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Hello back with another chapter! As for the pairings I still want to keep it Grayfia, Ino, and Chisato. As for Kuroka, well it's quite simple, she isn't part of the harem. Yes, I know, I know as much as I like Kuroka myself. I want to keep the number of harem where it is now. I don't really want to add Kuroka, I mean as the writer I got no problem adding her, but I also want my readers to be happy as well. I bet you guys there are a few readers out there where you guys are okay with the size. I know many of you guys want Kuroka, now don't you roll your eyes at me. Lmao, I'd want Kuroka too, but in this scenario, I'll refrain from doing. Which for now I should really stop making any type of promises or saying I'm stopping at the limit. But please keep in mind that in the end, it's my choice. Besides, you guys got Grayfia, Ino, and Chisato. I also went back and did realize that I was going to do a four-person harem. I didn't even know that. So, I went back and rectified that, it's only going to be three, unless you guys really, really want Kuroka. If I did it only be Kuroka, but like I said in the end it's my choice. I wanted Kuroka to be there to add humor to the story. Anyway, enjoy the chapter!

Last Chapter

Gekko walked over to inspect both Sakura and Ino, "Ummm they're both unconscious… no one moves on." Gekko had a sweat drop on his forehead.

Kurenai sighed, "I tried to get her out of it."

"Not that easy." Asuma lit a cigarette as he shook his head, "I'm just as at fault too."

"It's best this way, this way neither of them will get killed." Kakashi added knowing that Ino and Sakura stood no chance in the Shinobi world.

"Well will the next two come up! Grayfia Lucifuge vs. Neji Hyuga." Gekko called out as the two prepared to move down to the arena.

"Good luck Grayfia, you got this." Naruto gave her a thumbs up with a smirk on his face. Grayfia just nodded her head and walked to the arena ready to take the Hyuga down to win. Grayfia didn't know what that feeling was, she hated it though. She really hated seeing that girl kiss Naruto and be all over him. Was this jealousy? All she knew right now is she had pent of frustration she needed to let out.

Present Chapter

Neji walked forward with Grayfia facing him, Neji fell into a stance ready to fight, "I've heard how strong you really were. Though I'm sorry to say fate said I was going to win. Prepare to lose."

Grayfia stayed quiet not paying much attention to Neji not giving too much of a care in the world, "Alright ready!? Hajime!" Gekko threw his arm down with Neji and Grayfia not moving.

"I'm going to win this one this time Hyuga." Grayfia threw her hand forward covered in with ice creating a row of ice to shoot up from the ground.

Neji easily dodged her attack activating his Byakugan running towards her to finish this close-ranged. Grayfia dodged and ducked under his gentle fist strikes. She avoided hits to her charka points using ice to cover her body to cushion Neji's attacks. Grayfia ducked under a fist and sent charka through her hands and onto the ground. This caused Neji to lose his balance and slip and Grayfia used this opportunity to attack. She covered her fist with ice and slammed her fist into his stomach.

This sent him flying back as he quickly sent chakra to his feet and skidded across the ground. Neji glared up at her and said, "Good hit, but you just got lucky." Neji charged forward using chakra to not slip on the ice. Grayfia put her hands up ready to defend herself. Neji began to strike repeatedly trying to hit Grayfia. Grayfia did what she could to dodge, but Neji continued to swing faster and faster. Akuma Style: Frost Breath! Grayfia quickly shot out a breath of ice that began to freeze the air. Thanks to Neji's Byakugan he saw the air in front of him begin to freeze along with bits of his clothing beginning to freeze.

Neji quickly stopped his assault as Grayfia continued to back up. Grayfia stopped the attack as she fell back into her fighting stance. Neji looked at her and narrowed his eyes, "It's time to end this. I'll show you what fate really means."

"Fate is nothing more than an ideology." Grayfia stated ready for Neji's attack.

"Fate is everything, fate determines our futures the moment we're born. You were born part of a clan that can use ice. Known as the Akuma clan." Neji stated which Grayfia's eyes widen, "Since you were born into this world, you were fated to lose to me. You'll lose here, I'll prove it to you!" Neji dashed forward going to try to end the battle.

Grayfia narrowed her eyes at him hating for him to even bring up her clan name, "SHUT UP!" Grayfia raised her hands in the air and launched them forward firing at Neji. Ice spikes formed in the air and a layer of ice on the ground shot towards Neji. The Ice spikes shot out a little bit curving outward and then inwards focusing on Neji. Neji saw this as he quickly used the gentle fist and used his right hand to stop the incoming ice spikes from the ground. Neji's hand came back up to strike the five ice missiles coming at him.

Grayfia was shocked by this, just as she saw Neji there he appeared right in front of her. Eight Trigrams Two Palms! He smacked Grayfia's shoulders, Four Palms! He struck Grayfia's stomach, Eight Palms! There were more consecutive strikes to Grayfia's chest. Sixteen Palms! The strikes began to attack Grayfia's arms and legs. Thirty-Two Palms! Neji's hand began to go quicker striking more of Grayfia's Tenketsu. Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palm! Neji finished with another 16 strikes sending Grayfia flying into the wall of the arena.

Naruto stood up from his seat with a worried look on his face, "Grayfia!" Naruto shouted which everyone noted especially Tsunade.

The dust began to settle where Grayfia slammed into the wall. She opened her eyes and shakily stood back up as she thought to herself, "Dammit this hurts." Grayfia's heart began to pick up, "This is just like the time with Orochimaru, powerless to do anything. Not only that is this what fate has given me. Is that really true?" "Do you see now? You were fated to lose to me, give up you've lost. Without your charka, you can't hope to beat me" Neji stated harshly as he turned to walk away, "Proctor call the match." "He's right I've lost, it seems that all the training I've done. Even with D-." Grayfia was cut from her thoughts as she heard Naruto shouting from the stands.

Naruto sat there raging in his seat, "GRAYFIA DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP!" Naruto shouted with his eyes focused on Grayfia, "You can do it! Get back up! Don't let his ideals of Fate stop you! Don't ever give up because someone said something about that crap so-called fate! Break that wall of so-called fate! Don't let someone make up and place a barrier to stop you!" Naruto knew Grayfia better than this, Grayfia was stronger than this! Naruto knew Grayfia could do it, it's herself confidence that stops her a lot of the time.

Grayfia bit her lip still wondering as she held her hand over her chest, "What is this feeling? Why do I feel the urge to stand back up?" Grayfia contemplated on standing up as she looked up to see Kurenai. Grayfia saw Kurenai smiling at her, Grayfia looked at Naruto and then at Kurenai, "Kurenai-Nee why are you…" Grayfia looked back at Naruto as she took a deep breath and stood up back up.

at Gekko and nodded her head, "I'm not done Hyuga, I can still fight." "I wonder if Naruto is that special someone Kurenai-Nee keeps talking about." Grayfia knew trying to open up her Kentetsu would drain the rest of her chakra.

"Just stay down what hope could you have to beat me? I have fate and fate said I would win so stay down!" Neji growled back at her.

"No, I won't, I can still stand. That means I can still fight." Grayfia looked at Neji not wanting to give up, whatever the reason was. Naruto was able to convince her to keep going, it was as if Naruto was there with her. "So please, trust me Grayfia, I'll protect you and this team. You're my friend, one of my first friends I made in this village. I keep my promises." Naruto's words echoed in her head, "I won't give up, I'll protect my friends too! I'll get stronger, I'll be a strong Kunoichi one day." Grayfia fell into another fighting stance, but then Neji appeared in front of her with a scowl on his face.

"This is your fate! You've lost it!" Neji slammed another Gentle Fist strike to her chest forcing her to fall on the ground.

Grayfia coughed and gasped for air as she slowly stood back up, "I-I I'm not done." She stood up and Naruto watched in horror as Neji didn't show any mercy to his fellow Shinobi.

"STAY DOWN!" Neji growled slamming another strike to her stomach as she fell back to the ground this time throwing up blood.

"I-I I'm not done." Grayfia stood back up weakly as her eyes were half-lidded.

Neji glared at her, "You're just like Hinata… you're just like her! JUST STAY DOWN! YOU WERE BORN WEAK, SO YOU'LL ALWAYS BE WEAK!" Neji went to slam his fingers into her heart to kill her.

Just then Naruto couldn't hold it in anymore as he shrugged his family off him. He launched himself down and slammed his fist into Neji's face. Neji was sent flying into the wall with everyone shocked to see the Senju send Neji flying into the wall. Gekko went to stay something but at the same time. Kakashi, Might, Kurenai, and Asuma also jumped down at the same time to save Grayfia. Naruto only moved a bit quicker than they did. Naruto quickly turned around to catch Grayfia before she fell down, "Grayfia!" Naruto ran over and he quickly caught her.

Gekko let a sigh out, "Naruto next time you interfere in a fight, you will be disqualified." Gekko knew what Naruto was doing, but rules were rules. They applied to everyone, even if they were fellow Shinobi and were killed.

"I don't care!" Naruto shouted as he began to heal Grayfia. He used medical ninjutsu to help her wounds heal. Also used his own chakra to help her Tenketsu open again, but he found it hard to do so. Just then another pair of hands went over his, Naruto looked up to see his mother helping him.
"Save your strength dear, I can open her Tenketsu you might have to fight again." Tsunade said with a smile on her face glad for her so. She knew he found someone he cared about, there really wasn't much you can do. Kurenai watched with worry for Grayfia's condition.

"No, it's fine I can help." Naruto felt a pain in his heart as he found it hard to breathe. Just then Naruto froze as his pupils from his eyes disappeared.

Tsunade saw as Naruto stopped channeling his chakra, "Naruto?" Tsunade asked with worry, "Hey Naruto are you okay? Naruto!?" Just as Grayfia began to wake up Naruto fell on top of her surprising her. Tsunade knew Grayfia would wake up and immediately looked over at Naruto to find his eyes pupils, "NARUTO!" Tsunade screamed as she began to run a medical diagnosis and found his heart had stopped beating.

Everyone began to look at the worried Senju mother as she charged her lighting chakra. She shot a charge into Naruto restarting his heart opening the Tenketsu. Naruto shot up to let out a large breath as he began to breathe quickly. It took a few seconds before his breathing returned to normal, "What happened?" Naruto asked as he looked at his hand as Tsunade quickly pulled him into a hug.

"Oh, my Kami you're okay!" Tsunade began to cry making Naruto look at his mother confused.

"W-What's going on?" Grayfia sat up sorely and looked at the Senju mother holding her son.

"Tsunade-sama is Naruto alright?" Gekko asked as Tsunade turned to him and then saw Neji by the wall where Naruto sent him into.

Tsunade growled at him as she stood up leaving her son on the ground, "Naruto get back into the stands, I'll take Grayfia to the infirmary and have Shizune give her a once over." Tsunade walked over agitated with Naruto not saying anything.

Naruto didn't know what happened, but he did realize something. When he sent Neji flying into the wall. He felt two sets of hands jab into his chest. Right over where his heart was, "Did he stop my heart… I remember Kaa-chan saying that that could happen. If a Tenketsu is struck and closed, you would have a heart attack." Naruto realized what he did almost got him killed. Naruto shook his head and helped Grayfia up, "Hey you did a good job." Naruto smiled helping her back up.

"T-Thanks Naruto." Grayfia said with a smile on her face as she leans into him. Grayfia felt at ease when around Naruto. Naruto handed her off to Tsunade who took her to the infirmary to do a once over where there is more medical equipment.

"Naruto are you sure you're okay?" Tsunade gently placed her hand over his heart again to check his Tenketsu which is now open and openly channeling chakra through it.

"Yeah, I'm good Kaa-chan I'll let you know if anything else comes up." Naruto sent her a warm smile as she nods her head and leaves with Grayfia. Meanwhile, everyone else is quiet and makes their way back to the stands.

"Thank you, Naruto." Kurenai said as she sent a smile towards him as he nodded his back to her.

"Alright, let's continue this! Next up Temari of Suna vs. Karui of Kumo." Gekko called out

Skipping all Battles

Match 1 Naruto vs. Kuroka: Winner Naruto

Match 2 Ino vs. Sakura: Winner Tie (No one advances)

Match 3 Neji vs. Grayfia: Winner: Neji

Match 4 Temari vs. Karui: Winner: Temari

Match 5 Kankuro vs. Choji: Winner Kankuro

Match 6 Gaara vs. Iwa Nin 1: Winner Gaara

Match 7 Lee vs. Yoroi Akadō: Winner Lee

Match 8 Sona vs. Iwa Nin 2: Winner Sona

Match 9 Tenten vs. Sasuke: Winner Sasuke

Match 10 Shikamaru vs. Misumi Tsurugi: Winner Shikamaru

Match 11 Chojuro vs. Omoi: Winner Omoi

Match 12 Kurotsuchi vs. Serafall: Winner Serafall

Match 13 Kabuto (Forfeit) vs. Irina: Winner Irina

Match 14 Yugito vs. Hinata: Winner Yugito

Naruto glared at Neji as Neji looked back at Naruto. The two didn't say anything as everyone felt the tension in the air. No one knew why, but it was as if Naruto's chakra was choking everyone's airways making it hard to breathe. Kuroka couldn't help but see that Naruto had an aura of a king, "Alright everyone we will randomly spin to see who is facing who in the finals." Gekko stated as Hiruzen pressed the randomizer.

When the brackets finally stopped spinning the tension in the air. Naruto smiled as he saw match 1. Naruto Senju vs. Neji Hyuga. Everyone didn't even bother to look at their to look at Naruto to see what he would say, "You're going to pay for what you did to Grayfia…" Naruto glared at Neji with the similar fire in his eyes that Tsunade has when she punches perverts. Naruto walked towards Kakashi who waved him over. Naruto didn't even bother to stay near everyone as he wanted to punch someone's face in.

Match 2: Irina vs. Temari

Match 3: Yugito vs. Sasuke

Match 4: Shikamaru vs. Kankuro

Match 5: Sona vs. Serafall

Match 6: Gaara vs. Lee vs. Omoi

"Alright everyone, you've all done a good job and have a chance to see how strong you are. You will all go home for a month to train, hone, and further your skills. This will help bring missions to your village to help the economy prosper. All with the possible rank of Chunin if you all prove yourselves. Good luck and safe travels home." Hiruzen smiles warmly with everyone beginning to leave.

Kuroka walked gracefully skips up to Hiruzen, "Hokage-sama I will go back with my team, but I will come back when I can to spend time with Naruto Nya!" Kuroka said with excitement.

Hiruzen nodded his head, "You may do as you wish Kuroka-chan, your clan is your clan. I cannot stop you, as long as you Raikage is alright with this."

Kuroka happily skipped towards Naruto as he was standing next to Irina, Sasuke, and Kakashi, "Naruto-kun!" Kuroka skipped up wrapping her arms around Naruto, "I'll be back soon so we can spend time together! I want you as my fiancé Nya!"

"WHAT!?" Naruto looked at her in shock with his face turning red.

"WHAT FIANCE!?" Tsunade came walking in hearing this annoyed and angry!

Kuroka scowled back, "Yeah, you heard me! Is your age starting to catch up to your grandma!?"

"Oh no." Naruto held his head with worry.

"Oh kami no." Hiruzen DID NOT want to write a note to the Raikage that the mother of Naruto Senju. Beat the crap out of a Genin for wanting to make the son of Tsunade her fiancé.

"Come on Kuroka you can air hump your friend later!" Karui walked over and pulled on Kuroka's ear dragging her away with her team.

"Nya! Let me go Karui! I want to give him a goodbye hug Nya!" Kuroka pouted crossing her arms under her chest annoyed.

Meanwhile with Grayfia

Grayfia was recovering in the infirmary and Shizune just left. Tsunade told her to take it easy during these next few days. Just then an Anbu landed next to her, "Grayfia Danzo-sama has asked how your observation with the Senju boy is going."

Grayfia replied, "Everything is going on fine, he is beginning to like me I believe." Grayfia felt her heart hurting, she did not like this feeling.

"That's good." The Anbu said as he turned around and said, "Grayfia don't let your emotions influence the mission. Danzo-sama has done a lot for you, I would assure you that coming to Danzo-sama greatly helped you control your powers. Otherwise, you would have frozen the entire village."

Grayfia flinched a little bit and put her mask back on, "Yeah I know, he is nothing more than my target to observe. If I can get Naruto in bed and get pregnant to possibly have the Mokuton appear in one of my children." Grayfia put her right hand on her left bicep squeezing it hard. She didn't know what this feeling was. She didn't like it, she didn't like that she was doing this to Naruto. She was doing this behind Kurenai's back, she did this because she had nothing. Kurenai helped her open up and be herself. However, there is much more to Grayfia's past that Naruto nor Kurenai even knows.

Hell, even Danzo got Hiruzen to make this an actual long-term mission for Grayfia.

Flashback Day After Naruto Joined Konoha

Danzo was sitting in his Root Headquarters wanting reports on the Senju boy. Soon he heard that one of his subordinates were in his class. Like that he called for Oni, "You called Danzo-sama." The young girl's voice spoke as she kneeled in front of him.

Danzo began to write down her mission, "I have a personal and long-term assignment for you. Thanks to the help of the civilian council and with Koharu's and Homura's help." Danzo thought about how Grayfia should take this and smiled. He began to write down mission details and began to speak again, "Oni, you will obviously go as Grayfia like as this is your first name. Your mission to eventually befriend a boy name Naruto Senju." Grayfia already knew who the boy was, "I heard he was on your team which makes your mission easier." Danzo rolled the scroll up and tossed it to Grayfia, "You are to then seduce him and make him your boyfriend until you get him to have sex with you. Make sure you eventually get pregnant with your child. When you have the child, your mission will end there. Further mission detail will happen when we get there. Don't fail me Oni we need Senju to be brought back and trained right. We'll make sure to make Konoha the greatest Shinobi Village!"

"As you wish Danzo-sama." Oni, aka Grayfia, replied as she turned and walked away.

End of Flashback

Grayfia does spend a lot of time training with Root Shinobi. However, she also spends a lot of time training with Yugao and Anko. So, she does have interactions, but at night she trains with Root. Sometimes when she is given missions. Kurenai has never been suspicious about her being gone or doing something else. Grayfia sighed as she looked up and out the window, "Why does this bother me so much. I know I'm going behind Kurenai-Nee's back and it hurts. However, for some reason, it hurts more when I think of Naruto." Grayfia didn't know anymore, she didn't know what was right or wrong anymore. Of all of her other allies in Root, she is the only one who wasn't brainwashed and turned into a drone, "What do I do… what would have you done Kaa-san… Tou-san." Grayfia wondered as she rolled on her side and fell asleep. Grayfia was also the one and only drone who doesn't have a curse seal placed on her.

Just then the door opened with Naruto and team 7 walking in, "Yo Grayfia! How ya feeling!" Naruto walked near to her bedside making sure she was alright.

"I-I'm fine Naruto, thank you for checking up on me." Grayfia said with a smile trying to forget her problems talking to her team.

"Well it's good to see you guys all healed and some of you guys are moving on." Kakashi smiled with both eyes with Grayfia sighing at her loss.

"I'm sorry for failing Kakashi-Sensei." Grayfia rubbed the back of her head as Kakashi shook his head.

"It's quite alright Grayfia, you did what you could and kept fighting. Your team supports you all the way, especially Naruto here." Kakashi chuckled as he looked at Naruto placing a hand on his shoulder.

Naruto growled at him with a blush appearing on his face, "Shut up Kakashi-sensei I was just worried about her, to begin with. Besides she did her best and went as long as she could." Naruto stated with a grin while scratching his cheek. Grayfia didn't know what these feelings whereas her cheeks turned red.

The Anbu in the room who worked for Danzo looked at Grayfia with worry. He didn't dare move because Naruto was a sensor. He heard from Grayfia so, moving would be a bad decision. He already did enough to keep himself hidden, "Thank you all for coming to see me, I wish you all luck on your training for the finals."

"I'll be taking Sasuke to help him train his Sharingan, Irina you've been assigned to Yugao who will help you. Naruto I'm assuming you'll be training with Jiraiya-sama, Tsunade-sama, and Shizune?" Kakashi asked raising an eyebrow at him.
Naruto nodded his head, "Which reminds me, you think you can help me perfect that lighting blade." Naruto asked as Kakashi scratched his cheek.

"As long as I know your mother won't murder me, yes I'd be happy to help. I didn't realize your charka control was that refined." Kakashi wondered if that was the real reason why Naruto could copy Kakashi's hand seals for it.

Naruto chuckled, "Well my Kaa-chan told me I inherited her chakra control." Naruto then felt Jiraiya walk in.

"Hey, kids! Naruto you ready for some training! Tsunade and I have a workout planned for ya! Shizune is going to help continue your studies and with poisons." Jiraiya smirked as he looked at Grayfia remembering her reaction when Kuroka kissed Naruto.

"Alright, then it seems we got everything settled." Kakashi nodded his head, "Good luck everyone, and worked hard. Naruto I'll communicate with your mother and Jiraiya on when you'll be training with me."

"Hey Naruto, are you still working on Kenjutsu?" Irina asked curiously, she wondered if he could join her and Yugao once in a while for a spar.

"I would hope so." Another voice spoke up as he came walking into the room.

"Rayleigh-Sensei!" Irina and Naruto both shouted as they ran up and hugged the Samurai master.

"Hey, it's good to see you guys too! I heard about your preliminary matches! Good job!" He gave them a thumbs up, "I decided to come by to help you refine King's Blade fighting style Naruto. I also wanted to see if you're able to tap into your Conquerors Chakra."

"Well, I don't really know how to use it." Naruto rubbed the back of his head, "I don't know if I even understand it completely."

"I see, well maybe once you get a better idea. We can work on your chakra and learn to use Armament Chakra." Rayleigh added which Irina and Naruto raised an eyebrow at, "I'll explain it later it's a secret Samurais only know. Not many are able to truly master it, but I think you guys will be able to." Rayleigh smirked as Kakashi looked at him in shock.

"I've heard about how powerful and rare to master Armament Chakra is. If I remember correctly it's original name was Armament Haki right?" Kakashi asked as Rayleigh nodded his head.

"I'm surprised you even know about the name. How did you hear of this?" Rayleigh asked curiously.

"I've sparred against Samurai before, they briefly told me about it. Though I must wonder, what is the difference between Armament Chakra and Armament Chakra?" Kakashi asked confused.

"Well, it depends if you first have refined chakra control. Not only do you need to manifest chakra purely as a blade. You also need to be able to master your own will power. That's when you get into chakra." Rayleigh smiled, "Though that is as most as I can say without anyone learning the true secrets to it's power. Naruto here I think has the original version called Conquerors Haki which is actually Conquerors Chakra."

"Why call it Conquroers Chakra if it's Conquerors Haki?" Naruto asked confused by Rayleigh's words.

"Well like I said it's a guarded secret, one uses chakra. While the other uses Haki, Haki and Chakra come within the body so it's similar, but the way they are used is completely different." Rayleigh turned to leave, "Come find me in the Forest of Death when you figure out your training schedule." Rayleigh left leaving a swirl of black wind behind him.

"Conqueror's Haki?" Naruto said confused, "This is confusing." He said as he scratched the back of his head.

"All I know it's heavily guarded because undergoing training like this could kill someone." Kakashi narrowed his eyes and sighed, "If you learn to master it, I heard you have the power and will of that of a King."
Naruto smirked, "That sounds awesome! Well, I better figure out a training regimen! I'll see ya guys later! Oh, and Grayfia I'll come to check up on ya when I can! You can stop by the compound whenever! Ja Ne!" Naruto left jumping out of the window.

"I'll wonder how strong he'll get." Kakashi placed his hands on his hips in fascination in Naruto's potential.

"Kakashi-Sensei let's go I want to start immediately if I want to crush Senju." Kakashi began to leave waving by to Irina and Grayfia.

Before Irina left, she asked, "Hey Grayfia I have a question… do you like Naruto?"

Grayfia had a small tint of pink appear on her face, "Well I don't know he is really nice and all. He cares a lot… I'm not too sure yet on what these feelings are." The two didn't notice it, but before Kurenai went in she heard Irina's question. She leaned on the outside of the wall before entering. In a real sense, it wouldn't be a good idea, in the end, she knows she would end up hurting him.

Irina nodded her head; she never really had any feelings like that herself for Naruto. Though she does seem him as a rival and someone to catch up with. Irina skipped out of the room and Kurenai came walking in, "So, how are you holding up?" The red-eyed genjutsu mistress of Konoha asked. She walked over and sat down on the edge of Grayfia's bed.

Grayfia smiled as she found her hand moving on the bed to help distract her, "I'm fine they just came in to see how I was feeling. I'm good, yeah, I'm upset that I lost, but it's okay. I'll just train harder."

Kurenai smiled as she nodded her head okay with that answer, "I'm proud on how far you've come to Grayfia, you're really starting to open up to others." Kurenai had a big grin on her face, she was truly happy for Grayfia. All Kurenai ever wanted was for Grayfia to make friends and act like herself.

Grayfia smiled and her heart fluttered to think that Kurenai was happy with how she was doing, "Thank you Kurenai-Nee, they're definitely an interesting group of friends. Naruto is something else."

Kurenai smirked and had a shit-eating grin on her face, "Ehhhh? Has the Senju Heir caught the ice princess's heart?" Kurenai teased as she gently elbowed Grayfia in the side.

"N-No!" Grayfia had a tint of pink stain her cheeks as she looked away. Grayfia knew internally what her true mission was, then again, she didn't know what to do. She was too internally conflicted on what she has to do, "He is just a nice person that's all." Grayfia let a sigh out as Kurenai shook her head.

"Well, I'll leave it at that, come on let's go home. The doctors just gave me your discharge papers." Kurenai stood up and handed Grayfia a fresh new pair of clothes.

Grayfia nodded her head and got up to change, "Naruto… whenever you find out who and what I truly am. I know you'll hate me, and I'm sorry. I owe Danzo-sama for helping me to control my powers, so I didn't end up hurting Kurenai-nee. To think that I'd come across someone else that I'd begin to care about." Grayfia's mind wandered over towards her entire team, "Wait… do I even see Sasuke, Irina, and even Kakashi as people I care about." Grayfia didn't realize it but Kurenai saw the look of conflicted emotions on her face, "Hey Grayfia you okay?"

Grayfia snapped back to reality, "Oh! Yeah, just thinking about the match and how I can get better." Grayfia said with a calculated look on her face which Kurenai nodded her head okay with that answer.

With Naruto

Naruto made his way towards home, once he entered the house two bundles jumped upon him, "Oh! Hey Eri-chan! Yui-chan!" Naruto sent them a grin as he looked down with a smile.

"Onii-chan!" Yui smiled, "Did you win! Did you give them the good old one, two!" Yui gently swung her fist into his side.

Naruto comically fell to the ground, "Ow! OO! No! That hurt Yui! Ahhhhh!" Naruto held his side as Yui began to giggle knowing he was playing around.

"Ahaah! Onii-chan was weak and I took advantage! Maybe I should take your spot as a shinobi!" Yui placed her hands on her hips with a smirk on her face.

Eri just laughed, "Onii-chan stop pretending." Eri giggled as she hugged the downed Senju heir.

Naruto stopped groaning in pain as he opened one eye, "*Sigh* I can't get anything past you two." Naruto chuckled as she stood up giving the two a hug, "Have you two been behaving? I know we leave you Biwako-Baa-chan."

"Yes, we have been!" Yui gave naruto a cute salute.

"Obaa-chan is super nice!" Eri said with a smile on her face.

"Alright you three, we need to start preparing dinner. Naru-chan is going to be busy because he is going to be fighting in the finals." Tsunade said proudly for her son, "So, we have a lot to talk about in terms of training."

"You got that right!" Jiraiya popped up from behind Tsunade.

"TOU-CHAN! KAA-CHAN!" Eri and Yui ran from Naruto's side as Naruto grinned to see the two run up to Jiraiya giving the toad pervert a hug then Tsunade.

"Phew, that was a long day." Shizune came walking letting a sigh out, "Oh, we're all here!" Shizune smiled, "Naru-chan you're going to need to tell me how everything went!"

"Sure!" Naruto said with an ecstatic voice as the Senju family went into the kitchen.

Just Outside the Senju Compound in a Tree

A figure landed in a tree and looked inside. He had two glowing red Sharingan eyes while he wore an Anbu outfit. He has a weasel mask on and a smile behind his porcelain mask, "I'm sorry I couldn't be there to help you more in the Land of Waves Yui. I hope you're truly happy where you are, I hope you can one day forgive me."

"It's good to see a familiar face around here Weasel." Hiruzen spoke next to the Anbu as the Anbu turned his head and bowed.

"Hokage-sama it's good to see you well." The Anbu was glad to see the old man.

"Are you a shadow clone?" Hiruzen asked as the Anbu nodded affirming the answer.

"I see, well let me know what you've gathered. We need to see what Orochimaru is planning along with the Akatsuki." Hiruzen said facing weasel with his hands behind his back.

Time Skip Week later (Two and Half Weeks Left before Chunin Finals)

Naruto was training in the back with his mother *SMASH* as the earth was shot up from the ground. Naruto all sweaty and tired punched his mother's attack she launched at him. Tsunade just punched the ground causing rocks to shoot up. Naruto punched through her attack and charged at her to continue their spar. The two were doing purely taijutsu with Naruto also wearing gravity seals on his body along with weighted gear.

Jiraiya got his Anbu outfit fitted out to be heavier than normal. Everything to his grey vest, to his forearm sleeves, his forearm guards, everything was weighted except for the blue outfit itself. Naruto was and even Tsunade was a bit out of breath as she smirked, "He really has come a long way, to the point where I actually have to try." Tsunade stood up relaxing along with Naruto doing the same, "Let's call it here Naru-chan." Tsunade said with a smile, "Why don't you continue working on summoning more of Katsuyu so you get the gist summing her more. I'll head back in and take a shower and prepare lunch."

"You got it." Naruto walked over and sat down on a rock to take a breather. His muscles were even sore from the sparring. Naruto took a sip from his water and stood up, "Wonder where Yui and Eri went." Naruto closed his eyes to sense around for them as he found them at the park with Biwako. Naruto made a clone so he could go check upon them. He sent that clone to let his mother know, but also prayed that she wasn't getting ready for a shower or anything.

Naruto made his way towards the park and found Biwako telling the girls, "Girls let's get ready to go I'm sure your mother is wondering where you are. I need to prepare lunch for Hiruzen-Oji-san."

"Obaa-chan it's okay, I'll take the girls from here. I'm sure we can spare a few minutes." Naruto waved as Biwako smiled.

"It's good to see you doing well and working hard." Biwako nodded her head, "Alright take care you three, Eri, Yui, be good for your big brother." Biwako left heading back towards the Sarutobi compound.

Naruto sat down on the bench with his water as the girls continued to play with their new friends. Just then he narrowed his eyes as he saw a bunch of kids who were older than them. They had to be about a year or two older than Yui and Eri. Naruto was going to interfere but decided to sit back and watch instead. Naruto extended his senses so he could listen in on their conversation.

Eri and Yui were giggling and playing around until the older kids only by a couple of years came walking up, "Alright you runts time to beat it!" The bully smirked walking towards them. He was a boy who had to be about a couple inches taller than Eri and Yui.

The friends that Yui and Eri were playing with them grew quiet and began to say their goodbyes. They didn't want to deal with the bully, "What? Just because he tells us to leave doesn't mean we have to. This park is free for everyone to play!" Yui said excitedly.

Eri however felt the mean chakra coming from the boy, his group of friends didn't make Eri feel any more comfortable. Just then she felt Naruto's chakra and remembered he would step in if anything went wrong. Eri relaxed as she looked at Yui, and Yui said, "Come on why can't we all okay and get along!" Eri said with a big smile on her face.

The bully smirked, "What? You think I like sharing! Beat before I pummel you the ground! Girl or not! I'll do it!" He punched his fist into his other hand, "Don't you know who I am! I'm the son of the treasure on the civilian council! I said to leave! Otherwise, I'll bring this up to my father!"

Just then a girl with red hair and green eyes came walking up appearing to be his sister, "Beat you two, we don't need losers like you here! You, the one with the white hair, it makes you look like an albino!"

"Oh, Malty you're too cruel." The brother said with a chuckle. (A/N: Malty IS NOT an Uzumaki, she just so happens to have red hair. She is from Rising of a Shield Hero).

"Shut your trap Saizou, I'm talking here." Malty quickly snapped at him making her brother shut up. (A/N: This is Saizou Komiya from Rosario+Vampire), "Now get the hell outta here before I kick your asses!" Naruto couldn't believe that kids knew this type of language at this age. He stood up to stop before anything else could happen.

Eri moved in front of Yui, "P-Please I'm sure we can all get along." Eri said nervously.

When Naruto stood up her heard a *SLAP* Naruto's eyes widen when he turned his head. He saw the redhead slap Eri across the face which sent her to the ground. Naruto went running over there until Yui growled, "HEY!" Yui didn't know what was going on, but she quickly moved forward and punched her fist into Malty's stomach causing her to gasp and wheeze. Yui shouted, "Don't YOU DARE TOUCH MY IMOUTO!"

"You little!" Saizou went to punch Yui, but Yui's world changed as everything slowed down.

Yui easily dodged Saizou's punch and slammed her elbow into his gut making him fall over. Yui soon snapped to realizing what she did as she did and backed up. Just then, "Yui! Eri! Are you okay!" Naruto ran in front of them to see if they were okay. Naruto saw the two kids and said, "I think it's time that you guys went home." Naruto looked at Saizou and Malty, "I don't know who you are but I suggest that you leave."

Saizou went to speak, "I am Saizou Komiya, we're part of the Komiya family! We won't stand for commoners like her hitting us!" Saizou growled out as Naruto gave them a nonchalant look.

"That hardly matters, beat it before I actually get my mother into this. I suggest you don't piss off my mother, because your kids, I'll show you mercy. Only because you act like this if your parents act like this. If I ever hear or even see you slap my Imouto or try to hurt them in any way. You will know and fear the name Senju." He turned around to check on Eri who was on the ground knowing not to cry. Saizou and Malty stood there looking at Naruto when he said Senju. Then again why should they care about who he is? They went home to complain to their parents about what Senju did to them.

Naruto asked, "Eri are you okay." Naruto placed his hand on her cheek and used medical ninjutsu to ease the sting of the slap.

"O-Onii-chan I feel weird." Yui stated as she wobbled, and Naruto stopped her from falling over. However, what Naruto caused his eyes to widen not believing in what he was seeing. Naruto saw two glowing red eyes with a black dot in the middle. Along with a single tomoe spinning in a circle in each eye. Like that Yui passed out as Naruto caught her, "W-Was that what I thought it was… was that the Sharingan? That's impossible, Sasuke and his brother Itachi are the only one's left. Unless… Itachi had… a kid… no way that can't be? Did she have the Sharingan or was I imagining things!" Naruto picked up Yui cradling her in his arms, Naruto created a shadow clone and picked up Eri making their way back home.

With Tsunade

Tsunade was told before she went into the shower that one of Naruto's clones told her he was going to the park to see Eri and Yui. Tsunade had her hair dried went out into the kitchen to prepare lunch. However, Naruto came bursting through the door with a sleeping Yui in his hands. Tsunade quickly ran over as he placed Yui on the couch, "Naru-chan what happened!?"

Naruto let a sigh out, as he began to explain everything to Tsunade which involved those kids. Saizou and Malty Komiya, "Then Malty slapped Eri after calling her an albino. When Eri tried to calm the situation down."

"That little twirp! I'll wring her parent's neck for this!" Tsunade growled out as Naruto placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm not done." Naruto looked at the sleeping Yui, "I saw Yui actually punch the girl in the stomach making her roll on the ground. She then dodged a punch from Saizou and beat him into the ground."

Tsunade smirked, "HA! THAT'S MY GIRL! … wait then why is she out?" Tsunade asked confused.

"First of all I should have moved quicker, but I thought they could handle it. So it's partially my fault for this to even happen." Naruto rubbed the back of his head as Tsunade pulled him into a hug.

"Shhh, no it wasn't they instigated the fight and Yui ended it. They laid hands on my children; you guys have the right to fight back. No matter if you were in the right or not." Tsunade let go and asked, "You keep leaving out an important part of this. What happened to Yui?"

"Yui-Nee's eyes began to glow red." Eri said with interest in what that was.

Tsunade's eyebrow went up as Naruto nodded his head. Naruto placed a hand on Yui's head and helped her wake up slowly. Yui sat up as she rubbed her eyes, "Man my eyes felt weird, why am I on the couch?"

"You passed out Yui, are you okay? I was really worried we all were." Naruto motioned to Tsunade and Eri.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to worry you all." Yui said innocently as Naruto placed a hand on her head.

"Don't you even feel bad in the slightest. Though I must ask Yui, what happened? You were able to defend yourself against that girl and boy." Naruto wondered if he really did see what he thought he saw.

"I don't know, but all I knew is I wanted to defend Eri from them. I was mad because that girl hit her, and no one hurts my family." Yui said with a little anger in her voice, "Then again I didn't like having to hurt if I didn't need to."

"I see hey Kaa-chan, can I talk to you for a moment." Naruto got up with Tsunade as they went off on the side to talk.

"What is it Naruto?" Tsunade asked with a bit more serious and worried tone in her voice.

"I-I swear for a split second before Yui passed out, I saw her eyes. Her eyes were glowing red like the Sharingan." Naruto said as he looked at Tsunade who froze.

"W-Wait? That can't be you just found her in the orphanage… there was no rumored Uchiha who left. Because they were killed only Sasuke and… I-Itachi Uchiha were the only ones alive." Tsunade looked at Yui wondering if she could possibly be the daughter of Itachi Uchiha. Then who would be the mother? Tsunade took a deep breath and let it out, "Let's go get her DNA tested, while we're at it we'll add Eri's DNA into as well." Tsunade turned to the girls, "Come on girls let's eat a quick lunch and head to the hospital. Kaa-chan needs to add you guys to the database so we can help you guys when you become Shinobi."

"Alright!" Yui shot up with excitement which wondered Naruto if Yui is the daughter of Yui.

The group ate lunch without too much commotion or worry. They ate normally, but it still bothered Tsunade and Naruto if Yui might be Uchiha. Then he also heard growling coming from the nine tails, "Damn that clan and it's accursed eyes." The Kyuubi grumbled in the seal, "Haven't heard from you in a while fox breath what's up?" "Shut up, I'm going back to sleep." "Lazy ass fox." Naruto said mentally earning another growl from his tenant.

The group made their way towards the hospital and went inside and got a separate room, "Don't worry, you will only feel a little prick." Tsunade took a needle and pricked Eri's and then Yui's fingers. Naruto quickly healed it up, so they didn't feel anything.

Tsunade began to run the scans for Yui's and began to do a DNA matching. Tsunade went into the back while Naruto waited with Yui and Eri, "Hey Yui do it nice and easy, but try sending chakra to your eyes."

Yui was a little confused but went along with what her brother asked. She went to push chakra into her eyes, but nothing happened. Yui let a breath out to relax and tried again, but no success, "Is something supposed to happening Onii-chan?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "Hmmm maybe I was just seeing things." Naruto shook his head, "Yeah, I guess so but it was maybe just my imagination." Eri, who saw this, began to wonder if what she was true.

Soon Tsunade came walking in and poked her head through the door, "Naru-chan please come here for a second I need your help." Tsunade called as Naruto came walking into the back room with her.

Tsunade showed Naruto the screen as Naruto let a sigh out. He saw on the monitor as it said, Itachi Uchiha Yui Senju, DNA 'MATCH' The words match was in big bright green letters as underneath the names of Yui Senju and Itachi Uchiha's name. Naruto bit his lip, "Did you look for the mother?"

Tsunade ran another scan throughout the database with Yui's blood as Fugaku's face showed up, then Mito, Sasuke, and finally landed on Izumi Uchiha with a 50% match. Tsunade's eyes widen, "So there was one another survivor, but where is Izumi? Why did Itachi keep them hidden or at least tried to? Maybe something happened to Izumi after she gave birth. They would have been relatively young to have kids, but it still makes sense if they did." Tsunade wasn't too sure anymore, but she was going to have a serious talk with Hiruzen on this. Naruto couldn't believe, "To think that Yui is related to Itachi Uchiha… maybe I really did see her eyes change into the Sharingan. She tried to do it again, but it didn't work. I think it was only temporary because she needs something to help her protect Eri."

Tsunade bit her lip, "I'm going to regret this, but I added Eri's file and DNA into the database already, but… why not."

Naruto tried to ease the tension as he laughed, "What? Is Eri's father going to be Ero-Sennin?" Naruto chuckled more along with Tsunade as she hit the match button.

As soon as they finished laughing they shut up with their faces looking at the screen, Jiraiya & Eri Senju, 'MATCH' It was a 50% match showing that Eri received half of her DNA from Jiraiya, "Well I'll be damn… you were right."

"Shit… I was just talking out of my ass. I knew the pervert was a virgin… at one point." Naruto groaned as she placed a hand on his face.

"Damn that would have been funny to tease him about." Tsunade crossed her arms under her chest.

"We should probably get Jiji-san and Ero-Sennin here huh?" Naruto let a sigh out as Tsunade nodded her head.

A/N: With that, I'll leave it short here, BUT BOOM! Hahaha, a friend of my suggested this! I'll eventually show how Itachi and Izumi still had a kid. Then I'll explain how Jiraiya ended up as the father of Eri. With that said hope you all enjoyed! TitanFall007 OUT! Ja ne!