Call to Action, Answers to Oneself

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Last Chapter

"R-really! Are you guys for real! *sniff* This isn't a joke right!?" Yui said with warm tears running down her gentle cheeks. Yui dug her face deeper into Naruto's chest drenching his shirt in tears.

"I-I mean y-you just met us!" Eri continued to cry drenching Naruto's sleeve with her tears.

Naruto gently wiped their faces smiling at both of them as he placed a hand on top of their heads, "I would never… ever lie to you guys, you're my precious Imoutos now… your part of my family now. Your family… our family." Naruto gave them a big foxy grin that plastered on his face. If one were to look, you could see a usually brooding Uchiha with a small smile on his face. Even though he was facing away from everyone and crossing his arms. He was still happy to see that a family was brought together.

The small Senju family with new additions soon broke apart to begin their journey home. Until two more voices spoke up. Naruto saw Asia and Chisato running up with bags in their hands, "Naruto-san! Before you leave, Chisato and I talked it over. We were wondering if we could come to Konoha with you guys!" Asia asked nervously.

"We were hoping to get jobs and further better our medical ninjutsu," Chisato asked with a blush hoping she could be trained under Tsunade along with Asia.

"Medical Ninjutsu you say? Naru-chan do you know these two?" Tsunade asked raising an eyebrow at her son. Not to mention Tsunade realizing how pretty these girls were, they weren't too far off from Naruto's age either.

"Yeah, I did, there are two other nurses I trained too. Aki-san and Shizuka-san. They were just as talented too. I figured they could become great medics too, but if they want to come. I don't see why not?" Naruto raised an eyebrow confused at his mother's concern or should I say overprotectiveness keeping Naruto away from girls trying to get to him.

"I see, well if they were proficient with it. I guess it doesn't hurt, well let's get moving. Kakashi… I want a status report and a reason why you didn't take my son back to the village when the rank went A! Nor did you call for back up!" Tsunade glared at the now two-eyed copycat.

"Ahahah you see about that." Kakashi nervously scratched his cheek.

"Grrr you better have a damn good reason." Tsunade snarled as team 7 and the new additions to the Senju family begin their journey back home.

Back at Wave

The farewell party continued to watch as they left, "Oh Tou-san what are you going to call the bridge?" Tsunami asked.

"Well, I thought eh Great Tazuna bridge didn't sound too bad!" Tazuna grinned sheepishly as everyone deadpanned at the stupid name.

"I know! How about the Senju Bridge of Hope." Inari added with Erza, Tsunami, Millianna, and many others nodding their heads agreeing with the name.

This Chapter

Naruto could be found walking alongside team 7. Naruto looked on ahead as he gave his mother and big sister alone time with Yui and Eri, "Naruto I'm glad to see you and your family took Eri and Yui in." Asia said with a skip in her step and smile on her face.

"Yeah what made you decide to bring those two with you?" Chisato asked tilting her head curiously making Naruto blush a bit. Naruto recognizes how cute Chisato and Asia are. Probably because of Shizune teaching him the birds and the bees. Now he is aware of everything that pertains to that area.

Naruto quickly shook his head and rubbed the back of his head. He looked at Eri who was currently being carried by his mother. Tsunade was cuddling her close to her body. Eri was laughing and smiling in Tsunade's arms, "I can't believe it! I got a Kaa-chan now!" Eri had a true smile appear on her face. One that didn't show that she went through trauma as a kid. As if she didn't witness anything. It was a pure unfiltered smile on her face.

Yui was clinging onto Shizune's arms, "A Kaa-chan, Onii-chan, Imouto, and a Nee-chan! This is the best day ever! They're my family!" Yui snuggled harder making it hard for the apprentice of Tsunade to walk.

Naruto turned back to Asia and Chisato, "Well, in all honesty, I wanted to see them smile again." Naruto scratched his cheek, "It sounds selfish, but it brings me hope. It brightens up this dark world, this world isn't easy to grow up in." Naruto tightened his fist and brought his hand up to his face. Kakashi and the others watched him intensely, "Kami dealt them a bad hand in life, I won't feel sorry for them. I know they wouldn't want my sympathy for them, I understand them. I understand how they feel. So, I decided to try to make their lives better… brighter, because I thought it was the right thing." Naruto had a smile adorn his face as he looked at the others.

Tsunade and Shizune heard Naruto clear as day, they also turned their heads a bit to see his bright smile on his face. Yui and Eri were still too busy attaching themselves to Shizune and Tsunade. Sasuke had a smile appear on his face, "You may be the dead last dobe of the class. But you've got a big heart, be a good big brother." Sasuke said as he walked past Naruto with his hands in his pockets.

Naruto watched as Sasuke walked up to Eri and Yui, "Hey your hair looks like a duck's butt!" Yui giggled, "Ahahahaha!"

Sasuke let out a, "Hn." However, Sasuke couldn't get mad at the innocent little kids, "Yeah you think so shrimp?" Sasuke had a smirk on his face as Yui puffed her cheeks out.

Naruto and the others actually laughed and Kakashi was impressed too, "If I remember correctly from the reports. I'm pretty sure Sasuke just gave more attention to a six-year-old than any of the girls in his class."

"Sasuke isn't like THAT is he!?" Irina looked at Sasuke with a bit of disgust in her voice.

"He isn't like that Irina if anything he is probably gay. If he is, I'm pretty sure there isn't a way for him to revive his clan anyways." Naruto shrugged his shoulders as Sasuke turned his head glaring at Naruto annoyed. (A/N: Just a joke, if you are gay, straight, lesbian, or trans I'm totally cool with that. I'm straight and don't swing that way but I don't mean any offense).

"Dobe." Sasuke said as he turned his head back to Yui and Eri. They began making conversation with Sasuke.

Kakashi said, "I wonder if Sasuke is actually bonding with them." Kakashi had his finger on his bottom lip.

"It's probably because of what happened to his clan. Itachi doing that, he went through a traumatic experience just like Eri and Yui. It might not be killing but both traumatic experiences regardless." Naruto looked at Sasuke with a hint of sorrow, but again he would never fully give that to Sasuke. If anything, that's the last thing he wants from anyone, Naruto can only understand and accept it.

"How did you know of this when you weren't in the village?" Kakashi asked raising an eyebrow.

"Ero-Sennin leaves his notes out sometimes. He might be Konoha's greatest spy and runs the greatest spy network. He is the most perverted, irresponsible, and dumbest Sannin that ever existed. Pretty sure Orochimaru would be more reliable when he isn't preying on children." Naruto said staring at the sky feeling the urge to punch the Sannin in the face again.

The others sweat drop shaking their heads in disbelief. To think that legendary stories are told about Jiraiya. However, Naruto is the only one to label him as a pathetic pervert, "Well I think what you did was nice. There aren't words to describe what you did for those girls. That was very sweet." Grayfia said with a smile on her lips as Naruto froze a bit when he saw her smile.

Not very often Grayfia smiled, Naruto again was able to make her smile. Naruto didn't freeze long but kept walking with the group, "Yeah I'm glad I did that, then I can't wait to bring this baggage to Ibiki and Anko." Naruto smirked as Gato has currently being dragged on the ground, "I almost forgot he was here." Naruto smirked as he dragged Gato over a rock, so his face hit it. Gato was currently being dragged with his hands and feet tied together like a hog. Naruto sewed his mouth shut using medical ninjutsu. He did so by overhealing his lip cells together. He also had a black eye, cuts, scrapes, sticks sticking out of his clothing. His hair with leaves and bugs in them. His clothes had holes, tears, and burn marks.

Everyone deadpanned but Tsunade, Shizune, Sasuke, Eri, and Yui, "You've been the one dragging him this entire time." Everyone said to themselves, "Well I'm glad we got this mission completed. Which reminds me what did you do with the money from Gato's mansion?" Kakashi asked wondering what Naruto did.

"I gave it all to Tsunami and convinced the hospital to request Tsunami-san as the mayor of the town. It taught her to start with a budget for the village. Certain places will get so much money to help rebuild. Then make sure to keep a steady tax on goods when people come. Then she can make sure those taxes go into making the place better so more tourists come." Naruto smiled as he took a moment to breathe. Even Kakashi was impressed with Naruto's intellect, not many Shinobi had that, "Then that money will go back into wave's people allowing them to expand their business. While still paying their taxes, which will go back to their economy when Tsunami invests into their village to expand."

"How do you know there won't be in any corruption?" Kakashi raised an eyebrow wondering how Naruto thought about that.

"Easy, Tsunami is more like the Hokage. In a sense, the dictator, of course, Tsunami isn't cruel or a tyrant. So, it be hard for her to be removed from power. Also, I put in a good word for her there. As I'm sure I have an influence over the village on why I chose Tsunami. If she is removed, I'll march back and demand answers. If I don't like what I see or hear, I'll kick their asses. As long as I'm hired to do work then I'll follow through." Naruto shrugged his shoulders daring anyone to try to remove Tsunami from power.

"Hmmm, interesting way to put it. I guess if things don't work with words." Kakashi was cut off by Naruto.

"Then I'll beat them into the ground, or I'll place that village under Senju protection. If I remember currently you told me to do what I wanted with that money. So, I a sense I invest Senju Clan money into that village. Thus, making me their true leader in a sense, well in reality probably Kaa-chan." Naruto said smirked, "So, if they want funding…". Naruto looked back at Kakashi with a smirk.

"Not bad Naruto… not bad." Kakashi nodded his head approvingly.

Irina and Grayfia couldn't help but notice just how smart Naruto really was. He might not seem like it, and he acts brash and hotheaded sometimes. He is very smart when it comes to politics which wouldn't make him a bad leader. Then again, he did say he didn't have an issue settling things with his fists, "Well at least we know Wave will get back on its feet." Irina said with a smile happy for the place.

"Yeah, that's why Asia and I were okay leaving. We figured that Konoha could use more medics. Helping save your Shinobi when needed." Chisato couldn't help but hope that she could possibly join the battlefield one day. She has always wanted to be Shinobi, but it might be too late. So, being a medic ninja would be helpful.

"Yeah, medic shinobi are needed. We only have so many combat medics, as I know so far I'm the only combat medic of our generation." Naruto sent Chisato a smile, "So if you or Asia decide to join our ranks it be great to have ya!"

As they were talking about that Tsunade, Shizune, Sasuke, Eri, and Yui pulled back to join in on the conversation. Well, more Tsunade, "I see then, well I'll have to make sure I get you into tip-top shape! If you want to be a combat medic, it's best if you were trained by me. However, you'll have to show me that you're capable and have the drive. Otherwise, I'll drop you quickly and Shizune will teach you the basics of medical ninjutsu." Tsunade said sternly with her persona becoming serious. In actuality, she would train them regardless as long as they work hard. Also, if they can survive the grueling training exercises.

"Yeah, I want to be a Shinobi too!" Yui quickly ran next to Naruto grabbing one of his hands.

Eri wasn't too sure if she wanted to be one, "Do I have to be a Shinobi too?" Eri turned her head to the side curiously.

Tsunade softened up, "Oh no you don't sweetie, you know before Naru-chan was even born. I said if he didn't want to be a Shinobi. I wouldn't force him but look at him now. Just as brash, irresponsible, and flashy like Jiraiya."

"Hey! I take that as an insult!" Naruto shot back at his mother as they both stared at one for a moment. The air around everyone tensed up as the two hotheads began to argue, but then it quickly broke. The two began laughing because they were using 'Jiraiya' as a derogatory word.

Tsunade and Naruto pulled themselves together she said, "No you don't have to dear. Not everyone is forced to be one." Tsunade rubbed Eri's head as Eri had a smile appear on her face. Eri liked the idea of being a normal girl. She hasn't ever had any idea to be a Shinobi.

Sasuke smiled as he said, "Make sure you're good to these two Naruto, they're good girls." Sasuke had a smile adorn his face surprising everyone.

Eri and Yui both had grins on their faces as they remember Sasuke making him promise them something. Naruto smiled back at the Uchiha, "Yeah, of course, I will, they're family. I wouldn't do anything less for them. I'd go all out for them, don't worry Sasuke. I know, I'm not going there."

Sasuke knew what he meant, but the Uchiha had more respect for the Senju Heir. The only one he could consider a true rival. Then again, Grayfia and Irina proved themselves to be quite formidable so he would have to train hard. Sasuke went ahead and poked both Eri and Yui on the forehead leaving red marks. That they began to nurture as he poked them.

The group soon realized they arrived back at Konoha. Everyone was Shushined to the Hokage tower to report for the meeting. After a little bit of time of Kakashi debriefing the mission the Hokage nodded his head, "Thank you for the report, Kakashi, Grayfia, Irina, and Sasuke you are dismissed. The others please stay, Neko-chan please see that Gato is given the utmost, top-tier treatment from Ibiki and Anko. Let them know that I send Gato my humblest regards. Make sure he gets the best treatment." Hiruzen smirked as he looked at the crying Gato on the floor.

"Naruto meet up at training ground 7 when you're done here." Kakashi gave a salute to Naruto as the group left the room.

No one shed a tear for the tied-up hog on the ground as Neko took him away. Naruto brought Eri and Yui up closer to Hiruzen, "Eri-chan, Yui-chan." Naruto looked at them respectively as they looked up to him, "This is Hiruzen Sarutobi, he is the Hokage and the leader of this village." Naruto had a smile on his face.

"Hello, Hokage-sama." Eri bowed respectfully.

Yui said the opposite, "Hello Hokage-Jiji!" Yui chirped out loud earing a warm chuckle on Hiruzen's face.

"Eri-chan was it? Yui-chan too? What lovely names, you don't have to call me Hokage-sama at all." Hiruzen swiveled his chair to the side and waved them to come closer, "You see Naruto-kun sent me a letter about you two. You see I already knew what was going on, he told me how he wanted to adopt you two into his family." Hiruzen said this while placing the two girls on his lap. He spun on the chair with the two still on his lap to face the desk. He pointed at a couple of documents on the table. Tsunade walked over flipping the two sheets of paper upside down and signing her name. Tsunade turned the paper around for the girls to read and Hiruzen began to speak, "I recognize Tsunade-chan the current head of the Senju Clan. That she has taken in two orphan girls known as Eri and Yui. I as Hokage acknowledge this adoption to the clan. I grant you with the power invested in me, you two are now Eri Senju and Yui Senju. You have full rights as a citizen and more if you decide to become a Shinobi or not." Hiruzen signed the adoption papers and documents stating that Eri and Yui were adopted as Senju clan members.

Eri's and Yui's eyes widen in shock and happiness and began to hug Hiruzen earning a chuckle, "As you two heard from Naruto-kun you can see me as your grandfather. No need to be so formal with me." Hiruzen rubbed both of their heads.

With that Yui gently pulled away with a big smile on her face, "This is great! Now I have a Jiji-chan!"

Eri was pretty quick to accepting Hiruzen, Naruto was glad to see Eri warm up to him quickly. She didn't even try to approach or even try to talk to Kakashi. Which, everything they've been through Naruto isn't surprised they have some nervous tendencies. Though Yui doesn't seem to be affected as much, Tsunade was going to have a Yamanaka look into their mental health. It's possible they might have to have some counseling; they saw things no child should ever see or even experience.

"Naru-chan I'm going to take Eri-chan and Eri-chan took the hospital. I'm going to give them a once over and add their profiles to the medical history. If you need be, I'll be there, I'll see you guys back at the house." Tsunade began to leave until Naruto spoke up.

"Kaa-chan where is it? I've been at an apartment since I got to Konoha." Naruto asked not knowing where it was.

"It's actually to the right of the Hokage Tower. I'll see you later." Tsunade left with Eri, Yui, and Shizune. Tsunade was also going to see just who Asia and Chisato were, hopefully, they aren't after her little boy.

"Naruto-kun you should go see Kakashi now, keep in mind that Yamato and Yugao will stop by. They'll help continue your training." Hiruzen went to continue until Naruto said.

"Let me guess the Chunin Exams are coming up right?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow.

Hiruzen smiled, "Well you've certainly inherited your father's and mother's intelligence. You hit it right on the dot. It's about a week from now." Hiruzen got up to see Naruto out the door.

"Thanks again for helping me out with Eri and Yui." Naruto placed a hand over his heart with a smile, "I've always wanted a couple of siblings."
"Anything for you Naruto-kun, make sure to let Eri-chan and Yui-chan know that I'd do anything for you and those too." Hiruzen placed a firm hand on Naruto's head, "I'm proud of what you did for that village. It's what Minato-kun would have done, what you did for the two-little sister of yours. That's something he would have done too. Minato-kun holds his family up there along with this village."

Naruto smiled as he looked up to Hiruzen, "I won't ever let anything bad happen to them Jiji-san. They're family now, I've got to get even stronger for them." Naruto gave his grandfather a hug and waved leaving him to go see Kakashi.

With Team 7 at Training Ground 7

"Yo!" Naruto came walking up greeting everyone as they turned their heads to see Naruto.

"Ahh perfect, you're here. I just told them that the Chunin Exams are starting next week. I presume you Hokage-sama already told you?" Kakashi asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, he did, so what kind of training are we going to do?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow curiously.

Just then a figure came into view, "Hey what's up guys!" Jiraiya called up smiling, "I heard everything you did for the wave! Great job taking Gato down."

"Hello, Ero-Sennin!" Naruto quickly shouted waving to him as Jiraiya fell flat on his face comically.

"HEY! STOP CALLING ME THAT!" Jiraiya shouted angrily as he glared at Naruto.

"I will once you stop being a pervert!" Naruto shouted back glaring at Jiraiya.

"NEVER! You know what! I take offense to that! I'm not a pervert!" Jiraiya pointed angrily at Naruto, "I'm a super pervert." He placed his hands on his hips smiling proudly. Irina and Grayfia both looked at Jiraiya strangely with disgust. Sasuke looked at Jiraiya with a deadpanned expression, "This is one of the Legendary Three Sannin?"

"Well anyways I'm planning on training you Naruto. Kakashi has the other three, which I also decided you'd also train with some of the other team members and their Sensei's." Jiraiya snapped his fingers with a smile, "Learning to track with team Kurenai, strategy with team Asuma, and frontal assault with Team Kakashi! Besides I'm officially taking you as my apprentice." Jiraiya gave him up a weird double thumbs up smile.

"I see, but what more can you teach me?" Naruto asked confused, "I mean I know I'm only at level eight for Fuinjutsu." Naruto was a little confused as Jiraiya nodded his head.

"Well, you got the Rasengan down right?" Jiraiya asked curiously.

"Yeah, I've had it done for at least a good year now." Naruto look at the perverted sage confused.

"Well even I haven't done it yet, but since the Yodaime was my student. He and I never were able to complete the Rasengan with an element." Jiraiya smirked as Kakashi's eyes widen.

"Jiraiya-sama don't you think that might be too advance?" Kakashi knew the risks with an elemental Rasengan. Minato has told Kakashi that he tried it but the Rasengan was just too unstable to do so.

"I think he can do it if he is just as much as a prodigy like Minato was. I'm sure he can handle it." Jiraiya smiled proudly with Naruto's persistence and progress over the years he trained him.

"I see well let's begin some training." Kakashi clapped his hands, "I think we should work on some sparring; Sasuke I'll continue helping you master your Sharingan during this week too."

"What about my swords?" Irina asked curiously.

"I can help you with that." Yugao landed next to Naruto as she stood up, "When I'm not training Naruto-kun I can help you." Yugao removed her Neko mask to reveal her face.

Irina smiled, "Sweet an Anbu! Let's go!" Irina fist-pumped the air happily. Yugao could only have a smile appear on her face. She knows that Irina came from the land of Iron, so training a Samurai in the way of a Shinobi would be interesting.

"Yugao-sensei is an amazing swordsman I still can't even come close to beating here." Naruto added much to Yugao's embarrassment.

"Don't say it like that Naruto, but thanks but don't sell yourself short. You've always made me think quick and fast when we spar." Yugao wanted Naruto to know that he still is no slouch when it came to being a swordsman.

"I'll do my training with Kakashi-sensei and Kurenai-Sensei," Grayfia said with her monotone voice as Kakashi nodded his head.

"Kurenai-san told me you had a lighting affinity right Grayfia?" Kakashi asked raising an eyebrow curiously.

"Yes, unlike the Yuki clan, who need wind and water nature elements, I can use pure ice as a form as chakra. My main elemental affinity is lighting and water." Grayfia looked at Kakashi hoping he could teach her a few of his techniques.

"I see, well it seems you'll be training along with me then. Sasuke has a lighting affinity too, I have to help him improve his Sharingan too." Kakashi nodded his head knowing his students will be ready when the Chunin Exams come.

"Hey, Kakashi-sensei what do I do since team 7 is technically a three-man squad?" Naruto asked confused, he was told he was taken off the team. He went around to multiple teams to practice and take missions with them.

"Hiruzen-Sensei told me that you can do one of two things. One being you join team 7 to help them which is fine. You can also go on your own if you wanted to. I do suggest going with the first option tho." Jiraiya knew that Naruto could go solo, but that all depended on Naruto.

Naruto easily said, "Yeah I can easily say that I'm going to stick with team 7. No need to make the exams harder than they already are." Naruto let a laugh out rubbing the back of his head.

"Well it's settled then; let's all break out and start training. See you guys on the day of the exams." Kakashi gave everyone a salute as Naruto went to leave with Jiraiya and Yugao.

"Oh, Irina-chan you can come by training ground 4 around four. We can work on your Kenjutsu." Yugao quickly added leaving with Naruto and Jiraiya.

"You got it Yugao-Sensei!" Irina said with a chirp giving her a salute and a big smile.

Training Ground 4

Naruto arrived at the training grounds with Jiraiya and Yugao, "Alright you wanted to work with him first Yugao-chan. I'll come back in about five or six so hours." Jiraiya began to leave with a giggle leaving his lips.

"Ero-Sennin I swear if you're leaving to just go perv on Kaa-chan or the hot springs. I swear I'll!" Naruto began to get angry as Yugao calmed him down.

"Not now Naruto-kun we need to seriously get your training done." Yugao said as Yamato landed next to her.

"Yamato-Sensei, but? What's going on who you make it sound like… a lot of other villages… are sending their Genin." Naruto figured out what was going on as the two both nodded their heads, "It's because I'm Kaa-chan's son isn't it?"

"Yup, Kumo, Suna, Iwa, and even a new village who is sending their genin here. The new village is Otokagure, and even some Kusa nin as well." Yamato added and he said, "I heard that the Raikage's adopted daughter and Kazekage's son joining."

"Jiraiya-sama got information for us about them. We learned that they both are Jinchurikis, Suna has Ichibi and Kumo has the Nanbi." Yugao said nervously which Naruto was able to get the hint.

"I assume Jiji-san wants to get my Mokuton stronger, I'm assuming that the Jinchuriki could pose a threat?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow curiously wondering who were joining.

"Oh, and Kiri will be joining as well. I heard that the rebel forces were able to drive the Yodaime Mizukage out." Yamato added as well as Naruto began to realize that a lot of villages were coming. Not only that, but one of them so happened also be the main enemy of Naruto's father.

"Let me guess, it's most likely that Iwa would want their Genin to try to kill me. Since it is legal in the Chunin Exams, it isn't really done and is looked down upon." Naruto let a raspberry outrunning his hand through his hair, "Then again anyone would want me for the Senju DNA! GRRRR!" Naruto began to run both hands through his hair quickly as Yugao placed a hand on his head.

"Easy Naruto, I know it's a lot for you to take in and think. What you can do now is train as hard as you can. Yamato, Jiraiya-sama, and I will train you hard. If we didn't think you were ready, we wouldn't be allowing you to do the Chunin Exams." Yugao assured Naruto earning a relaxed smile from Naruto.

"Besides I'm making sure you have some wood jutsu that will allow you to suppress the Bijuu. If the Kumo and Suna Jinchuriki ever decide to call upon their Bijuu." Yamato added which Naruto began to think.

"Do you guys think I could ask Ero-Sennin to teach me to channel the Bijuu's chakra?" Naruto asked which Yugao and Yamato looked at Naruto worriedly. Naruto quickly added, "Well I mean if I need to use it too. I mean I guess I could try talking to him to see what he thinks. I mean, it would be mean to forcibly take his chakra." Naruto added which added some respect to the tenant that currently residing within him.

Yamato and Yugao could say something about not using their power. Though he is a Senju, and he does have the wood release. So possibly controlling it or at least negotiating with the Kyuubi would lead to some mutual understanding, "Just be careful." Yamato had eleven wooden poles with spikes on the end stick out. A seal for 'Sit' appeared on his hand ready to seal the Kyuubi's power if he tried anything.

Naruto sat down in a meditative seat as he dragged himself into his mindscape.

Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto arrived in the seal again to see the giant Kyuubi staring at him, "The hell did you come in here for? You know we already decided to work somewhat together?" The Kyuubi spoke annoyed that he was in his presence again.

"Ahhh common don't be like that fluffy!" Naruto walked through the cage of the seal and up to the Kyuubi and laid on its paw.

"Grrr sometimes I don't know how you talked me into working with you. A filthy human nonetheless." The Kyuubi laid its head down next to its paw that Naruto was laying on.

"Don't be such a grouch, I'm doing this so Yamato-Sensei and Yugao-Sensei are safe with this. I had to do it for Ero-Sennin, so I don't think it's that bad of an idea. Which reminds me, will the other two Jinchuriki be able to sense you?" Naruto asked curiously as Kurama shook his head no.

"They won't be able to because of your accursed bloodlines, damn your clans." The Kyuubi lifted his paw and threw Naruto out of his cage.

"Mou! I was comfy! Your fur is fluffy and soft! I like laying on it!" Naruto slammed his foot on the ground like a child angry that the Kyuubi did that.

"Get the hell outta here! I'm already annoyed by your whining! Some damn Senju you are! You're nothing but a childish brat!" The Kyuubi stood up and faced the other way.

"Stupid furball, but you like me." Naruto smirked as he turned around leaving his mindscape. Leaving a grumbling Kyuubi in the cage.


Yugao and Yamato looked at Naruto nervously, but he soon opened his eyes a few minutes later, "Yup all good here! Like I told Jiji-san! He is nothing but a giant furball!" Naruto used his Mokuton to begin poking the Kyuubi in the seal again, "GODDAMMIT NARUTO I SWEAR! WHEN I GET OUT! I'M GOING TO POKE YOUR BODY WITH MY CLAW THROUGH IT!" "Like fluffball!" Naruto said again with a smile as Yugao and Yamato let a sigh of relief out.

"Well with that settled, let's begin, let's see where your Kenjutsu is at." Yugao pulled out her sword as Naruto did the same with Fushigiri in his hand.

Time Skip Sunday 1 Day before Chunin Exams

Naruto was taking the last day to relax and take it easy. He hasn't seen much of Eri or Yui all that much with his harsh training. Yesterday he finished up with some hard training that Jiraiya and did his best with Fuinjutsu and trying to add an element to his Rasengan. Naruto has trained a lot, Yugao in Kenjutsu, Yamato wood release, Jiraiya with some Fuinjutsu, and something else that only Jiraiya knows about, and Tsunade with some more Taijutsu and medical ninjutsu. Naruto was currently sleeping in bed, he was in the Senju compound.

Just then he heard to pitter-pattering of feet running as he heard two giggles. Just then there was a shout, "WAKE UP ONII-CHAN!" Naruto opened his eyes to see Yui jumping on his bed to wake up him.

Naruto quickly opened his eyes to catch Yui with both of his arms out catching Yui. Naruto groggily opened his eyes, "Morning Yui-chan." Naruto gave her a smile pulling her close to him. He placed a kiss on her forehead.

"Morning Onii-chan!" Yui snuggled into his grasp as he then sat up stretching his arms.

Naruto turned his head to Eri, "Moring to you too Eri-chan, it seems your sister is a bit more rambunctious than you are. You might be younger than her by a little bit, but you seem a lot more mature." Naruto chuckled as Yui began to puff her cheeks out while Eri giggled.

"Common let's get something to eat Onii-chan! I want to explore the village now that you have a day off!" Yui said excitedly as she wanted to spend time with Naruto.

"Yeah, Kaa-chan said you would take us around!" Eri gently grabbed Naruto's hand to pull him out of bed.

Naruto yawned, "Y-Yeah, just give me a moment to change and get dressed. We'll eat breakfast and head out." Naruto sent them a smile as they left the room. Naruto made his way to the bathroom to prepare to get ready.

Naruto came out of his room wearing a black shirt with an orange Uzumaki swirl. Naruto also had a jacket on which was black and orange with a black hoodie. He also had on a pair of blue pants on with closed shoes. Naruto walked into the kitchen, "Man it feels weird not to be in Shinobi outfit!" Naruto laughed out loud as Eri and Yui ran to the table to eat breakfast, "Hey Nee-chan does Kaa-chan have the hospital shift today?"

"Yes, I've made breakfast for you three to eat. Then I need to head on over too, I have to help with some deliveries." Shizune knew Eri and Yui wanted to hang out with Naruto, Tsunade and her were going to have him start working at the hospital. However, with the Chunin Exams coming up. They wanted him to focus on training, then be able to relax today. Also, Yui and Eri gave Tsunade the puppy dog eyed look to allow Naruto to hang out with them today.

"Gotcha, don't worry I'll make sure the girls get a good look around Konoha!" Naruto smiled as he began to eat his omelet that Shizune prepared for the three. Once they finished eating, they all gave Shizune a hug goodbye as she left, "Alright you two where do you guys want to go? We got the entire day to ourselves."

"Toy store!" Yui shouted as Eri nervously nodded her head wanting to do the same.

Naruto laughed as he rubbed his hands on their heads, "Yeah we can do that, Eri you don't have to be so nervous." Naruto knelt her height, "Don't worry no one will hurt you here." Naruto placed a kiss on her forehead as Eri had a smile appear on her face, "Plus I'm your big brother now, I'll never let anything bad happen to ya."

Yui looked at Naruto as she put her arms up, "Can I go on your shoulders?" Yui asked excitedly.

"Sure Yui." Naruto picked her as he also made a shadow clone with about a sixteenth of his chakra to carry Eri. She also asked Naruto to carry her on his shoulders too.

"Wow Onii-chan! What is that jutsu called!" Yui liked seeing two Narutos.

"This is called a Shadow Clone, but it's very dangerous for any normal Shinobi to use. Mainly because it eats up so much chakra, it requires you to half your chakra to make a solid clone." Naruto gave a small lecture as Yui found it interesting and Eri found it cool.

"Do you think I can become an awesome Shinobi one day!" Yui began to flex her non-existent muscles.

"I know you can! You can probably even become stronger than me and Kaa-chan!" Naruto chuckled as Yui shook her head.

"No way! I could never become stronger than you and Kaa-chan! You two are super powerful!" Yui cheered proudly as Naruto shook his head with a laugh.

Eri has thought about it, of course, they have another two years to decide. So, they had some time to decide if that's what they want to do, "Onii-chan what does being a Shinobi mean?" Eri asked wanting to know why he did it.

Naruto smiled, "Not only is it in my blood but protecting others is what I strive for. I'm a combat medic, I make sure I heal and keep people safe. While also taking out the bad guys who want to do bad things." Naruto and his clone made a right as they were about a few minutes from the toy store.

"Cool! You think I can become a medic and fire off powerful and super cool jutsu!" Yui began to punch the air jokingly as Eri smiled at her big sister's antics.

"I wouldn't mind being able to heal people. Like when Onii-chan gets hurt, then I can heal you" Eri had a smile appear on her lips as she liked that idea.

"Hey! I'm not weak!" Naruto joked with Eri giving her a hurt look.

"I didn't mean it like that Onii-chan! I know you're strong!" Eri was panicking a little bit with a bunch of white bubbles appear out of her head while popping right after. (A/N: It's hard to describe, I don't know what it's called. I think you've all seen it in animes when the protagonist says something wrong or misunderstands something.)

"Ahahah I'm just teasing Eri-chan, it's alright! I'd be happy if you both could help me." Naruto smiled as set them both down and dispelled his clone, "We're here to let's head on in." Naruto led the two girls on the ground as they began to make their way inside.

Once the door was opened, the door had a bell on it, the ring of the bell notified the owners that they had a customer, "Hello and welcome to our! Oh! Senju-sama! It's a pleasure to have you!" The owner bowed showing Naruto respect.

Naruto had a smile appear on his face, "Ahaha no need to call me that you can just call me Naruto."

The woman smiled back and nodded her head, "Alright then Naruto-san." Naruto still groaned internally, "Might I asked who these two are?" The lady asked she had to be about in her mid-thirties.

Naruto smiled, "These two I saved from the Land of Waves. After convincing my Kaa-chan we decided to take these two in. We adopted them because they were two of the four last orphans in the orphanage. The other two were older and had a place to stay."

"Well that's lovely, let me know if you're looking for anything special." The owner quickly turned to the counter to wait for them to buy or end up leaving. Then more people began to come in as well with other kids looking for toys.

Naruto found the girls by a plush toy section as he walked over, "Find anything you two liked?" He asked looking at the two.

Yui held up an orange fox with a single tail, "I want this Onii-chan! Can I get it!"

"Of course, you can, anything you want Eri-chan?" Naruto looked at what she had in her hand.

"Could I get this please?" Eri held up a red and yellow toad with a smile on her face. It reminded him of Gamakichi. The fox looked exactly like Kurama.

Naruto of course nodded his head, "Yeah of course!" Naruto began to guide the two to the counter. Until Naruto ran into the family that just walked in.

"Oh! Senju-sama it's a pleasure to see you!" A mother with black hair with two children and a teen daughter. She had to be in her early forties at most. She pushed her daughter towards Naruto, and her daughter had a mad blush on her face.

"H-Hello Senju-kun." She said with a blush on her face. The mother's daughter had to be about fifteen who was two years older than Naruto was.

"Ummm hello, but you don't have to call me Senju-sama or anything like that. Naruto is just fine, it's a pleasure to meet you too." Naruto gave a respectful bow wishing he was like Sasuke who turned every girl down harshly.

The girl blushed more, "O-Oh okay Naruto-kun." She had a smile appear on her face, "My name is Sylvia it's a pleasure to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too… Huh?" Naruto turned his head to find the two other boys who were with them. This caused Naruto to narrow his eyes to see that the mother had twin sons.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you! Your pretty!" The boy with brown hair and green eyes smiled at Yui.

"It's nice to meet you too." The brother said with a smile on his face looking at Eri. He had brown hair and blue eyes.

"Oh! Hello!" Yui smiled as she held out her stuffed fox, "Look my Onii-chan is going to get me this!"

"Hello, it's nice to meet you too." Eri looked at the brother with blue eyes.

"Oh, you have to younger sisters!" The mother asked with almost stars in her eyes to see if she could get her family together with the Senju family.

"Yeah! We decided to adopt them from an orphanage in the Land of Waves." Naruto smiled looking down at Eri and Yui making conversation with other kids their ages.

"I see, oh! I heard about that mission from traders! Good job on getting that place back on its feet!" The mother added as Naruto knew he had to get out of there.

"Well, it was great seeing you, common Eri-chan and Yui-chan. Let's pay and we can look for some clothes or anything else." Naruto began to guide them once again to the counter. Naruto paid the owner and soon the three left as they waved goodbye to him. They both said, 'Goodbye Naruto-sama!" They shouted as Naruto deadpanned at the attention, "Kaa-chan would not like that."

"Like what?" Eri asked innocently.

"You'll understand when you're older. You two want to go get some more clothes or anything?" Naruto took their bags from them and sealed them in a storage seal.

"Woah! What's that!" Yui's eyes widen in excitement looking at Naruto.

"That's call Fuinjutsu, it's an art of sealing. That's just one of the jutsu you can learn about it, it's super handy storing things in it." Naruto explained as Eri didn't get it along with Yui, but Yui still was excited about it.

"Are going to go shopping for clothes now?" Eri asked as Naruto nodded his head at her response, "I don't know I don't care for shopping."

"I want to! Get some cute clothes to make Onii-chan like them! Don't you want that!" Yui looked at Eri pulling her into a hug.

Naruto sweat dropped, "You two don't have to do that ya know." Naruto said he placed a hand on their head, "You two do and get what makes you happy, if you want a dress you can get one." Naruto looked at Eri, "If you don't want one that's completely fine. You're never pressure into doing anything like that."

Eri smiled, "I guess I wouldn't mind a cute dress to get." Eri smiled thinking about Naruto codling her more and praising her that she so cute.

Naruto saw Eri leave this world and begin daydreaming, "Hello earth to Eri?" Naruto waved his hand in front of her face. Eri didn't seem to realize what was going on, "Eri? Yo? Earth to Eri-chan?"

"Huh!?" Eri snapped from her thoughts, "What? Oh! Right! Shopping! Let's go!" Eri grabbed Yui's hand as they began to make their way towards the clothing store.

While making their way towards the clothing district and earning many more, 'Hello Senju-sama!' Naruto and the girls were stopped when Konohamaru and Corp. came walking by. "Hey, I recognize you you're that new Senju guy!" Konohamaru glared at Naruto.

"Uhhh what about it?" Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Oh and the name is Naruto."

"I see, so you're the one that Jiji-san keeps talking about! I won't let you take his hat!" Konohamaru began to charge at Naruto but he tripped on his scarf. He shot up and said, "YOU TRIPPED ME!"

Naruto deadpanned, "You tripped on your scarf." Naruto looked at Konohamaru as he growled at him. Eri and Yui just looked at hum dumbly.

Konohamaru says, "I want you to fight me! For real this time! I'll show you! I'm not like my Jiji-san! I'll show you just how strong I am!"

"Wait… Konohamaru? You Konohamaru Sarutobi? Jiji-san talks about you a lot." Naruto realized that Konohamaru was Hiruzen's grandson.

"Uhhh yeah actually, Jiji-san has told me about you! Now I see you as my eternal rival! I won't lose to you!" Konohamaru got ready to fight Naruto again.

Naruto quickly said, "Uhhh first of all we can't fight today because I'm given the day off. Second, I'm with my two sisters here, and I'm pretty sure you couldn't even land a punch on me."

"Fine then! I know what to do! You're our boss then! You're going to train us and help us get stronger!" Konohamaru shouted wanting Naruto to train him.

"Why?" Naruto asked confused by Konohamaru's actions.

"Well, one you didn't start calling me Honorable Grandson you treating me like a normal person!" Konohamaru smiled, "I want you to train me!" Konohamaru demanded as Naruto let a chuckle out.

Naruto knew where Konohamaru was coming from and Naruto thought of it, "Alright." Naruto made a shadow clone, "My shadow clone will train you until is dispels. So, good luck with it." Naruto's clone began to guide them to a training ground knowing what to teach Konohamaru.

Eri asked, "Who was that boy?" Eri looks up at Naruto.

"The grandson of Jiji-san, and possibly a student." Naruto smirked wondering if Konohamaru would be an interesting person.

"Let's go in!" Yui pulled Eri and Naruto into the clothing impatiently, she wanted to buy a new outfit to begin with.

Naruto was dragged in for a grueling two hours for shopping. They picked out some clothes, but Yui got a light blue dress that she favored. Eri only got some simple shirts, once they were done they were hungry, "You two want to grab some lunch?"

"Yeah! I'm hungry!" Yui cheered ready to get something in her stomach.

"I'm hungry too." Eri held her stomach as Naruto rubbed both their heads.

Naruto sealed their clothes into a storage seal, "I know how about we go see Ayame-chan and Teuchi!" Naruto took them to Ichiraku Ramen, "Yo Ayame-chan! Teuchi-jiji!"

Ayame poked her head out, "Oh Naruto-kun! I haven't seen you in a while where have you been!" Ayame trotted out as Eri and Yui both looked at Ayame in awe. She was very pretty by their terms.

"Sorry, I had a mission and I ended up picking up these two at the orphanage. Meet my newest little sisters. Eri-chan and Yui-chan." Naruto placed a hand on their heads respectively.

"Awww they're both so adorable! I'm assuming you going to treat them to the best ramen around?" Ayame looked at Naruto with a smile on her face.

"Yeah! Hit me up with that Senju special! These two will try the Miso Pork Ramen for their first bowl!" Naruto ordered as Ayame nodded her head and took their order. Teuchi began to make their meals as Ayame conversed with Eri, Yui, and Naruto.

"Oh, so that's where you were, geez you took on A-Rank Shinobi from the hidden mist." Ayame shuddered, "Glad your safe Naruto." Ayame had a tint of pinks on her cheeks.

"Yeah, it wasn't my team and I couldn't handle it! Then I met Eri-chan and Yui-chan. Then Erza and her little sister Millianna, Asia, Chisato, Shizuka, and Aki! They worked at the hospital and I helped train them." Naruto mentioned the girl's names which irked Ayame. Ayame was already irked hearing Naruto telling her about Irina and then Grayfia.

Eri looked at the two sensings something but Yui caught onto it quicker, "Ayame-chan wasn't it?" Yui spoke up as Naruto stopped momentarily while he was explaining the mission.

"Yeah what is it Yui-chan?" Ayame smiled looking at Yui.

"I want you to marry my Onii-chan!" Yui stated blatantly as Ayame face turned bright red not being able to say anything.

"W-What!?" Naruto's face heated up looking at Yui and then at Ayame. The two looked at one another both with blushes and then back at Yui, "D-don't say such things like that Yui-chan! Besides I mean there is a lot more than just asking people to get married." Naruto somewhat scolded Yui for saying that but it was hard to do so.

"I know but you seem to get along really well." Yui smiled with a giggle, "Onii-chan will need someone to take care of him one day!" Yui giggled thinking about her Onii-chan getting married, "Plus Onii-chan doesn't stop talking about your ramen and how much loves it too!"

Eri giggled too at this, "Yeah Onii-chan does talk about your ramen a lot." Eri wrapped an arm around Naruto's left arm.

Ayame and Naruto forced their blushes down as Naruto said, "It's more than just asking someone to get married. First, the guy and girl have to get to know one another. They also have to return those feelings, even then that's just dating. Marriage is something really far off in the distance." Naruto stated maturely as Ayame still couldn't help but think about dating Naruto.

"Mou, fine I just want to be a flower girl." Yui pouted puffing her cheeks out cutely as Teuchi came walking out.

"Here is the food and enjoy!" Teuchi placed the bowls down and Ayame helped putting the bowls down as well.

"Well let's eat and enjoy girls, we can head back home and hang out there or something then." Naruto broke his chopstick and so did Eri and Yui, "Itadakimasu!" The girls copied Naruto following what he said.

The three Senju members began to dig in with Ayame going into the back to help her father cook other orders. Ayame couldn't help but smile at the idea of dating Naruto. He is cute, nice, sweet, and good with children, "Ahhh? Does my little noodle have a crush?" Teuchi said slyly as Ayame quickly shot around with a blush on her face.

"WHAT!? No! I! I Tou-chan! What are you talking about! Course not! I hardly even know the guy!" Ayame retorted as Teuchi chuckled, Ayame angrily went back to cooking the ramen to serve to other guests.

With Naruto and the girls, there was a "Yo!" Naruto turned his head to see Jiraiya walking up.

"Hey, Tou-chan!" Eri and Yui shot from their seat jumping up on Jiraiya giving him a hug. Speaking of Tou-san, Jiraiya has been hanging around the Senju compound a lot lately. He has been helping Naruto train, so he interacts with Yui and Eri often. Eri and Yui learned that Jiraiya was Naruto's godfather. Eri and Yui went straight for Tou-chan since they really didn't have a father, to begin with. In a sense, Jiraiya was kinda like Naruto's father figure, but Naruto doesn't say it because. Well, Jiraiya is Jiraiya that's why.

"How are my little munchkins!" Jiraiya picked them both up in each arm smiling at them as they hugged him, "Ahaha I am an awesome Tou-chan though, that isn't a surprise." Jiraiya said pridefully as they put their heads in the crook of his neck.

Naruto smiled seeing Eri and Yui happy, "Well it's good to see you too Ero-Sennin."

"Really you still aren't going to drop that even around them. I'm their awesome Tou-chan." Jiraiya whined upset.

Naruto shook his head, "No can do Ero-Sennin, I won't tell them what it means. However, they will once they get old enough. So, it looks like you'll have to work on it and stop writing those trashy books. Well, maybe that one book wasn't bad." Naruto held up the copy, 'Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi.', "Must have been a miracle to name me after one of your books." Naruto took a slurp of noodles in his mouth.

"Well it actually wasn't that popular, but the others were my best seller. Anyways I'm here to tell you that Kakashi and your team will meet at the front of the exam room for 9:00 am sharp. That's when the exams will begin." Jiraiya placed the girls down, "I got some things to do, I'll be around if you need me. You two munchkins enjoy your time with your Onii-chan." Jiraiya giggled as Eri and Yui went back and sat back down with Naruto. Naruto also noted that his clone finally dispelled after Konohamaru shot a rasengan at his clone, "Huh mental note, make sure Konohamaru works more on power."

Soon the three Senju members finish up and leave to start heading back home. Until Naruto ran into Konohamaru, "Yo what's up… oh Sakura, Shino, Hinata, and Kiba. What are you guys doing here?"

Sakura was angry, "Where is he! I'll kill him for calling my forehead big!" Sakura growled angrily, Eri and Yui were a bit scared of Sakura as well.

"Take it easy Sakura, I'm sure Konohamaru has a reason." Naruto looked at Konohamaru.

"Help me out, boss! She came to me! She got angry like a fricken gorilla!" Konohamaru's legs shook with his back against the fence. Udon and Moegi were on the side too scared to help him.

"LIKE A WHAT!" Sakura growled out as Konohamaru made a mad dash around the fence.

Naruto and the others went to follow but Naruto heard, "Hey! Watch where you're going punk!" Naruto turned the corner to see a boy in Bunraku puppeteer's costume; a black, baggy, full body suit with a red and yellow circle on the front. He also wears a black hood that covered his head completely and had cat-like ears and his forehead protector on his forehead. The boy picked Konohamaru up by his collar.

"Kankuro put him down before you make a scene." The girl's outfit consists of a single light purple-colored, off-the-shoulders garment that extended to halfway down her thighs, with a scarlet sash tied around her waist. In addition to incorporating fishnet worn over her shoulders and legs, specifically on her right calf and her left thigh, she also wore her black forehead protector around her neck. She had teal eyes and sandy blonde hair, which is gathered into four consecutive pigtails.

"No can do Temari, I need to teach this brat a lesson." The now named Kankuro turned his head to look at Temari and then back at Konohamaru. Then he realized, "Where did he?" Kankuro looked up to find Naruto standing there with Konohamaru next to him.

"Thanks, boss!" Konohamaru said as Naruto stood there defensively in front of his team.

The girl named Temari was standing there looking at the boy as they both said to themselves, "Fast." Temari got a better look and recognized Naruto's face, "Kankuro that's him." She whispered walking up to stand next to her brother. Temari couldn't help but mentally admit that Naruto wasn't that bad looking of a guy.

"What are Suna-Shinobi doing here? I know we're allies and all, but I didn't hear anything about this?" Sakura stated confused as Naruto spoke up.

"I'm assuming you're here to take the Chunin exams. I appreciate you not trying to harm any of my friends especially the grandson of the current Hokage." Naruto pulled that card to prevent the two from doing anything more. Eri and Yui hid behind his leg which caught the attention of Temari.

Temari placed a firm hand on Kankuro as she nodded her head towards the two little girls by Naruto's leg. Kankuro already reached for crow, but decided against it, "Is your friend going to say hi?" Naruto noted towards the boy standing in the tree quietly. Naruto could feel the murderous intent coming off the redhead off on the side.

Everyone turned their heads not noticing a boy in the tree. A boy with fair skin, green eyes, and short auburn hair. He lacks distinctive pupils or eyebrows, he has tanuki-like black rings around his eyes. He also has the kanji for "love" (愛, ai) carved on the left side of his forehead, which his hair is parted in order for it to be kept visible. He is wearing a black body suit with an open neck, t-shirt-like sleeves, and almost full-length leggings. With this, he wears a white cloth over his right shoulder and the left side of his hips. He has a wide leather band from his left shoulder to his right hip with which he carries his sand gourd and around which he wraps his forehead protector, "Kakuro you're a disgrace to our village." The boy said with annoyance.

"W-What!?" Kankuro turned his head with his eyes wide, Naruto could visibly and emotionally see that Kankuro was pale and scared. Along with that girl, they had very similar chakra signatures proving that they were related, "Gaara, I-I was just teaching."

Gaara cut him off, "Shut up… or I'll kill you." Gaara let out a wave of bloodlust that overwhelmed Kankuro and Temari scaring them. Everyone else were scared including Yui and Eri with their eyes wide and narrow.

This irked Naruto a lot, "Hey! Cut that out!" Naruto growled out at the boy with auburn hair, "You're scaring my Imoutos." Naruto glared back pushing back with his Conquerors chakra unleashing his stronger will against Gaara's bloodlust. Gaara noted that there was something very powerful and strong about Naruto. Temari and Kankuro felt Naruto's overwhelming strength of his own. Eri and Yui were comforted feeling this waved of will power that Naruto unleashed. Naruto doesn't have full control as Sakura and the others felt it, they all felt like ants compared to Naruto.

Gaara looked at Naruto and grinned madly as he said, "Kaa-san wants your blood… I will feed her your blood." Gaara jumped down and walked next to Kankuro and Temari who adverted their gaze from Gaara, "You better last long enough to fight me in the Chunin Exams if now I'll kill you. You try to run away; I'll kill your family." Gaara says harshly as Naruto said to himself, "Oi Kyuubi I sense a Bijuu in him. He holds the Ichibi doesn't he?"

"Yes, he does, the Ichibi causes insomnia in their hosts. The boy is also probably driven by bloodlust, I'd be wary of him if I were you. Then again, I don't want my host to be weaker than the weakest of us tailed beasts. Don't disappoint." Kurama went back to sleep grumbling about stupid Tanukis.

Naruto turned to everyone, "Let's just head home, there will be more Shinobi from other villages coming." Naruto picked up Eri and Yui, "Oh and Konohamaru don't use those techniques on Jiji-san." Naruto disappeared in a Shushin as Konohamaru stomped on the ground angrily, 'Awww man!' The grandson of Hiruzen pouted angrily.

Inuzuka Compound

Naruto was relieved to get Yui and Eri away from Gaara, not that Naruto hates Gaara. Okay, he kinda hates him for scaring Yui and Eri. Then again Eri and Yui don't know that Naruto has a tailed beast in him like Gaara does.

Naruto decided to take them to the Inuzuka compound instead since he hasn't seen Sumo in a while and figured Eri and Yui would like to meet her. Naruto arrived at the back to find Hana feeding the pups, "Oh Naruto it's so good to see you! Where have you been?" Hana called out with a smile waving to him.

"I've been pretty good; I got a couple of people I'd like you to meet!" Naruto set Eri and Yui down, but before more could happen Naruto was tackled to the ground. Naruto found Sumo on top of him licking his face, "Ahahahah! Sumo calm down girl! Calm down! Yes, I know I've been busy! I know, I know girl." Naruto began to pet the dog while she continued to lick his face.

Hana walked over with a laugh. Eri and Yui both stared at the brown-haired Inuzuka with red tattoos on her cheeks, "Woah she's pretty!" Yui stated as she looked up at Hana as Hana smiled.

"Why thank you! Naruto who are these two?" Hana asked as Naruto slowly was allowed up by Sumo.

He stood there with Sumo right next to him. She grew up so quickly, if she sat she came up to his hips. Naruto could easily pet her head, "Well Eri-chan is the one with white hair and red eyes." Eri waved to Hana with a small smile on her face, "That is Yui with the black hair."

Yui immediately said, "Can you marry my Onii-chan!"

Hana stood there with a blank stare on her face looking at the six-year-old.

"What?" Hana said in shock as her face started to turn bright red with a blush.

Naruto faceplanted on the ground as he shot back up with a blush on his face, "Yui! You can't keep saying that to every girl I've known!" Naruto let a sigh out as Hana could only giggle at the cuteness that Yui and Eri bring to Naruto, "These two I brought back from the Wave, I talked to my Kaa-chan and she said that we could adopt them." Naruto said with a smile as he continued to pet Sumo who was leaning into his touch.

"Well aren't they cute additions to the family, I'm so happy for you guys." Hana knelt to their heights rubbing their heads, "My name is Hana Inuzuka it's a pleasure to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too," Eri said with a smile adorning her face.

Naruto walked up with Sumo, "Come here girl this is Eri and Yui, these two are my Imoutos." Naruto led Sumo to his little sisters.

Sumo began to sniff Eri and Yui as they extended their hands to sniff them. Sumo began to smile and bark as he sniffed them. Before they knew it, Sumo began to lean up against Eri and Yui. Eri and Yui began to giggle and laugh while petting Sumo. On the side, Naruto said, "Wow Sumo got along with them quickly."

"That's good… speaking of adopting… would you guys like to look into adopting Sumo?" Hana asked looking at Naruto which his eyes widen.

"What? Really? I didn't think the Inuzuka would let their dogs given up so easily?" Naruto looked at Hana shocked by this.

Hana nodded her head, "Sumo has not bonded with any other Inuzuka member we don't think she will. However, she has taken a very strong liking to you." Hana smiled as she watched Eri and Yui climb onto Sumo's back as Sumo began to trot around carrying them on her back.

Naruto smiled, "Well I'll talk to Kaa-chan about this and see what she has to say. If we do, I can promise you she will be cared for and loved." Naruto looked at Hana giving her a big foxy grin on his face.

Hana blushed as she looked at Naruto, he was cute so she couldn't deny that. Hana shook her head and replied, "I definitely know you'd take care of her. You could even have her like a Ninja Hound dog too."

"Really?" Naruto looked at Hana curiously, "Well I'll definitely talk about this to my Kaa-chan and see what she has to say. Well, I think we should get going, but yeah I'll definitely look into this." Naruto began to walk towards Eri and Yui, but Hana stopped him for a moment.

"Hey Naruto, you are going to take good care of Sumo, right?" Hana asked just wanted to hear it from Naruto. Inuzuka are very protective of their Ninja Hounds and are very close to them.

"Yeah of course I will! Sumo would be family if we did that!" Naruto turned to her with a big grin on his face as Hana smiled knowing Sumo would be in good hands.

Before Naruto realized anything, Hana walked up and placed a kiss on his cheek. Naruto looked at Hana stunned as she walked over to Sumo, "Come on girl let's head back. Naruto, Eri, and Yui need to attend to other things." Hana motioned for Sumo to listen which she did but did let a small whimper out.

"Don't worry girl I'll come by more often to visit. I'll bring these two along with me." Naruto smiled as he brought his forehead on Sumo's forehead scratching her neck too. Sumo barked happily as she left with Hana. Naruto picked Eri and Yui up and Shushined them back to their compound.

Back at the Senju Compound

Naruto took them to the backyard and decided it should be a good idea to tell them that he was a Jinchuriki, "Hey Eri-chan, Yui-chan are you two okay?" Naruto wanted to know if they were alright. Naruto knew at one point he would have to tell Eri and Yui about him being a Jinchuriki.

"Yeah, but he was scary." Yui said nervously.

Eri smiled, "Yeah he was scary, but didn't you sense Onii-chan? He like blanketed us with his chakra or let a wave of his chakra out. He protected us with that burst of his chakra, it felt like a blanket." Eri hugged Naruto which surprised him, wondered if she was a sensor like he is.

Naruto knelt to meet Eri as he looked her in the eye with a smile, "Eri can you tell how I'm feeling right now?" Naruto looked at her excitedly and curiously.

Eri smiled as she felt Naruto's chakra, "Well you feel excited, relaxed, and curious." Eri added with a smile on her lips wondering what he meant.

Naruto gave her foxy grin, "That's great Eri-chan, guess what that makes you a sensor just like I am. You know those are pretty rare nowadays."

"Woah Eri is amazing!" Yui chirped for her sister, "Onii-chan you think you could teach us to unlock our chakra?!" Eri asked excitedly.

Naruto let a small laugh out, "Well I don't see why not, we got time on our hands." Naruto sat down crossing his arms motioning the two to join him, "You don't have to if you don't want to Eri. You can do this at your own time."

"No, you said I was a sensor like you. Maybe I can be strong like you." Eri said with some hope in her voice as Naruto reassured her.

"Eri as long as your doing what you want to do. Your happy with it then do what you want, I'd never be mad if you didn't want to be a Shinobi or not. I'll always love you the same." Naruto gently pressed his forehead with hers earning a smile from Eri.

"Okay! Let's do it Onii-chan!" Eri said with a smile sitting down next to Naruto.

The two sat down next to Naruto as he began to explain the basics of chakra, "Any questions?" Naruto asked looking at the two. They said nothing as he put his hands up making a ram seal, "Now focus deep within you to try to find it. Gently pull on that energy in there and pull, once you do that you can gain access to your chakra. We can train it up as you guys get stronger physically and mentally." Naruto added as he had a blue aura appear around him which made Eri and Yui began to try it themselves.

Eri took a few minutes but she soon felt a rush of energy go through her body. She smiled at the warmness and she opened her eyes feeling her body a bit stronger than normal, "This feels nice." Eri said with a calm voice.

Now all that was left was Yui to unlock her chakra. After a few minutes, Yui finally felt the pull and a rush of energy entered her body. Yui opened her eyes feeling the chakra within her, "Woah this feels amazing! I feel soo…sooo tired… and sleepy." Yui began to pass out as Naruto caught her.

Eri yawned as she said, "Now that she mentions it… I'm kinda tired too." Eri walks over and lays in Naruto's lap falling asleep.

Naruto chuckled as he gently picked the two girls up, "Impressive control with Eri-chan's chakra, she'll make a fine sensor and a medic. Seems like Yui has a rather abnormally large reserve. I say mid-Genin reserves." Naruto smirked as he took the two girls inside to rest up.

As Naruto was carrying them in Tsunade came home for the day, "Did you three have too much fun?" Tsunade had a smirk on her face as she looked at Naruto.

"Nah that much Kaa-cha, but these two certainly will be splendid Shinobi when they grow up." Naruto says quietly as he goes and lays them in their rooms. He comes back and says, "Eri-chan is a sensor like me with already seemingly great chakra control. I think Yui-chan is going to be a fine powerhouse like Jiraiya and you. Just need to make sure you, Nee-chan, and I train her well in chakra control." Naruto looked back at their rooms proudly of how far they've come.

"That's great to hear Naru-chan which reminds me about tomorrow. Don't you dare think about overdoing it at the Chunin Exams." Tsunade began to scold Naruto.

"What do you mean Kaa-chan?" Naruto asked confused at what his mother meant.

"I mean if you're pushing yourself too hard to get yourself killed, just to get some rank I won't let you continue!" Tsunade shouted at Naruto angrily, "I won't let you do it if you're going to get yourself killed!"

"Mou! Kaa-chan I'm not! It takes a lot to kill me! Plus, I got your Hundred Healings jutsu whenever I need it." Naruto showed her the diamond shape on his right shoulder.

*Sigh* "I know it's just that in the Chunin Exams you can get killed I know people will try it." Tsunade said worriedly, "I-I just want you to be safe that's all." She walked over and brought her son into a hug.

"Thanks, Kaa-cham, but don't worry I'll be fine. I got Sasuke, Irina, and Grayfia on my team. I'm sure we'll be alright!" Naruto reassured his mother giving her a foxy grin on his face.

Tsunade couldn't say no to that, "Alright, alright, just make sure that you will pull out of things get to hectic otherwise I'll level whatever nation that dares try to do it!" Tsunade quickly shot out which caused Naruto to take a few steps back.

"I hear you loud and clear Kaa-chan don't worry, I'm not dying anytime soon! Besides I got a really good defense now!" Naruto said moving his pointer finger under his lips grinning from ear to ear.

"Alright, then Naru-chan but there is something else I'd like to tell you." Tsunade walked over and sat down on the couch motioning Naruto to join her.

"What is that?" He asked sitting down next to her.

Tsunade smiled as she placed a hand on Naruto's right thigh, "Sweetie I know you've talked a lot and wished to be the Hokage one day."

Naruto's eyes widen, "Did Jiji-san ask you to become Hokage!" Naruto said with excitement and amazement.

Tsunade was stunned for a second but then laughed as she smiled at her son, "Leave it to your smarts along with Minato's too for you to get it. Yeah, Hiruzen-Sensei asked me to do so after the Chunin Exams. I understand he needs to retire so I decided to go ahead and allow him to appoint me as his successor."

Naruto gave his mother a hug and a thumbs up, "Alright that's awesome! That means you can hold that seat for me until becoming Hokage! Make sure to keep that seta warm Kaa-chan!" Naruto hugged his mother happy that she was given the seat as the next Hokage.

Tsunade was a little worried that Naruto would be upset to hear this, but she was wrong. She knew she would be, but she never knows how Naruto would react, "Well let's prepare dinner huh? You can tell me what you three did today! I want to hear how my boy is treating his two new Imoutos."

"Which reminds me I wan to tell you about Sumo! One of the Inuzuka hounds that I befriended a while ago! I introduced Eri and Yui to her, they also got to meet Hana too." Naruto said with a smile on his face not noticing Tsunade's eyes narrowing at the name of Hana, "Hana asked that maybe we could look into adopting Sumo!" Tsunade closed her eyes and let a sigh out as she began to talk to Naruto about Sumo.

Next Day

Naruto was in his Ninja outfit and ready to roll. He met up at the testing center with his team, "What's up guys! You all ready?" Naruto walked up to the group with a big grin on his face. He was ready for this Chunin Exams.

"Yeah we are, we've been training like crazy." Irina punched her fist into her other hand.

"I know we can do it, we're very capable." Grayfia added with a smile on her face.

Sasuke looked at Naruto and said, "We'll work together until the finales. I expect a good match Senju." Sasuke said with a proud smirk on his face. He achieved a lot this time, he sparred often with Grayfia and Naruto. This helped him improve his Sharingan very quickly because Naruto was quick with taijutsu. Grayfia proved to be quick and fast with her Ice and Irina was strong and quick together. Proving a good challenge against him, team 7 for Sasuke was the perfect use of his time to get stronger.

"I know my cute little Genin can do it, go show them whose boss," Kakashi said with a smile on his face watching them head on inside.

With Team 7

The group came up to some doors as they were instructed to go into room two. The team only went up one floor, however, they see the door saying 3. Naruto easily broke the genjutsu as the guards standing there let them through. No issues no anything, Tsunade taught him well in Genjutsu. Thing is, no one knows Naruto's level in Genjutsu because no one ever has seen him use it before. Once they entered, they saw a bunch of other Genin from in the room, "Ah great Senju is in the exams." A lazy Nara said with annoyance.

"Yosh! Are you two the Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Senju!" A boy with green spandex, bowl haircut, and bushy eyebrows walked up to them.

"Ummm yeah." Naruto said confused looking at the boy.

The boy says, "I am Rock Lee and I challenge you two to a spar!" Lee asked with a fierce glare.

Naruto shook his head, "No we don't have time, we're going to begin the exams soon. No distractions." Naruto walked passed Lee ignoring his request so did Irina, Grayfia, and Sasuke.

"Naruto-kun! Sasuke-kun!" A Yamanaka fangirl came running at the two pulling them into a hug. With an annoyed Haruno shouting at her to let go of her, 'Sasuke-kun.'

"Mah, mah you two are going to draw in too much attention." A boy with white hair and glasses came walking up. Naruto looked up at him and narrowed his eyes at him.

"Who are you?" Irina asked looking at the boy not recognizing him as a fellow leaf nin.

Naruto could sense his emotions off with his chakra. He didn't seem like a leaf nin, and his chakra reserves were well beyond that of a genin. At least high Chunin low Jonin levels, "We need to keep an eye on him." "The name is Kabuto, it's a pleasure to meet you guys." Kabuto has onyx eyes and ash-grey hair, which is in a ponytail. His most prominent feature is his black-rimmed circular glasses, "I suggest you all be quieter," Kabuto looked at Konoha's Rookie Nine especially eyeing Naruto and Sasuke. He knew Orochimaru had a great interest in hearing Tsunade having a child, and Orochimaru needing Sasuke, "Otherwise you'll draw too much attention."

"Well, who are you telling us to be quiet?" Kiba came walking up with his team looking at Kabuto.

"Shinobi are supposed to be quiet Kiba, keep a low profile, and not draw attention," Naruto added which Kiba nodded his head with an embarrassed look on his face.

"Well, why don't I help you, newbies, out, I've gathered data over different Shinobi who have come here. This is my seventh time taking the exam." Kabuto said which everyone's eyes widen but Naruto's. "He smells like a snake kit… I'd be wary of him." The Kyuubi grumbled within Naruto's seal.

"What about Lee?" Sasuke asked interestingly since he wanted to spar with them earlier.

"Well let's see, he is only a year old then you guys. 20D-ranks, and 11 C-ranks. The squad leader is Guy and his team consists of Tenten and Neji Hyuga." Kabuto said as looked back up at Naruto and the others.

"Oh yeah then tell me about that Gaara guy." Naruto added wondering what Kabuto would have to say.

"Let's see here, Gaara of the Sand. He is the son of the current Kazekage and is known for his ability to manipulate sand at will. He has 8 C-ranks, he even did a B-rank as a Genin. Since he is now, I don't know much else." Kabuto finished until the doors slammed open with Ibiki walking in.

"ALRIGHT BRATS SIT DOWN AND GET READY!" Ibiki shouted as everyone took their seats not wanting to piss off the leader of the T&I branch of Konoha, "Alright listen up, you'll be given an exam with ten questions. The first 9 you can answer, while the tenth question will be given at the very end. First and foremost, you will be given one hour to complete the exam. If you are caught cheating more than three times. You and your teams are kicked out! Do I make myself clear!?" Ibiki shouted not saying anything more as a bunch of Konoha nin appear in the room with pads in their hands. They were there to keep track of the cheaters, "Alright!" Ibiki nodded to his men as the exams were passed out, "NOW PIPE DOWN! SHUT UP! AND BEGIN!"

Like that their exams began with a very loud Ibiki, thankfully nothing too much happened. Naruto looked at his paper knowing the answers without any issues, but he did realize. That these questions were at least Anbu level questions or higher. No normal genin could possibly know this, so the aim of the game. Was to cheat without getting caught, it was to gather information without having a problem. Before anything more could be done Naruto felt a chill in the air. Currently, Grayfia was freezing the room creating ice appear to reflect answers from other people's papers. As long as her eyes were on her paper, she was fine. Naruto saw Irina to his far-right in a corner using a regular katana. It seems Yugao must have given to her in case she didn't want to use her chakra to produce a blade. She was using the reflection of the ice mirrors from Grayfia to get answers. Naruto would know Sasuke would be copying his movement, Naruto simply wrote the answers.

That was until Naruto was about to go to the third question. Until he felt something off about the exam. It was very, very faint, as only sensor Shinobi could sense this. Naruto found a tiny genjtusu on the exam. Naruto placed his finger on the area and pushed chakra into it disrupting the chakra flow. The genjtusu was so minuscule that even the most trained Anbu couldn't sense. Unless you were a sensor, even the Byakugan or Sharingan wouldn't be able to notice it right away. Naruto saw at the bottom as it said, "If you broke this genjtusu, walk up to Ibiki and say 'Will of Fire.'" Naruto saw this and quickly used his Mokuton very secretly. He tapped the legs of Irina, Grayfia, and Sasuke. They both looked down to see a wood plaque that had words on it. They knew it was Naruto as he told them what to do with their exam.

For them to trust him, Naruto went first as he stood up from his exam. He walked up to Ibiki and placed the exam on his desk, "What do you think you're doing we're in the middle of an exam." Ibiki was cut off when Naruto leaned into his ear and whispered, "If you're going to put a trick question and Genjutsu on the exam. You should know if you have a sensor on your roster. Will of Fire." Naruto said as he stood back up placing both hands in his pockets. Ibiki's eyes were wide, never has anyone ever figured this out. Not even Itachi Uchiha, Minato Namikaze, and Kakashi Hatake ever figured this out. Ibiki let a loud laugh out disrupting the class, "I like you kid! Let him through!" Ibiki told his men as they opened the doors letting Naruto disappear behind them. Not long, Sasuke, Grayfia, and Irina followed doing the same thing. This left very confused Genins in the room.

A girl with blonde hair with a Kumo headband smiled, "I wonder what he figured out." She had a smile on her face looking at Naruto curiously.

"Nya, I wonder who that boy is~? He is cute tho!" A girl with golden orbs and black hair who also had a Kumo headband was staring at Naruto left the room.

With Naruto and Team 7

Naruto came walking into the backroom to find the other Jonin senseis there, "Yo!" Naruto came walking in as the other Jonin senseis of the other teams went wide-eyed.

"Naruto were you able to figure out the secret genjutsu?" Kakashi asked surprised at this, but then again Naruto is a Senju.

"Yeah, it was very faint and weak, but well placed. Many would look over it, but I sensed it thanks to being a sensor." Naruto said with a grin on his face leaving other dumbstruck Jonin senseis.

"So, you're the one they call Senju Naruto. My name is Killer Bee; and it's a pleasure to meet you don't you see!" The man rapped making the others flinch and most other Jonin groan annoyed. Killer B has dark skin and a muscular build, as well as blonde hair, and a goatee. On his right shoulder, he has a tattoo of the kanji for "iron" on his left cheek, he has a tattoo of a bull's horn. Killer B wears oval-shaped sunglasses and a white-colored forehead protector. He also has his village's standard one-strap-over-one-shoulder flak jacket, and a long, red rope belt tied around his waist, the standard Kumo hand and shin guards, shinobi sandals, and a white scarf around his neck. He originally carried seven swords on his back.

"Yeah, it's cool to meet you too?" Naruto said in confusion but internally he could sense that his guy's chakra was off the charts. He obviously had to be a Jinchuriki and could tell he was quite powerful. Soon Irina, Grayfia, and Sasuke came walking into the room as well surprising Kakashi.

Soon a woman came walking into the room. A fairly tall woman who was of the slender frame. She has light brown, pupil-less eyes. Her hair – black eyes and violet hair styled in a short, spiky, fanned-ponytail, "Ah so your four are the brats that Ibiki let through, must say it's impressive. You certainly are too." Anko eyed Naruto not realizing right away that he was the son of Tsunade. Anko quickly appeared behind Naruto placing her impressive bust on each side of Naruto's head.

Naruto was of course quite use to this thanks to the coddling his mother likes to do often, "Knock it off, why are you here anyway? You the proctor for the second exam?"

"Mouthy little brat ain't ya, well to answer your question I am brat, we're meeting at ground 5 by the Forest of Death! Let's get a move on!" Anko disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Probably should get a move on." Naruto motioned his team as they began to follow him as one could see that Grayfia had a hint of annoyance on her face because of Anko. She didn't know what this was but seeing Anko trying to flirt with Naruto was obvious. Though she asked herself, "What is this feeling?" She shook her head and continued to follow the others to not be left behind. Kurenai saw the almost confused look on Grayfia's face with a smile appear on her face, "I wonder just how much Naruto has changed Grayfia. Might have to ask Kakashi on how Grayfia has been doing working with others. Especially boys." "Kakashi I got a question." Then Kurenai glared at him to find him reading his stupid porn book again.

Kakashi looked up with both of his eyes at Kurenai, "Yes, that's me don't wear it out." He answered earning a stronger glare at him from Kurenai.

Ground 5 Forest of Death

Naruto arrived with his team to find out his class made it too along with Might Guy's team. He also saw Kiri, Kumo, Iwa, Oto, Suna, and Kusa nin too. Though there was a Kusa nin with extremely high chakra levels, so did a Kumo nin as well, "Alright brats!" Anko came walking up handing each team a heave or earth scroll. Also, a waver, "Sign these and takes these scrolls. The only way to pass this exam to get either earth or heaven scroll depending on what you have now. Sign these too so in case you die; it's not our fault and we can't be held accountable! Alright, any questions!?"

"Yeah uhhh." A Genin asked until Anko cut him off.

"Let me rephrase that, important questions from our main characters?" Anko asked again as the random Genin lowered his head, "Great! You got three days to get another scroll! Make it to the center tower in the middle and then open both scrolls. If you open one without the other a surprise which you'd rather not find out what it is!" Anko saw a group of Kiri nin walk over to Naruto and his team.

"Naruto-san is that you!" A familiar voice to Naruto allowed him to turn his head to find Serafall and Sona walking up to his team.

"Oh! Hey you guys! It seems you found yourselves a genin team!" Naruto was happy to see his companions from the wave mission.

"Yes, it is a pleasure to see you again too." Sona replied happy to see Naruto again, "Zabuza-Sensei took us to Kiri where we joined the rebels. We took back Kiri, Godaime Mizukage-sama took lead. He made us a Genin squad with Chojuro." Sona gestured towards, Chojuro has short, tufty blue hair, and dark eyes. He also has pointed, shark-like teeth; a common trait of the members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, as well as apprentices, share. He wears square, black-rimmed glasses connected to ear protectors, a blue pin-striped shirt, and camouflage pattern pants. Chojuro had his forehead protector on the front of his holster which he uses to carry Hiramekarei. The sword itself is wrapped in bandages leaving only the double hilt visible. He also has shuriken holsters strapped onto each of his legs.

"It's a pleasure to meet you four." Chojuro said with a hint of nervousness, just then Serafall jumped at Naruto.

"Naru-tan it's a pleasure to see you again!" Serafall pulled Naruto in a hug pushing his face into her impressive and ever increasingly growing bust. With began to irritate Ino, Grayfia, and Irina looking at this.

"Nee-san! Let go of Naruto!" Sona pulled her off Naruto after Naruto was almost suffocated to death.

"Mou~! So-tan! Why do you need to ruin my fun! I want to show my appreciation for Naru-tan! I can't help it if you can't reveal you're true feelings. Or does So-tan want her loving Nee-san to coddle you more!" Serafall smirked as she went towards Sona to hug her. Sona did blush at the comment Sona said about her liking Naruto.

"NEE-SAN IT'S NOT THE TIME TO SPEAK OF SUCH THINGS!" Sona pushed her glasses up closer to her face making the lenses glow white.

Just then Anko appeared in the middle of them throwing a kunai which barely cut Naruto's cheek. Before anything more could happen, Naruto ducked under her grab. He quickly made four shadow clones. Each shadow clone were aimed at her neck, her heart, spleen, and abdomen. Anko smirked, "Not bad Senju brat." Anko smiled as the other Genin looked at Naruto more intensely.

"Not bad for a lustful snake lady." Naruto retorted as he dispelled his clones.

However, the Kusa nin came up with a weird sickly like voice, "I believe this belongs to you." The Kusa Nin handed Anko her kunai back making Anko accept the kunai back. Naruto noted the crazy levels of charka that Kusa nin had.

"Alright then." Anko walked towards the entrance and smirked, "Let the second part of the Chunin exams! BEGIN!" She shouted as all the teams shot from their spots.

With Team 7

The group quickly hopped through the trees and soon landed in a clearing to formulate a plan, "Alright do we have any suggestions on ideas on what to do? I was going to find the closest team and take their scroll even if it isn't the scroll we need." Naruto added wanting to know his comrade's ideas.

"I think you should search for others your sensor ability. Let's surprise them, which reminds me. We got an earth scroll, so we need a heaven scroll." Sasuke added as his team nodded their heads.

"Well let's do what we always do and kick some butt!" Irina punched her fist into her other hand.

"Yes, a surprise attack would be the best choice of action," Grayfia added which they all nodded their heads in agreement.

"Alright, I already sense a group of Nin nearby and they aren't that strong but let's stay on guard." Naruto and his team followed his lead disappearing in the trees.

After a little bit, Naruto was able to track down a group of Iwa Nin and easily disposed of them. They had another team that consisted of the Tsuchikage's granddaughter. So, they got lucky and didn't run into them. They didn't want to have to fight any unnecessary battles. Once they got the heaven scroll. Naruto sealed both scrolls away, "Alright, I don't know if you guys sensed it. This entire forest is a Genjutsu." Naruto added which Sasuke turned his Sharingan on and saw the chakra flow.

"It's to make it look like the forest is continuously moving around so the center building we have to get to." Sasuke had a smirk on his face, "Always appears in a different position, which would throw us off."

"Alright just follow me and Sasuke." Naruto was quicky cut from his thoughts as he said, "DODGE!" Naruto shouted as they all jumped up and Naruto jumped up. A giant snake appeared below him trying to eat him. However, Naruto dodged and slammed his fist into the head causing it to disperse.

Soon the previous Kusa nin came walking up to Naruto and his team, "Kukuku! Impressive it seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. To think Tsunade-chan teach you her super-strength."

Naruto said, "Stop hiding your face Pedomaru." Naruto fell into a fighting stance with the others landing with Naruto.

"It also seems you've picked your mother's wordy mouth too." Then Orochimaru sees Sasuke's three tomoes in his Sharingan spin to life, "Kukuku beautiful Sasuke-kun you're eyes are well developed aren't they?"

Though Naruto kinda hates Sasuke for being arrogant and brash sometimes. He never would wish this guy on anyone, "Well if we have one thing to come to agreement Uchiha. We need to kick this queers ass!"

Sasuke smirked, "For once Senju, I agree with you."

Then Orochimaru smirked, "You don't have to deny it Naruto-kun… Sasuke-kun… and yes even you Grayfia-chan." Orochimaru knew about their origins and the possible use of all three of their powers, "Grayfia's Akuma heritage, Sasuke-kun's Sharingan, and Naruto-kun's Senju blood. I can do so much if I were to study your DNA." Grayfia's eyes widen in shock wanting to know how he got his hands on her clan's information.
"Over my dead body, as if I'd let you lay a hair any on of them!" Naruto shouted aggressively wanting to defend his comrades.

Orochimaru just kept smiling, "Sasuke-kun I can give you power far beyond your wildest dreams to kill him." Sasuke began to glare at him with his eyes narrowing at Orochimaru, "Naruto-kun I know how to quell that burning desire to be something more than what your mother, Great grandfather, and Grand Uncle. I know you want to step out of the Senju name to make a name for yourself. Is it not true?" Orochimaru continues to giggle, "Little Grayfia-chan I know more about your clan than you think. I know how to help you control your powers so you could never harm anyone you care about again."

Sasuke felt tempted at hearing Orochimaru's tempting offer. Grayfia knew that's what she wanted. Naruto knew it was true, he wants to step out of the Senju's family name. He wants to be known as just Naruto instead of his family name following him around all the time. Naruto tightened his fist as he threw it to the side, "NO!" Naruto glared at Orochimaru as Orochimaru looked into his eyes, "If I can't make a name for myself on my own predecessor than I don't deserve the name as Senju! If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it my way! Under my own terms, I won't betray my family, my friends, or this village! I'm not using some cheap parlor trick you call it helps to help me achieve it. There are no shortcuts to knowledge, especially knowledge gained from personal experience. Following conventional wisdom and relying on shortcuts can be worse than knowing nothing at all." Naruto opened his eyes glaring at Orochimaru.

"I see Hiruzen-sensei's ways seemed to have plagued you, but I think I'll get what I came here for!" Orochimaru came flying at them shedding his skin grossing everyone out. Naruto quickly dodged an attack, Orochimaru went to punch him in the stomach, "Good reflexes." Orochimaru smirked until he saw Naruto lunge forward.

Naruto took his fist and went to punch Orochimaru, but he quickly dodged his attack using his slithery body to escape, Fire Style: Great Fire Ball Jutsu! Sasuke fired off a fireball towards Orochimaru's direction. Forcing him to dodge again, Frozen Prison! Grayfia shouted as the air around Orochimaru began to freeze around, Now Shatter! Grayfia said as the rest of the ice-covered Orochimaru, but he turned into mud, "Behind you!" Naruto lunged forward to block an attack for Grayfia, but he was swatted to the side like he was nothing.

This shot him into a bunch of trees as he was sent away from the action, "Don't forget about me!" Irina came swinging in with her 'Mikazuki Munechika' (A/N: Crescent Moon) that Yugao gave her. She continued to do her swings at him with her sword.

"You like playing swordsman little girl?" Orochimaru chuckled as he shot out his Kusanagi, he and Irina began to trade attack. This continued for a few seconds until he broke her guard and went for a kill strike. She was of no use to him; all she would end up being is extra baggage to get rid of later.

Grayfia quickly fires off a lance made of ice forcing him to dodge. Orochimaru turned his attention to Grayfia for a moment before dodging a flurry of Kunai from Sasuke, "Impressive, not bad at all! But it's time for me to start trying!" He glared at all of them as he sent a massive killing intent on all of them. This forced them all on one knee and unable to move. Orochimaru walked up to Sasuke and said, "You will come to me for power." He lunged forward to bite him in the neck.

"NOT HAPPENING!" Naruto shouted as he went through a set of hand seals, Wood Style: Wood-Dragon Jutsu! Naruto fire off a wood dragon from a tree as it hit Orochimaru wrapping around him.

"What!?" Orochimaru's eyes widen large as saucers staring at the Shodai's Hokage Mokuton reappearing in Naruto. It made him wonder why Naruto had it, he thought it was just a mutation and that the ability to use it just wasn't stable enough for him to use it. At least that's what he heard about the ability. Recreating it was very difficult and hard to do, but now he had a possible specimen he could study and extract the DNA from him.

Naruto quickly made a few hand seals as water began to form around him, Water Style Water Dragon Jutsu! Naruto fired off his water dragon slamming into Orochimaru surprising him. Now he was all wet Naruto quickly went through another set of hand seals, Lighting Style: Electromagnetic Murder! Naruto sent a wave of electricity at Orochimaru shocking him in the process, just then Orochimaru smirk. He fell into a pile of mud and rock. Naruto turned his head and was met with Orochimaru's snake arm wrapping around his neck.

Naruto was lifted into the air by Orochimaru, "Impressive, why don't I." Orochimaru was cut off again once he felt Naruto's foot land on his face sending him away.

Naruto did a backflip and landed on the ground, "Dammit where is Kaa-chan, she should be here soon." Just then Naruto saw Orochimaru punch him into a tree where hit his head. Orochimaru quickly followed up doing a roundhouse kick to his chest. Orochimaru is considered a Sannin for nothing. Naruto is pretty sure he just broke every single her had and felt the overwhelming pain in his chest. He was pretty sure a lung was also pierced as well as he coughed blood up.

A little bit ago Naruto summoned Katsuyu to send a warning message to Hiruzen and his mother that Orochimaru had infiltrated the Chunin exams. Naruto did this when Orochimaru had to dodge attacks from Grayfia, Sasuke, and Irina.

Orochimaru smirked, "Beautiful, now." Orochimaru turned his other targets and slammed a fist into Sasuke not wanting him to escape. He wanted to end this quickly and shot his neck out and bit Sasuke as he fell over and buckled in pain. Irina shot towards Naruto to help him out of the tree but saw Sasuke roll on the ground in pain. Irina laid Naruto again a tree and jumped to help Sasuke.

Grayfia landed next to Irina who was laying Naruto and Sasuke up against a tree. Grayfia summoned up a large amount of ice and shouted Ice Formation: Frozen Bunker! As the bunker was forming Grayfia told herself, "Remember just around them feel around them only! If I freeze a few animals or plants that fine! I can't freeze them! I can't freeze Naruto!"Grayfia formed a ten-inch-thick prison to keep them protected from Orochimaru. Grayfia kept feeding chakra to repair any damage Orochimaru causes to her defense. Sasuke was on the ground in pain, but Naruto spat out blood, "I-I'm pretty sure he just punctured a lung and broke all my ribs." Naruto began to apply medical ninjutsu on himself to heal his punctured lung. Trying to repair his broken ribs was a little hard to do so. He needed to get back in the fight.

Naruto cursed himself for being too weak not being able to stop Orochimaru from doing whatever he did to Sasuke. Not only that, but he wanted to do it to Grayfia and him too. After a few minutes, Naruto was able to fully heal himself but took a good bit of chakra as he was about half reserves right now. Naruto evaluates Sasuke's predicament, as Orochimaru continued to bash at Grayfia's ice, "It seems he has passed out from it, something in him is dark. As if I can feel Orochimaru's very conscious within that seal." Naruto said as he removed his hands from Sasuke's mark annoyed. Just then the ice broke as Orochimaru got inside shocking everyone.

Irina went to cut him, but he swatted her away, she hit her head on the ice knocking her out. Naruto quickly lunged forward to attack as well with Grayfia. Naruto went to punch, but Orochimaru punched him in the stomach and kicked him into the wall, "Now wait Naruto-kun I'll give you your gift in a moment. No need to be so greedy~ Kukukuku!" Orochimaru intercepted Grayfia's punch with ice covering her hand, "Naughty." He smirked as he threw her hand at the ground smashing the ice covering her fist. He quickly kicked her into her own wall knocking the wind out of her.

Grayfia tried to get back up, but her entire body was vibrating from his punch. Her body felt numb and weak which horrified her. She felt helpless, she felt like how she felt back at the village. When she saw her father die, the mob trying to kill her for what she is. She felt alone again like she had no friends to protect her. She wanted Kurenai, but she saw Orochimaru raise his head up and stretch his neck to bite her. Grayfia closed her eyes tightly waiting for the pain, "Save me, someone! Anyone! NARUTO!" Grayfia shouted to herself internally.

However, it never came, but if it never came what happened? This forced her to open her eyes to find a beaten and battered Naruto with Orochimaru sinking his teeth into his neck. Naruto shouted out in pain as he fell to his knees. Orochimaru didn't mind this one bit actually, he was going to mark him, to begin with. What a foolish child Naruto was, didn't he know it was futile to struggle against him? Even though Naruto fell on one knee he had a grin on his face as Orochimaru still had his teeth in Naruto. Naruto said, "Grayfia, you know I won't die here, and neither will the others. I'll protect you; I'll be your friend. So please, don't ever forget!" Naruto quickly grabbed Orochimaru's throat with both hands pulling him off his neck. Granted the seal was still placed on Naruto, he threw Orochimaru over his shoulder slamming his face into the ground.

Grayfia watched as Naruto did this with a smile on his face, Naruto quickly took the stunned Sannin and picked him up and threw him at one of Grayfia's ice walls. Orochimaru was thrown with charka enhanced muscles by Naruto. This caused Orochimaru to smash through the wall completely. Naruto felt the curse mark began to burn on his neck, but Naruto continued to fight the pain as he turned to Grayfia, "So please, trust me Grayfia, I'll protect you and this team. You're my friend, one of my first friends I made in this village. I keep my promises." Naruto's eyelids began to feel heavy as he swayed back and forth as he said, "That's my nindo way, I never… go back on it." He fell forward as Grayfia rushed forward to stop him from hitting his face on the ground.

Orochimaru from outside chuckled as he sensed Anbu nearby. He also sensed Jiraiya along with Hiruzen looking for him. So he just sank into the ground, "Oh well two of the three is good enough."

Grayfia sat there with Naruto's head resting on her lap as she looked at the hole, he threw Orochimaru out. She had to move now; she had no time. She quickly uses what remaining chakra she had left. She made a shadow clone, she felt the majority of her chakra leave her body, "How the heck do you make so many!" Grayfia gasp for breath as he eyes widened at the amount of chakra it takes. Grayfia grunted as she hoisted him on her back. She had her clone pick up Irina and Sasuke as they walked out of the ice prison trying to keep the lowest profile possible.

As they were walking Grayfia found herself surrounded by three Oto Nin before she could even do anything. Naruto, Irina, or Sasuke were waking up anytime soon. She grits her teeth, but just then three Shinobi fell down next to her. Before she could do anything, they quickly dispatched the Oto Nin by killing them instantly. Grayfia let a sigh of relief out to find out it was Sona, Serafall, and Chojuro, "Thank Kami you're here." Grayfia stated as she dispelled her clone which dropped Irina and Sasuke.

Serafall took Irina, and Chojuro took Sasuke, "Should we be helping them?" Chojuro asked confused.

Sona shook her head, "We need to help Naruto and his team, that's why we rushed here as quickly as he could. We sensed an enemy on the level of Tsunade-sama and Hokage-sama, we figured you would be in trouble." Sona added fixing her glasses tighter to her face, "It seems you were right."

"Besides, they helped us in wave and saved Zabuza-sensei's life for us. This is the least we can do to thank him for saving him." Serafall adds with a smile as Chojuro only nodded and agreed.

Just then a slug summons appeared on Naruto, "Naruto-sama… oh Naruto-sama what happened to him?" The slug asked looking at the group.

Grayfia quickly said, "We were attacked by Orochimaru, we fought as hard as we could. Orochimaru managed to mark Sasuke and Naruto with some sort of marks on their necks." Grayfia said it quickly.

Katsuyu said, "Naruto did tell me about Orochimaru attacking you guys, but learning he was marked is concerning." Katsuyu nodded her head disappearing not able to sustain itself without Naruto's use of the summoning.

"Well then… it seems you guys were in a fight for your life. Well, let's get you to the building." Sona gestured them to follow as Grayfia pushed her legs to get to the tower on the first day.

Hour Later

Team Kiri and Team 7 soon made it to the tower where Kiri summoned their sensei and left. Grayfia being the only one still up opened both of their scrolls and did the summoning. Quickly Iruka appeared, "Congratulations team!" He stopped midsentence to see three of his Genins passed out.

"Orochimaru invaded the Chunin exams, we need Jiraiya-sama stat. Naruto and Sasuke both have curse seals on them." Grayfia quickly spattered out as she fell forward and Iruka caught her before she hit the ground. Iruka noticed a bruising on her abdomen, she might have had broken ribs as well. Not only that, she seemed to have carried Naruto since he passed out. She had his head laying in his lap.

Without a second longer, Iruka called out Anbu who came in and took the team 7 inside. Once they were taken into the infirmary to recover. Naruto and Sasuke were placed in the same room with hidden Anbu, courtesy of Hiruzen, and security seals to only allow himself, Iruka, Kakashi, or Jiraiya to enter. Currently, Tsunade and Shizune received word from a close friend that the village has come down with Tuberculosis which was very serious. Which needed her full attention so she couldn't come home right away.

Hiruzen came quickly into the room along with Kakashi and Jiraiya. Jiraiya walking over to Naruto and Sasuke and began to look at the seals. Jiraiya looked at Sasuke's, "Yeah definitely his handy work…ooowww when I get my hands on him! I swear I'll wring his neck, I'll skin his skin!" Jiraiya took this personally this time, not only was Naruto his apprentice. He was the son of his former apprentice who passed away. Not only that, Naruto is like a son to him. Just how Minato was to him, finding out he died broke his heart.

Hiruzen shook his head, "This is all my fault if only I would have seen this before, the errors of my past have caught up to me. Now it brings pain upon Naruto-kun and Sasuke-kun." Hiruzen said disappointed in himself. He had a chance to kill his student, but he couldn't bring himself to do so.

"You're not the only one Sensei, I've done it too. I was his friend and I wanted him to redeem himself, now look where it ended up." Jiraiya placed a hand on Naruto's head ruffling his hair until he hands moved down to his neck where the seal was. Jiraiya tightened his fist and immediately took out his Fuinjutsu things, "I don't care how long it takes me, I'm going to find out how to remove it!" Jiraiya said angrily, Jiraiya hates it when someone harms his family. This could have been easily Eri, Yui, or even Tsunade. He might not be married to her or anything like that, but he considers her family. Eri and Yui are like daughters to him now, Eri and Yui now have to wonder why Naruto had this mark on his neck? Fuck no! He was not going to have that, he wasn't going to make them worry like that!

"Jiraiya-kun… you can't study the seal properly right now. You're too angry and you won't get anywhere. Let's keep them monitored and for now, let's place an evil seal on it." Hiruzen said as Jiraiya smashed his fist into the ground of the infirmary room. Since they were still asleep, he could perform it without any issues. Jiraiya made the seals around their beds, "This is going to be stronger than ones used in the past. I call it Evil Sealing Method Level 5!" Jiraiya slammed his hand down both on Naruto's and Sasuke's necks. His blood, which were the seals, ran up the bed covers and began to cover them and go into the seal.

They both didn't scream or move, it was a success and Jiraiya said, "They curse seal won't influence them as much as before. Though I do believe that Naruto can handle it and control it and not use it. This seal is quite powerful, your will literally has to be zero and you physically allow it." Jiraiya knew what it could do, "So, I blocked the seal from influencing them when using their chakra."

"I see, that's good. I know that Tsunade-chan has been told as well thanks to Naruto's summons. Since Katsuyu wasn't summoned back by Naruto, she used chakra to make a smaller version of herself appear, to figure out if Naruto was alright, I'm sure Tsunade knows by now." Hiruzen adds thanks to the corporation with Grayfia and team Kiri.

Jiraiya, Hiruzen, and Kakashi all shuddered in fear. It was what Tsunade would do to them, but they didn't even want to KNOW what Tsunade was going to do to him.

With Tsunade

Tsunade was still doing work in the hospital treating patients and everything. She couldn't stop thinking if Naruto was alright after he first summoned Katsuyu. Then he never sent anything back to her! She was worried for dear life; she was about to up and leave. Then she would be failed a close friend of hers during her travels. So, she had to wait, and wait… and wait.

After an hour or so, which felt like an eternity, Katsuyu appeared, "Tsunade-sama I have a report on Naruto. As I do know his current state physically, he is wounded badly and beat up. He will survive, but Orochimaru… manage to place a curse seal on Sasuke Uchiha." Which earned a sigh of relief from Tsunade, "And Naruto-sama." Katsuyu knew what was coming next.

Next Door

Shizune was taking care of a kid who had the flu and was reading off his diagnosis until she heard Tsuande scream and the spike in her chakra to unbelievable levels, "YOU DAMN MOTHERFUCKING SNAKE BASTARD! WHEN I FIND YOU, I'LL DISEMBOWL YOU ALIVE! YOU HEAR ME OROCHIMARU! I'LL HANG YOU BY YOUR ENTRAILS WHILE KEEPING YOU ALIVE! I'LL TURN YOU INTO A LIVING ANATOMY LAB FOR EVERYONE TO STUDY ON WHAT A BODY OF TRAITOR IS LIKE! I'LL SWEAR TO NEVER LET YOU DIE SO I CAN TORTURE YOU UNTIL THE DAY I DIE!" Tsunade screamed punching the wall to the room that Shizune was in. Shizune covered the family to protect them.

"T-Tsunade-s-sama what happened!" Shizune said out shakily in fear of what Tsunade has done.

All Shizune could see the raging fire in Tsunade eyes that would put to Guy's and Lee's flames of Youth to shame. It was like comparing a Blue Star, which burns much hotter than a normal sun, to a campfire in the woods, "OROCHIMARU PLACED A CURSE SEAL ON MY BOY! I'M GOING TO KILL HIM! I'M ENDING HIS LIFE! THEN I'M KICKING EVERY SINGLE ANBU ASS FOR NOT DETECTING THIS! I'LL MAKE GODDAMN SURE THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN ONCE I'M HOKAGE! HIRUZEN ISN'T OUT OF THIS AS WELL URRRGGGG I WANT TO KILL SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!" Tsunade screamed angrily not able to control her anger for Orochimaru. Just thinking about his damn scaly ass made he want to skin him alive and get herself a full set of snakeskin outfits.

Shizune eyes felt like the sunk in as she looked at the ground, yes, she was very concerned for Naruto. He is her little brother and she was mentally panicking, but not only about how condition. How Tsunade was going to rip the Anbu, possible every Jonin, every chunin, Jiraiya, and Hiruzen a new one for this. For Tsunade, she was going to have their heads! She knows she wants to do them!

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