post this story everyone enjoys it. As for pairings, I don't like doing the typical Hinata X Naruto because it's canon in Naruto. I'll go ahead and say right now that this will be a Naruto X harem, I am willing to branch out to different animes to incorporate girls. As of right now, I'll have a few who can be paired with Naruto. I'll do, Ino, Yugito, Ayame (Teuchi), Shion, and Kurotuchi from Naruto. As for other girls, I'll name them off now with the anime they are from. From High School DxD (Will be limited because they are very popular. So not all the girls will be here) Irina, Kuroka, Ravel, Sona, Serafall, and Grayfia. From Date A Live, Tohka Yatogami, Kotori Itsuka, Origami Tobiichi, Kurumi Tokisaki, and Mana Takamiya. From Akame Ga Kill Akame and Leone. From Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Mio Naruse, Yuki Nonaka, and Kurumi Nonaka. From Fairy Tail Mirajane Strauss, Lisanna Strauss, and Hisui E. Fiore. From My Hero Momo Yaoyorozu and Nejire Hado. That's it, I mean those are the characters I'm most comfortable doing. As for who Naruto will be paired with is all up to you guys. So, first what I'll do is once I decide to post this story. I will put a poll up; the poll will be broken up into 7 categories. I'll put down Naruto, High School DxD, Date a Live, Akame Ga Kill, Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha, Fairy Tail, and then My Hero. I'll give the poll a few days or so maybe three the four days max five if there are two that are neck and neck. Whatever one is chosen then I'll put the characters names in for the second poll. Since you guys are picking the pairing I'm just giving my opinion on each girl from each anime. I'd do Ino, Rias, Akame, Mio, Erza, Momo, and Tohka. If you haven't realized it redheads are my favorite lmao. Please keep in mind the beginning is somewhat like another Senju Naruto fic. After Chpt 2 everything should be veering off from that story.

Summary: Naruto Senju, the child of Tsunade and Minato. Naruto was brought to this world not by accident but by chance. With this chance, Tsunade can continue on in life, Jiraiya can make sure Minato's legacy lives on. Naruto X?

In the town of Tanzaku-gai which is also known as Poem Card Quarters. Is famous for its gambling, drinking, night clubs, and overall tourism. However, today was a special occasion for a couple of people walking through the town. Many glances were towards a man blue eyes and spiky, blonde hair. He also had jaw-length bangs framing either side of his face. Thanks to his master, considered him a very handsome man that many women would fall for, "Ahahahaah Minato come on lighten up a little bit! Have some fun already! The war is finally done, we got a peace agreement between Sunagakure and Konoha!"

"Yes, I know it does Jiraiya-sensei… but tell me why we came here? I'm not much of a gambler… nor do I have any luck in doing so. I don't drink really either." Minato scratched the back of his head confused.

"Well, what do you think!? To get away from the paperwork you forced to do! Being crammed inside is SOOOOO boring!" Jiraiya let out a long raspberry as Jiraiya knew full well of the Hokage's job. Honestly, he wished Minato didn't take it, then he would get to mess around and adventure with Minato more often. As to who this Jiraiya person is, Jiraiya is a tall and well-built man in adulthood with fair skin. He had waist-length, spiky white hair that he usually ties back into a ponytail, with two shoulder-length bangs framing his face.

"Ahahaha I can't argue with you there, Sensei… paperwork… I wish Hiruzen told me about it sooner." Minato smirked; he was still happy though. He achieved his goal of becoming Hokage, but one was still out of reach. A dream that began to drift away since he became Hokage.

"Plus!" Jiraiya winked at Minato while gently elbowing him in the side, "The bar is going to have some hotties I bet! You could probably get lucky!" Jiraiya giggled perversely hoping that Minato would get a fun night and he would tell him of his "Fun time".

Minato scratched the back of his head, "I'm not about that Sensei… I don't know ever since Kushina-chan and I broke up."

"Huh? Really? I was just joking I had no idea. What happened between to you two, I remember her last time happy with ya. Until she punched me across the village." Jiraiya remembered that all too well, Uzumaki's are feisty creatures they are.

"Well, Kushina-chan wanted to keep continuing her Ninja duties even after the war. While I on the other hand wanted to settle down and have a couple of kids." Minato smiled as he looked at the ground, "I-I wanted to be a parent really badly, but she wasn't ready." Minato regrets the move he made on her, "I-I kissed her trying to show how much I loved her. I-I forced myself on her too quickly and she backed up. She said we should take a break for a while… so I took that as my que."

"I see… sorry to hear that kid. Well that's alright well now you know, plus you did try to make the first move. As long as you didn't forcibly try to make her, I guess it isn't too bad." Jiraiya tried to help Minato feel better but it didn't seem to work.

"Sensei that was the worst mistake I've ever made. I'm sure I scared her off." Minato and Jiraiya went towards the bar as Jiraiya saw that Minato was going to need it. However, Minato was quite wrong as Kushina was scared, but not scared off. If anything, Kushina was the one nervous that Minato ran off himself think he scared her off. Kushina still wanted to respect his wishes but was surprised by his sudden advancement. Something that the Uzumaki didn't expect from the Namikaze, he typically the shy and mellow one of this relationship.

"Well come on Minato! There are plenty of ladies in the sea! You got the whole world!" Jiraiya put his arm around Minato's shoulder as he made a right turn into a bar.

The two walked in as Minato looked around thinking the place had a cozy and homie vibe to it. Before the two went to sit down at the counter Minato recognized the person sitting there, "Tsunade is that you?" Minato said shocked.

The very woman who Minato called to turn her head, "What? Minato? Jiraiya? The hell are you two doing here?" Tsunade Senju; Tsunade is the granddaughter of Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki. Great Grandniece of the Nidaime Hokage, student of the Sandaime Hokage, and dubbed one of the Three Legendary Sannin from their fight with Hanzo of the Salamander. Tsunade is a fair-skinned woman with brown eyes and straight blonde hair that parts above her forehead. Her hair has shoulder-length bangs that frame her face and the rest reaches her lower back. The Strength of a Hundred Seal - taking the appearance of a violet diamond shape - is clearly visible on her forehead. Tsunade often wears a grass-green haori with the kanji for "gamble" (賭, kake) on the back, inside a red circle. Underneath she wears a grey, kimono-style blouse with no sleeves, held closed by a broad, dark bluish-grey obi that matches her pants. Her blouse is closed quite low, revealing her sizeable cleavage. She wears open-toed, strappy black sandals with high heels. She has red nail polish on both her fingernails and toenails and uses a soft pink lipstick.

"Huh well, I'm not surprised you're here Tsunade-Hime! Which reminds me where is Shizune?" Jiraiya put his hand on his forehead searching for the niece of Dan.

"She is with Tonton back at the hotel. I wanted a drink and she could do what she wanted." Tsunade replied with a defensive tone Jiraiya noted.

"I see! Well! Why not we celebrate a little bit!" Jiraiya turned to Minato.

"We were able to get a peace agreement between Konoha and Suna," Minato added as Tsunade just let a sigh out taking a drink from her saucer.

"Well me and Minato are here to relax a bit and celebrate! We just made a peace agreement between Suna and Konoha! Maybe Minato could get lucky tonight!" Jiraiya giggled perversely as he looked over towards Minato. Currently, he was seated next to Tsunade, but the bartender and bypassing woman winked and waved at him, "Man just look at my student! He a total chick magnet!"
"Shut up." Tsunade punched Jiraiya into the wall as she let a huff out, "Jeez that pervert will never learn."

Minato sweatdropped as the other by-passing girls quickly walked away recognizing the Slug Princess. Minato though let a chuckle out, "Well Jiraiya-sensei will always be Jiraiya there is nothing you can do with that." Minato began to look at his hands as he waved the bartender over ordering a drink.

Tsunade saw the look in his eye as she had to ask, "Did something happen to you? You don't seem like a drinker like the pervert and I over here."

Minato let a sigh out as the bartender placed a shot of whiskey on in front of him as Tsunade chuckled at the light drink. Minato took the shot and let a sigh out, "Well I mean everything is fine, I became Hokage and I did my village proud. However…. I was unable to persuade Kushina-chan to start a family with me. I kinda… was a little worried she didn't want any children with me."

"Well, I'm sorry to hear that." Tsunade was cut off when Minato ordered and then handed another shot. He quickly downed it which Tsunade was thinking of stopping then again she has a drinking partner.

"Then I tried to take the initiative and ask her to have my children!" Minato then slammed his face into the counter which Tsunade had to admit. Seeing the Hokage of Konoha in a state like this was pretty pathetic, "I scared her off!" Minato shot his arms into the air as they then drooped to the side, "Since then… I haven't seen Kushina-chan since." Well, Minato didn't really see her, if anything he would bury himself in work. He tried not to bother Kushina very little or try to see her since he didn't want to annoy her. Every time she would come in, he would hesitate, sweat, and quickly send her out on a mission. Which caused very little interaction between the two.

Tsunade shook her head since she didn't know the full story. She just took his word for it, "It's okay kids there's plenty of other ladies out in the sea." Tsunade smiled as she looked down at her saucer of sake. When she looked at Minato, she realized how much Minato looked like Dan which irked her bit. Tsunade shook her head knowing she needed more to drink, "Well how about some special Sake! Bartender! Could you get us some Fire Chakra Sake! The tab will be on the idiot over here." Tsunade pointed towards the passed out Jiraiya in the wall.

The bartender nodded her head as she grabbed the two saucers and the two bottles of Sake. Then she left changing her shift with a male and left. Tsunade and Minato began to drink their sorrows away with the Fire Chakra Sake guaranteed to get any chakra user truly drunk regardless of the level of strength.

Couple Hours Later

"Then aftur the loss on Daun and Niwaki I've been in totally upset! I don't know what to do with my life anymore!" Began the crying drunken Tsunade with Minato drunkenly helping her walk back to her hotel room.

"I kinduh know how you feel Tsunade-Hime! Without Kushina-chan how am I supposed to have a family naw!?" Minato said with his equally if not even more drunken voice than Tsunade.

"Ufuffu I could probably help you thur! I need my clan to be revived too!" Tsunade giggled as she leaned her face into the crook of Minato's neck.

"Then wut are we waitin for!" Minato and Tsunade hurriedly went into a separate hotel room Minato had ready to spend the night in.

The two would go on and have a night of their life. Helping one another in fun and enjoyment to escape their daily pains in life. Though one would have thought to make sure that a certain Toad Sannin would have been alright… or at least alive and okay. Sadly the two Kage level Shinobi were too busy to help him.

Next Morning

Minato groggily woke up as he had a bad headache and let a sigh out. He sat up in his sheet and rubbed his face tiredly, "That is the last time… I go drinking with Sensei again." Minato went to get up, but he looked down to realize that he was naked. Though he was drunk so somethings might be weird in the morning. However, he heard a voice speak up next to him.

"Ugggg Shizune… can you get me some water." Tsunade grumbled half asleep in the sheets butt naked in all her glory.

"W-what!? WHAT!?" Minato slipped off the edge of the bed.

Then Tsunade shot up from bed in a defensive stance, "WHAT!? PERVERT!? WHO WHERE! I'LL KILL YOU JIRAIYA I SWEAR!" Tsunade looked over to the left of bed as she heard someone fell off the bed. Just then Minato slowly stood up covering his hand over his face. Tsunade stood there shocked, "Ugh… w-what? M-Minato?"

With his hand still over his eyes, Minato chuckled, "Wow… fancy meeting you here Tsunade-Hime… umm now before you kill me. I'm pretty sure we were too drunk to know what happened last night."

Tsunade went to speak, but she felt a trickle run down her leg. Minato didn't see it, but Tsunade saw semen running down her leg. Tsunade became flustered and blushed heavily, "Y-YOU BETTER SHUT UP STAY THERE AND WAIT UNTIL I'M BACK!" Tsunade ran into the bathroom and quickly took a shower. Minato kept his hand over his face and slowly got dressed. He put his regular outfit on with his Johnin vest and everyone. However, unless he was putting his shirt over, he did not remove his hand from his face. He DID NOT want to end up how Jiraiya would be when Tsunade 'punished' Jiraiya here and there for being a pervert.

With Tsunade

She was currently taking a shower as she felt for anything in her body. She was nervous because it seems like Minato and her had sex last night. When she went through her memories she clearly remembers telling Minato that she would be more than happy to have a family with him! Tsunade slapped herself in the face blushing not believing she said that to him! Not only that she wanted to keep drinking with him last night to have a drinking partner! A DRINKING PARTNER! NOT A SEX PARTNER! Tsunade's memories came rushing back as she began to remember the positions they did. She knew full well that he came inside which she began to clean herself out with water jutsu. Soon the finished up, dried up, and changed into her clothes.

When she walked back into the room and realized that this wasn't her room and Minato stood there changed. However, with his hand in front of his eyes sweating profusely. Tsunade said, "If you mention to ANYONE! What happened here last night I swear I'll come back and castrate you myself! I'll do it with a rusty scalpel! DO YOU HEAR ME!" Tsunade screamed at Minato he shook his head not wanting to get castrated! With that Tsunade used a Shushin to get back to her room without no one knowing who she was with or that she was even there.

Minato stood there as he sat on the bed letting a sigh out holding his head. Minato didn't remember anything from last night. All he knew he had sex with Tsunade, and she threatened to castrate him if he said anything. Well, he had a lot to live for and he wasn't going to say anything about that.

Minato met up with Jiraiya a little later as Jiraiya came walking up with a sad expression on his face, "Jiraiya-Sensei what's wrong?" Asked the Yodaime Hokage.

"Ugh, I remember getting my clocked cleaned last night by Tsunade… I think I got robbed last night… ugh well, where were you?" Jiraiya looked at Minato wondering where he went.

"Well, I was." Minato went to answer not wanting Tsunade's wrath to rain upon him, he had to come up with a story.

Jiraiya saw the ruffled clothes he had on. His hair wasn't done nicely, granted it was a spiky and messy, Jiraiya could tell someone was playing with it. He seemed to glow a bit as if he got laid, Jiraiya knew that look on anyone. Jiraiya raised an eyebrow and leaned in and took a sniff, "Uhh Sensei what are you."

"YOU WERE WITH A GIRL! I KNEW IT!" Jiraiya said happily as he snapped his fingers.

"W-What? Sensei! I'm sorry, I-I can explain I-I." Minato was nervous and couldn't believe Jiraiya figured it out!

"What's there to explain! My start pupil got lucky! He got it on with a girl! Tell me! Who was it? Those cute girls walking by? Perhaps the bartender!? OOOOOO Minato who was it!?" Jiraiya began to elbow Minato in the side gently as he smirked perversely.

"Well, I mean… she was interesting." Minato was about to continue until an Anbu landed in front of them. He recognized it as Kakashi, "Oh Inu you have an update?"

"Yes Hokage-sama, the council has called for another meeting. They want to discuss the relations with Suna." Kakashi stayed on the ground kneeling.

Jiraiya sighs, "Fine tell me later brat, I probably need to go see my spy network anyways. You better tell me all about it later! I want to know WHO IT WAS!" Jiraiya shouted perversely as he disappeared.

Kakashi chuckled hoping Jiraiya was going to do 'research' but Kakashi had to stay in check as an Anbu. Minato sighed, "Well let's go." Kakashi grabbed hold onto Minato's shoulder as they Hiraishin to the village.

Month Later

Tsunade and Shizune finished a day up at the hospital in a small village just within the land of fire. Tsunade walked in with Shizune looking worriedly for her Sensei, "Tsunade-Sensei take it easy! You've been acting strangely this month. You sure your alright?"

Tsunade let a huff out and sighed, "Yeah I don't know what it is, I can mold chakra alright but I'm feeling resistance. Maybe even weaker than I usually do, well maybe it's the work and gambling. I'm going to take a shower." Tsunade let a sigh out as she head into the bathroom getting ready.

Tsunade made her way into the bathroom and began to wash her body. Just then she had a flashback of Minato and her that night. Tsunade began to let out a low growl, but then it hit her. It's been a month since then… this time she was letting herself naturally let her period go. Tsunade froze… she let her period go. Tsunade quickly showered and got dressed as she went into her room and sat on the bed. She was red in the face anxious and worried, "I-I can't b-be pregnant…i-it was only one night!? That's impossible! There's no way! NO WAY!"

Tsunade sat down on her bed and stared at her stomach clenching her teeth. She laid her hands on her stomach just below her bellybutton. She began to use the mystic palm jutsu to examine her uterus. She glided her hands over her stomach a bit as she felt nothing. Her anxiousness began to fade until she went to the right a bit more. Then suddenly felt a pink near the right side of her uterus. Tsunade froze as she hovered over the spot stopping her mystic palm jutsu, "SHIZUNE!" Tsunade screamed which followed with Shizune breaking her door down with her chakra blades ready to go.

"What's wrong Tsunade-Sensei? Enemy? Assassin? Perverts? Wait! Jiraiya!?" Shizune began to say random words as looked around the room. However, she did not find any broken windows or other chakra signatures in the room.

Tsunade looked like she was about to bawl her eyes out as Shizune looked at her confused, "Shizune… c-check my stomach please." Tsunade needs another person's opinion to make sure she wasn't going crazy.

Shizune confused walked over and knelt on her knees. She began to use the mystic palm jutsu to analyze her sensei. For a few seconds, she said, "I don't get it? Your stomach seems fine, so does your large and small intestines. Your liver is fine, and you haven't been drinking." Tsunade motioned her to go lower on her examination which confused Shizune a lot. Shizune went lower until she ran her chakra over something. There was a ping in her stomach… more specifically a chakra signature in her stomach. The only thing that came out of the Student of Tsunade was, "O-Oh my!"

Next Day

It was another casual day in Konoha, the sun shining, the trees swaying in the wind, birds chirping, and the kids laughing and playing. Also… the Yodaime Hokage sitting in his office doing paperwork, "Man this is so boring! Why did you become Hokage!" Jiraiya stretched on the couch in the Hokage office.

Minato chuckled, "It was my dream and I've achieved it, besides I'm still pretty happy with it." Minato wished there was another way to get this paperwork done quicker.

"You're doing just fine Minato-kun, you're a fine Hokage. I'm sure you'll do alright." Hiruzen sat in a separate chair reading Icha-Icha while smoking a pipe.

Minato placed a hand on his cheek as he signed off on another deed for the purchase of more land by a Merchant. The Anbu sitting around them as one with white spiky hair was reading the same book as the Sandaime Hokage. One Anbu whispered, "Man… I wish something interesting would happen." Boar said bored.

"Be careful about what you wish for Boar," Weasel replied with Dog nodding his head while reading his book.

"I know I just." Boar went to continue until the door to the Hokage Office was quickly smashed open.

From the smoke, everyone was standing up confused about the attack. Minato looked down to find one of his Anbu on the broken desk. His paperwork was everywhere along with all the Anbu who landed on the ground next to him. Ready to defend him to a moment notice, from the smoke clearing everyone heard a shouted.

"MINATO! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Tsunade screamed as she rolled back her sleeve.

"Wait Tsunade-Sensei you need to calm down," Shizune begged her Sensei to calm down since her blood pressure was at all-time highs than for any normal person, even than a normal Shinobi too.

"NO! I'LL CALM DOWN ONCE I KILL HIM!" Tsunade screamed as Jiraiya, Hiruzen, and Minato regained their composure. Even the Anbu were shaking a bit in their boots, they may be Anbu… but facing the wrath of Tsunade. A few of them would rather be put up against Madara Uchiha instead.

Jiraiya knowing Minato nothing wrong, "Tsunade-Hime I'm sure that Minato has done nothing wrong. If anything, I wish he has, but not against you. He has been inside the Hokage Office for a while." Jiraiya walked up placing a gentle hand on Tsunade's shoulder smiling pervertly at her. He said to himself, "I don't know if it's me… I swear her breasts seem bigger." Jiraiya said internally, but…

"YOU DAMN PERVERT!" Tsunade slammed her fist into Jiraiya's jaw sending him into the wall. Hiruzen sighed, Jiraiya always tended to let his perverted thoughts to be voiced accidentally.

Jiraiya stood up wobbly as Boar helped Jiraiya stand as Minato shook his head, "Tsunade-Hime I'm sure whatever happened."

Tsunade growled at Minato to make him stop talking. Tsunade went to move but weasel moved in front of the angry Tsunade, "I'm sorry Tsunade-sama but we can't let you harm Hokage-Sama." Weasel went to continue, but Tsunade glared and growled at him.


The Anbu backed up a bit and Weasel looked at his fellow Anbu and looked at Minato, "Sorry Hokage-sama but we like we're our parts are. I'm sure you can handle this." Weasel and the Anbu left the room.

Minato saw Itachi leave… one of his strongest Anbu along with Kakashi… "Damn cowards! I'll have their asses for their insubordination!" Minato slammed his hand on the corner of his desk.

Tsunade growled as she glared Minato then glared at Hiruzen, "SILENCING SEALS, PRIVATE SEALS NOW!" Tsunade screamed, without Hiruzen's or Minato's order the Anbu left. Causing the still conscious Jiraiya to fall into a chair, but he slowly stood up.

Jiraiya stood up as Minato walked over to keep him standing up. Hiruzen listened to Tsunade's orders placing up the privacy and silent seals. Hiruzen said, "Now Tsunade-chan could you." Hiruzen was cut off when Tsunade walked past him. Which made him stop talking.

Tsunade grabbed Minato by his collar, "YOU GOT ME PREGNANT, YOU BASTARD!"

"Huh." Minato had a blank white expression appear on his face with three black dots in the background.

Jiraiya and Hiruzen's jaw drop to the floor with Shizune shaking her head wondering how this all even happened. Following everything Minato presumably… passes out. Tsunade just sighed as she started to calm down. Hiruzen realizing the tension of this situation began to trying to ease it, "Uhhh Tsunade-chan are you for sure?"

Tsunade shot her sensei a dirty look, "What!? You saying I don't know my own body!? I don't know when someone is pregnant!?"

Hiruzen quickly put his hands up to defend himself, "Woah I didn't mean it like Tsunade-chan, I mean are you sure it was Mina." Hiruzen was cut off since Tsunade was getting tired of hearing his name.


"What? You never get drunk… at least not that badly Tsunade-Sensei." Shizune said very surprised with an equally surprised Hiruzen. Meanwhile, Jiraiya was still processing that his star student… Minato Namikaze slept with Tsunade… the most beautiful Kunoichi.

Soon Minato stood up as he felt he had a really bad dream. However, he looked up to realize that Tsunade was still there with the destroyed Hokage Office. Minato said nervously, "S-So… Tsunade-Hime are you sure it's mine…" Minato had a small smile appear on his face which Tsunade was a little surprised by it.

Tsunade blushed a bit, "Yes I am! I know you're the only one… person I've slept with since then." Tsunade then suddenly snapped, "DON'T YOU DARE SAY YOU WANT ME TO GET RID OF IT!"

Minato immediately answered without hesitation in his voice, "No! I'd never say that… actually… I'm pretty happy about it." Minato shyly rubbed the back of his head which turned into a grin on his face. Tsunade couldn't help but be remembered how much Minato looks like Dan with his grin. Minato turned to Hiruzen, to Jiraiya, Tsunade, and then Shizune, "If anything… I'm really happy… I've always wanted a family." Minato walked up to Tsunade as he gently grabbed Tsunade's hand and held them.

Tsunade couldn't help but blush as she turned her head away and removed her hand from Minato's grasp, "D-Don't think we're friends just because he is your child!"

Hiruzen couldn't help but tilt his head own a bit which was hiding out his face. He smiled happily, "This is good Tsunade-chan, this could help you recover. This could help you with your emotions after the loss of Dan and Nawaki."

Just then Jiraiya's brain finally began reboot, "What!? Huh? Wait… Minato!" Jiraiya ran over to Minato placing his hand on both of his shoulders, "YOU'RE TELLING ME YOU SLEPT WITH TSUNADE!?" Tsunade let a growl out along with Shizune, and Hiruzen could only let a sigh out.

"W-Well yeah… I did Sensei… I'm sorry I should have told you, but." Minato was stopped by Jiraiya.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? MAD!? I'M ECSTATIC! YOU NEED TO TELL ME EVERYTHING! WAS HER BEAUITFUL BAZONGAS ROUND AND PLUMP! WAS HE CHEEKS SOFT AND FIRM! WAS IT LIKE INSIDE! MAN! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GOT HER TO FALL FOR YOU! Guess that's why my manly charms never swayed her. I didn't know she was a cougar though." Jiraiya put this hands-on his chin, but then he lunged forward grabbing Minato by his shoulders, "OH! MORE IMPORTANTLY! DID THE CURTAINS MATCH THE DRAPES!" Jiraiya screamed on the top of his lung which an almost crazed perverted grin on his face. Also, with both of his nostrils with rivers of blood flowing from it.

Minato stared blankly at his perverted Sensei; he didn't remember anything at all thank god. Hiruzen just facepalmed as you heard Jiraiya… one of the Legendary Three Sannin…how the hell did he become one. Tsunade was enraged by this which completely ruined the moment, "YOU DAMN PERVERT!"

Then Tsunade proceeded to beat the living shit out of Jiraiya. Minato, Hiruzen, and Shizune watched Tsunade beat the Toad Sannin. If anything, Shizune would think that the pervert deserved it.

After a few minutes and a passed out Jiraiya as a bloody smear on the floor, "As I was saying, this is good news Tsunade-chan. I must ask what you will decide to do."

Tsunade could only sigh and think on that, "Well if anything I'm leaving obviously, but I'll come once I'm ready to give birth."

Before Tsunade could continue Hiruzen said, "Tsunade-chan if I may, once you arrive we'll make sure it's done in private. Very few will know of this, it will just be me, Jiraiya, Minato, and my wife Biwako. Shizune will be with you every step of the way."

Tsunade thought of it and nodded her head, "Fine that's fine by me, but once he is born, we're leaving. I'm not letting this village take anything more from me. Especially my child."

Minato was about to voice his opinion because he wants to be in the boy's life, but Hiruzen spoke up. "I agree with you, I think it's a good idea." Hiruzen nodded his head.

"What?" Jiraiya and Minato both said surprised.

"Well think about it, if people were to find out she is pregnant. The Village would talk non-stop about it, enemies would find out. Especially if people start asking for who his father is. A child of Tsunade and Minato, many would want to chase after your child, kill him, or use them for their benefits. It's important that he would remain a secret." Hiruzen spoke exactly what Tsunade would want to do.

Minato nodded his head about it and agreed, "Yeah that is the best course of action. To keep our kid safe… so you should take this in case you need me." Minato handed Tsunade a Hiraishin Kunai.

Tsunade accepted the gift and let a sigh out, "I'll be around the land of Fire. You can come in and visit but give us a heads up." Tsunade signaled Shizune that they were leaving and Hiruzen let the seals down. Once they left Hiruzen placed them back up as he turned to Minato.

Minato soon sat down at his chair and looked at his broken desk. Jiraiya this time knew not to say something stupid, "So kid… what's it feel like?"

Minato deadpanned, "My emotions, Tsunade, or me being a father." Minato wondered if his Sensei was being real here. Jiraiya felt hurt, "I'M HURT! Do you think that low of me!?" Jiraiya said offended.

Hiruzen and Minato both shot him a look of disappointment and Jiraiya quickly waved his hands in his defense, "I know…. In all seriousness though… how does it feel to know that you going to be a father."

Minato smiled, "I-I almost see it as a dream, but I'll be there for Tsunade. I don't know how she feels about it, but I don't regret that night. I don't want my child to think it was a mistake or anything like that. I wanted a child… Tsunade is going to help me with that. I'm going to contact Shin-san on my bank account. He has been a trusted accountant that I've known since a kid. I'll only inform him, but I'll make sure that is done here. I'll make a linked account with the Senju account since Tsunade manages that. She can deposit money from my account to hers when she needs it. I'll inform Shin that Tsunade has access to my account if she needs it for non-gambling reasons."

"Ahh yes, Shin-kun I've heard how well of an account he is. If I remember correctly your one of his secret clients am I right?" Hiruzen asked as Minato nodded his head signaling that Kami of Shinobi was correct.

Jiraiya smiled, "Already lookout for her already! Man Minato you know how to pick them! First that cute redhead, then Tsunade! Man! Even the bartender and those other ladies looked at you!"

Minato had a small smile appear on his face, "Well let's just keep the secret between us. Shin will only know of the linked accounts; he won't know that Tsunade and I are having a child. Just say it's an agreement and a bet I lost. So, I help out with Tsunade's debts, but not to help her gamble more." Minato chuckled as he stared at the window as he said, "I'm going to be a Tou-san."

Hiruzen chuckled as he sat back down on his couch as he lowered the privacy and silence seals. He smirked as he relit his pipe in his mouth, "Minato-kin I'm so happy for you… Tsunade-chan I'm glad you have something to rekindle that lost fire in you. I'm sure Dan-kun and Nawaki-kun are quite happy for you. Don't worry Hashirama-Sensei and Tobirama-Sensei… I'll make sure the new heir to your clan lives on… your legacy… your clan… Tsunade's life and will continue."

With Tsunade and Shizune

Tsunade, Shizune, and Tonton left the gates of Konoha while Kotetsu and Izumo said goodbye to them. However, all they got was a simple grunt by Tsunade and wave and Oink by Shizune and Tonton. The three left quickly not wanting to cause too much attention even after Tsunade stomped her way into Konoha. Izumo said, "I told you to be careful on what you wish for."

"Hey, I just thought things were getting boring. I didn't ask for Tsunade-sama to bring hell upon a man… which makes me wonder. I hope a certain Toad Sannin is still alright." Kotetsu rubbed the back of his head.

Time Skip Three and half Months

Tsunade has now been four and a half months pregnant. Today she was going to find out what it was with the help with Shizune. Tsunade had routine checkups in the beginning almost every day, and Shizune was more than happy to monitor the baby's progress. Everyday Shizune told Tsunade that his chakra signature was getting stronger every day. Today Minato, Jiraiya, and Hiruzen arrived via Hiraishin thanks to Minato. Currently, they were all in a hidden cabin built by Hashirama for his and his family to escape for vacations.

Hiruzen smiled, "You excited Minato-kun?" The elderly Kage looked at the father to be.

Minato said excitedly, "I-I really can't wait, I know I'm the yellow flash. I just wish I could flash this gender reveal already. I-I almost kinda want a little girl… I want a little princess to spoil. Of course, it's just a preference if it's a boy, girl, sheep, cow, or even a dragon. I'd love that child because it's mine… and err well also Tsunade's." Minato chuckled sheepishly.

"Yeah! I can't wait Minato! I bet your kid is going to be one hell of a looker! If it's a boy, he gonna be a total chick magnet! If it's a girl! I bet she gonna grow up just like her mother!" Jiraiya said with a hint of perverseness behind it.

Minato this time turned into a true father, "Jiraiya-Sensei… if I ever learn my little girl catches you peeping on her in the bath. Say weird things to get her to get with a boy anytime soon, your going to wish that Fugaku was your star pupil." Minato glared at Jiraiya causing him to sweat as Hiruzen chuckled as Minato's attitude. Though it's true, never come between a parent and its child.

Tsunade came walking in nervously waiting to hear the news as well. Shizune has kept the places they weren't clean and spotless. Made sure there were no stains, dirt, grime, mold, and anything else that could make a place look dirty. If there were issues, they'd leave or Shizune would chew out the hotel for giving them a crappy room. Of course, Tsunade has begun to use a Genjutsu to alter her stomach making her as if she wasn't pregnant. So there hasn't been an issue with anyone thinking that there was something different about it.

Tsunade looked over at the happy Minato as he sent her a smile, "Can't wait Tsunade-Hime, I'm excited!" Tsunade smiled back and replied, 'Yeah I am too.' Tsunade found it a little weird that she was pregnant with a guy who was almost thirty years younger than her.

Soon Shizune came walking in, she was happy, giggle, excited, and had an exciting aura around her! Shizune walked over with Tonton following her, Tonton had a little chakra scroll on her back. Tonton walked over to Shizune and said, "Oink! Oink!" Shizune giggled as she translated, "Open the scroll."

Tsunade excitedly reached over and opened the scroll. However, nothing was on it as Tsunade looked at Shizune confused, "What?" Tsunade showed her the scroll.

"Send chakra into it!" Shizune clapped happily for her master as she couldn't help but scream in excitement. She always wanted to be a big sister, she originally asked if being the kid's aunt was alright. However, Tsunade suggested that Shizune should be the big sister instead. Shizune isn't that old and being a big sister would be better for her.

Tsunade placed her hand on the scroll and sent her chakra into, just then the scroll reacted to her chakra. The entire scroll from top to bottom turned blue, "IT'S A BOY!" Tsunade screamed happily as she shot to her feet and held the scroll close to her chest.

Hiruzen smirked happily, Jiraiya chuckled patting Minato on the back, and Minato stood up happily as he walked over to her. Minato placed his hand on Tsunade's shoulders and said, "Tsunade-Hime I just want to say thank you for doing this. I know I'm not Dan and your lover or anything. I'm not saying I don't love you, but thank you, thank you for giving me the chance at being a parent." Minato couldn't help but place a sweet kiss on Tsunade's forehead. He then proceeded to bring her into a hug which Tsunade blushed and didn't argue against.

Tsunade said, "Don't get used to this, I'm allowing it because you're the father. I'm not going to deny him knowing that you love him." Tsunade allowed the Yodaime Hokage to hug her if anyone else would have tried to. She would have sent them flying into next week, but Minato… he was an exception.

After some eating sandwiches and Sake, but Shizune forbid Tsunade from drinking while pregnant. The good thing is Tsunade was okay with that, so as a substitute she drinks soda. So, everyone else, besides Tsunade, Shizune, and Minato drank Sake. It was just a small party between family, that day Jiraiya was appointed Godfather, Hiruzen Jiji, and Shizune was already given Nee-chan status.

Time Skip Three and Half Months

It's been a total of eight months with Tsunade and Shizune prepping for the coming of the new Senju. With a lot of persuasions, research, and how everyone, when I mean everyone, I mean Tsunade, felt about it. Minato wanted to name their son Naruto from Jiraiya's non-pervy book, 'The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi'. There was a small somewhat could be called a Baby shower where Shizune, Biwako, Minato, Jiraiya, and Hiruzen put together for Tsunade. There were baby clothes bought, toys, books, even plushie kunai and shuriken for the new baby.

At the end of the shower, there was a topic that was brought up, "So, which reminds me Tsunade-Hime are you going to allow Naruto to become Ninja?" Jiraiya asked since he wanted to know.

Tsunade let a huff out and said, "Well I won't force him, if he doesn't want to be a ninja then I won't force him. If anything, I'm raising him like a normal child, I don't want him to have to go through all that. If he doesn't want to then I won't force him to!"

Minato scratched his cheek since he was hoping his kid would want to be. Though if his kid doesn't want to be a Shinobi well there was no stopping him, "Uhh Tsunade I must ask though… will you raise him in Konoha… or are you going to."

"No! I'm not staying in Konoha that place has taken too much from me! Over my dead drunken body will I allow that to happen!" Tsunade snarled as Minato backed up scratching his head.

"I-I see… well, I'll make sure to stop by every day to visit." Minato just wanted to make sure he got that scenario figured out.

Tsunade let a sigh out, "Though… I suppose stopping once in a while in secret towards Konoha is alright. Though you'll have to excuse your Anbu though, Naruto needs to be kept a secret."

Minato nodded his head, "Well yea… I see then."

Hiruzen chuckled, "It's okay Minato-kun I'm sure you'll do just fine."

Scene Shift (Which is also the Month Time Skip)

"ARGRG!" *CRUNCH* "OWWWW! TSUNADE-HIME! MY HAND!" Minato buckled on his knees as Tsunade crushed his hand in her hand.

"YOU DID THIS TO ME MINATO! YOU! YOU GOT ME PREGNANT!" Tsunade screamed as Shizune was making sure the baby was coming out alright.

"I see the head Tsunade-Sensei you're almost there!" Shizune was monitoring her vitals, her blood levels, and her heartbeat. Biwako was exchanging out wet towels to keep Tsunade's temp down. Currently, the group were in a secluded area, a hidden place kept in secret with Minato's most trusted Anbu to keep him guard; Inu and Weasel. Even they didn't know the true reason, but Minato just told them to guard the entrance not allowing anyone in.

Within a few more minutes of pushing soon, there was a shout of relief from Tsunade. Once Tsunade let go of Minato's crushed and now healed hand, thanks to Shizune. Minato looked at Hiruzen, "Sure Minato… You'll do just fine." Minato mocked Hiruzen using his voice as Hiruzen chuckled rubbing the back of his head.

Soon there was a cry of happiness, "Ahhh here he is! Little Naruto-kun is brought to the world! Super healthy and already is strong!" Shizune smiled as she held the sleeping Naruto in her arms. Shizune's finger was being death gripped by baby Naruto.

Tsunade smiled as she stretched her arms out, "Shizune bring him here, I want to see my Naru-chan." Tsunade said in a gentle and motherly voice. Shizune brought her son to her, Tsunade received her child happily as she brought him to her face. Tsunade smiled, "Oh my little Naru-chan, my precious Naruto. I promise you; I'll protect you no matter what." Tsunade placed a kiss on his head as baby Naruto seemed to smile and snuggle deeper into her hold. Naruto recognized the voice of his mother and the lady who was Shizune.

Minato walked over as Tsunade handed Naruto to him, "Wow he is so beautiful… looks like me, but if you look closer. He looks like you." Minato chuckled as he traced his hand on Naruto's cheek. Naruto had blonde spiky hair; his hair resembled Minato's a lot. Though Naruto's hair color was more Tsunade's blonde. Naruto had much fairer skin than Minato's and resembled Tsunade's.

After a few more minutes Tsunade continued to coo and cuddle at her little Naruto. Hiruzen had to admit, he has never seen her smile this much before. Jiraiya was even happy to see his teammate smile. Biwako relaxed in the arms of Hiruzen as they both watched the baby Naruto being cradled in his mother's arms. Tsunade began to feel a bit tired as she rubbed her eyes, "Tsunade-Sensei I'm going to give you a sedative to help you relax and sleep. Your body has lost a bit more blood than usual, but you should be fine."

Tsunade nodded her head as she handed Naruto to Shizune, "No one is allowed to touch him unless I'm awake. Unless it's you but no one else even Minato."

"Eh, but he is the father, I'm sorry Tsunade-Sensei is allowed to do so," Shizune smirked as Tsunade rolled her eyes and relaxed to get some sleep.

Minato chuckled and decided to respect Tsunade's wishes unless it was necessary. Minato went outside with Jiraiya, and Hiruzen to get some air. Minato looked at the night sky and smiled, "Hokage-sama is everything alright?" Weasel asked kneeling in front of Minato.

"Yes, it is Weasel." Just then Minato was cut off when Inu landed in front.

"Hokage-sama the Kyuubi… is has appeared in the village." Inu said with hesitation and worry on his face.

Minato, Jiraiya, Hiruzen, and Weasel felt the massive chakra as well. Minato grits his teeth as he growled, "N-No… now!? Why now of all times!? Hiruzen, Jiraiya, Weasel, and Inu go aid the Shinobi!" Weasel and Inu left the scene once Minato ordered them to do so.

"Minato! What are you going to do?" Jiraiya asked as Minato stared at the ground.

Minato shook his head, "Protecting the village and protecting Tsunade and Naruto." Hiruzen and Jiraiya nodded their heads, they knew convincing him would be impossible. When it came to protecting the village and the people he cared about. There is no stopping or changing his mind. Jiraiya and Hiruzen left sprinting towards the other Shinobi with a worried look on their faces. Hiruzen said to himself, "Minato-kun you are the finest Hokage we've ever had. I'm proud to have given you the hat after me. I'll make sure no matter what happens your son WILL LIVE"

Jiraiya was nervous and knew what Minato was going to do, "Minato… you've been the best student I've ever had. Once your brat starts training, I'm sure he will be a chip off the old block. I-I'm proud to have called you my student."

With Minato

Minato walked back inside the secret med room where Shizune looked at Minato confused, "Hokage-sama what's wrong?"

Biwako was nervous as well as she saw that Hokage look, "Minato-kun… what's going on?"

Minato said, "The Kyuubi No Yoko has appeared and attacked the village… something has happened to Kushina-chan… if the Kyuubi was taken from her. She'll die and I can't get the Kyuubi back in her. If… she is alive, but if she isn't I need a new person to hold it. Sadly… it has to be a baby." Minato walked over to Shizune as she stepped in front of him.

"Okay, I'm putting my foot down! No! As Naru-chan's big sister NO! I'm not letting you turn him into a Jinchuriki! You know how they're treated! I didn't know Kushina was the Jinchuriki! BUT STILL! I WON'T! TSUNADE-SENSEI WOULD ALSO DISAGREE!" Shizune growled at the Hokage but Minato didn't budge, nor did he flinch.

Minato was unaffected as he said, "Shizune-san as your current Hokage I order you to step aside. I need to protect my village, I'm sure Tsunade and you… can take care of Naruto on your own." Minato walked passed her as Shizune was outranked by Minato and could do very little. "I-I'm sorry Tsunade-Sensei… I tried."

Biwako placed a hand on Shizune's shoulder, "It's okay dear… Minato if please try to come back. I know what Kushina taught you… don't do it unless there is no other way." Biwako knows of this because Hiruzen learned the technique as well.

Minato smiled, "No promises… Shizune… take care of my little boy." Minato lifted his boy up from his little bed and held him close. Minato smiled as he watched his boy sleep in his arms, "This is the last time I hold you… Naruto." Minato went to leave as he gave Shizune a quick hug before leaving, "Tell Tsunade I'm sorry." Minato disappeared in a flash since Hiruzen held one of his kunai.

With Hiruzen and the rest of the Shinobi of the Leaf

Minato arrived with Naruto in his arms, "Hiruzen what's your status."

Hiruzen in his battle outfit and Adamantine Staff, "Not good many have already died, Jiraiya, Inu, and Weasel are doing what they can."

Minato smiled, "It's okay… I'm going to do what I'm supposed to. Take care Hiruzen, watch over Naruto for me."

"You know I could do it." Hiruzen looked at Minato as Minato shook his head.

"He is my son… this is my village. I need to do this." Like that Minato disappeared in a flash as Hiruzen was about to knock Minato out and do it himself.

Hiruzen let a sigh out, "Minato-kun… you've been a great leader… better than I ever was." Hiruzen went forward to continue keeping the Kyuubi at bay.

Minato arrived in a clearing and set Naruto down gently to make sure he was safe. Minato looked around and saw Kushina alive and fighting. He ran towards her to find a black hole in her stomach. She was fending off a person with a black cloak, black chains, and mask with tiger stripes and a single right eye. Minato quickly appeared above the man with a Rasengan sending it into his back. Just then the man fell to the ground injured. Kushina said, "A-About damn t-time you arrived." Kushina let out huffs and puffs as she was nearly dead herself.

Minato frowned, "I'm sorry I couldn't get there in time. You think I can try to seal the Kyuubi into you again?" Minato looked at her worried.

"Fourth Hokage." The man said as the two looked at him just then the guy disappeared in a swirl.

Thanking the threat was gone Kushina fell to the ground as she coughed up blood, "Kushina-chan are you alright!?" Minato quickly knelt to her worriedly.

Kushina coughed blood up as she revealed a stab wound through her left chest cavity, "I-I don't think *Coughs of up blood* I-I have much strength t-to do so."

Minato laid her down as Kushina smiled, "I-I'm sorry I couldn't get in here in time." Minato looked down upset.

Kushina smiled, "I-I'm g-glad you're here now… b-before I go… I want you to know that. I-I still love you… I-I d-decided that I did want a family… w-with you." Kushina smiled letting out a few tears that when down her cheeks as she breathed her last breath.

Minato was taken back by this and smiled, "I-I still loved you too Kushina-chan… I'll explain everything once I'm there with you." Minato stood up and ran towards his son in the bush. Minato summoned the alter and then proceed to go through the hand seals. Minato looked at his son on the altar and smirked, "You're my son Naruto… I know I can handle the Kyuubi's power. You not only have Jiraiya, but also the blood of a Senju and an Uzumaki in you. I'm sure you can handle his power… I believe in you my son." Minato finished up the hand seals and said Reaper Death Seal! (Shiki Fūjin)

Next Day

Morning broke on a sad day as Tsunade woke up not finding her child next to her. She sat up and looked around, "Shizune! Shizune! Where is Naruto! Where is my baby!?"

Shizune came walking in hearing her Sensei call for her, "Oh Tsunade-Sensei I have him right here." Shizune walked in with a nervous smile on her face.

Tsunade happily took her child back and cooed and tickled her little boy. He was awake, grabbing the air with his hands and smiling, "Ahhh who is my cute little Naru-chan! Who is it!? It is you! My little Naru-chan! That's you! Yes, you are! Yes, you are!" Tsunade placed a sweet kiss on Naruto's cheek as he continues to smile and move his hands in the air.

Soon Hiruzen and Jiraiya came walking in, Jiraiya was holding Minato's Hokage hate. Tsunade looked up confused, "What's going on… where is Minato?"

Jiraiya walked forward and handed it Hiruzen as he placed it back on his head, "Last night Hime, the Kyuubi attacked the village. Many lives were lost including Kushina who held the Kyuubi. Minato was unable to save her and reseal the Kyuubi in her. So… Minato… had to."

"NO! HE DID NOT! HE DID NOT SEAL THAT THING INTO MY BABY!" Tsunade screamed angrily as baby Naruto began to cry at the screaming, "Ohhh shhh shhh shhh Kaa-chan isn't mad at you Naru-chan. It's okay, it's okay." Tsunade got Naruto to calm down and fall asleep again. She let a huff out, "Where is he! I'll kill him! You know exactly how bad Jinchurikis are treated! Why! Why his son! My son!"

Jiraiya shook his head, "He couldn't ask a family to give up their child for something like this. If anything, he do it to his child. He knew what he was doing." Jiraiya let a lone tear out the corner of his eye, "S-Sealing the Kyuubi killed him… he used the Reaper Death Seal (Shiki Fūjin) so he sacrificed his life to seal the Kyuubi into Naruto." Jiraiya looked down dejected at the loss of his star pupil. He was like a son to Jiraiya… a child he never got to have in life.

Tsunade wasn't going to press any further since she knows the feeling of losing someone close. Tsunade then said, "I'm leaving this village, I won't let anyone know he is the Kyuubi Jinchuriki. I won't let anyone know he is my and Minato's son. I won't let it be… Naru-chan is going to live a life like a child. Not an outcast… not viewed as a monster. I can't let that happen."

Hiruzen nodded his head, "I agree, actually I wholeheartedly agree. Naruto-kun would be treated as such, but I'm sure you and Shizune can raise him right. I just hope you'll keep sending me updates when you can." Hiruzen smiled hopefully, all he wanted was to make sure Naruto stayed safe. It was the least he could do for Minato.

Jiraiya even agreed, "Yeah… I won't bother you anymore… just promise me that I can come to see my godson once in a while. I-I uhh just need some time to think." The Toad Sage soon left the room surprising Tsunade and Shizune.

Hiruzen couldn't help but let a sigh out, "I'm taking the position back as Hokage again, I'll let everyone in the village know Minato-kun sacrificed himself to help kill the Kyuubi. No one will know there is a Jinchuriki, they won't even know you were here. Don't worry about funds or anything, Minato had a channel between your accounts for money. Just make sure to send a slug summon to me if you need any. Please take care Tsunade-chan, you too Shizune. Just keep in touch this time okay?" Hiruzen sent them a half-smile of hope as they nodded their heads at the old Kage. With that, he left the secret med bay that was just outside of Konoha. As for Biwako, she was already back at home waiting for him to return.

Before they knew it Tsunade, Shizune, Tonton, and Naruto found themselves along. Shizune said, "It seems the village took a hard hit. Jiraiya-sama… I've never seen him so down before." Shizune was worried about the pervert. Granted he was a pervert but losing someone close to you is not easy.

"Shizune tell me… you tried to stop Minato, right? From making Naru-chan a Jinchuriki right?" Tsunade said with her hair covering her face.

"Of course! I didn't want him to be one! H-However, he ordered me to step aside… as the Hokage." Shizune said upset that her Sensei would be mad.

"I-It's okay." Tsunade finished dressing as she brought Naruto back up to her chest to hold him tight. She gave him a gentle squeeze, "I'll raise you and so will Shizune Naruto… I'll protect you… I'll love you with every fiber in my being." Tsunade lifted her head from Naruto's cheek as she glared in the distance, "Tch… damn you Minato… you did this to my son." Tsunade said nothing more as Shizune picked up Tonton and the small Senju family dashed out of the secret area.

Near the End of the Day

Tsunade, Shizune, Tonton, and Naruto arrive at a small town that was a few miles south of Konoha. Tsunade and Shizune used transformation jutsu to hide their appearances. For the first night, they took turns making sure Naruto was alright. Tsunade fed him before, using the natural way, and he fell asleep for the rest of the night. Granted the two would continue taking care of Naruto like this for the rest of the week. After a week, Naruto showed that he was a good sleeper and never woke up in the middle of the night. So, Tsunade would feed him up to four or even six times a day.

Shizune was there to help a lot too, she helps with the small things. Cleaning Naruto up, clearing the table, or prepping his highchair. Besides that, he was either awake in Shizune's or Tsunade's arms with them entertaining him. Also, Tonton interested in their new traveling friend, she immediately took a liking to the young Naruto. Naruto seemed to like the pet pig of the family.

Time Skip 9 Months (Naruto's Age Nine Months)

Tsunade, Shizune, Naruto, and Tonton travel just about everywhere around the land of fire. They stopped at many and multiple villages, towns, or small cities. Jiraiya would stop by a few times month. Though it bothered Tsunade a bit as Jiraiya would only stop maybe four or five times a month. Jiraiya wasn't exactly Jiraiya since Minato died, she knew it hurt him bad. Though every time Jiraiya would visit. Tsunade saw some of Jiraiya's old self-return. Her Naruto, Naruto just had this aura that helped change others for the better. It did it for her, well why couldn't Naruto help change Jiraiya for the better. Even if he was a baby and couldn't do much.

It was just another normal day with Tsunade, Shizune, Tonton, and Naruto in their little house they had. They were just in another normal village, the four were relaxing as Naruto was listening to Shizune. Shizune was reading a book to Naruto, 'The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi', granted Naruto knew none of the words he enjoyed listening to his Nee-chan tell him stories, "Hey Shizune I'm going to get changed for bed, you start getting Naru-chan ready too."

"Hai Tsunade-Sensei, come on Naru-chan it's time for bed." Shizune placed the book down and picked Naruto up and began to change him into his Pjs.

Tsunade came back with Shizune going to change as well. Tsunade found Naruto sitting on her bed clapping his hands happily, "Bah! Bah! Bah!"

Tsunade giggled at Naruto's antics, "Yes, it's time for bed okay Naru-chan!" Tsunade picked him up and got ready to place him in the bed.

Naruto just then said, "Ka…ka!" Naruto's hands moved to Tsunade's cheeks.

"W-What!?" Tsunade said with her cheeks smooshed between Naruto's hands.

"Kaa! Kaa! Kaa-chan!" Naruto smiled happily as she let go of Tsunade's cheeks.

"YES! YES! That's it Naru-chan! Kaa-chan! Kaa-chan!" Tsunade shouted happily as Shizune came running inside to hear Naruto calling Tsunade Kaa-chan.

"What! Is he speaking! Is he!" Shizune said excitedly.

"Say it one more time! Come on Naru-chan!" Tsunade wanted to make sure she wasn't going crazy.

"Kaa… Kaa." Naruto mumbled out as he put his lips again together to and moved his tongue, "Kaa! Kaa-chan!" He said again as he threw his hands into the air giggling as Tsunade and Shizune praised him even more for speaking.

It took them a while to get Naruto to start saying anything. Naruto was only nine months, which relatively the right time where he can say small words. Though walking was one they were hoping to get him to start doing soon too, "Come on Naru-chan! Can you say Nee-san!" Shizune was hopeful as Naruto stared at her blankly.

"Kaa-chan!" Naruto shouted while looking at Shizune.

"Awww come on Nee-chan or even Nee-san!" Shizune said using her lips and tongue to show Naruto. However, Naruto began to drift off to sleep as the two ladies tried to get him to say Nee-san or Nee-chan.

Tsunade chuckled as Shizune shook her head, "Well Shizune we'll work on it. Nee-san isn't that far off from Kaa-chan."

"Yeah, your right Sensei, well with Naruto beginning to talk. Well, soon he'll be able to start walking." Shizune giggled, "Well let's head to bed we're leaving again, tomorrow right?"

"Yes, we are but ya know it's the same old usual. Which reminds me…" Tsunade laid Naruto in his crib. They left the room as Naruto fell asleep. Tsunade made her way over towards a bottle of sake on the table.

Shizune crossed her arms, "Sensei… you can't drink!"

Tsunade remembered, "Dammit! I miss drinking!" Tsunade began to cry anime tears as Shizune sighed.

Time Skip Two Months (Naruto's Age: 11 Months)

"Kaa-chan!" Naruto shouted from his playpen.

Tsunade came walking into the room after hearing her son call him, "Naru-chan what are you doing you, silly little boy?" Tsunade said with a giggle behind her voice.

Currently, Naruto was in his playpen as he grabbed on the sidebars of the fence. He turned his head vertical to match the bars of the fence. He had his eyes appear from the spaces in between the fencing itself. Naruto continued to giggle as he moved his eyes from behind the bar of the fence to the open space. Naruto let out some baby blabs, giggles, and saliva squeals, "Ahahaha Kaa-chan! Pick Up!" Naruto said as stood up using the fence as help.

"Oh my god! Naru-chan! You stood up!" Tsunade ran over as she scooped her little boy up in the air, "Oh good boy! You're getting so strong!"

Soon Shizune came walking in, "Hey Sensei! Naruto! How are you two doing?" Shizune then suddenly heard oink from Tonton, "Ops you too Tonton."

Naruto pointed at Tonton and said, "Ton! Ton!"

"Yes! That's right Naruto!" Shizune ran over to hear her little brother, "Can you say Nee-chan!"

Naruto giggled as he clapped his hands together, "Kaa-chan! Kaa-chan!" Naruto never said many things other than, pick up, Kaa-chan, no, yes, and well now Ton.

"It's okay Shizune, we'll get there. Look at this." Tsunade set Naruto down as he was on all fours. Naruto didn't like being on all fours. Naruto put his hands on the ground flat extending his arms out. He stuck his butt in the air with his legs extended out. Naruto pushed off with his arms as he began to stand up, "Look! He is standing on his own! That was so quick!" Tsunade said excitedly.

Naruto looked up to see his mother smiling happily at him, "Ahahah! Kaa-chan!" Naruto began to waddle forward a couple of inches until he lost balance, but he was able to grab the hem of Tsunade's shirt.

"Good boy!" Tsunade ruffled Naruto's hair as he smiled and laugh back.

"Come here Naruto! Come to Nee-chan!" Shizune knelt with her arms open.

Naruto turned his hand and giggled as he turned around and tried to walk again. Naruto began to slowly walk forward, he slowly let go of Tsunade's hem of her shirt as he began to walk on his own, "Wow he is learning so quickly!" Tsunade said impressed.

"Yeah, he is!" Shizune was ready to leap at a moment's notice if he were to lose balance. However, Naruto made it to Shizune as she picked up and twirled him in the air, "Good job! Good boy Naru-chan! Good boy!"

"Yeaaa! Pick up! Pick up!" Naruto shouted as Shizune made him fly like a bird.

"Well, it seems the brat is taking after his parents." Jiraiya chuckled as he made his way through the window.

"Ahhh great the pervert is here. What? Came to peek on the women in the hot springs for your crappy book?" Tsunade raised an eyebrow at Jiraiya.

"Well, I have you know my books are not crap! I have plenty of adoring fans! They are also works of art!" Jiraiya shot back, but he then relaxed and chuckled, "Well anyways I went ahead and stopped by to say hi." Jiraiya walks over to Naruto as Shizune let him down to stand on his own.

Jiraiya smiled as he decided to do his special entrance for Naruto, "Listen Naruto!" Jiraiya got to a spacey are in the house and began to hop on his right foot a few times, "The title of "Frog Hermit" is merely a disguise!" Jiraiya plants his left foot in front of his right leg. While also having his right hand in the back open, and his left hand extended out, "I shall tell you my true identity!" Jiraiya grabs the side parts of his hair with both of his hands. He began to turn his head counterclockwise, "I am the man who has no enemies in the North, South, East, and West." Jiraiya then threw his giant scroll behind him in the air with his right hand up to his mouth in a half tiger seal, "Not even the heavens! I am one of the Sannin!" Jiraiya then appeared on a puff of smoke with an orange frog with blue markings around his eyes, "White-haired frog tamer!" Jiraiya then stepped off on his right foot with both arms extended outwards, "Even a crying baby would stare in awe… the great Jiraiya!" Jiraiya slammed his left foot in front again as he slightly tilted his head. His right arm still extended to the side and his left arm in front, "That is me! Jiraiya!" Jiraiya finally finished.

"Ahahahah!" Naruto clapped his hands as he laughed and pointed at Jiraiya, "P-Pervert!"

Jiraiya comically fell to the ground and shot back up, "You little brat!"

"Ahahaha!" Tsunade walked over and scooped up her little boy, "That's my boy! Been raising him right!"

"Raising him right my ass!" Jiraiya shouted angrily, "He shouldn't be calling his awesome, amazingly handsome, and complete lady-magnet of a godfather-like that!"

"Ahahaah pervert!" Naruto said again as Tsunade praised him for it.

"Ha! HE even knows it! Naruto is just a baby!" Tsunade smirked as Jiraiya had a stormy cloud appear above his head. Shizune just couldn't help at how smart Naruto already is.

"Anyways! I resent that remark about being a pervert! I'm not a pervert!" Jiraiya crossed his arms and smirked, "I'm a super pervert!" He put his hand in the air and formed a fist and shook his proudly.

"Super pervert… pervert… what's the difference." Tsunade said with a deadpanned voice.

"Hmp! Well anyways… Tsunade we need to talk in private." Jiraiya's demeanor changed as Tsunade also seemed to change as well.

The two went outside as Shizune went to prep Naruto for dinner. Tsunade had to ask, "There any good news?"

Jiraiya sighed, "The only good news I can give you is he has your and Minato's gene which will make him a powerful Shinobi one day." Jiraiya scratched the back of his nervous for Naruto and how Tsunade will react.

Tsunade had to ask, "What's the bad news." Tsunade did not like where this was going. "Most of the time he came just to say hi or visit Naruto. Wait… he said that he has yours and Minato's gene." "Wait… you don't mean the news is about Naruto!"

Jiraiya nodded his head, "I've only just heard of it from my spies. I heard that they're a group of rogue Shinobi that are S-Class. Yes, I know you and I could kill or even hold one of them off. However, they've been traveling in pairs so taking them down would be hard. They're still small and recruiting more Shinobi to join their aid. I don't know their plan or anything, but I've learned a valuable piece of information. It demands that Naruto become a Shinobi whether you like it or he likes it or not."

"Jiraiya what do you mean? Who are they? What do they look like? What does this have to do with Naruto being a Shinobi or not!?" Tsunade growled at this, like hell these people were going to come after her especially her Naruto.

"They're known as the Akatsuki, you'll know what they'll look like. The Akatsuki wear long, black cloaks with red clouds, a red interior, and a chin-high collar. Some members to cross out the symbol on their forehead protectors to symbolize the severed ties with their former villages, though some opt not to wear a forehead protector at all. All members also wear nail polish on their fingers and toenails. When traveling, members sometimes wear conical straw hats with small ornamental torques and tassels hanging down over their faces, possibly to go unnoticed by the general population as most are S-class criminals." Jiraiya stated with his arms crossed as he looked at the setting sun.

Tsunade was angry to hear this but it hit her, "W-Wait… you didn't say what's their reasoning? Their goal?"

"Currently they're collecting bounties and turning them in for money to help support their group. However, I've heard rumors that their other goal is collecting all the Bijuu. As of right now I sent a summon to Hiruzen to warn him." Jiraiya looked at Tsunade with a serious face, "Tsunade on this I cannot take a no as an answer from you. No way, Naruto's life is already in danger I won't let Minato's son die. No, I already failed him once, I won't do it again."

Tsunade had her arms crossed while her hands gripped their opposite arm's bicep. She clenched her teeth, "D-Damn you Minato! You did this! You made Naruto the Kyuubi no Yoko Jinchuriki! Dammit! Now there's an S-Class group after the other Bijuus!? Dammit!" Tsunade just wanted Naruto to live a simple life even if he wanted to become a Shinobi. Not like this, not to be hunter sought after. Tsunade turned to go inside, "I need a drink… I'm sure you'll need one."


Shizune realized it took the two a while and began to worry. Naruto already fell asleep in the highchair after Shizune gave him some baby food, mashed up bananas to be precise. Shizune watched as Tsunade walked over towards the refrigerator and pulled out two bottles of Sake, "Tsunade-Sensei what's going on?"

"Let me explain." Jiraiya proceeded to explain everything he told Tsunade to Shizune.

"I-I'm going to need one too." Shizune got up to join the two while she rolled up her sleeve. She swiped some blood over some seals and out came four more Sake bottles and put them in the refrigerator, "I think we're going to need more than one bottle though."

"I'll say," Jiraiya added.

"This is going to be a long night." Tsunade poured their saucers and one herself and the three began their long discussion.

With Hiruzen

Hiruzen just put the scroll down he read from Jiraiya. He rubbed the bridge between his nose and sighed, "Dammit." Hiruzen lit the scroll of fire getting rid of the evidence.

"Everything alright Hokage-sama?" Weasel asked from his usual hiding spot.

"I'm getting too old for this crap… Jiraiya causes an uproar in a hot spring not too far from Konoha. Goddammit, I need some weed." Hiruzen pulled out his pipe and sighed, he stopped and said, "Any you guys want a blunt?" Hiruzen pulled out some paper and a baggie with the weed in it.

"Bitchin I'm down." Boar jumped down along with a few other Anbu with an exception of Inu, Weasel, and Neko.

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